Student Ambassador Program – Year 3

by Dan Gheesling


It started as a simple idea.

Whenever I get the chance to speak at a University, I would always send a quick tweet out.

Every single time I would send one of those tweets out I would get responses from other students on Twitter asking:

“When are you coming to my University?”


“How come you aren’t speaking at my school?”

So I wanted to come up with a way for students who wanted to bring me to campus to take charge and make it happen, while getting rewarded in the process.


After getting these tweets over and over, two years ago I decided to set something up for the interested students to make that happen, and two years ago the program started!

When creating this program, the real problem for me, was figuring out how to give back VALUE to the students who would be going above and beyond to bring me to speak.

Instead of trying to figure it out myself, I asked the students what I could do to thank them for being a Student Ambassador and the majority responded: they wanted to have dinner with me, and bring a friend along.

When I saw that the dinner with a me and a friend was what they wanted in return, it made sense, because I had wanted the same thing before! (Not dinner with myself, but dinner with someone with whom I wanted to pick their brain.)

Year 1 Success

The first year of the Student Ambassador Program brought some success! It was great getting a chance to meet some of the Student Ambassadors in person and also see them really make it happen.

One particularly impressive Ambassador Erin, really made her mark.

Erin brought me to her campus in New Hampshire, but beyond that, has a lot of big things in her future.

Successfully completing what it takes to get a booking done in a University setting is not easy, but after meeting Erin I could see why it was easy for her.


One of the things I did not expect from this program was to feel a sense of mentor-ship from this. But that’s what ended up happening.

Having dinner with Erin (and her brother) enabled me to see what she is really passionate about for her career, and I told her I am going to do my best to make sure it happens for her.

Whether it is through connections, random emails, or anything else I can do, she is someone I am going to be always looking out for.

Year 2 Success

Now with two years of the program under our belt, we had even more students make the program a success!

Double the amount of Student Ambassadors were able to convert from Year 2 to Year 1.

Big thanks to Taylor, Aakash, Hannah, and Jessica for making Year 2 such a big success. :)



If you want to get some insight into what the process is actually like, from someone who just went through the Student Ambassador Program, take a look at Jessica’s story on how she was successful:



So What Do You Actually Do As An Ambassador?

It is actually pretty simple.

After you apply and have been accepted, you’ll be given some instructions as to how to contact the point person on your campus.

So what you need to do is pretty simple:

1. Get the information of the person in charge of booking speakers on your campus.

2. Send in the information to us!

Note: If you were an Ambassador for Year 2, thank you for making it a successful year! I hope you re-apply for Year 3!

That’s it! :)

Want in?

If you are interested in signing up to bring me to your campus, just fill out this form.

I am going to be reviewing the applications over the next few weeks and I’ll be contacting you shortly!

This year I am going to be creating a private Facebook group for those Ambassadors that get accepted for a better way for us to stay in direct contact!


  • Melanie Martin

    Hi Dan!
    I was in Year 1 but with no success! And I apologize. So hopefully, we can get the ball rolling for next semester :) We would love to have you at Arcadia!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Melanie, no worries, sometimes it takes a few tries to get something done, trust me I know. :)

      Hopefully you didn’t let Year 1 discourage you from applying again!

  • Roberto Diaz

    I was in Year 1 but I couldn’t get in touch with the people on campus! I transferred to a community college but still wanted the chance to hear you speak.

  • J.

    Would you speak at the University of Michigan? I know your a spartan, and we root for different teams, but I’d really want to pick your brain and hear you talk!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Go Green! :) Would love to though, sign up as a Student Ambassador!

  • AJ Porter

    Hey, Dan!
    I just have a quick question, when you come to a school, what topics do you talk about? Is it a motivational talk, is it about Big Brother? I am interested in having you speak at my school, but I am just curious! Thanks!!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Alex, I speak on action-based leadership! So the students walk away with things they can physically do to become better leaders and influencers. I don’t talk about Big Brother at all.

  • AJ Porter

    Alright, awesome!

  • Jackie

    Hey Dan! I would LOVE for you to come speak at my university (University of Central Florida) so I plan on signing up. I’m just curious what my responsibilities would be? My family and I were HUGE fans of yours on Big Brother.. I’d love to learn from you!

  • Mike

    Would you come to UCONN?

    • Dan Gheesling

      Go Huskies!

  • Reagan Reeves

    Would you be interested in speaking to other things other than a college campus? My dad is an athletic director and with your coaching background, I’m sure he’d love to have you speak!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Of course! I have spoken at High Schools before as well.

  • Aksha

    Hi Dan! I want to become a student ambassador but the sign up form requires a link to FB profile. The problem is I don’t have an FB account nor do I want to sign up for one in the future. Can you make an exception? Also, do you come to Canadian universities? Hope you do

    • Aksha

      question already answered through twitter. I signed up!

      • Dan Gheesling


  • Robby Friscia

    Dan, will you please come to the University of Maryland… We can really use some inspiration here…!

  • victor soma

    Dan, you are a smarmy little used car salesmen and I can’t believe people want to hear your crappy ideas. Remember, you won a really shitty reality show that no one cares about.

    • KC

      For someone that claims to not care, I find it funny that you took the time to post a comment. Just go away troll! Dan has plenty of fans!

  • Maggie Nee

    I go to a small school in milton, massachusetts. its about 10 minutes from boston!! I would love for you to come to Curry College and talk to us! Thank you

  • Rebecca

    Just applied. Really excited about this opportunity!

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