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What People Are Saying About His Presentation

Dan delivers the message of student leadership in a way that is adaptive and relatable. It’s something you can immediately take into your professional and personal lives. He gives students what I believe is the best message available on the college circuit.” 
-Nick Barbati,  Rider University,  Administrator
“Dan came to Mohawk College as part of our Speaker Series in The Arnie.
The presentation he delivered on “The 6 Steps to Exceptional Leadership” kept the audience engaged to the point where you could hear a pin drop.
Dan customized his presentation, interacted with the audience (including a 4 hour meet and greet) and went above and beyond to ensure that each and every student got a chance to interact with him.A class act and one of the few speakers who I would recommend to other schools!”
-Steve Kosh,  Mohawk College Marketing and Communications Manager 

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Speaking Trailer(s)

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What the presentations offer:

During the presentation, the following topics are discussed (between Dan AND the audience) using real examples and experiences:

~ Leadership ~ Influence ~ Team Building ~ Motivation ~ Communication

Action steps are given, which are:

~ Broken down using real-world application ~ Widely relatable ~ Tailored to the specific audience


Universities That Have Brought Dan To Their Campus:



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