The Kindle Version of PUNCH IT IN

by Chelsea Gheesling

Punch It In. 

As you may know, right before Dan went into BB sequester he put the finishing touches on his latest book, PUNCH IT IN. The eBook version was released a few weeks ago and we have heard GREAT reviews from people who started to read it!


We wanted to let you know that within the next few days the Kindle version of PUNCH IT IN will be available!

I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with my Kindle. Dan surprised me with one right before we went on vacation a few months ago. I feel like I haven’t put it down since :)

So if you have a Kindle and would like to read PUNCH IT IN you are in luck! I will let you all know the second it’s available.


  • Dave

    Any idea how much? Getting a bit ticked at the publishers prices as theirs not paper…warehousing…etc. Thanks!

  • Chelsea Gheesling

    The Kindle version is $16. Here is the link:

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