Sault Ste. Marie Weekend

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Speaking-Event-CanadaDoing my first event in Canada I was unsure of what to expect.

Stereotypes of the typical rural Canadian city ran through my head when I was first approached to do this event in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. (Side note: not spelled Sioux Sault Marie!)

Much like with all stereotypes, they’re almost always wrong. I’m glad this was the case with The Soo!

Everyone was so kind, accommodating, and excited to have me there. Mario (the promoter) and his (large Italian) family took me in as their own during the typical down time for an event like this.  Everything from homemade wine to more food then anyone could possibly ever eat made me feel at home on the road.

This really made the whole experience that much better (as if the people from the Soo weren’t nice enough)!

Instead of doing a typical blog about the event, I wanted to continue with the trend of video blogs so I created these two videos for you to get a feel for how the event went:

(If you Subscribe to me on YouTube you’ve already seen these videos!)

Surprising Students at School

By far the highlight of the whole trip for me was stopping by St. Pius X Elementary School. Mario’s students had been raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and their reward was for me to Skype with them in class (sounds like more of a punishment to me!).

Check out how it went down:

Needless to say, the reactions of the students were epic!

Doing things like this is really what it is all about for me.  When I get a chance to give back in any small way, I love to do it.


Event Night

The day after the surprise school visit was the event at the Water Tower Inn.

To be honest, I’m not sure what people expected from the speaking event.

What I tried to do was touch on a little bit of everything that I assumed they would expect to hear (Big Brother 14, How I Got On Reality TV, Coaching, and of course the Mist).

Check out a quick recap of the event here:

If you interested in booking an event you can do so by clicking here.

Great Visit

Dan-Gheesling-Mists-Entire-Room-Of-CanadiansMy time in the Soo was short, but very memorable. I’m lucky I had a chance to meet and interact with some great people.

Things become a little bit different (in a good way) when you get to meet people in person who have supported you. It was actually pretty cool to meet people in person who I recognized from their Twitter avatars! (Special shoutout to #TeamMist)

A few people had some crazy travel stories on how far they came to meet me at the event, and that meant the world to me.

Outside of what some people may think, I’ll always view myself as a normal guy who is extremely lucky to have your support.

I never expected the type of turnout that happened at The Soo, and that is something I will always remember!

If you want to check out additional photos from the event, click here to take a look at the ones I posted on Facebook.

  • sholland

    Such a great event it was so much fun to finally get to see #TheMist in action!! The Soo was such a cool place! I can’t wait to go back, everyone was sooo nice and that snow…loved that snow!!!

  • Colleen Kelly

    I am so glad you had the chance to go!. I love the pictures. To see everyone who was able to get there having so much fun, like Stacey and Janet, was so nice!. They were so excited to meet you!. They are sweet people. :)
    I’ve wanted to tell you that. I have met such amazing and kind people through you knowing you. Thank you for that. :) I have fun just chatting with them in your stream (gaming) and Twitter.
    It’s funny I think this time around, BB14 has brought even more great people than BB10! I ‘ve always been here, lol so to me when I look back , it seems that way. I think Team Mist is a great bunch of people!.

    I’m so glad that all this has brought you great things, chances to do what you do. Someday maybe we will meet as well! lol
    Great post, great writing job and love the video’s and pics. Thanks for all the work Dan.
    Coll :)

  • Kristin

    I loved watching the surprised students! As a teacher myself, I think it’s very important to keep kids excited about doing what is right. Having you there as a positive role model that they respect does wonders! Good for you, Dan. :)

  • Dking

    Well Done sir

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