Unpacking from 75 Days of Big Brother

by Dan Gheesling

As I looked at my oversized, overstuffed, and way too heavy luggage that had been sitting untouched for a few days I decided it was time to finally unpack.

When I sat down to finally do it, I wanted to see if you had any interest whatsoever in what I brought back with me . (Just as you saw what I packed before heading into the house)

For those of you who are part of Team Mist and follow me on Twitter, I flat out asked you if it was something you want to see.

You responded yes, so I recorded it for you. :)

Here are the four videos…I hope you enjoy them!

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Shoot me a tweet of any items you would like me to put on eBay – and I’ll make sure it gets posted.

Take care and keep on misting!

  • Jena

    What is your eBay link? I’m interested in some of the shirts you wore. :-)

  • Jena

    What is your eBay link? I’m interested in some of the shirts you wore. :-) thanks!

  • Lauren

    I want the u shirt :)

  • angela

    please put a bunch on ebay!! I’d love the red St Mary’s long sleeved shirt! the bb slop form!! BB locker bag!!! Green headband from lemon lime! water bottle! OMG the ears of corn! trip card autographed!
    Would you ever put up the bible?!?!

    TEAM MIST tees please make them official!!

  • http://pulp-truth.com Chris Monks

    I want a chance at the black shirt you wore for the funeral.

  • Jay

    Hey Dan, huge fan and was woundering how I could buy your BB house key? If you put it on ebay could u send me a link thanks. Jay

  • Linda Zeban

    I would love a corn cob with your name on it BUT….. what I really really want is your bible autographed if you are willing to part with it. I have many bibles (some over one hundred years old). I also have many different translations (but not a Catholic one yet). I love reading the bible and studying both the Old and New Testaments in their original languages! :O)

    • Barbara Berman

      where can i find anything on ebay from you veryyy interested love it all Barb.

    • Jen

      I collect Bibles too! My favorite so far (aside from a family one passwd down for several gens that’s in German) is one from the early 1900’s I found at a garage sale for a quarter!

  • Chip

    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. You are the best Big Brother house guest ever!

  • Rhonda T

    What a lot of Stuff there Dan!! I loved watching you on the show this summer, you did great. You should ebay the metal robot and the ingredient list for slop for sure. But Burn the Shorts…LOL (just kidding) Good luck in all you do and I wish you and your family the best.

  • Amy S

    Hey Dan! I would love to get two of the red “U” shirts autographed (xmas gifts). Inbox me some info if at all possible!

    You definitely got screwed by a bitter jury : )


  • Christina Hodges

    Would love to see the St. Mary’s red with black l/s shirt.

  • Debbie Haslett

    Well Dan I enjoy you so much you made me cry and laugh at the same time. I know that you didn’t really swear on the bible,I’m a Catholic and I really would love the bible also. Now I also like the towel headband and waistbands, I hope if BB ever has a chance in having great player again I hope that you and Britney, oh can’t forget my homeboy Ian love to see I wish you and Chelse the best life brings. God Bless!

  • Heidi

    Enjoyed watching you upack & you have many, many ‘gems’…. You didn’t mention the ‘Big Brother bag’? Are you going to put that up?
    Love it all & will be watching for it to be put up on ebay…… Let us know……. Last but not least, enjoyed watching you S10 & S14 !!!! You’re brilliant & your game play is outstanding, sooooooo ‘never say never’……….. You’re the best of the best! :)

  • Renea Kruse

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us. You are an excellent player and your love for BB shines through in your play, and your appreciation for your fans. :D

  • Gladys Peregrina

    Dan, I loved watching you play in both BB10 and BB14. You’re a beast!! :) but all I want to know is, who cleaned up that mess after you unpacked?? :)

  • Jenny moody

    Thank you for sharing with us ~ love love love seeing you again!

