Team Gheesling on The Murtz Show TONIGHT!

by Chelsea Gheesling

Memphis Garrett, Dan, Sue, Kelly & Chelsea Gheesling will be on the Murtz Show at 11pm EST. Come join us to get all of the inside BB14 info!

Click HERE to watch!


  • http://jerridar Darlene Bowers

    You have. A wonderful wife ! ! ! ! Take good care of her…..

  • Danyiel

    Dan’s whole family is great. Sue especially, she’s a riot! That was an awesome show, I hope that Kelly can figure out how to get the archive up for the website because I was having some buffering issues about mid-way through and missed some of it. Definitely loved seeing Memphis on there and the appearances by Brian, Ian and Cochran from Survivor were cool, as well. Very entertaining show. Dan’s F2 speech 2.0 was hilarious, the funniest thing about it was that he was giving it while holding Frank the entire time! LOL

    Side note: Dan, I’m wondering if you happened to catch Joe’s web chat last night with Diana Watt, or at least heard about some of the things that he said. He had some very high praise for you and it definitely seems as if he regrets his jury vote now that he’s seen the season and knows exactly how much you were running things in that house. He said that he thinks you’re the greatest Big Brother player of all-time and thinks you’ve surpassed Dr. Will in terms of game play. He also said that Shane had been sequestered until right before the deliberations and the jury was completely unaware of the fact that he volunteered to go up on the block before you evicted him. Had they known that, he said he probably would have changed his vote right then and there because of how stupid a move it was on Shane’s part. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference with the more bitter jurors, but it definitely would have gotten a good discussion going as to why you deserved to win the game based on your game moves.

    I think if anything, everything Joe said basically reiterates how the current format is flawed with the 6th and 7th jurors having little to no time with the rest of the jury to have time to compare notes and discuss which candidate made the best game moves to get themselves to the end. I think the fact that the rest of them were stupid enough to even let you near the F2 in the first place should have warranted some serious consideration to vote for you to win but that jury had a serious case of tunnel vision and had pretty much decided before the finale that they were voting against you.

    I’m not trying to knock Ian’s game too hard because he played an okay game, but at the same time feel as if the fact that he was so clueless to the fact that you were playing puppet master with him the entire time takes away from his win in a huge way. It’s a nice little fairy-tale ending for the CBS broadcast show with the way things were edited but those of us who watched the feeds know who was really running the show and it sure as heck wasn’t Ian. He may have won more competitions, but he never really had any control over the game by any stretch of the imagination. Thinking back to the last week in the house when Ian made that snarky remark to you when he asked you how many times you slept in the HoH room and you replied “How many times have I NEEDED to?” pretty much summed everything up right there.

    Anyway, it was an amazing season and you played a fantastic game. The web show with Murtz was also great and I hope that the archive thing gets sorted out soon so that the people who may have missed it will get to see it and I can watch it again.


  • Prudenza Donna Marie

    I agree with TeamMist ! I would really love to see on this blog what your plans are for the future Now that you broke BB History . Are you going back to teaching or moving on to something else ? I did want to add that BB needs to coach the jury what matters in this game .BB should give the F2 more then 90 seconds to explain their strategy in the house and why they made the moves in the game . Each jury member should be able to ask the F2 a question or two .It should not be on live TV so they can debate what information they have from the F2 ! So the jury does not come already with their mind made up. They spend so much time in the game with the DR. Why not help the jury to separate themselves on game not revenge . Winning by chance robs the players and robs the viewers .When you play chess you don’t win by chance it is strategy . For the jury to be able to take away a vote and the prize because they are bitter because they were taken out of the house . Not to look on the brilliance of the game played rather then looking at who has the less blood or has the less blame . Makes the jury look stupid and robs the viewers of the true winner in this game. I been watching this show since I was 14 from the first season . Sometimes you get a jury that looks at the brilliance on how the player’s strategy was and sometimes it is just a bitter and vengeful jury. To then turn around and say someone is the best player they have ever seen on BB and for them to come in 2nd.For someone to pull the strings in the house from the beginning to end is strategy . No one has ever seen someone that was on his way out to get the HOH that takes every penalty even stay out of HOH for 2 weeks . To take him off the block and put up someone that helped their game not the HOH’s game . Then turn around and get the group to take that person that save him out of the house . Then to go on and have a F2 pair to use the veto to take him off the block and convince the two to put their partner on the block in place of him. Everyone co signs on it including the player that is going on the block in place of that person. . To have not one but two people to throw the first competition for the final HOH to them. Brilliant game ! I watched the talk shows afterward and the first place winner showed a plan that never came into play. There was no QP only when that person was HOH was the QP mention by the HG . The pair of 4 had two alliance running at the same time for votes and information. It was like watching all the best moves that has ever been played on BB in one game . The jury needs to know what a dirty player is . It is someone that talks trash about everyone and treats the people on the way out badly .It is someone that steals in the house wrecks stuff of other players and tell lies on the other player to take the HG out. Intimates players and bullies his way into the F2.To tell lies that are not even game . When you have either had your hand in it or they themselves can put every HG in jury that is just magic . That means that person out played every HG . Grats on making BB history :)

  • Donna

    For Dan to make it to the F2 on this season was just as hard as if it was allstars .With all the players knowing he won this game before . I did love all the players in allstars but this group was a monster group also . Ian -Boy wonder with his photographic memory . Dani with her sneaky crying and stab you in the back . Then I was always loyal . Shane- a monster competitor Frank -Beast competitor Jani – Monster competitor that you don’t want to cross The Queen of BB . Britt -Sneaks behind peoples back and turn people against each other . Boogie latching on again to a beast to help him through the game as he picks up prizes . Jenn laying low but always aware of what is going on . Joe eagle eye that has a pulse on what was going on in the house .Some would like everyone to believe this group with nieve and easy to control . Not true . Even to the end Shane and DanI thought they would have Dan put the blood on his hands taking out Ian . Good move for Dan to taking Shane out .All it takes for any player is one bad move and your out of the game . Like what happened to Dr Will. Dan helped take out Jani in the beginning.(which I was a huge Jani fan and bitter for a while )That is what happen to this group one bad move . For Dan to plow through them all the way he did. Mist them and send them out the door . At the same time as Dan was on their hit list was never seen before . Allstars you kind of know how people are going to play . This group you didn’t know what kind of game they were going to play and with the other coaches in their ear . It was like playing against a coach and player at the same time Also being coach by some of the best and still to misted the coach and player . Dan is a hard core player and does deserve to win the title of now the best player of BB to date . Having a jury that didn’t play this game before and being bitter was hard to swallow .Just because it wasn’t called Allstars doesn’t mean any other player s would be able to do what he did in this game . Till I see another player go to the F2 twice and had won this game before. Dan keeps the title in my book and many others .

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