Playing Big Brother One More Time…Reality Rush Style

by Dan Gheesling

This past weekend Chelsea and I were invited to go play a simulated version of Big Brother (called Eviction) out in LA.

Reality Rush put on a full fledged production to emulate the Big Brother experience.

To be honest, although we were excited, we didn’t really know what to expect. Chelsea and I were going to be meeting everyone for the first time followed by being thrown into the game instantly after, so there was a lot of uncertainty.

What was the game going to be like?

Would people take it seriously or would it fizzle out?

Who else is really playing with us and will they be the “typical” LA type people?

The Reality Rush Experience

The Reality Rush team pulled off an amazing feat with their version of Big Brother. They create an experience for you that is literally as close to the real game (I use the term real loosley because Eviction was real) as humanly possible.


Production wise the Reality Rush team of Justin (our Julie Chen) and Pete (our Allison/Rich/Heath) were spot on with everything. Every challenge was planned out to a T and on schedule.

Dan-Gheesling-Reality-Rush-CeremonyAll of ceremonies were on point so much so that physically, my heart would beat abnormally while they were taking place. I felt like I was back in the house. Heck, even when Justin would wake us up, I felt like we were back in the actual Big Brother house waiting for something huge to happen.


The whole operation was top notch and I am still baffled as to how they pulled the entire thing off so flawlessly.

No Phones

With all of the external factors in place (organization, challenges, ceremonies) the game really comes down to the people who are playing it and how serious they take it. Literally one bad apple could ruin the entire game if it wasn’t taken serious.

One of the most impressive (yet simple) things that Reality Rush got everyone to do, was to remove our phones from the game for the entire weekend. Because everyone was willing to do that, it made the entire experience that much more real.

People who didn’t know each other, got to know each other instead of burying their face in their iPhones. When it came down to scheming, everyone was doing it because everyone was fully bought in. This made the game very difficult because everyone was playing really hard, but that’s what made it so fun.

The People

My experience meeting new people in LA has been…less than stellar. Although highly stereotypical, most new people I’ve met in LA are primarily concerned with one thing: advancing themselves.

Rarely have I met anyone genuine in Los Angeles, and while I realize that is a broad statement, sadly it is my experience. Although I was VERY excited to play the game one more time, this thought was running through my mind before I met everyone.

Within minutes of meeting everyone at Lance’s house, I was blown away at how nice everyone was. Lance and Jamie put together a group of people that Chelsea and I cannot wait to go back and hang out with again!

Getting to know everyone literally blew away my stereotype of people from LA. All of the people playing were so genuine it made us feel like we were back in the Midwest. They all welcomed Chelsea and I into their group of friends with open arms…right before they stabbed us in the back. (In the game, not in real life) ;)

The experience of playing this game was a lot different than playing the real game, because Big Brother on CBS is kind of like summer camp. You get to know everyone for the summer, and everyone goes their separate ways back home. You may or may not keep in touch with one or two houseguests (that you like), but you don’t keep in touch with most of them (because you were forced to live with them).

Playing Eviction was the complete opposite and made it a lot more difficult for me, because I actually LIKED everyone we were playing with (yes, even you Nick). Not to mention how intelligent everyone was which made things even harder!

A huge thank you goes out to Lance for hosting the game as well as Cutter, Zach, Sara, Lisa, Nick, Michael, Alli, Brett, and Rami for playing the game so hard!  It was one of the best weekends that Chelsea and I have had together and it was because of you guys!

A special thank you goes out to Jamie for inviting us to the play the game with her and her great group of friends!

As if that wasn’t enough, during her 2 day press whirlwind promoting Guys With Kids on NBC (show is hilarious!), she talked about her Reality Rush experience as well as personally thanking Chelsea and I during the (MANY) interviews: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Watch What Happens LiveVH1 After Buzz, Wendy Williams Show, The Early Show…how can you even keep up?!?

It was totally unnecessary for her to do that, but we both appreciated it (and thought it was cool) while we were fanboying it out rooting her on during the interviews. Her boyfriend Cutter is just as epic too!


Recap Video

I’m not going to lie, although I was pleased with the experience, I wasn’t happy how the game played out. :)

First off my secret alliance member Jamie got taken out Week 3 in the game. It was kind of odd how mad I got over her getting voted out.

When I play CBS’ Big Brother I move throughout the game without emotion, like an assassin.

In Eviction, I was literally seeing red when Jamie got voted out because I know how bad she wanted to play and I really wanted to get to the end with her.

As a result of this, my only goal from there on out was to eliminate Nick (who was responsible for her eviction), which wasn’t the best game move, but it was satisifying to get vengeance for Jamie by orchestrate Nick’s removal from the game (only to have him come back in after using a secret power found in the game).

Chelsea also voted me out of the game, which was an added bonus, LOL!

