My Wedding Day – The Best Day of My Life

by Dan Gheesling

So I’m married now, yeah really.  After all the months upon months of planning and numerous parties (we counted 8+ parties ) leading up to the wedding, I am now married to the love of my life.

The Ceremony

It all started out at the Chapel, the Shrine Chapel of our Lady of Orchard Lake on the Campus of Orchard Lake St. Mary’s.  It was very fitting that we were married at St. Mary’s since that is where I saw Chelsea for the first time.

I’m not that emotional of a guy and most people think that the groom will cry when he first sees the bride coming down the aisle, but I didn’t.  I didn’t even make it that far! When I came out into the church for the first time and saw both of our families and all of our friends in one room it was very overwhelming.

To think that so many people came to share in our celebration meant a lot – we had people travel halfway around the world to come and share with us. Being Catholic, we had a traditional Mass with a lot of of our family involved , both in the readings and in the music.

It was of great importance to both of us getting married in the Church – with all of the tradition that goes with it, both in the preparation for Marriage and the actual ceremony.

Wedding Photos

After the Mass, we took a large amount of family photos while the massive  wedding party (11 bridesmaids, 12 groomsmen) went to the limo bus to relax. Part of the planning we did (OK, Chelsea did the planning, not me) was to make sure that the wedding party had fun the entire time.  We know most people don’t like to take 100s of photos in wedding parties so we only had a few taken with the group – all of which were on the St. Mary’s football field.

At the time we were taking the photos, I was skeptical of the whole setup, but they turned out awesome (nice work Marek).  Chelsea and I took another 30 minutes worth of photos while the wedding party went back again to the limo bus to relax yet again.

The photographer did a great job with all of our couple photos – they even got picked up – which hopefully will bring Marek some new photography clients.

The Reception

From the photos we had a short ride to the reception at the Centerpoint Marriot in Pontiac, MI. Everyone there did an awesome job of taking care of our big wedding – they went above and beyond in both service and kindness which is ultimately why we chose that venue.

(Along with the fact we wanted to have it at a hotel – once again Chelsea’s planning on making sure everyone else can have the best time possible – i.e not having to worry about driving).

The biggest surprise of the entire wedding day was my first dance with my wife.  We had picked out our wedding song months prior – so I was shocked when a different song was playing during our first dance.  It was a song I had never heard before – because it was my wife singing to me.

It caught me off guard because I always beg her to sing for me.  She has a great voice – but had never sang to me before – she saved it for our wedding day and surprised everyone there with her hidden vocal talent. After our first dance came the speeches…

We had four people give tremendous speeches, and my best man did a phenomenal job of balancing his comedic wit and genuine thoughtfulness in his speech.  It seemed like everyone at the wedding commented on how great all of the speeches were from top to bottom, because face it, at most weddings at least one person drops the ball with the speech because of too many beverages.

After the speeches and the food (which was excellent!) came the rest of the party.  There was a point in time when I sat back with Chelsea, looked at the dance floor, and told her that it looked like a full blown Nightclub. I had never seen so many people on a wedding dance floor before, ever. The DJ kept playing well beyond the scheduled end time because everyone on the dance floor would not let him leave.

Chelsea and I dipped out around 11:45pm – and took our limo back to another private hotel.  It was scheduled to come at 12:30am but they arrived earlier by chance and it was perfect timing.

The best advice I can give a guy about to get married is plan to have the end of the night car/limo pick you up at least one hour before the reception ends.

By the end of the night you just want to get away with your wife, not because you don’t want to be around your family, but just because you want to be with only her.  It is better to have the option of the car waiting for you, as opposed to you waiting for the car.

Most people say that your wedding goes by in the blink of an eye, but I disagree.  We were able to take the entire day in just by simply being with each other and enjoying that everyone was having a great time.

