Seattle, Wizards, Interns, Your Questions, and a MRI!

by Dan Gheesling

If you missed the last two blog posts Grading the Big Brother 14 Houseguests you can check out Part 1 and Part 2.

This blog will slow be morphing and changing…in a good way (hopefully).

During the Big Brother season this blog was the center of everything revolving Team Dan (and Team Mist) thanks to Chelsea’s epicness.  Even though the post today is personal in nature, the blog is slowly going to shift from being centered solely on me, and shift towards a focus of helping you, and what you want to gain from this blog.

Decompressing from Big Brother for the second time, you might think I wouldn’t be enjoying the post-game experience as much as I did the first time since I didn’t win the 500k.  But it actually the complete OPPOSITE. Everything has been so much more enjoyable for me (and my family) this time around because of one simple change…

Coming off the show the first time I really got caught up in myself, kind of like the old saying “he read too many of his press clippings.” It was really easy to become overwhelmed and self absorbed at the same time.  It became even easier because to fall in this trap I kept the focus on myself.

After growing up a lot in the past few years and realizing how miserable things can get when you focus solely on yourself, I finally figured it out.

Slowly I discovered that if I focused on others more than myself  life not only became more fun, but also more fulfilling.

Which brings me to the shift in this blog…

My goal for this blog is to help you in some way, whether it is through motivation, entertainment (or lack there of), random Reality TV bites, epic contest giveaways, podcasts, video posts or a combination of everything.

When I write a blog post or create new content for this site, my sole focus is in how it can help you. Thus ends the random intro to this post. :)

The Seattle Trip

Dan-Gheesling-Frank-Eudy-SeattleA few weeks ago I spent a few days in Seattle with Ian, Frank, and some great people at SuperPass.

To be honest, when I landed in Seattle I wasn’t 100% sure how things were going to go.  I hadn’t really touched based with Ian or Frank since the show had ended, and when we had last saw each other things were left as neutral.


It was a good feeling to actually see Ian again face to face and know right away that everything was water under the bridge.  We spent some time hanging out then went out to eat with Laremy from SuperPass.

Frank’s flight did not get in until later at night so we went out to eat without him at local pizza place (that was epic) and then had some ice cream from the local parlor next door which was ran-sacked with hipsters. No joke.

Laremy showed us a good time and really took care of us while we were there. Later on Frank got into town and it was a relief to see that Frank, like Ian, had also got over any issues he had with me game-wise.


Our entire time in Seattle the SuperPass team really went out of their way to take care of us. I had a blast with Missy, Carrie, Chelsia, and Laremy during the interviews and even managed to have a little fun throwing just a few more competitions (sorry Chelsia).


One of the highlights of the Seattle trip for me was taking a little drive out to Renton (just outside of Seattle) with Laremy. We managed to get a tour of the always guarded Wizards of the Coast headquarters. Being a MTG fanboy this was a dream come true:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Typically they don’t give tours…at all. That’s why I’m so grateful to Marcus Graham (@djWHEAT). Through the magic (no pun intented) of Twitter, Marcus was able to get us a tour of Wizards in just a few short hours notice.

It is interesting to note that Marcus and I had never interacted prior to him reaching out to help us get into Wizards via Twitter. It’s amazing how small the world has really become with social media, and its even more impressive how willing people like Marcus are to reach out and help.

In one short word, the Wizards of the Coast tour was epic. Both Laremy and I had to sign NDA’s before we entered the facility, so I can’t say much of what I saw, but I did see an uncut Alpha sheet framed on the wall (if you know what that means, you’re EPIC in my book).

Greg Collins at Wizards went well out of his way, late on a Friday afternoon, to spend a lot of time with us and make the tour one hell of an experience.  He even hooked us up with some cards from the new set of Magic that had not even been released yet!

Greg was the ultimate brand ambassador for Magic The Gathering and his passion for the game and the company was more than evident in the tour he gave us (thanks Greg!).

