What I Brought Into the BB House: The Shoes & Athletic Gear

by Chelsea Gheesling

This is a post Dan wrote before he left for the Big Brother House. Enjoy!!

Chelsea Gheesling

I’ve always been a huge fan of Big Brother.  Back in the day I even used to watch the live feeds!  It seems like every season the house-guests would bring some epic stuff into the house.  Some of the stuff I would want to buy, because I liked it that much!  The problem was trying to find the exact match of what people brought with them into the house.  With that in mind I made a series of videos of explaining EVERYTHING I am bringing into the Big Brother house.

Most of the things I’m bringing in with me have stories behind them, which I am going to share with you in the videos.  Other items I’m bringing in are what I call “vintage” meaning they are 4 years old and have already been in the Big Brother House.  And of course, my wife and I did make a run up to Great Lakes Crossing Mall, to get some new clothes to bring in.

For every item that is still available, I will include an affiliate link to where you can buy them.  Just so you are aware, if you purchase any items through the affiliate links, I will get a small commission from it.  It doesn’t cost you anymore money to purchase them through my links, but thank you in advance if you do!

I hope you enjoy the videos below…..

What I Brought Into the BB House: Video # 7 The Shoes. 

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Here are the shoes available to buy. Just click on the image to order:

What I Brought Into the BB House: Video # 8 The Athletic Gear.

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Here is the shirt available to buy. Just click on the image to order:

  • Leah

    I think I might buy a pair of the second dress shoes for my fiance, LOL. He’s in desperate need of some good clothes and it wouldn’t hurt to dress him like Dan :D Haha! Thanks for these!

  • Dua

    Dan you are by FAR THE BEST BB PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME!!!! You made the season EXTREMELY INTERESTING, FUN, UNPREDICTABLE AND VERY NERVE-WREAKING!!! I especially commend you on keeping your emotions in check throughout the game and constantly thinking ahead! You definitely seem like a great guy and am a HUGE FAN!!!! Best of luck to you!!!!

  • ann hughes

    Have watched every season of big brother. Have watched you before in 2008, and again 2012.

  • Dominic

    Dan is true

  • Heather F

    Dan…WOW…where to begin. I watched u win on your 1st season..and you were amazing then. But this is BY FAR, your best GAMING season! You are..the BEST Big Brother player to EVER play this game. Love you, or hate you…NO ONE can deny that fact! This game is NOT about winning competitions…it’s a social, and MIND game. And NOONE is as hypnotically, controlling and nuts as you are in this house…which is a GREAT thing in the Big Brother House! I could watch you taunt the other players all day long…You are HILARIOUS! And your passion and love for this game is what makes everyone at home WANT to see you win this game again! Whether you do..or come in 2nd place…Your heart and drive show…and the viewers LOVE you for it! I hope and PRAY you will be asked back, and DO an ALL STARS!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS be at the top of my list of all time favorite players!!!
    Best of luck in your new marriage with Chelsea!!

    Heather Fortner

  • Michael

    Someone call the police because Dan Gheesling just got robbed on BB14! From the day that he resurrected from his own funeral, Dan ran that house. Call it “Mist” or the best game moves, Dan moved mountains and emptied oceans. Just comes to show that the HG voted personally and not on such great game play. Dan, you are seriously the best HG that BB has seen in all 14 years.

  • Yancey Prosser

    From Arkansas here. Noticed all the Razorback shirts.
    Are you a Hog Fan?

  • Tim Boles

    Congrads to the best player to ever walk through the Big Brother door.

  • Lavon Jones

    Dan, I have to agree with Janelle…you not winning BB14 is a huge mistake! You are THE best player BB has EVER had hands down. My husband, Roy, and I loved watching you and we hope God blesses you many times over in your lifetime. Dan Gheesling Fans Forever!!!!!!!

  • michael

    hey dan,your the man,wish you would have won,but life goes on,you made bb14 so good,couldnt wait to see what evil sceam you were coming up next with,,,be good bro

  • WanitaWanae

    I have watched every season of BB. I have been a danfan from the get go! You are without a doubt the best that has ever played this game. BB14 was the most entertaining and addictive season thus far: with that being said, please know you were the reason so many tuned in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great summer. TN would welcome you and Chelsea with wide open arms; we could use a new football coach! GoBigOrange! (p.s. your attitude and approach to life reminds me of Coach Pat Summitt)

  • Pat

    I an a great grandmother who thinks you are the best read of people I’ve seen in a long, long time. I loved the way you played the newbies. Unfortunately, Ian , Frank, and SHane have not gained the maturity on how be a gracious loser.Noone likes to lose but there is a right way and an ugly way. THanks for a wonderful summer. YOu were great to watch. Now stay home and get to working on a family.

    ‘Grany Pat

    • sarah

      Granny Pat.. Couldn’t have said it any better!! Dan, you were an incredible player.. You are an awesome person and we see the “real” you outside the house. Good luck in your life ahead and may God richly bless you and your family. The real winner of BB 14 is Dan Gheesling.. But I think everyone knows, he has already won.. in many ways..
      God Bless!
      The Enloes..

  • Erica Angelique

    Wow! Dan you were robbed! Unfortunately I believe jury members made the game a personal one regarding the votes for BB14. So sad! You should have won hands down. You are by far the most amazing BB player EVER! You played a fantastic GAME and had everyone in the palm of your hands right to the end. How incredible is that?! I was annoyed by the jury members playing the “moral” card, puleeeeeze! Everyone in BB lies! You had a great strategy and I believe futur BB players to come will look to you how to play their game. Congrats to you and hope to see you play again! (no doubt, I have visions of Dan in the BB house playing another unforgettable game with bible in hand, LOL!) Chelsea has an amazing hubby! :D

  • Jon justice

    There is NO doubt in my mind you should have won!! This is the first year I’ve watched bbad every night. I only watched it to see what you were doing man!! It seemed like even when you were asleep, it was a move!!! Keep us up to date on your life Bro. Ps. I’ve got two little boys and I wouldve played the same way for that money to make our life better.

  • Bree

    Dan, first thank you for all the laughs this year. I still giggle at the image of you saying to the cameras “I love this Game” after faking Dani out with your sadness..ROFL. Second, I think you have something here with connecting your items to the real world..I think one item that would be hot right now it that fedora. That was a much loved item, much more than you may know. Sounds like it is not available any more but you should look into it. If that store can put it on their shelves again I think it would be a hot item…just saying :) Best wishes to you and your wife..enjoy and thank you! Best player to date!!

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