How The Impossible Happened: Mike Tyson

by Dan Gheesling


25 years.

401 attempts.

7 hours.

1 goal.


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Thank You

A big thank you to the community who has been involved in the live-game streaming.

I appreciate you guys putting up with over 20 streams of the same game, just so Tyson could be beat. Loved every hasty minute of it!

Thank you guys.

Now we can move on to other games. ;)

The question is, what NES/SNES should be next on the Stream?

  • Dan

    Love the reaction…victory meets disbelief that this long journey has now reached it’s climax! Thanks for sharing…keep doing what you’re doing! One of your biggest fans and happen to share the name!

  • Kiri


  • sholland

    This is by far the best moment on the stream to date! Such a huge build up to get to this point. I totally see 6 year old Dan when you got that victory. The pure disbelief that it actually happened is priceless! So glad I got to witness this live. Congrats again to you sir! I can’t wait to see more retro bosses bow to the master! :) #TysonAteIt #RaptorSlide

    Hope to see some TMNT and I will never stop asking for Zelda ;)

  • Brett

    Play the dragon warrior saga Dan o

  • Donna

    That some funny stuff there Dan ;) Congrats

  • Aidan Dare

    I wanna see you give River City Ransom a shot! It was my favorite NES game ever! :)

  • Tim

    try to beat metal gear on NES. hardest shit ever lol

  • Colleen Kelly


    That was one of the purest reactions I’ve ever seen! I had to watch again, my phone rang believe it or not right before. So I missed a couple secs. right before that last punch.
    Like you, I didn’t get to exactly “see” that moment..I didn’t realize where we were, time wise … I was like “what happened ?!”

    I’m so glad everyone could share it with you.

    Thanks for that Dan!. :)

    Hey Dan….

    Tyson….. isn’t winking today. :)

  • Rob/Milenko

    Aboooooot time mang!

  • Athena Santana

    That Moment was Truly PRICELESS!! :) Don’t Apologize for it, Truly saw the young little Dan who was so proud of his Achievement! :)
    I am so glad I was there to witness it, even though I didn’t speak ;) cause there are no words for that proud moment! and Congrats Again!!! :)
    Thank you so much for Sharing my friend :) an may you have many many more Historical moments like that :)

  • Gregg Weldon

    Awesome reaction, Dan! Believe me, I know how you felt–what a sense of accomplishment. Very nice.

  • Debbie

    Precious Reaction! Made me tear up, I was so happy for you! Congrats! :)

    • Athena Santana

      I agree with you it was, and same here teared up :)

  • Lloyd

    Congratulations Dan!

    I wasn’t aware of the streams, but I just sat down with popcorn (literally) and watched the final fight.

    25 years! This has been hilarious and entertaining to watch you striving for this. I’m glad you can finally lay the challenge to rest with a fun story to tell (and both ears still intact).

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