Big Brother 15: My Top 3 Pre-Season Picks

by Dan Gheesling

dan-gheesling-top-3-picksTrying to pick the winner of Big Brother based off written bios and 5 minute interviews is like trying to pick a Hall of Fame Quarterback from their High School practice film.

The information presented to us about the Houseguests prior to the show starting is the view of the characters in the stereotypical roles they were cast in.

Whether it is the bartender, real estate agent, or pizza delivery guy, there are a certain set of traits and limitations placed on each competitor. Before the game even starts they are displayed to us based on arbitrary job descriptions or “chyrons.”


It’s all part of the production, because if casting does their job correctly, you have some sort of an opinion about EVERY houseguest, good or bad, just not indifferent.

If Big Brother can get you rooting for some people, hating on others, and most importantly: talking about how much you hate them, then it is a win all around.

Why I Watch Big Brother

I’ve always watched Big Brother because of the game. The game has always been an obsession of mine. For as weird as it sounds, I never really watch Big Brother for the “entertainment” factor (showmances, fighting, etc) I watch it to see how people maneuver within the game.

How the Houseguests maneuver within the game indicate how good of a player they will be. You might be able to catch a glimpse of that during a pre-show interview, but at the same time during an interview you’re getting premeditated casting type answers.

As far as strategy, seeing someone’s ideal strategy on paper is nice, but the ability to execute it can’t be evaluated until they are actually in the game. Saying you’re willing to do something in the game is one thing, actually having the ability to pull it off is another.

For me to pick who I think is going to win, I need to see them in action first. How are they interacting with people? Are they nervous about talking game? Can they control themselves? Can they separate the game from “reality?”

These are all questions that are indicators of success in Big Brother, but can’t be answered before the game starts.

So no, I’m not going to make my pick as to who I think is going to win…yet.

I will share with you who I am rooting for based on who I think will play the game the way it’s meant to be played (based on completely arbitrary bios).

Who I’m Rooting For (Pre-Show)


dan-gheesling-bb15-mccraeHe could come across as very unassuming which can get you through the early stages of the game.

It sounds like he won’t take the game too seriously, which can be a huge asset to his game.  Not taking the game too seriously will allow him the opportunity to take some big risks. On top of all that, he looks like the teacher from Glee.


dan-gheesling-bb15-aarynBased solely on one sentence from her bio is why I’m rooting for her: “toward the end of the game I plan to start doing what’s best for me and stabbing people in the back if necessary.”

Saying it is one thing, but if she can execute it I’ll be rooting for her all season. (Plus, she did also buy my Guide to Getting Cast on Reality TV ;) )


dan-gheesling-bb15-helenShe basically has lived in “real life” Big Brother with how the political world works. Helen also caught my attention saying that she is willing to throw competitions.

My only concern is that she won’t come across as likable or unassuming to the other houseguests.


What Do These Picks Even Mean?

My three picks are the equivalent to Mel Kiper’s NFL Draft Board.

It doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Much like the NFL, only when the draft picks are thrown into the game can you really tell if they were a worthy pick.

I made these picks based off of how they “said” they were going to play the game, not how they actually are.

To throw in one more NFL comparison, this pre-show information is like the NFL Combine: it shows off their stats, but nothing about how they are as competitors.

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  • Jess

    i pick Helen or Howard….I am rooting for Elissa, but I feel like she has a disadvantage.

  • Kyle

    A little surprised not to see Nick on this list and Aaryn on it. I see Aaryn being a floater and then “making big moves” if she is still left, with these moves being very small.

    I also see McCare doing well because he is a super fan and understands the game pretty well probably. He needs to make sure that he doesn’t pull an Ian and freak out about being in the house right when he first gets there. That almost got Ian sent out, and he would have been if Boogie didn’t save him, which you already know because you were there.

    I see Nick hitting the ground running, but not too fast, getting along with a core group of people, and staying focused. I think he’ll go far as long as he starts off his first few weeks right.

  • Jennifer

    Dan, I’m with you in that I watch for the game play. I noticed two of your three picks are women. Why is it so hard for a woman to win? It seems a few women have won by default but it is difficult for a woman to get the respect (and votes) to win if she is a hard core strategist. Thoughts?

  • Cody G.

    Interesting picks Dan! not sure I personally agree with them but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Check out my blog and follow me on twitter @BBpowerrankings

  • Austin

    My top 3 that I’m rooting for are 1.Candice, 2.Howard, and 3.Amanda. I like all of their strategies and think they have the personalities to go a long way. My honorable mention runner-up would be Spencer i think hes a likeable guy but may come off a little threatening or based on his interview with Jeff if he doesn’t clean-up after himself he may be disliked by other houseguests.

  • Karrun

    Great minds think a like when it comes to watching just for game play. It’s what helps you win the game.

    Plus, it’s good to know that you think highly of Aaryn since she went to my college, Texas State. EAT ‘EM UP! If Jillian can do it, so can she. I just hope that she can handle adversity just fine.

    • Kyle

      That’s funny that one of the players went to your college because Andy went to the University of Illinois and was a TA there until now and that’s the school that I go to!

    • cate

      unfortunately for aaryn……she is not even close to a jillian

  • Marty

    “(Plus, she did also buy my Guide to Getting Cast on Reality TV)”

    Do you know that through some public source, such as a tweet she sent you or a post on your Facebook page or something? Because I would hate to think that you would reveal either private correspondence or, even worse, details of what is presumed to be a secure, private transaction between merchant and customer.

    If it is the latter, I hope you’ll consider removing that from your post.

  • kristy

    I am with you on McCrae and Helen my other choice is Judd

  • TeeTee

    Every season I check out the houseguests before the season premiere episode. This year I chose not to go to the site and read their bios. I wanted to see them for the first time on the episode and make any judgements from there. I want to see them relate to each other personally and strategically. As always Dan, your blog had me smiling and laughing…..and now I wanna go and check out the houseguests lol. :)

  • Jackie

    Hi Dan! I’m back to see your draft picks! You probably don’t remember me because you have a lot of followers..but i commented on your website after bb14, follow you on twitter too ;) i agree with Aaryn and Helen…my third pick is Nick (even though he is not very well liked by most people i’ve talked to), BUT i totally agree i won’t solidify my actual picks until ive seen them in action, also. My first impression is: for the first time EVER i actually like all of these houseguests based on their bios! which is crazy, yeah i know! thats never happened before. (i’m certain my opinion will change during the course of the game,haha) Lastly I wanted to mention that it would be GREAT if you could add a facebook LIKE button to your pages…. I would love to share it with my friends. IT would be easier than just sharing your website link, just a thought i wanted to share with you, but i have no idea of how easy or hard that would be to add… Keep up the great work :)

  • June Faramore

    Rooting for Beardo. He’s a ginger like me, and seems solid and knowledgeable.

  • Derek

    Literally picked the same three people for my pre-show rankings.

  • Sonya J

    Sucks that I have to watch everything delayed (your BB commentary tonight,) cuz I’m West Coast time!

  • Timi Hammer

    Im digging McCrae too but he is such a combination of Frank and Ian in looks it is freaking me out… Frankenian!

  • Lindsay

    Hope you’ve changed your mind about Aaryn! She’s horrible. Not just the racist comments, her game play is teeerrible. During the one FREAKING season where you have to be extra likeable to America, she has an attitude and a huge ego. Can’t wait to see her go.

    • cate

      im with u Lindsay and I didn’t like her before the show started – altho I do like Helen and Howard

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