After the tour of the Wizards of the Coast facility, Ian, Frank, and I all went out for the last dinner. Frank said something during the dinner that still resonates with me and is a good way to sum up the aftermath of the entire Big Brother experience. He said something along the likes of “this could be the last time we ever all eat dinner together, so lets enjoy it.” He could be right, once the experience is over, rarely do you ever see any of the other house-guests let alone go out to dinner with them.

After the final dinner, we had setup a very impromptu meet and greet. I had tweeted something a few hours before dinner and I was shocked to see how many people showed up to hang out with us after dinner back at the Edgewater hotel.  The Seattle Team Mist supporters came out big time and it was great to meet them! Everyone was so genuine and kind, I even got this epic bracelet (The Mist) as a gift:

I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted to hang out at the meet and greet because I had to catch a flight, so I said my goodbyes to both Frank and Ian, and somewhere in the back of my head I thought: this might be the last time we are all together in the same room.  All in all the Seattle trip was a great experience that I will always remember as putting some closure on Big Brother 14 for me.

Epic Detroit Interview

Once the Seattle trip had finished up I had a chance to catch up with one of my favorite Detroit radio stations 101 WRIF. Both Chelsea and I had a lot of fun with Drew and Marc in the studio, you can check out the full interview here, or watch the video below:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Drew and Marc always go above and beyond in making me feel welcome in their studio and are hilarious. It’s too bad they are both U of M fans…

Taken Aback By Michigan Love

It’s not often times when I get overwhelmed in a positive way, but it happened when Chelsea and I were invited to visit some new friends of ours store in Birmingham, MI.


Laurie and her family reached out and invited both Chelsea and I to stop by their sneaker boutique (never been to one before) Pogo Skate. Chelsea and I grabbed dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant and popped in their store to say hello. We were both met with such a kind and genuine reception that became overwhelming for both of us.


After spending some time with Laurie and her family it was easy to see why their store has been so successful: because they genuinely care. That’s something in my experience, that has been a rare occasion in business.

How clients are treated is something that has seemed to fallen by the way side. So when you walk into a store, like Jacob and Laurie’s you can instantly feel how much the owners care about their business and their clients right from the second you walk into the door,. It something you don’t forget.


It was a pleasure getting to know them and Chelsea and I were both overwhelmed by the fact they refused to let us leave the store without bombarding us with gifts! It was completely unnecessary but that gives you a little more insight into how kind they were to us.

If you ever are in Michigan and want to have a completely unique and genuine shopping experience, you have to check out Pogo Skate in Birmingham.

Get Involved! Become an Intern.

Dan-Gheesliing-Solid-Snake-Mist-Mercenaries-InternsTaking a page out of the Rob Cesternino playbook, I’ve decided to put together a small team of volunteer interns to help out with some projects as well as this site.

I don’t want to get into it too much on this post because there is an element of ninja to it. ;) It’s best kept to those who want to be involved.

If you’re interested in applying to work directly with me (and a group of other Team Mist supporters) fill out this application.

Your Twitter Questions Answered

While writing this post I fired out a tweet to ask for some questions from you. Here are some of the questions that came from Twitter with the hashtag #MistQ:

@amandakaraminas Are you going to watch Big Brother Canada?

Of course! Everyone knows how much I love the game, not to mention Canadians have been waiting a lifetime to finally get their show. I’m excited for it, I need to find a way to patch Slice TV all the way to the U!

@DANIW27 Does it surprise you how much support people have for your real life endeavors now that the game is over?

Everyone has been so great to me and overwhelmingly supportive it has been a surprise. This time around I knew I had ruffled a few more feathers so I expected more of a backlash, but I’m happy to say I was wrong! It’s funny, even when I respond to hate mail, most people end up coming around. Big Brother causes a lot of passion in people which I understand, eventually everyone gets over it. :) To me the fact that people are so receptive to the books, coaching, the BigBrother commentary, and everything else I’m working on just makes me feel that much more blessed.

@kristacitron Did you go back to work after being on the show? Are you similar in the classroom as you were in the house?

