Speaking Event & Charity Event in Canada

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Speaking-Event-Charity-Event-Canada-EdmontonHey guys! It has been longer than I’ve liked since there has been an update on the blog, but that is because I have been hard at work on my new book!

Clean Your Own Mirror is progressing nicely, and I expect to be making some more phone calls to you guys later this week. :)

Outside of working on the book, I’m excited to be doing a Canadian University speaking event!

I’ll be speaking on leadership at this event, and it is open to the public.

Really fired up to meet the students at MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB!

Speaking Event Details

Dan-Gheesling-EdmontonNovember 19th (Tuesday) @ 5PM MDT

MacEwan University – 104 NW Ave, Edmonton, AB

After the talk there will also be a two-hour mix-and-mingle.

Charity Poker Event

While I am in Edmonton for the speaking event at MacEwan University, I’ll also be playing in a charity poker tournament that benefits The Edmonton Food Bank and Santa’s Anonymous.

I’m glad the scheduling worked out, because the proceeds are going to a great cause, and we’re going to have some fun in the process.

Charity Poker Tournament Details


November 17th (Sunday) @ 12PM MDT

Casino Yellowhead – 12464 153 St NW, Edmonton, AB.

Check Back

Be sure to check back to this post for any updates on either of these events.

If you’re in the Edmonton area, it would be great to see you come out to one, or even both, events!

Also, if you’re planning on going, let me know in the comments below and I’ll keep an eye out for you! :)

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  • Corinna

    So awesome Dan!!!! I will be attending both events if possible!! How cool of you to come here and do a charity event to boot!!! I will be rounding up fellow BB fans and see you there!!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Awesome, looking forward to meeting you Corinna!

      • cate

        dan dan dan – you are going to Edmonton and are not coming to Calgary? how come? we want you here too

  • http://www.facebook.com/kristen.thurber.3 Kristen

    I will be there!

    • Dan Gheesling


  • Delreene Kusnyir

    Salutations, Dan!

    Looking forward to meeting you! :)


    — Delreene Kusnyir

    • Dan Gheesling

      Likewise Delreene!

  • Andy Saxby

    I will be there! How do I get in on this?!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Andy, the speaking event is open to the public, and there will be more info on the tournament as well soon.

  • Kristy Klassen

    Missed seeing you in TO in August. Looking forward to saying hi now that your in my city. Bring a very warm coat.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Got it! :)

  • Nicholas

    I would love to go… but Edmonton is a 4 hour drive from where I am :(

  • Summerlea

    Our honorary Canadian! Can’t wait for the talk in Hamilton or Toronto. Can’t wait for my new book either! Best of luck Dan. Started my business plan on your advice and progressing nicely! Have a great day.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Awesome! What was the business plan Summer?

  • Michelle Palmeter

    So psyched you’re going to be in Edmonton! Maybe I’ll go out to the casino that night and maybe spot you there! Plus, I love me a good night at the casino!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Looking forward to it, I have only heard good things about Edmonton!

  • Kathy

    Are you kidding? Am I dreaming? Omg I will be there 100% its all I’vd been wishing for to meet and greet you and maybe take a pic or two or three, amazing news for new, I can now for sure die happy !!!!!

    • Dan Gheesling


  • Kathy

    I was so excited that I don’t even know what I wrote but you understand what I mean :)

  • http://www.saskatoonrealty.com/search-listings.html Angela Mathers

    This sounds so cool- hopefully I can make it! Will you do anymore speaking events after this?

    • Dan Gheesling

      Yep, planning on it Angela. :)

  • Melissa Medeiros

    Yay!!!! You are finally coming to MY city :) :) definitely booking those days off

  • Chris

    Hey Dan, just curious if you need to be attending the college to come to this? And is this poker game open invitation or something to play with you? If so where do ya sign up!

  • Andrea R

    Dan, I am SO pumped you are coming to Alberta! I won’t be able to make the Tuesday event unfortunately, but my husband and i will definitely do a road trip on Sunday! I’m from Calgary :) Hope I can meet you!

  • Kate

    Hi Dan, wow it amazes me how after winning BB10 you still remain humble and do these kind of charity events, God Bless your soul and for sure I’ll be there for a great cause and it will be nice to meet one of the best BB players of all time :)

  • Anne McKenna

    I hope Talla goes to meet you there. She lives in Edmonton….watch for her……..LOL

  • Shelley

    Woohoo!! I will def see you there!!! With a book for you to sign…and you wont escape me!!! hehehe…Luv ya Dan & Chelsea!

  • cate

    I want to come to Edmonton to meet you……will try to get to both events…….hope your wife is with you and we get to meet her too
    oh……and good luck in the poker tourney!

  • Sagal Ahmed

    Can’t believe i’ll be meeting one of my BB faves!!!! :):) So stoked, see ya on the 17th Dan!

  • Tyler Lobb

    Even though I go to the university of Alberta, it looks like I’ll have to make an appearance on rival territory to check you out. Can’t wait Dan!

  • Pascale

    All time favorite big brother player, looking forward to hearing your words of wisdom! See you Tuesday!


  • Megan

    Hey Dan! Will you be doing any other events in Edmonton other than the 2 above?

  • Atoosa

    ten years ive been living in Edmonton, First time im actually so happy to be living here! Finally get to meet my fav BB player!!

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