CBS News Interview Before Heading to the Finale!

by Chelsea Gheesling

Yesterday morning I got to chat with Syma Chowdhry from the CBS Detroit Morning News. Syma is a Big Brother fan so it was fun to talk about the game and Dan’s last days on the show!

Click HERE to watch a video of the interview.



  • Benny

    I’ll be watching tomorrow night to see Dan win!

  • Danny Hayden

    way to go hope he win’s

  • Dee

    Great interview, Chelsea. I’m still hoping that Dan can pull out a win but sometimes it hurts trying to get into that head of his. I sat up half the night listening to him pitching his F2 speech against IAN, not Danielle. I’ve been hoping beyond hope that this was merely a contingency speech in the event that Ian manages to win part 3 of the HoH comp and not that he’s really entertaining the idea of throwing it to him. He has to know that his best shot of winning is against Danielle. All he would basically need to say to the jury is that he came into the house with one goal in mind, to get him and his player to the end of the game and he did so by any means necessary. End of story, cut the check. Going up against Ian is playing with fire and I don’t think he stands much of a chance against him. Not that I think Ian has played a better game than Dan, but that his competition wins would give him the edge in the eyes of the jury.

    It’s so frustrating to think that after playing such an amazing game all season long that it could all be for naught because of a mental error this late in the game on Dan’s part by choosing the wrong F2 opponent. I’m praying for him to have an epiphany that his best shot is against Danielle and that he smokes Ian in the third part of HoH and winds up taking her instead. I still have faith in Dan but it would seriously suck to see him lose this game after watching him play such a stellar game thus far. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying for Dan to take home the win!

    • Jeri Lynn

      Dan thinks his only chance of winning is against Ian bc he thinks the jury will be sour towards him and vote for her. In his mind Danielle will have. Ashley, Shane, Britney, Frank, Joe, & Ian(bc he’d cut him) When in reality I don’t think Brit or Frank would be bitter I think they’d vote strategically. So I think if he were up against Danielle, it would be:
      Dan- Britney, Frank, Jenn, Ian, Ashley
      Danielle- Shane, Joe
      If it were Dan/Ian F2
      Dan- Danielle, Shane, Jenn (maybe Ashley)
      Ian- Frank, Britney, Joe
      I agree with you. I hope he wins and takes Danielle. But for some crazy reason he’s gonna throw it to Ian so he doesn’t have to cut her. It’s already a done deal. He gave Ian his necklace his grandfather gave him. Even before he gave the necklace to Ian as collateral, I think he was too scared to cut him bc he wouldn’t get his vote. When he probably would have anyway.

      • Dee

        Well, it seems as if my prediction was correct. Going to the end with Ian was the wrong move. In the BY interviews almost every single person said that they didn’t respect Danielle’s game and that they viewed her as Dan’s puppet. Even though Ian was just as much of a puppet to Dan, his competition wins are what gave him the edge in the jury’s voting logic. I kind of knew that was what was going to happen, but I definitely was not expecting the vote tally to be as lopsided as it was. This was definitely the most bitter jury that I’ve seen since Season Three when Danielle Reyes lost out to Lisa Donohue. This jury absolutely got it all wrong. When they sit down and watch the season, I think that almost all of them, including Ian will see just how wrong they got it. Of course, most of Dan’s genius maneuvers were lost in the show’s edit but Dan definitely played one of the most masterful games that I’ve ever seen in Big Brother history. Quite honestly, it’s kind of an embarrassment to the show’s reputation that Dan didn’t win the season after everything he managed to pull off. I’m 100% with Janelle with the opinion that Dan not winning this season is an absolute travesty.

        At any rate, I’m still proud of Dan and consider him to be the true winner of BB14. He made this entire season so much fun to watch, not to mention memorable! I’m going to miss firing up the live feeds and chuckling to myself while watching him manipulate everyone in that house into doing exactly what he wants them to do. Dan played a great game and has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Those of us who appreciate the master manipulators and strategists know that Dan by far played the most superior game.

        Now, I’d like to address Dan personally – Thank you for making this season so much fun to watch! You’re definitely one of the all-time greatest players in the history of this game and I loved watching every single minute of this season until the jury crapped the bed tonight. It was an honor and a pleasure to get to watch you play this game once again and I think you did a fantastic job. Way to go, Dan…you played one heck of a game!