As far as the honeymoon, you can check out my Facebook page, I posted some honeymoon photos (spearfishing!) and status updates while in St. Lucia.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for all of the well wishes, e-mails, and congratulations – it means a lot.  Part of the point of this blog is to not only share what I have learned in my life, but also things in my life as I am experiencing them, so thanks for being a part of it.

If you would like to see some more wedding photos, join the mailing list because I will be sending out an e-mail update shortly!

  • Jeri

    Watching you on BB14 with my 15yo son. I loved your game before, but reading about you on here has given me a new respect for you. I love that you love your wife so sweetly!

  • Paula Board

    I just love Dan on BB14. But I also loved him the first time. He is an excellent person as well as a player.

  • Karen T

    Have fallen in love with you all over again, Dan. This time the love comes with much added respect for the manner in which you live your life. I have also fallen in love with your wife Chelsea. While watching an ‘After Dark’ episode in which you say you’d stab yourself with a butter knife to see a picture of your wife, I wanted to see this lady. I have skimmed thru yours and your wife’s pages and am impressed. Thank you two for being who you are and for your efforts to make this earth a better place. I sincerely hope you win BB14 !!!!!

  • Rochelle

    Dan – You are my all time favorite BB player. I still have every episode of season 8 saved on my DVR! Loved how you never answered a question with a straight answer! When I found out that you were on BB 14, I went absolutely wild! I remember seeing your beautiful wedding pics online somewhere and was happy for you then and now.

    • Huge BBfan

      Dan won season 10, season 8 was Evel Dick’s season ;)

  • Dee

    I have always been and always will be Team Dan! I hope that Dan becomes the first two time winner of BB, it will put to rest once and for all who the best winner of all-time is!

  • http://na barby flaa

    dan, you have got to be the coolest dude on bb……you and your wife chelsea are both beautiful. i am loving watching bb 14 and hope you get far; but don’t be mad…..i really do want someone else to win the big pot; after all you already won; i love how you are appearing to be protecting danielle, so much that you would leave to allow her to carry on….what a guy!!!

  • Lauren

    Dan you better not go back on your word… Swearing on your wife etc. etc. In my opinion that is just WRONG not matter what game you are playing!

    • Chelsea Gheesling

      Hi Lauren, Hopefully you have the live feeds so you can review…but Dan only swore about revealing the Quack Pack and things that happened in the past, and he did so. All he did was shake Frank’s hand on the F2 deal. :)

      • Laura

        I thought he swore on his Grandfathers chain :)

      • sarah

        Congrats to you guys… I love the fact you guys respond to your fans I know most people have a ghost doing for them so think its amazing y’all take the time to do it yourself. Thank you for allowing us into yalls life anyway I do have a question and its regarding my ten year old son he is has been having a lot of personal issues going on that I can’t explain on here so hopefully u can email when you get the chance he’s a hugh dan fan and hoping your husband may be able to send some inspiration words to my son please email me so I can explain tlcsxybaby at

  • Erica M

    I LOVE Dan on BB. I was very excited and happy to see him come back for BB14. I know he’s already won but I would be thrilled to see him win again. No matter what, team Dan all the way. Good Luck Dan & Chelsea!

  • misty

    I have a lot of respect for the both of you. I don’t even know the two of you but i can see the love the two of you share. I wish nothing but happiness. Maybe some day soon we will see little gheeslings running around lol.

  • Wormy

    Thanks for sharing your writing with us and especially your love for your beloved bride. I absolutely LOVE watching you on BB14! Your love for your wife has me….hook, line and sinker! Call me crazy, but I REALLY wanted to see you and Frank in the F2! (here comes the hate mail for me having said that!). I’m DEFINITELY going to sign up to receive updates! Can hardly wait to see what life holds in store for you and Chelsea (like a little one in the future?). Best of all to you and your lovely bride!

  • yayajudy

    Hello Dan, Watched you on both your seasons of bb. Loved you then love you now. I do admit to rooting for Memphis though. Great job this season, and win or lose you should go down as BB greatest player of all time.

