Throwback Thursday #2

by Dan Gheesling

On Twitter one of the weekly trends is to post old photos from your past on Thursdays, dubbed “Throwback Thursday” or #TBT.

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw this #TBT post.

From time to time when I post a #TBT on Twitter, I’ll also post it on here with a story longer description than 140 characters. ;)

Panda Friendsy

Dan-Gheesling-Panda-FriendsyThis photo goes way back to whenever my buddy Wagner got married, this was our last photo together as Panda Friendsy.

Panda Friendsy was the name of our epic Rock Band (PS3) group.

The name came from a hilarious logo that they made in the game.

To be honest in terms of group gaming, it’s up there as one of my best experiences.

Playing Rockband with my group of buddies from High School was one of my best memories of them, especially as of late.

Both Carp (Drums) and Wagner (Bass) have moved out of Michigan, and we really haven’t been all together since my bachelor party.

Highlighted Songs of our Rock Band era:

  • Ace of Spades (VC on the vocals)
  • Round and Round (Personal favorite)
  • Tom Sawyer (Carp)
  • That’s What You Get (Wagner)
Ah good times on this Throwback!


  • Colleen Kelly

    Panda Friendsy?
    Well Dan, you’re a brave man to admit that your band was named “Panda Friendsy” LOL

    I never heard of TBT. I have now. lol
    Wagner was cute then too. Carp, I have a feeling is a guy who has a good sense of humor?. The guy in the back , I’m not sure of. He might be dangerous lol
    That guy in the front with the guitar… Is he wearing a tuxedo Tee? I don’t trust, him he looks crazy. Possibly a danger to society. Goofy in the brain. He has a crazy look in his eyes I don’t trust him at all! :P
    #YourSpartypantsTeamCaptain ;)

    • Colleen Kelly

      The one who can’t spell “SMARTYPANTS” right (hang head in shame) ;)

  • Athena Santana

    Great Pic!!! :) Wow! a Band awesome!! great pics by the way.:)

  • Wagner

    A true classic. However, there is a flaw in your story as to how the name came to fruition. The first time we sat down to form the band, we needed a name. I was half paying attention when Carp blurted out “Band of Friends”. I sharpened up and tried to confirm what he had said, but it sounded to me like “Panda Frenzy”. So after I said that, it was settled, and the spelling of “Frenzy” was transformed to “Friendsy” for good reason.

    Now you have the whole picture. Damn, I looked like shit back then. How did I get married?

    • Dan Gheesling

      Glad the true story came out! We started laughing for 2 minutes straight after the band name was decided, right?

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