Top 5 Big Brother 14 Surprises

by Dan Gheesling

Last week I hit the half way mark of watching all the Big Brother 14 episodes for the first time. Oddly enough, watching the first 15 episodes hasn’t really changed my pre-episode rankings for each of the Houseguests.

As I have been recording the audio commentary for each episode, there have been a few things that really surprised me.

I’ve limited it to the Top 5 (early) surprises because so far I have only seen half of the episodes.

These surprises came more from the viewing perspective as opposed to being strategy related. Only one is actually strategy related.

New Rating System

The Cans of Mist rating system has been put in place for this post, as well as future posts. It’s a fun way to rate what is really mist worthy, and what is not. ;)

Keep in mind, the more Mist Cans the better. The Top 5 surprises listed below are rated from worst to best.



#5 – Emotionless Janelle?

During Episode 10 there was a short package on Janelle showing no emotion in her life, more particularly that she doesn’t cry. This was surprising to watch.

While getting to know Janelle in the house she never struck me as an emotionless person, which is why this edited story seemed so odd.


As a player I saw her control her emotions VERY well, but on a personal level it seemed inaccurate.

For some reason that story segment bothered me so much that I asked Janelle about it during our Skype call with Britney last week.

Janelle being pitched as a robot was surprising to watch, because it just seemed so odd.

Mist Rating: 2/5


Minus 1 can for inaccuracy.
Minus 2 cans for being just a flat out weird segment.


#4 – Wil’s Edit

Wil’s edit through 15 episodes has really shocked me. Anyone who watched the live feeds got a chance to see how hilarious Wil really was.

Dan-Gheesling-Wil-Heuser-Memory-Wall-BreakdownThe guy was performing comedy routines in the house non-stop! If you just watched the first set of episodes you didn’t really get a feel for how funny Wil is.

My favorite Wil moment was his crowning achievement of comedy-gold: Wil as “Jodi” breaking down every twist through the Memory Wall Photos (NSFW).

I’m going to guess his edit is not going to change very much in the last 15 episodes which is a shame, because he was a lot of fun to be around in the house. It’s too bad his edit never really shows that.

Mist Rating: 2/5


Minus 3 cans for not showing Wil’s Houseguest Breakdown during an episode.


#3 – The Headbutt

In the house, Willie’s headbutt seemed like the shot heard round the world.

Dan-Gheesling-Willie-Hantz-Knockout-HeadbuttThe headbutt took on a life of it’s own while living in the Big Brother house, similar to when James ‘Buster’ Douglas beat Mike Tyson in Tokyo.

To say I was anticipating the segment where Willie and Joe get into it was an understatement!

I remember there being a ton of drama, uncertainty in the air, as well as a little fear being thrown around the house when the big fight all went down…

After I saw the headbutt on the episode, two things crossed my mind.

Number one: THAT WAS IT?!?! It seemed so minor on the episode, not like the thunderous left forehead cross that I remember.

Number two: Joe instigated the heck out of the headbutt.

Not to make light of the situation, because physical threats and intimidation are not to be taken lightly (especially in the Big Brother house), I just was utterly shocked at how small the headbutt seemed compared to how I remembered it.

Mist Rating: 2/5


Plus 1 can for Joe’s Karate stance. 
Plus 1 can for Willie charging by the arcade room like a boss. 


#2 – New Theme Song

Dan-Gheesling-Turntable-FMAny big fan of Big Brother knows there has only been two major overhauls of the theme song over 14 seasons. (Season 1 to Season 2 & Season 2 to Season 6)

The Big Brother theme has been tweaked a few times, but for Season 14 it was the biggest change without revamping the whole song.

At first I was pretty shocked at the change and didn’t enjoy the new song.

However, if you’ve hung out in my TurntableFM room at all, you know I like Dubstep.

The new Big Brother Dubstep theme grew on me at around the Episode 5 mark, making this the first good surprise!

Mist Rating: 3/5


 Plus 3 cans for gambling and winning on tweaking the theme song.