During the game, I decided to film some of the events going down, here is a little of the footage:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


The Finish

Sara Paxton ended up winning over Cutter Dykstra by a 6-4 vote! (Tie breaker was canceling votes out.)

It was an epic showdown because both deserved to win!

Chelsea and I had the time of our lives playing Eviction and getting to know everyone there. It was an incredible experience from start to finish and for some reason, I have a feeling this is not the only time we will be playing this game with everyone. ;)

One big final thank you goes out to Lance and Jamie for getting everyone together as well as Pete and Justin at Reality Rush for creating the entire experience!

Renegade Headband Giveaway

Alright so you’ve heard me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram talk about giving away the last Renegade headband I wore in the Big Brother House.

Wondering how you can win it?

It is pretty simple…

Just come up with a creative/funny/epic caption for this photo:


Here are the official rules on how to submit your caption!

1) You have 3 DAYS to tweet me (@DanGheesling) your epic caption for this photo. You MUST included the hashtag #DGContest for your caption to be considered.

Tip: You may or may not want to include the Twitter name(s) of someone in the photo to make the caption even more epic.

2) On October 28th, myself and an undisclosed panel will select the Top 3 Finalists.

3) If you are a Finalist you will have 5 DAYS to collect votes (ending 12:00AM EST on 11/2). You will be sent directions on how to do so.

4) The winner will be announced on Monday, November 5th!

5) The winner will receive the last Red Renegade Bandana worn in the Big Brother house!

Good luck!

Coach Dan Commentary Update

Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_14_CommentaryFor those of you who were interested in my audio commentary on all of the Big Brother 14 episodes, I wanted to give you a quick update.

Things are coming along smoothly and it is on track for an early November release! (Thanks for being patient)

As an added bonus for anyone who pre-orders (or who has already pre-ordered), you will be given private access to a video Spreecast of the live recording of commentary for one of the episodes.

An e-mail will be sent on Sunday to everyone who pre-ordered Coach Dan’s Commentary: Big Brother 14 with more details on how and when to access the live Spreecast. I hope you can join us!

Next Up

Coming up in the next couple posts is my audio rant comparing The Dark Knight Rises to Big Brother 14, a showcase of all the epic Big Brother 14 photoshop art , and some new helpful articles!

If you would like to be notified when the new posts are released, be sure to join the free mailing list to get exclusive updates and be the first to know! (click here to join)

Take care!


  • Clare Lioon

    So glad you had such a good time, Dan! It was a fun weekend to follow along with via Twitter. My friends and I actually had the idea to have our own “Big Brother” weekend a few years ago. We had organized competitions, made “keys” for everyone, had a photo wall (where your picture turned to black & white once evicted), had complete nomination/veto/eviction ceremonies, even taped “Diary Room Sessions” using a webcam in a separate room. I am not sure if my friends and I are just epically awesome, or just really strange. Either way, it was a blast so I’m excited to see that such a company like Reality Rush/Eviction now exists.

    Here’s a pic of our “Memory Wall”

    • Dan Gheesling

      Very cool! Thanks for sharing, nice memory wall!

  • lauren

    i was SO entertained this weekend by following reality rush on twitter-that sounded like SUCH a great experience!! NSYNC is one of my all time favorite bands so the fact that lance was there was extremely exciting to follow. glad to see the recap video-i was curious as to how ceremonies went down..very excited for the dark knight rises comparison-easily my favorite movie of the summer and definitely top 5 of all time.

    • Dan Gheesling

      It was an epic weekend!!!

  • Colleen Kelly

    Hey Dan :)

    Glad to hear you had so much fun!. Sounds like They did a good job making it as Close to Big Brother as possible.

    I’m waiting to hear your comments on seeing Big Brother. I think it will be interesting , to say the least lol. It will be like watching it with you, and that will be fun to hear what your first thoughts and reactions are to certain things that went on. :)

    The photo, I like doing stuff like that, so maybe I’ll give it a shot. Like I said I’m glad you had fun, that’s the most important thing. That you made new friends is awesome and really special too. I’m SO glad. ;)

    Have a great day… Batman ;P

    C’ ya,

    Coll ;))

  • lj

    it took a dpov and a returning player for him to get u out. u got robbed.

  • Johnny

    Glad to hear you and Chelsea had fun in Los Angeles.

    The wait’s going to be so worth it for the audio commentaries. I already have all 30 episodes of Big Brother 14 so I’m ready to start viewing as soon as you’re done recording.

    Keep up the great work Dan,



  • Tiffany

    Thanks for this post, Dan! It’s really nice seeing more about your Eviction weekend!!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for reading Tiffany!

