Pittsburgh Meetup Next Week!

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Robert-Morris-UniversityNext week on Monday (9/9/13) I am going to be speaking at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Public speaking is one of the things I’m lucky enough to call one of my “jobs” and I’m very appreciative for the opportunities I get to speak.

Because I feel so lucky, anytime I go somewhere to speak I usually hold a Meetup in the area for everyone to attend because most of the time when I speak it is closed to the public.

Since this is my first time speaking in PA, we’re going to be having a Pittsburgh Meetup on Sunday, September 8th.

During the Meetup normally I talk for a few minutes followed up with a Q&A from you guys.

This Meetup is going to be a little different, since it will be on a Sunday, we’ll also be watching the Sunday episode of Big Brother together at the venue.

If you’re interested in attending sign up here, and you will be e-mailed with more information.

Hope to see you in PA!




  • Jessica

    Sounds awesome! I wish I was able to go :( Any details on you coming to the NYC area soon?

  • Laurie Kunzelman

    I’m trying to sign up and it’s not letting me! Help!!

  • Tricia Goughneour

    Yes I am interested in the Pittsburgh meetup, please send information. :) thanks

  • http://Twitter.com/lisaconklin2 Lisa

    Deets, please :)

  • Adrienne

    I signed up when you first announced you were coming to Pittsburgh…do I need to sign-up again?

  • Elizabeth and Zach

    Hey Dan,

    First, we just wanted to say that we love watching you on big brother and think you are great at the game.

    We saw that you were having a meet up in Pittsburgh, and unfortunately we live three hours away. If it weren’t on a school night, we would definitely come. So, we were just wondering if you would ever consider doing a meetup in Columbus, Ohio. If you ever did want to come, we would be happy to help you find a venue.

    We know you have a very busy schedule so this is a little far fetched but we would love it if you ever came!


    Elizabeth and Zach

  • Michelle

    I will be in Pittsburg that night!! But I’m going to be waiting in line for GA to the Muse concert. Wish I could meet you. One of my favorite BB players! Next to Andy BB15 of course….haha NOT!!

  • http://N/a Jen

    Hope, I can come&see you,Dan but I’ll be busy on that day.Pittsburgh,PA is just close to where I live here in Wheeling&also I don’t know where Robert Morris University is located@Pittsburgh? Sorry. Take care&God bless! Hope to see you someday. A

  • http://N/a Jen

    Sorry. By the way, who do you think will win the Big Brother? Who do u like to win?

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