Dan Gheesling is a public speaker, entrepreneur, author, coach, and winner of the CBS Reality TV show Big Brother. After competing twice on Reality TV (winning in his first season, and runner up in his second season), the media had the following to say about Dan:

“(Dan is) the best Big Brother player of all time and Reality TV’s answer to Dexter Morgan, Walter White, and Tony Soprano.” –The New York Post

Relates Dan’s influential ability to “George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven and Paul Newman in The Sting.” -Entertainment Weekly

Based on his experiences as an entrepreneur, Reality TV winner and football coach at Michigan State University, where he graduated with a masters degree, Dan now travels across the country speaking about action-based leadership.

Due to the positive response of his presentation, Dan wrote “Clean Your Own Mirror: 6 Necessary Duties to Lead and Influence People”. Clean Your Own Mirror is his fourth published book.

As a former high school teacher and MSU football coach, Dan is very student-centered. He takes on the position of coach with pride as he engages with students. The relationship he develops with students during the presentation doesn’t end once Dan leaves campus. The students are encouraged to keep in touch with Dan; he is available as a resource for anything they need academically or career-wise to succeed.

Dan has delivered his presentation(s) to intimate groups as well as full theaters. No matter what the size, his primary goal is to connect with each student individually. At times, he has stayed up to three hours after the presentation ends in order to make sure he has talked to each student one-on-one.

He is a highly sought after life coach and mentor to people of all ages. Dan has coached people in a wide range of arenas such as fitness, career advancement, business consulting, increasing revenue, personal goals, and has even coached someone to write their first book.

When Dan is not on the road speaking or coaching others, he enjoys blogging and writing articles for sites such as Thought Catalog. He also values the time he gets to spend at home with his family in Oakland County, Michigan.