Big Brother 15 Player of the Day & Watch With Dan Episode 5

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Watch-With-Dan-Episode-1The Fifth Episode of watch with Dan was another fun one!

We had our first iPad mini winner, as well as opened up the 2nd Contest to give another iPad Mini away courtesy of Robson Communications.

As always we had some fun during the Intro (first 15 minutes before the show starts) so if you haven’t watched that recap segment, you can check it out here.

After the episode we had another Q&A with some great questions!

If you’re not sure how Watch With Dan works, you can watch the clip below!

Explanation On How To Sync With DVR!

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Fifth Full Episode!

There was a slight glitch in the Production of Episode 5 – because of that, it was split into two episodes.

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How You Can Win an iPad Mini with Watch With Dan!

We’ve started a new Caption Contest where you can win an iPad Mini!

This week you still have time to enter the Robson Communications Photo Caption Contest!

Also in the beginning of the episode I gave away a few digital copies of my book, How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality TV!

I had people tweet me their home setup of how they were watching Big Brother 15 & Watch With Dan together!

Here are two of the winners:


Player of the Day

Watch-With-Dan-Player-Of-The-Day-5-Howard-BB15My pick for the Watch With Dan Player of the Day was Howard! Howard earned this week’s spot as Player of the Day because:

1. He played strong throughout the week.

2. Howard showed some great self-control during critical moments.

This might have been the kiss of death for Howard. Since we named him player of the week he has become target #1 and has reverted to a “high road” gameplay. Which is not what got him the player of the Day! We’ll see if Howard’s Player of the Day award jinxed him into eviction!

Be sure to tune in this week to Watch With Dan Episode 6 on Thursday, August 1st, at 8:45PM EST where we will watch the fifth evictee leave the house! 

If you already watched Watch With Dan Episode 5, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments below. What did you think?

  • Bonnie Traphan

    I could not imagine watching live shows without you anymore. I enjoy your feedback. As a live feeder it is often frustrating that you do not know how bad the player’s games are because you choose not to watch the true house but I appreciate you keeping up with our tweets and twitter, etc. CBS gives real good edits and leaves out important things because of time.

    I loved the way you played the game. Hate the way it is not being played this year. First time I ever as a BB fan say kudos to Howard for saying he would rather self evict than play for jury and be told how to vote each week. It is boring for them and for us. It is not Big Brother. Hope you talk about it when he brings it up in his speech this week!

    Love your show!

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