Last year I retired from teaching, so there were no plans for me to teach this year. As far as going back to work, I’m fortunate I get to work on what I love: writing books, coaching individuals, or helping people get on Reality TV which all quantifies my work. When I was teaching I was a lot more stern in the classroom than in the Big Brother house, but the goal in the class was to make learning fun so we would mix it up from time to time! Last year we did a 3 week Apprentice style competition the students really enjoyed.

@destinylv25 How do you manage to stay so calm in the Big Brother house?

Staying focused on the overall goal, which is winning, helps to control emotions. A few times I did lose my cool, more so than the last time I played, but in the end being completely immersed in the game and thinking about Chelsea kept me focused on not retaliating to anyone emotionally.

@that1girl45 Can I send any pic of you (screen cap from show) for you to sign?

Yes! Send it to this address and be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope! :)

@DaveNormand Do you get sick of taking pictures and signing autographs with randoms who tell you their BB stories?

Not at all! I’m a Big Brother fanboy just like anyone else. It never gets old because I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people everyday, especially if they are on #TeamMist. ;)

@FakeJuanRivera White or Black #LOST?

Black. Sawyer. Kate we have to go back!

@Emiliacheek You and @britney_haynes seem to have great chemistry and humor together. Will there be any future projects together?

It is easy to have a great connection with Britney because she is so intelligent and quick witted. Without saying too much, I think (and hope) you are going to see a lot more of her in the future.

@FutureLPC7 Will you be writing more coaching/goal type of books like “Punch it In”? Hope so!

Most definitely, I think you are really going to enjoy the next one. My passion is coaching people and unfortunately I don’t have enough time to coach everyone that I want to, so to me writing books is the next closest thing to coaching as many people as I possibly can!

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to ask a question via Twitter! If I didn’t get to answer your question, no worries, I will continue to do this in the future!

Next Post

Thanks for taking time to read this post, in all its randomness. In the next post there will be a contest for one of the red headbands I had with me in the Big Brother house, as well as an audio rant of me comparing Big Brother 14 to The Dark Knight Rises. :)

In the meantime, check out this random YouTube video of a MRI on my left elbow. Who knew it looked so weird?

Take care!

  • Leah

    Great post – I’m so happy to see that Frank and Ian could still be friends with you outside the house, but hopefully, that won’t be the last time :) I love that you got that tour at the last minute! It must’ve been so awesome…I’m kinda jealous! I’m glad you received such a great response when you were back in Michigan, it’s great to see how much people care :) And I think it’s epic that you’re accepting interns – I applied! I guess now we play The Waiting Game :D

    • Dan Gheesling

      Leah I was so shocked and excited that Marcus came through in the clutch out of no where to get us that tour. It was so cool. Waiting game it is… :) I’m glad you applied.


    Thank you for answering my question! Looking forward to things to come. Team Mist Support :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      No problem Danielle!

  • Destiny

    Thanks for answering my question. I enjoyed reading your blog post.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for asking the question Destiny!!

  • Brian J. Wagner

    Fun fact: The word ‘epic’ appears 7 times in this post.

    Holler at your boy!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Denzel Washing the official fact checker of #LetsGo

  • Frankie

    I am so glad you had so much fun, glad that Ian and frank are now friends with you, after all it was just a game, that you were the best at, does Ian realize he wouldn’t have won with out you, thanks for sharing all this with us, I love the way you keep us updated on life outside the bb house! I love both your books and can’t wait on your tape of you watching bb the 1st time, I have always said I wish I could be a mouse on the wall to see the bb players watch the show and see there reaction, so this is going to be great. I love supper pass almost as much as bb, I guess they go hand in hand. Lol. Thanks again for sharing with us, team mist all the way

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for the kind words Frankie, I appreciate you taking time out to read the blog. :)

      • Tracy

        Hey Dan, Absoltely love your passion for bb. I was so upset when you did not win :( Thank you for keeping us updated. When will the tape be ready to order when you watch bb for the first time since coming out?