  • Jeri Lynn

    Nice interview Chelsea. I’m so glad u cleared up the Bible swaering thing, bc it was really getting under my skin. I hate it when ppl just watch the edited shows and think they know what they’re talking about. Everyone that watches the feeds knows the truth about what REALLY hapoened. It was just as plan as day to me. The Frank/Dan convo was really like 40mins. The edited version was like 2mins. Of course CBS is going to take the juicy parts of the convo and use it. That didn’t bother me, what bothered me was all of the Internet bullies afterward. If u seen the whole conversation you’d know Dan only sweared on the Bible saying everything he was about to tell him from the past was the truth. Then Dan told Frank about Ian and the QP. They didn’t make their 4 person alliance until well after Dan swearer on the Bible. It’s not like he swearer on the Bible he would stay true to the 4 person alliance of him, Frank, Danielle, and Jenn. So thank you for clearing that up.
    Tonight is Finale night!! Let’s Go DAN!!!! :-)

  • Jeri Lynn

    DYAC, it got me. Every time you see the word swearer in the previous post, I actually meant swore.

  • Jeri Lynn

    One last comment:) Lol. I wish Cbs would go back to the way they used to do it. Where the 3rd person out actually gets to go to the jury house. That would’ve really helped Dan out a lot this season. If Danielle went out 3rd she could’ve been like Keesha and went to the JH and convinced everyone to vote for Dan:)

  • Joe

    Wow I can’t believe how strong the resemblance is between you and Dan!

  • jackie perez

    I think Danielle was the downfall here – Dan played a phenomenal game and I think Dan could have won first prize in either scenario – – what went wrong? (1) If Dan would have taken Danielle, he would have won more easily because the Jury knew Danielle was NOT the best player and they even said that her game was not worth more than 50k, if that. I say Danielle was his downfall because she was such a big liar that i think even Dan couldn’t read her 100%. While I think Dan did have her number, he underestimated how much the jury discovered, once they compared notes. Ironically, I think America will forever thank Dan for not handing Danielle 50k, she is not very well liked for the numerous lies she told which had NOTHING to do with game-play. Danielle’s game-play in my opinion was despicable – NOt Dan’s. Dan is the BEST Big Brother Player EVER, right up there with Doctor Wil. Dr still first, but Dan is a very close contender. (2) I believe Danielle unwittingly sabotaged Dan’s chances at first prize, because she was so bitter with Ian – There was absolutely no need to tell Ian that she had a final2Deal with Dan (Danielle yet again shows her true colors) that little outburst prompted Ian’s speech which was enough to sway the remaining jury members. Had Ian given the speech which he practiced on the feeds…Dan’s speech alone would have been enough to sway Joe. The ONLY juror who had a locked votes regardless of the speech were DANIELLE for DAN and SHANE for IAN – all others made a decision on the spot.

  • Danyiel

    I don’t think it would have mattered who Dan had been sitting next to in F2, that jury was so beyond bitter/biased that Britney said in one of her interviews that if a bottle of ketchup was in the seat next to him, the ketchup would have won. Frank and Shane were apparently too bitter to give Dan their votes and Jenn, Joe and Ashley had decided in the jury house that they weren’t going to give Dan the grand prize again because of his previous winner status. No amount of “misting” by Dan in his speech was going to sway that jury.

    It’s so frustrating as a fan of this game to hear jurors saying in interviews that while they think someone played a phenomenal game that they wanted a newbie to win because of their student loans and whatnot. They should be voting on who played the better game. I think that what it all boils down to is that there weren’t enough true gamers on the jury to really be able to get a good dialogue going during the round table discussion that may have influenced their ultimate decisions. Between the bitter votes in Shane and Frank and the biased votes in Jenn, Joe and Ashley, he never stood a chance. Big Brother really needs to stop recruiting their houseguests from bars and Facebook or else I fear that we’ll be seeing much more of this kind of voting logic in the future.

    Ian’s not a terrible winner, either. He may have been clueless for most of the game about how badly he was really being snowed by Dan and the rest of the Quack Pack, but he did string along an impressive amount of comp wins in order to keep himself alive. And let’s face it, at least he loves and respects the game, which is more than I can say for most of the yahoos in that jury. I honestly think that out of anyone from this cast, Ian will probably be able to get a good chuckle out of it when he sits down and watches this season and sees for himself just easily manipulated by Dan he was and that the puppetry was so masterful that Dan had him convinced he was coming up with these ideas on his own. If anyone will be able to appreciate just how great of a game Dan played, it will be Ian, hands down. Dan may have played the superior game, but Ian played a pretty good game himself.

    If Danielle had been sitting next to Dan and wound up being crowned the winner of this game, I probably would have jumped out of a window. That delusional whackjob would be telling everyone within earshot, “I’m so much better than Dan, y’all! I won against him so that makes me just as good as him and Dr. Will!” Ugh. Please. No thank you.

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