Surprise #1 – Inside Information Source Revealed

One of the biggest mysteries while we were living in the Big Brother house, was that Willie claimed to have ‘inside information’ that the coaches were definitely coming back into the game.

At the time I thought he was full of it, but listening to Willie talk about this ‘inside information’ with such conviction did cause a little paranoia.

The biggest surprise to me was seeing his “inside source” revealed on an episode: it was Britney.


Watching the conversation go down between Britney and Willie about the coaches coming back into the game made me both smirk (to see how influential Britney was on Willie) and cringe (not a great thing to tell your player who is already paranoid) at the same time. Looking back, although paranoia and Joe might have escalated Willie’s fight, the seeds were planted way way before that, by Willie’s own coach.

I never knew the extent of how Britney inadvertently caused Willie to explode.

Mist Rating: 4/5 


Plus 3 cans for Willie really having fake “inside information.”
Plus 1 can for Britney stirring up paranoia in the house.


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  • Karrun

    Your analysis on Britney as a coach is still accurate though

  • Kellie

    I always thought Wil was hilarious! When he wore that Captain’s hat and blazer he looked like he could be David Lee Roth’s long lost son…lol I see what you are surprised by, but I am curious, did all the huge lies Danielle was spreading shock you at all or were you aware in the house?

  • ObsessedwithBB

    This is so good! I love reading this stuff, it’s so interesting :D And I really agree about the Wil thing, i got to know him on feeds…but the episodes didn’t show his personality!

  • Amber Horner

    The infamous “headbutt incident” seemed completely blown out of proportion to many of us… especially after seeing other physical confrontations in past seasons which were much more…well physical. (ie: Jordan charging and chest bumping Russell) I felt (still feel) the “headbutt” was more of a head nudge/push and didn’t warrant expulsion from the game. Was super disappointed in the producers for that decision. Especially considering Willie tried numerous times to get into the diary room to cool off before Joe finally pushed him over the edge. Frustrating to watch to say the least. Glad you took note of it and mentioned Joe’s roll in the drama. Willie was a lot of fun to watch…he played a little too much too fast, but at least he was playing the game! :)

  • Iwan

    Hey Dan – awesome review! It was a lot of fun to read. Can’t wait to watch your commentary on episode 20 :)

    I love reading your thoughts and insights on the Big Brother game; you’re very insightful and thoughtful.

    Is there any way you could set up a Skype date between yourself and Dr. Will for viewers to watch on the internet? How amazing would it be to see the two very best Big Brother players get to know each other and talk about the game and their own personal experiences? VERY COOL.

    Thanks for the great season. I’m really looking forward to your future blog posts, regardless of whether or not they’re BB related :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Iwan, I appreciate that!

  • @AnneLuvz1

    Hiya Dan :)
    Oh my gosh! I can’t wait for all the commentary, hearing and seeing your reaction is just Priceless! I’m so glad you finally got to see some of Brits discussions too
    See you next Tuesday : )

  • Danielle

    Another great blog post Dan. I like the Tyson reference. I hope everyone checks out the next spreecast for the commentary because the last one was super fun :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jenny

    I so enjoyed reading about the surprises – it is so interesting to see your perspective on things – please stay in touch with us all – you are so loved and entertaining and all of us who love all things BB – certainly enjoy it!
    Take care

  • Viana

    Concerning Wil .. after the 2nd week, I watched a Lot of the Live Feed and did Not see were Will was hilarious or funny!

    Concerning Janelle … I Love Janelle, but she did seem a lil out of it this season. Maybe her mind was on her baby(family!

    Concerning Joe and Willie … I So Agree with you : Joe Instigated that *head-butt* .. I was afraid I was the only one to recognize it. Willie shares blame, but it was JOE making fists and leaning into Willie’s face and space!

    Concerning DanTheMan … Love you, Dan! – #MistOn!

