Thank you for voting!

by Dan Gheesling

Thank you so much for voting for the Retro Boss Challenge!

We have a few days to go until the voting ends and the Top 30 are selected.

I appreciate everyone who has a had a part in getting us to the #1 spot as of today. :)

Regardless of what happens, I’ll always appreciate your support. Thank you.






  • TeeTee

    Was my pleasure Dan!

  • Athena Santana

    BIG Congrats!!! on Finishing Blog Challenge!! :) and Congrats!! on your 5k!! and Your number 1 Spot!!! :) of course your ALWAYS number 1 in Our eyes The Renegamers and more ;) Its an honor and Pleasure to SUPPORT you Always!! :)

  • sholland

    Renegamers are voting like crazy!! #LetsGo

    Congrats on completing the blog challenge!!

  • Jose

    Yay! This is great news! Glad to help. Also, great post for your last blog challenge post :)

  • TeeTee

    Congratulations on successfully completing the blog challenge!! I am sure it took alot of discipline to do it especially when you are attending the E3 conference! WTG!! You are an inspiration to all! Although I will admit I was in a very very very small way hoping to see you in the jean shorts or pink jumpsuit if you hadn’t completed. However, I would never ever wish you anything but success in all you do!

    • TeeTee

      lol sorry Dan still laughing at the thought of the jean shorts or pink jumpsuit – but always knew you would complete the challenge successfully!

  • TeeTee

    BTW, how did the 5K marathon go?

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