The Secret of Happiness

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Secret-Of-Life-Happiness-According-To-Bravo-TVLast night I was half watching some random Bravo TV show with Chelsea while I caught up on e-mails and something somewhat profound was actually said on the show.

When I half heard it I thought “I want to hit the replay button on the DVR to hear exactly what was said.”

Except I didn’t say it, it just happened.

Chelsea was thinking the same thing and hit the replay button.

Want to know what the doctor on the random Bravo show said?

“The key to happiness lies in three things.”

  • 1. Something to do.
  • 2. Someone to love.
  • 3. Something to look forward to.

Pretty simple yet profound. It actually made me think – could this be enough to make people happy?

Is It True?

From my perspective I think it is true…answering the questions myself.

And on a higher level could I start viewing things from other peoples perspective with these three things in mind to make those around me happier?




We’ll find out! And if the secret of life comes from a Bravo TV show…we’re all in trouble. ;) What do you think?

  • Colleen Kelly

    Pretty simple huh. Sounds good though. I thought about it.
    I like it.!
    I’m smiling, because maybe it really isn’t as complicated as we can make it out to be.. Life.. :)
    #DeepThoughts ;)
    btw, sounds like a simple but effective tool to try out on your clients ! :) Go for it!. :)
    Coll :)

  • Amber Horner

    Pretty great! I’d only tweek the 1st one a bit by adding the caveat creative/artistic. In my experience, being creative in some way or another is essential to maintaining happiness in life. If you can find a way to combine creativity with whatever you do to support yourself financially, that’s the ultimte!

  • Jackie

    You could almost combine them into one: looking forward to doing something you love (or with someone you love). I think that reward aspect is huge be it something at the end of the day or a big milestone but it keeps people focused and motivated. Plus people need to indulge and enjoy to stay balanced. I say it’s a pretty good start on the key to life!

  • Bob flynne

    Great post Dan! I’d say those three things are definitely essential for happiness. I love these kind of posts. So thanks for posting!
    Wouldn’t you need friends to be happy too? I guess that would fit under something to look forward to, or someone to love…
    Anyway take care Dan


  • Kristin

    Bravo? That’s just too funny! I would agree with all three.

  • Ginger

    Often say everything I need to know ” I learned on big brother” lol

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