Top 5 Favorite Things This Week: Toronto, Amazon, & Smurfs

by Dan Gheesling

My Top 5 Favorite things of the week in the past have included everything from video games, to food, and everything in between.

Everything posted in the series of Top 5 Favorite posts, is something that has been discovered (or revisited) that I feel is worth sharing with you!

(Photoshop has been crashing all week, so no image today. :( )

#1 Hello Sign

dan-gheesling-hello-signIf you’ve ever gotten an e-mail PDF that needed to be printed, signed, scanned, and then e-mailed back to someone, you know how big of a pain in the neck it is. It takes so much unnecessary time.

One of the best things ever created: Hello Sign for Gmail. It allows you to digitally sign any documents that have been e-mailed to you with the click of a button while still in Gmail!

It has saved me so much time. I love it, so I wanted to share it with you. Oh, and it’s free too.

#2 Toronto

Dan-Gheesling-TorontoToronto is an amazing city. I like to call it the NY of Canada. The people there are so nice, the food is great, and there is always something going on.

I’m fortunate enough to spend next Monday-Wednesday in Toronto. If you live in Toronto, stay tuned in on Twitter as I may be leaving gifts for you throughout the city. ;)

#3 – Amazon Prime

dan-gheesling-amazon-prime-bannerIf the mall is the bane of my existence, Amazon Prime is my saving grace. Buying things online is usually a drag, but since I’ve gotten Amazon Prime it has become this weird sense of pride.

Knowing that if I need something ridiculous (like an over-sized garbage can) I can have it shipped to me in 2 days at no additional charge, and without the pain of having to haul it home in my 2005 Taurus.

Of everything I’ve ever purchased online, Amazon Prime has been the most valuable. I rarely buy anything online from sites other than Amazon now, just because of the ease of not having to worry about shipping. It’s definitely the best $79 that I spend a year.

They also have a Netflix like streaming service that comes free when you sign up for Prime. You can sign up for 30 days free here (affiliate link).

Just tread lightly, because it will change how you shop online.

#4 – Nintendo

dan-gheesling-nesThis past week it really hit me. We’ve been streaming online since December and have played and beaten a lot of great games. The games have tremendous wow factors from graphics to cinematic scenes, and in comparison to the look of old Nintendo games, they destroy them.

But after going back and beating Contra last night on stream, and also making a few runs of Mario Kart, the game play from 15+ years ago still holds up today.

This is more of a rant than a favorite, but regardless of how you feel about the graphics of retro games, they’ll still allow you to have some of the best gaming experiences to this day.


#5 – Gary Vee Video (WARNING: Language)

Gary Vaynerchuk has written some great books on business and how to truly connect with your audience.

He is always hustling and continues to amaze me with his dedication to growing his business in unique ways. He recently posted this 35-second video from one of his talks, and it sums up a lot of what I’ve been trying to do over the past few months.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the video, but turn the speakers down if you’re at work. :)

  • Kristin

    Love Amazon Prime! It’s amazing.

  • Athena Santana

    Hey Dan!
    That Hello Button is cool! I wished I had that when I signed up for School jeez, It would have been so much easier. :) Then having to e-mail everything back and forth. LOL :D Love Amazon Prime!!! I got your Book through there, Punch It In! ;) Love the book so much, it changed my life in so many ways. Thank Thank you so much. :)

    Always, Athena :) #Renegamer 4 life! ;)

  • Jen Raths

    After watching “watch w/dan” last night, I stayed on to watch the retro games. I have never heard of Contra before but my husband walked in the room, saw the game & said how much he used to love that game. I ended up with my husband & my 7yr old both watching the feed for the rest of the game with me. Hope you continue to play these retro games!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it with your fam, means a lot! :)

      • Don Reay

        Hi Dan! Wow I hope you get this email. Its great to have these updates about cool things and opinions that are happening all around us. You are a superstar out there. Its great to be linked to you via emails and blogs. Im an old skol gamer myself. I still have my old Atari 2600 complete with approx 30 games. This thing still runs. :) qbert, et, asteroids, space invaders, I could go on and on. But mainly this email is to say thank you for your comments and points of view. Keep gaming bud.

  • Emmit22

    Do you really drive a 2005 Taurus still? Te to treat yourself. Maybe a 2007 Taurus or something.

  • Heidi

    Yet another outstanding article….. I always enjoy reading them & makes me smile……… I too love Amazon & can find almost anything I want/need on it…….

    Enjoy your trip to Toronto & I’ve never thought of it like that before, but you’re right, it’s like the the New York of Canada…….

    Thanks for your blogs/articles & always making me smile…..:)

  • Jessica

    After seeing you stream Nintendo so much, my friend and I got out my old Nintendo, somehow found the cables, and played the original Mario all day yesterday :) so much fun!!

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