  • Kevin

    We barely saw any of Wil (or anyone on team Janelle, for that matter) through the entire season, and I think that was the true travesty of the season, because Wil and Ashley were way more entertaining than half the people in the house on the feeds. Bad editing on the producer’s part.

  • Linda

    Looking forward to it !! I am anxious to see your reactions to certain episodes. Thanks Dan for keeping BB fresh in our minds.

  • Seth Christopher

    Janelle’s edit was terrible this past season, as a feed watcher and a fan of hers it was hard for me to watch at times. She might not have played a great game this year but she had a lot of really fun moments, including some with you. I’ll always be mad that they didn’t show the two of you chasing each other around the house one night after a game of chess. It would’ve made for a great segment, but they’d rather show something useless like Shane work out or Joe prepare breakfast. I’m still bitter.

  • Colleen Kelly

    Hey Batman,

    I THINK…. I did pre-order.
    With all that has been going on, (Hurricane Sandy) I kind of forgot whether I did or not. LOL… Been too busy trying to see in the dark and stay warm. :)
    I like your mist can idea. Cute. Creative, I like it :)
    Yes, Will kept me laughing all the time. His immitation of Sharon Osbourne always got me laughing. The Jodi play-doh face was hilarious. (Is it bad I laughed at that?) LOL
    Poor Jodi…. LOL
    5 Hail Mary’s for me ;)

    Did I miss some commentary already ?.. I’m sorry, not having power I’ve been out of the loop for 11 days :(
    Missed tweeting with you!! :)
    Great posting job as usual!
    Proud of ya!
    Coll ;) :)

  • Dixie

    I never thought that the head butt was a big deal. It wasn’t even really a head butt. Just a chest bump gone horribly wrong. I thought joe should have been DQ’d too, personally, for instigating it.

    And I also always felt that britney had to shoulder a big chunk of the blame. I remember watching how she was talking to him when things started to go south and thinking “what a terrible coach”.

  • Nicole

    Wil is hilarious! Did you ever watch his youtube parody of Big Brother!? Fiew!

    I truly enjoy your blogs! Keep up the great work.

  • Alison

    Sometimes the edit of the show makes me question exactly what I saw on the feeds, so it’s nice to see you confirm what really happened. While Willie deserves full responsibility for his actions, they should have shown Joe instigating and Britney fanning the flames.

  • Laurie

    Fascinating to hear your thoughts on viewing the episodes. When I was watching, I also felt that Joe was as much to blame for the Willie meltdown as Frank. I liked Frank, but felt he greatly exaggerated the “gay slur” thing which set it all into motion. It made me feel so bad for Wil, because he was left to feel that he was being made fun of and I really don’t think that was the case.

  • Mia

    Hmm If you’re doing a sprecast for episode 20, that means therre are still 10 episodes left after, which could mean a THIRD live spreecast. Am I right? =D I would love that, the last few episodes are the best.

  • Pandysbuddy

    Thanks for pointing out that the headbutt was completely Instigated by Joe. I could never understand why the producers couldn’t see that. Your analysis of all 5 aspects are spot on. Much respect for you Dan! Thanks for doing this for us.

  • @bbdanfan81

    Wow…Do your mist powers include reading minds?

  • Jori Lagree

    I can’t get watch your spree cast videos because I a
    Have an iPad and so I don’t have adobe fash player :(

    • Jori Lagree


    • Carrie

      I am having the same problem, but I have a smartphone. No adobe so how can I watch?? :-(

      • Dan Gheesling

        You need to be on a computer to watch the Spreecast. :(

  • Kristine Walker

    What did Janelle say??

  • Debi

    Excellent insight, agree with everything 100%. We are proud of you Dan. Thanks for what you did for my daughters birthday. Dan has a huge heart you guys! Our entire family absolutely adores you. We miss you on tv :(

  • natasha backer

    Looking forward to the spreecast on Tuesday just to see your reaction to events. My class loves the book as do I. Dan you definitely need to return to the classroom, your power to change lives is soooo much bigger than you know. Miss you on tv and keep it up.

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