  • Lindsey

    Dan, you are amazing! Like, i got butterflies watching these videos. I miss watching big brother and watching you on it so much! Next season will seriously not be the same without you. This season was amazing JUST because of you. I don’t know who I wouldve rooted for if you hadnt been a coach. I cried hysterically when frank put you on the block. And I cried at the end of the finale. You shouldve been the winner, the only 2 time winner. But whatever, it doesnt matter. Every time I start to think about the finale, I just get aggravated all over again. Dan, thank you soooo much for being amazing and making this season great! You are my all time favorite player, and you have been ever since season 10. I feel like I’m more then just a fan of yours. I just, i cant explain it. I love you soooo much, dan! And congrats on making it to final two, because you are the only winner to come back and get that far. You’ve techincally never even been evicted from the big brother house. Youre the best of all time, haha. Chelsea’s been amazing all summer. She tweeted me back a few times, and I freaked out when she did. I’d really freak out if you tweeted me back! @LindseyPowers7, just letting you know:) hahah. okay, well love youu!

  • Michelle

    Thanks so much for sharing so much with us your fans. I’m sure everything you put on ebay will go. The only thing I think you shouldn’t part with is the swim trunks! I know that it must take a lot of you emotionally every time you go back into the BB House…but you just can’t retire yet. If another All Stars Season is ever played you have to be in it because then it wouldn’t be All Stars!! Team Dan and Team Mist All the WAY!!!!

  • Whitney A

    DAN!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! You did’nt play the most honest game but you got the job done the best way you could and i Totally respect you for that! Good luck in all you do and i can’t wait to see what’s next….Lil’ Renegades maybe? Haha!

  • rhea gontarski

    Dan you are an awesome packer when you were unpacking the first bag it reminded me of the clown car at the circus you just jept pulling things out it was funny . please dont part wioth your swim trunks you may regret it later hld on to them you will not be forgotten and you can sell them down the road make sure your really ready to part with them .Enjoyed your season look forward to you in the future bb

  • MommaT

    Well, this is a first….NoOne has Ever shown us what they brought out of the house. Good job, and Good thinking ~ Big Brother Gold, lol I’m particularly interested in one of the karate kid buffs, the small robot, the gold chain, one of the instruction cards with the Big Brother Logo on the back, and Chelsea’s makeup! lol Will any of this be signed?? (You can keep your stanky shorts, lol) It was so much fun watching you again this summer Dan….now, go make some babies with that beautiful wife of yours…I remain, MommaT <3

  • @futurelpc7


    Thanks so much for posting these. Only you could make unpacking amusing! LOL I love that you were able to use your “ninja skills” to get things out of the BB house! It is no surprise that the HG to hear “Stop that” and “What part of stop that don’t you understand” would take all the stuff you did! Too funny! #TeamMist

  • Tonya

    I just wanted to tell you how much this season meant to me. My Dad passed away at the end of June and as dumb as it might sound, you and BB helped me feel alittle better. Watching what you would do next gave me something to look forward to every week. So I just wanted to thank you so much for being a bright spot during my summer.

  • Anine

    Hey. Just wondering if you’ll open for international shipping? I know there are probably not that many super fans of BB US outside America, but if it’s not a lot of trouble it’d be awesome if you would make it available to Europe as well. I’m from Norway, but I’ve been watching BB US online for a lot of years now, and ever since BB 10 you have been my all-time favorite.

    And I want to thank you for being such a great player. BB is ten million times better when there’s someone playing who knows how to strategize, and who is actually willing to do what needs to be done in order to stay in the game. I have so much more positive to say about your gameplay, but I know you get a lot of mails, comments, tweets and so on, so I’ll stop.

    Congratulations from Norway on beating all odds, and making it to final 2 a second time! (And thank god Dani voted for you, so you’re still the only one two win unanimously.)

  • http://facebook marcy smith

    Dan, just put everything up..you know it will all sell….I love seeing you in your own surroundings…I hope you have lots of hits on ebay..

  • Madison

    I’ll take anything! Will you sign it?

  • Jackie

    Thanks so much for including us in everything…makes it fun!

    I hope whoever gets The Shorts is willing to lend them back for when “never say never” or the Amazing Race happens ;)

  • http://www.burningmeadowsprings.blogspot.com Mikki Jo

    I think anything you just unpacked anyone from #TeamDan would be thrilled to own! I can’t wait! I also think it would be great to have a contest of some sort and give away an item! That would be a lot of fun!!! Congratulations on making it to Final 2! My family has loved you since Season 10 and we’re all so proud of you! As far as swearing on the Bible, I heard you swear that “everything I’m about to tell you is the truth” and then you revealed to him the secrets of the others. Great job, brilliant power moves, we love you! Can’t wait to bid on some of this stuff on EBAY! Have a great night Coach!!!