  • April

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for taking the time to write this! I wish you would do a meet and greet. Maybe a book signing event.


  • Tiffany

    Thanks for the blog! I really enjoyed it! It’s nice to read about your experience after each experience with big brother!

  • Pamela

    Sounds like Seattle was fun…
    I think you should all make a concerted effort to make it to the Vegas reunion every year.
    The bonds you create should be allowed to grow stonger. You could all see each other get married, have children and celebrate the friendships over time. Something that is priceless.
    Maybe Janelle’s daughter will be friends with Boogie’s son Brady…

  • emilia

    Thanks for posting my questioned. but is the answer no, that you and Britney Will do something in the future. lol the Dan answer

  • lauren

    I can’t wait to hear TDKR comparison!! I saw it 5 times in theater this summer and obviously religiously watch big brother so it’s great that you’re making a comparison of my two favorite things:) SO great that you do these blog posts-i admire your dedication to your fans-we appreciate it more than you know!

  • Sharon Taylor

    It’s probably obvious I was so praying you were going to win… and it looks like you actually did. Huge fan base, beautiful supportive wife… need I say more?
    Enjoyed reading all your blogs, an also looking forward to your video posts watching the season.
    I really don’t have a question but did want to make a comment after reading this blog.
    I feel as if teachers like you are few an far between. There are so many that just walk into the class room for the paycheck… it’s sad you’re retired.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors,


  • Billy

    Hi Dan. I love the blog and am a huge fan of Big Brother!

    I was just wondering, have you ever played Magic The Gathering? I’ve played for years, and it’s truly a great game that never gets old. I’m sure the Wizards tour was really cool. I was just wondering, if there were any comparisons between MTG and Big Brother, or skills that are useful in both?

  • Marii

    Always love reading your blog Dan. I am so happy that when you are meeting people that you are getting a warm welcome. It’s good to know that people can distinguish the difference in “Master Mist of BB14″ from Dan Gheesling, a wonderful and loving husband, family man, coach, entrepreneur, and author. I am so happy and proud to be part of #TeamMist. Wishing you and Chelsea nothing but the best in your future. Oh and by the way we want a “Lil Baby Mist” very soon. haha :)

  • ObsessedwithBB

    Once again, an AWESOME blog post! I hope Dan realizes how much people enjoy just reading anything he writes, no matter how random it is! :D

  • Carrie Hampton

    Dan — always love a new blog posting from you. Your flair for narrative is relaxed and so enjoyable. Thanks.

    This “mystery” project / collaboration you have coming up with Britney is particularly exciting. The dynamic between the two of you this summer was one my favorite elements of the show. I think you are both very similar – but, different enough to provide interesting content. Besides, you love her snark and she loves her “devious” mind. What’s not to enjoy?

    Excited about what comes next — I’ll be tuned in.
    Take Care,
    – Carrie
    PS — seriously though, where are the #TeamMist t-shirts already?

    • Sam

      i would so buy a #TeamMist t-shirt!!

  • Heidijo

    Dan, another great blog of which I enjoyed reading as I do of all your writings….. I’ve been a fan of yours since your first season & always will be….. Kudos’ on a well played season this year, simply
    brilliant!! :) Keep up the blogs, articles & advising us of what you’re doing for it goes without saying that you have many interested in your professional goals & sucessful business ventures…
    Excited about your commentary relating to the shows…..:)

    BTW, where can I get a ‘Team Mist’ shirt?? :)

  • Anne

    Hiya Dan :) I really enjoy reading your blogs! Your writing ability is exceptional, you make us feel like we’re right there and you’re telling us the story. Thank you again and please keep them coming. Looking forward to the commentary and everything else you are working on. #TeamMistAlways

  • Janet Mead

    Hey Dan! Thank you so very much for the blog post! I truly enjoyed reading it and seeing the great photos! The fact that you share so much with us is amazing! Keep up the great work Dan! You truly are a remarkable man!!!