  • Melanie

    To Chelsea and Dan congrats on your wedding. St. Marys also is special to me.I fell in love with my best friend there. He went to school there and took me there when we first met to show me the Campus. Im hoping we can also have a wedding there. :) I am rooting for you Dan I actually told my Dad (huge Big Brother fan) I would refuse to watch the show if you got evicted. Good luck to you!!!!your the best bb player ever :)

    • Chelsea Gheesling

      Awwww how cute! :)

  • Brenda

    Watched you on Season 10 in amazement and was THRILLED when you won. Loved, how you always showed respect and never got personal, no matter what was thrown at you. When I found out you were going to be on BB14, I drove my husband and daughter crazy with anticipation! My fave BB player was returning! Watching you again this year, has been even more amazing. I get nervous at times (Chelsea, I don’t know how you do it) but I always have faith that you will figure something out, and you do! Wanting you to win again and to be the ONLY two-time winner. I knew you were the BB player to ever play the game in Season 10 and NOW the whole world knows it. Congrats, to you and your beautiful wife on your marriage and life ahead of you. Now finish what you have started to do, and WIN this thing (again).

  • Melanie Brown

    question? Did Danielle get kicked off the show? I was watching the live feeds and she said something about Ian and now I only see Dan and Ian? Dan also said for you to bring an extra luggage with he said to tweet it but I never use twitter. :)

    • Chelsea Gheesling

      She didn’t :) Thanks for letting me know!

  • Cassy

    Congratulations on your wedding! I was so excited to find out that you were coming back on BB. I hope you win again. Don’t let all the negative talk bother you. It is a game after all. Best of luck to you and Chelsea. =)

  • Sheral

    well the site was said so many times on BB I had to come by. I just wonder if people will believe anything Dan says after this season on BB? Not trying to be nasty or negative at all. But this is something I thought about several times while watching how many times Dan flat out lied. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I can see him doing this for his family but then – he has won before…how much money does he need? Not sure – I guess his speech tomorrow and his interviews will tell a story

  • Laura

    Dan You Rock. Your wife is gorgeous. What a great page to read. I am soooo disappointed that you did not win BB14. I have watched every big brother ever and this one was my favourite all because of you and your ways. You should’ve won. I wish you and Chelsea luck and hopefully you will be on a future Big Brother again. Take care!
    Laura – Canada


    I am so stunned this many people are making up excuses for Dan,this man(and i say that very lightly) has no moral anything,When you start a life together the most important difference in your life is spiritually tied together,Dan actually swore on his wife,and a cross,guess what Lol,Dan when God does come and you have to pay the piper,and that being your wife,do you really believe ,god is going to take it easy on you,lol if you tell him you were on big brother and did not mean it?You are a terrible man,and a worse Christian,theres going to be some karma coming back at you,lol I just hope karma knows about big brother, I hope your wife does not mind being sold for 50 thousand…………..

    • http://twitter Renee

      Cindy, it seems like your approach to this is narrow minded. If you really watched the game Dan never said one cruel thing to anyone. He played a wonderful game and that is just what it was… Do you think when people act in a movie that, that is what they are really like? Please Dan is a good Christian Catholic and only pretended all through it. I don’t think you understand the game or maybe never saw it before, I’m sure Dan is just fine in Gods eyes because he knows the real Dan.

  • sandra estes

    Dear Dan,Thank youfor one of the best Big Brother’s ever!I am a mother,grandmother,and a greatgrand mother and I loved watching you “mist” the players.Great job.I can say,and I have watched every season of Big Brother,you are the best to ever play.Dr.Will was good,but you got him beat.Good Luck in whatever you do from now until I see you and Jeff team up for another round of Big Brother.Again,Thanks Sandra Estes

  • Melanie

    Hey Chelsea:) hope your doing well now that Dan is home. That had to been a hard time without him for so long I could not even imagine. I’m sure your both super but I just wanted to say congrats :) hope one day I get to meet you two.Maybe at the St Marys fair:)

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