  • http://www.burningmeadowsprings.blogspot.com Mikki Jo

    P.S. I think I’d hang on to those shorts, time flies. One day a younger #TeamDan may want to wear his Daddy’s lucky chlorine washed shorts in his own reality show!

  • http://BigBrotherUpdates.com Linda Robbins

    Ohhh Dannn… it was so good to see you again. Thanks a lot for the videos, and sharing your ‘BB goodies’ with us, that was fun. I get such a kick out of you. You are a devious little imp. lol “If BB told me not to do it/not to take it of course I had to.”

    Let us know if we look under your name or BB on E Bay.

    Chelsea was awesome, you are a lucky man and don’t you ever forget it! Hug your “Frank” for me, poor little thing went crazy when you walked in the door.

    I look forward to your Blog about the Bible, but I know what you did, I watched it several times. You swore to tell the truth about the group of 5, the Quack Pack/ian to Howdy Doody, and you did. After that.. the agreement to final two, that was NOT swearing on the Bible. I supported you on the BB site I went to, and got pretty heated about it. lol Anyway, I sure did enjoy you and I sure do miss you.

    BB has changed, Will would never make it these days. You shoulda won, the jury was emotional and personal during the game and during jury. You are the best, the greatest BB player of all time.

    Love you, eat some.. gain some weight back! Linda

  • http://gaylab1@juno.com Gayla Benton

    Hi Dan , Thank-You for the Video’s and sharing your time. I would love the Memphis Hat ( I actually have his from season 10 ) wear it all the time . Would like the necklace Memphis made too, The Cards, any BB logo sign, robots, ball with the quarters, bandana’s, your Nike shirt ( that keeps you warm) , slop recipe, just about anything you wore ( funeral T-Shirt ) on the show. Would love, love, love to talk one on one sometime. Your Bible ( if you r giving it up ). Anything you r willing to give up , what about the Rummy bear ?
    Hope to stay in touch , God Bless you Dan, love the BB Bag too Lol, heck we love it ALL : )

  • http://Facebook Judy

    Will watch for the monkey for sure. Did not see you with the two red wristbands you wore during the entire show in the unpacking video. Those would be great to have….

  • Jenn Massie

    The thought that I just watched 4 videos of you unpacking… Well, I feel like a creeper! LOL! :)
    However, was so excited to see you on the computer screen again!!!! Was fun to see what tricks you pulled out of your bag this time!!! :)
    But PLEASE…… Don’t retire your shorts- I don’t want you to regret not having them when you go back in again!!! NEVER SAY NEVER! :)
    Gonna order the “U” shirt soon & and gonna send u a t-shirt design u might like to add to your collection!!!!
    Thanks for including us in your life!!! #teammist #weloveBBdan

  • http://www.Dollysdaughter.wordpress.com Colleen Kelly

    Why should you get rid of your shorts ? ….Now…. wear them? Maaaaaybe not so much. But keep them!. :) Wear them once in a while. Who cares what people say. You have no time for that lol.
    What is the “dinging” in the back ground every few minutes ? lol
    In case you don’t see the Tweet,
    Who would YOU watch UN pack ? Don’t say Ralph Macchio or I will have to hurt you lol

    I just watched you unpack……If I tell my brother Mike this,

    I will never hear the end of it! LOL


    Colleen :)

  • Greg

    Very entertaining video as always. Its great that you take your time out to make videos like this that give us insight into the man, the myth, the legend, Dan Gheesling!

  • Chaz

    Definitely interested in a lot of it. I’ve wanted them Air Max’s ever since I seen you pack them! I know you said you are retiring your swim trunks but maybe you should reconsider. Like you said “Never say never” All stars 2 without the #TeamMistCaptain just wouldn’t be an all stars. Thanks for everything you do! I’m proud to be apart of Team Mist

  • Brian

    The one thing I would most want by far would be the swim trunks. In my mind the only way you’d ever come back for round 3 in the BB house would be if you were gonna get to play with/against Dr Will as you 2 will be such ridiculously huge targets to at least have that mini goal to accomplish of playing with and outlasting each other is the only incentive for either of you to give it another go. And if a dream epic scenario such as that should ever happen I would love the honor of having preserved your swim trunks to be returned to you on a moments notice in their pristine unwashed condition. And I sincerely hope whoever does get them would do the same.