  • Kathy Kurtz

    I agree with Carrie – teammist T-shirts (men AND women’s cut) would be epic! Love your blogs, Dan, and loved even more to see you, Frank and Ian enjoying yourselves and each other. This year’s BB had the greatest overall cast and that made it so enjoyable to watch! @txkk

  • EricMoonless

    I have a deep respect for your work and always enjoyed your blog posts. Best of luck and much success with all your future endeavors. :)

  • Johnny

    Thanks as always Dan. I along with everyone on #TeamMist enjoy reading all your stories and anything you want to share from your life. Glad you, Frank & Ian had a great time in Seattle. Perhaps next time you can come up to Vancouver, I can’t be the only member of #TeamMist up here.;-)

    I look forward to hearing your comparison between Dark Knight & Big Brother. As well, I’m on pins & needles waiting for the audio commentaries that I went ahead & pre-bought. All of those are going to be awesome.:)

    Take care,

  • Amanda

    Ahhhh! You replied to my question! So happy! I figured you were gonna watch Big Brother Canada but I thought I’d ask anyway! I think you’re amazing for taking the time to interact with your fans! We love you! I’m thinking you and chels should go on Amazing Race but that’s just me:) please do a twitcam! It’s sick! You log on with Twitter, it’s a broadcast so that your followers can watch. As they post questions on the side and you answer them live! Everyone is doing it these days:) just know I’m a huge fan, I really wanted to try out for bb Canada but couldn’t maybe next year! #teammist

  • Jeff Beesler

    So glad to hear you were taken care of while in my neck of the woods! Seattle hospitality for the epic win! And I can definitely appreciate the fact that your passion for coaching people drives you. As a fellow writer, I know all too well how important it is to have that drive inside of us!

    Keep up the good work, Dan!

  • Paula

    Dan….I loved you in BIG Brother. I wanted you to win and I feel you were robbed. However, my question here is ….do you realize how many times you use the word’epic’? In this post alone?

  • Eileen

    Hey Dan! Did you get paid for every time you used the word ‘Epic’ in your blog? If so, that’s EPIC!

    (Just kidding! That would be sweet though!! :) )

  • Carilee

    clearly EPIC is one of your favorite words!!! LOL ;)

  • Stephanie G.

    Loved you on BB, you should have won again. You MUST go on All-Stars and bring the crown back to The Mitten.

    BTW- 101.1 WRIF is Drew & Mike …not Marc :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Mike was out sick that day! :)

  • Athena Santana

    I am so glad you had such a great and blessed experience all this time. an that you and Frank and Ian are good friends now. That kind of friend is very rare and hard to find from all of you. :) it is one to be cherished for sure, and Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy life to write this blogs and post. I wish you and your family well, god bless.:)

  • Olivier

    Wow. I never tough i’d hear about DjWheat in your Blog! How did you know him? I’m a big fan of the Starcraft 2 Esport scene and DjWheat is a great caster/host! In a way, Big Brother is an RTS too! Did you ever tryed Starcraft Dan? That would be so epic!

  • Nina

    Why did you quit your teaching job? Do you still plan to coach high school football again? I’m a big fan. It’s awesome that you are an author. I just think you are too young to quit your day job. I don’t think the entertainment industry is a good long term plan. I thought you played the best game this year and you are my favorite BB player.

  • Marlene Porter

    Dan. I had messaged you on twitter . I was just wondering when you left the BB house what was the most ” shocking News” from the outside world . Like world wide news that had happened while you were in the house and had no clue of it’s happening. I know it must be so hard being locked away with the important news that goes on , You’re cut off from the outside world and dont get to know the latest . Just wondering what you were the most shocked about , that may have been in the news.

  • Beth C

    Dan, I got your reply in my email tonight and I sent you back a first reaction. On second thought, even after reading the entire website tonight, there is a clear pattern of only partly answering questions. Not all of us are “mistified”. How can I trust how valid your coaching or otherwise advice when you lied so calmly? Are you in touch with Danielle..either to apologize or set her straight about her antics?
    Just very curious……

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