Dan Gheesling is a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality from Michigan. He streams every weekday from 10am ET and produces daily edited content on YouTube. Computers and technology were a permanent fixture of his childhood. His love for gaming came from the very early age of just 2 years old when his Dad brought home an NES. Dan grew up playing platformers like Super Mario Bros and Kid Icarus as well as text-based adventure games like Space Quest on an Atari ST.

Dan’s foray into streaming started in 2012 with a tweet from DJ Wheat to get a tour of WoTC in Seattle. DJ Wheat encouraged Dan to set up a Twitch channel and he has been on the platform ever since. Dan became a Twitch Ambassador in 2020 and over the past 9 years of creating gaming content has gained over 100k Twitch followers and 99k YouTube subscribers.

When Dan is not streaming he enjoys spending time with his family. Some of his hobbies include running, tweeting, and collecting sports cards.

He also won a reality TV show.