  • Angela

    OMG Can’t wait to bid on your bb14 goodies. I’m super excited for anything you can part ways with! Huge fan! #teammist

  • Dawson

    That was fun to watch, thanks for that

  • David

    Huge fan. Please more videos as they are entertaining and i think i speak for everyone when i say we are going through Dan withdrawals.

    Great job this season man and you might not have won but you were the best player of the season and imo got robbed by a sour jury that couldn’t see that this game is about the best player.

  • http://www.danceaheaddancecompany.com Kathy

    Hey Dan! Thanks for an awesome season! Our whole family watched and rooted for you. You were our favourite in Season 10 and our favourite this past season. Keep the videos coming – you are very entertaining to watch and should have your own TV show! I am going to message you about personal coaching. As for the items I would like to see on ebay, the Dearborn’s finest shirt! Let us know what your user name is under ebay. And some of us don’t use twitter that much so keep on posting on your website and fb :) Enjoy being back home!

  • http://www.AllDigitalRadio.com Deb

    I can’t believe I sat and watched all 40 minutes of you unpacking, Dan. It was kinda like watching the feeds or something. :)

    We truly enjoyed you on Big Brother this season & thought you were robbed. We’d like to invite you to come on Reality Check Radio on a Monday or Wednesday evening in the future. I would email you privately with more details, but I don’t have your email address. Perhaps you could contact me? Deb@AllDigitalRadio.com

  • Olan

    I would love the lime bandanna from the Lemon/Lime Competition as well as maybe the gold chain, and one of the competition cards.

  • Ginger

    HAT!HAT!HAT! I could definitely fix it up Thank you, ginger

  • ismael

    just to say alway love you Dan the man.You always #1

  • http://twitter Renee

    enjoyed the video’s always got a big kick out of them yelling “DAN STOP THAT” one of the funniest was when you and Ian were getting that ball down off the ledge. So to see your bounty was fun.

  • angie creel

    I would like to have the sweatshirt that you wore while playing chess w Janelle and the pink hoodie hat that Ashley wore.

  • Lei

    I want the slop piece of paper. Where do u sell things from?

  • lori

    Enjoyed watching you unpacked! I remembered all that you unpacked! I loved watching you on BB and believe you are the best player ever! There is alot that I would love but it I had to pick one thing it would be the red buff you wore on your head! Looking forward for more of your posts!

  • Donna

    I want the cards from baseball comps ! Are you going to autograph them pleaseeeeee :) You should put autograph pictures up too :) That would be awesome !

  • Donna

    Barb :) not unless I get those head bands first lol JK

  • Jen

    I just want a sound clip of you imitating Renny saying “Need ta see the Psych!” I could not stop laughing!!!

  • heather

    I want a karate kid headband. Please list one.


  • Melissa Caulfield

    I loved you in season 10 and only watched season 14 because you were on. You thoroughly entertained and kicked ass. Your game was incredible – so far above anyone else’s – and made me excited to watch every episode. That you continued to bamboozle your fellow houseguests, that they continued to let you get away with “murder” – well, it was unbelievable. You’re one persuasive dude. Had the jury voted on gameplay, there’s no way you would not have won. There was no contest. Best of luck, and thanks for the fun ride.

  • Kathy

    I have watched BB since season 1, and since BB10, you’ve been my favorite player! My son and I always watched together, but he was in the Marine Corp when your first season was on, so he didn’t get the pleasure of watching you. Well, he’s out now, and I was so excited to see you playing again so he could see for himself what I had been telling him for 4 years, what an amazing player you are (your ‘funeral’ was epic)! You misted them all, and did it without ever saying an unkind word about any of the houseguests (which no other HG can say). Dani, Shane and Ian would not have made F4 without you, and you definitely deserved to take home the big prize. You played a brilliant game, and have earned the title of Best BB Player Ever!!

    I also enjoyed watching Chelsea in her interviews, reading her blogs on your behalf, as well as the interviews with Kelly, your mother (your mom is a hoot, btw), Memphis and everyone else who was on the outside supporting you 100%. For me, it made you even more endearing seeing all the love and support that was behind you.

    Thanks for making this the best season yet. The producers are going to have to come up with something phenomenal to top this one! #YouRock!

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