Big Brother 15 Player of the Day & Watch With Dan Episode 9

by Dan Gheesling


Episode 9 brings back a legit Player of the Day!

As always, we had some fun during the Intro (first 15 minutes before the show starts) so if you haven’t watched that recap segment, you can check it out here.

After the episode we had another Q&A with some great questions!

If you’re not sure how Watch With Dan works, you can watch the clip below!

Explanation On How To Sync With DVR!

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Ninth Full Episode!

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Book Giveaways!

Also, in the beginning of the episode, I gave away a few digital copies of my book How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality TV!

I had people tweet me their home setup of how they were watching Big Brother 15 & Watch With Dan together!

Here is one of the winners:


Player of the Day

Watch-With-Dan-Player-Of-The-Day-9-ELISSA-BB15Getting back on track this week with an ACTUAL Player of the Day – it went to Elissa this week.

I named Elissa player of the week because she DESTROYED Andy with a NFL tackle, and she pulled out a big HoH when she needed to.

Be sure to tune in this week to Watch With Dan Episode 10 on Thursday, August 29th, at 8:45PM EST, where we will watch the next member of the jury take their seat.

If you already watched Watch With Dan Episode 9, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments below. What did you think?

  • Adam Alamillo

    Awesome site, Dan! Love reading your thoughts!

  • Karrun

    She also beat Helen up the ramp which is EPIC! She may not be as good as her sister, but she is still winning whenever she needs to :)

  • Kristin

    Go Elissa! I love how she’s sticking up for herself and not letting others tell her what to do.

  • Barbara Brown

    Elissa brightens a really depressing season. Team Elissa to the finish! I believe Dan could mist her though.

  • TeeTee

    Wait….wasn’t that the Veto Comp with OTEV…..and that was a nice hip check she gave Andy to move outta the way … and dived into the water completely under and tore up that hill – without using the rope tore past Helen to the top. BTW, who knew Spencer had it in him to come in second……….

    The HOH challenge was amazing too! Standing on that small block while it moves up and down and tilts – water spraying in your face – trying to catch tennis balls…..I bet alot of HG’s had big bruises after getting hit with the ball…..Elissa made a terrific save – completely fell of the block and hung on to the ball container making sure her feet didn’t touch the ground and swung herself right back up on top of the block……to get her muchly deserved and certainly overdue HOH!!!! Loved it!!!

    Judd returning to the game yesssssssssss!!! I was hoping he would be the HG returning!!!

    Elissa makes a big move just like she said she would and stuck to her guns against other HG’s who wanted her to do it HER way Not this week McManda!!!!!

    Bigggggggggggg (Dorito) Cheesy Grin on my face now!!! :D

  • Kristin

    Poor Dan! You seemed super nervous on Big Brother 15 with Julie. Loved seeing you!

  • http://google bonnie little

    Hey Dan, Yes you were the best player ever! My question to you, how are you liking the racist comments this year? This has really turned me and a number of my friends off this year. It is hard to watch this show. It is like watching congress, a real pain. I have never liked people like this Aaryn girl. I hope when she goes home her mom, dad , and papa let’s her know how badly she represented her family and the state of Texas. Even though Amanda is very horrible, a bully and frankly one disgraceful woman she is not the real bigot. Hope like heck Jude can win this year. If not Jude then Ellisa, anyone But That Mc Crandell twosome.

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