Big Brother 14 Final Episode Commentary Spreecast

by Dan Gheesling

For anyone who missed this Spreecast, you missed a good one! This Live Commentary Spreecast was especially fun for me because it brought Mike Boogie out of Internet retirement.

Dan-Gheesling-Final-Episode-Big-Brother-14-Mike-BoogieHaving Boogie on as a guest was a big deal (to me) because he doesn’t do this sort of thing often or at all. He brought some zingers, smart gameplay talk, and of course typical Mike Boogie energy.

You also get a chance to see my first time reactions to the jury votes going down! It was a little surreal to watch for the first time!

Also in the Spreecast you get to hear another former houseguest’s unedited thoughts about the entire season when I phone him in unplanned. ;)

Purchase The Commentary

Coach-Dan-Commentary-RecordingWith the live recording of this Final Episode, the Commentary is just about complete.

I’ve been working hard on streamlining the entire process as well as providing additional value beyond the audio commentary for those who purchase it.

I think you’ll be happy with the final product along with everything unexpected that is going to be included along with it.

The official launch is going to be next week, but if you have already purchased it, you’ll get early access to it this weekend.

Keep an eye out for the e-mail from me! If you haven’t purchased it yet and still want to gain early access, you can do so buy buying the commentary right here.

Take care!

  • Sarah

    Listening/watching your commentary made the finale episode a lot more bearable to rewatch ;) Though I really wish that you had won, I still think that it was a great season and I just want to say that I really appreciated and admired your amazing perseverence in the game. You had an uphill battle to make it to the end but you never gave up–even when you were one foot out the door, you kept fighting and found a way to stay. You’re a class act and in my opinion, you’re the best Big Brother player in the history of the show. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in all of your future endeavours. :)

  • @AnneLuvz1

    Hi Dan :)
    The commentary was just amazing to say the least, it’s entirely a new experience when we see it “with” you it’s just AWESOME!!
    Ty so much for the interaction with Boogie :) I was so happy and proud for you when Boogie said “Dan played the better game” I know it must mean so much to you to be acknowledged like that by the great players we have so much respect for.
    Between that comment and Janelle’s “a travesty if Dan doesn’t win” you have to know how appreciated you are in the BB world!! I have so much respect for the game and the best players of the game it just made the entire BB14 experience over the top for me.
    Again Dan thank you so much for an awesome night!! You’re so good at surprises!! Have a great day :) Love to Chelsea!

  • Karrun

    I know my question to Mike was random, but I was rewatching BB2 a few days before and was wondering why he was wearing that Texas jersey in Episode 2 of that season haha

  • Lauren

    What day this weekend should we be expecting the release?

  • Gary

    I think you played an awesome game, but I also think Danielle helped you all the way to the end. I know that a lot of people didn’t like her but she stayed with you all the way to the final vote. I know you played the best game I have ever seen, and Janelle was right you should of won. Mike had will to get him thru all stars, until Janelle got rid of Wil, I really think you played best ever.

  • Colleen Kelly

    I loved it. I thought you really did a good job.
    Do you ever get tired of me saying that? Sometimes, I think, you probably think I’m full of it . LOL
    No.. I always tell you the truth. I’ll tell you, IF …I think you mess up LOL …What are friends for? ;)

    Boogie…That was terrific!. Have him on again. I think he’s good at it. I think he really seemed to enjoy doing it and answering all their questions as well.He even seemed kind of… psyched about the whole deal.
    All in all, I think once gain you did a great job Dan. Loving the commentary! You’ve done So MUCH work.
    I’m, as always, proud of you :)
    Have a great day ;)
    Coll :)

  • Pam Russell

    Hey Dan,
    I really enjoyed the Spreecast with Mike Boogie. I never got to watch his season, but immediately loved the bromance of Boogie and Frank and was really disappointed that you couldn’t join them but understand why it couldn’t happen. (two’s company three is a crowd). Perhaps if Frank hadn’t been targeted so quickly in the game, things could have been different but it made the bond between them even tighter because they were fighting for his life.

    The reason I enjoy the two of you the most is because of your knowledge of the game and Mike’s way of saying what you are too nice to say out loud. (good cop bad cop) I believe that you and Mike are the only one’s in the house (besides maybe Frank) that really understand the game and why it is a travesty you did not win. I don’t understand why Frank was so forgiving of Ian when his actions were far more dibilitating to his game than yours.

    The hardest part of this season for me was the fact that you were left in the house with Jen, Ian, Danielle, and Shane. Sorry, but the thrill was gone for me. I really felt bad for you. Jen is a great person but does not make for interesting feeds or television. Big Brother needs to find a way to keep the interesting folks around longer. You were the only one left who was remotely interesting and I honestly don’t know how you survived the summer with Danielle. I am sorry, I am sure she is a nice girl somewhere but it did not come through on this season of BB.

    I hope you decide to continue your commentary for the next season of BB; would love to hear your comments.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for the comment Pam. I’d anticipate posting some BB related updates during the season, not sure how exactly yet.

  • Liz

    Ew Dan. Boogie, seriously? You obviously don’t know all the crap he said about you in post interviews. He blamed you and personally attacked you long after he found out you weren’t the one who ratted him out. He also said some really horrible things he’d do to Chelsea. Now he’s completely backtracking because he knows you’re popular, but his read on BB is awful (and you’ve seen the season, you know how bad of a player he was). He doesn’t respect Britney or Janelle as players (or any female player ever), which should tell you a lot also. It rubbed me the wrong way for you to talk like he’s some legend and laugh at all of his mean spirited comments, as if you agree with him. Really disappointing.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Liz I don’t take anything said in the game too serious. I understand your opinion however!

  • chris

    Have you and Danielle buried the hatchet? Is she talking with you now?

  • jackie

    just watching this now – LOVED LOVED seeing Mike Boogie Malin. I was one of his ‘defenders’. I think a lot of the people who don’t like mike just have loud voices about the dislike – but maybe mike doesn’t realize that lots of other people don’t hate him, i hope he knows now.

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