Listen To Music With Dan (and Interact With Special Guests) on Tomorrow! 10/11/12

by Dan Gheesling

Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_Turntable_EventWhen it comes to listening to music on the internet most people think of Pandora.

Previously I used to like Pandora (minus the ads) for listening to music on the internet until I found

I can’t remember how I found it, but I have been using it for over a year (I even mentioned it on the Big Brother live feeds this year).

While I was writing my books, I spent a lot of time in the rooms listening to music in the background.

So What Is

Basically, is free a Virtual Dance Club with 5 real life DJs who play music.  The DJs decide what music is played, not a computer.

You can either be a DJ, or just come in the room and hang out to listen to music and chat with others.

Also you get to vote on each song the DJ plays as either “awesome” or “lame.” So even if you are not a DJ, you can still influence the music being played.

(For more info on, click here).

Some members of #TeamMist have been hanging out with me regularly in our Turntable room, this is what it looks like:



Join Us!

Long story short, I love and when they reached out to me to have a special event I jumped at the chance. is how I listen to music on the internet and also lets me interact with people who like the same type of music.

So Who Is Going To Be There?

Britney aka MCSnowFlake, Frank, Jenn, and Ian are all slated to be guest DJs for tomorrow.

It will be fun to interact with them while they play their favorite songs!

Join us Thursday at 8:00PM EST in the Team Mist Turntable room to listen to our favorite songs and interact with us!

You can also find out more about the event on the Turntable Blog.

Hope to see you there.

Take care,


Help For Canadian Users

Dan_Gheesling_CanadaCanadians technically are not allowed to use – but much like anything else, there is a workaround for it. 

Here are some links to articles that show you how to get around the Canadian restrictions.

Article 1 – VPNFreedom

Article 2 – Start-VPN

UNOTelly – Free Solution for 10 Days (so you don’t have to pay)

Good luck!


  • Julia

    Darn, can’t access Turntable in Canada. Sounds cool, have fun everyone! :)

  • EricMoonless

    Haha, you need to make a solid song list for the party. This is your game! Go Dan!

  • Jess

    Yay, this is fun. Can’t wait for your special event!
    Jess (Divajessara)

  • Sean

    Will the winners of your coaching prospects be announced? I have a meeting with my personal fitness trainer and will be missing out on the Quacking Preesh Misting Coffee City fun : (

  • belinda

    This sounds amazingly fun! Too bad turntable isn’t available overseas.

  • _Staceyj

    Nice! I am super excited for this! This room is soo addicting! I have been in this room non-stop since I found out about it! TeamMist are a great group of fun and friendly people! Tomorrow is going to be EPIC!!!

    Thanks for all you do to unite us fans together! You are the best!

  • Philippe Blanchette

    Not available in Canada either :(

  • Brandy

    Hey dan I wanna watch this do you know if its accessible from an android phone?

  • Msvicky

    Whohoo…I will try to be there , got to support my #TeamMist !!! I’m from Wis (also in the Midwest ) and looking forward to the event,, once there I WILL NOT make a Fruitless Exit,, but stay around till the end,, yours truly Not Mrs.VernFromWis :)

  • Danyiel (DWC)

    I was one of the ones who got stuck in Lobby City while the reunion event was going on, but thankfully you had the Spreecast overflow chat going on with Britney for us at the same time. Really enjoyable, and Britney was great. I loved the part towards the end when it was you, Chelsea, Britney and Ryan (and your “fur” kids Frank and Molly) answering family oriented questions. Very cute! After the official event was over, I managed to get into turntable for a little bit and Frank and Ashley were still there, which was also very cool. Frank was very gracious to hang out with us for a while and spin some tunes. He seemed like he was having a great time.

    Thanks for setting all of this up for us, Dan. TT is a great site, and very addictive at the same time. The best part about it is getting the chance to make some new friends over the past couple of weeks and just chatting and having a good time while rocking out to some good tunes. It’s a great environment, not to mention a lot of fun. Thanks for turning us onto it :).

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