  • Sarah

    I’m glad you had a great time, Dan! I regularly checked out the Reality Rush twitter page all throughout that weekend just to see how you (and Chelsea) were holding up. To be honest, though, I was a little surprised that you managed to make it past the first couple evictions given your reputation lol. Sorry you didn’t win but they were definately smart to evict you (the master of the game). I was totally rooting for Chelsea after you were evicted and I was so happy that she made it to the final 3. Of course, I wanted her to make it all the way but third place is still pretty awesome. Anyways, you’re awesome and I’m really looking forward to reading all of your future blog posts. :)

  • Heidi

    Enjoyed following the weekend on twitter & thrilled that both you & Chelsea had a great time….. I know how much you love the game & am hoping to see you play it again…….

    Enjoy ALL of your blog posts & kudos’ on going above & beyond on this one……..

    Psst…. Glad you met some genuine L.A. peeps for we do have them here… Many of us aren’t even originally from L.A., however, have lived here for so long we’re considered L.A. peeps…… :)

  • ObsessedwithBB

    Amazing post…again! Wondering if you’re nomination speech before noms had any reference to Dr. Will at all, with the whole ‘traditionally’ thing…? Maybe not, I remember the weirdest things XD #TeamMist

  • Oteka

    I really enjoyed reading the updates and seeing the pictures from your and Chelsea’s experience with Reality Rush last weekend. I was hoping for a “Dan” win (BB14 as well) even though I knew the odds were probably against it. After you were evicted, I was team Chelsea all the way. She did great, but couldn’t get the “W”. Oh well, next time. :) I am a fan of Lance and Jamie too and I want to thank them for hosting the event and inviting you and Chelsea.

    I’m also sorry and disappointed to hear that you think the people from L.A. are not genuine. L.A. is a melting pot. Is it possible that the people that you have come in contact with have moved to L.A. in order to advance themselves? As a 2nd generation Angeleno, I think the majority of us are just like you. We go to work/school/church, etc and live ordinary lives. I’ve lived in the same area and have the same friends that I grew up with. We are all as *genuine* as you can get..ha. I’m retired now and as you can see, I love L.A. No place I’d rather be. :)

    And finally I want to wish you and Chelsea all the best. I hope you’ll continue your blogs and keep your fans updated regarding upcoming projects and the future of “The Gheesling’s.”

  • Zach

    Dan, I’ve been looking into Reality Rush a lot recently wondering if I should do it, and this post might have sold me. One question though – do you know if they went above and beyond what they usually do since it was celeb-based game? Or are their games with normal folks just as well-run and as close to the “real game”? Thanks!

    • Pete Berg

      Hey Zach! This is Pete from Reality Rush.

      Yes, we ran the same EVICTION game for our celebrity group as we do for our normal clients. We go all out for all of our events, and you’ll play through a full range of awesome challenges just like you saw this weekend (with a few new twists, since we always keep it fresh and custom tailor the event for each group). We make the game feel as close to BB as possible — it’s just like being on the show!

      The one thing we can’t promise is that a former Big Brother houseguest will fly out to play with you — but you’re welcome to invite Dan and Chelsea. :)

  • @futurelpc7


    Thanks for allowing us to feel as if BB was back on, with feeds (in the form of twitter updates/Facebook updates)…LOL! TeamMist was once again, bleery-eyed, with no sleep, as we awaited the results of competitions for not just you but Chelsea as well! And we loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Thank you for giving us yet more enjoyment and bonding time in the TeamMistMusic room as we rooted you and your beautiful wife on!!!

  • Alex

    Is that Zach from The Whitest Kids U Know?

    • Dan Gheesling

      Yes! :)

  • David

    Big Fan of you and big brother so addicted my friends are worried. How can i watch this. so i can see it

  • kimber

    this alabama girl will always be team dan!Roll Tide!!!

  • Jane Edlund

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for sharing your weekend ….looks like you and Chelsea had a ton of fun!! maybe we will see Chelsea in the Big Brother House next season….
    Take care,
    Jane Edlund

  • @AnneLuvz1

    Hiya Dan :)
    Awwww thank you so much for sharing your great weekend with us. It was truly a “rush” getting the updates via twitter and fb and a pic here and there. I kept whining and saying ohh I wish we had live feeds ROFL
    I too was surprised that you weren’t evicted sooner (although I of course wanted you to get the win ) but the pic showing all agreeing (even you) “the most untrustworthy” was you ROFL showed they knew what to do :)

    We all had a blast right along with you and Chelsea. It was so awesome that you both got to play your favorite game :) I’ll bet it’s Chelsea’s fav now too :) Looking forward to the commentary! It takes 8 days for funds to get to pay pal from Canada so I don’t mind that you’re not finished yet :)))


  • Suzanne

    Dan i am a huge fan! Chelsea gas replied on a few if my tweets! I love it!!! I would like to know something. Whats your opinion on all of Danielle’s lies in the house??

  • Donna

    Dan, loved the RR recap, pics and video footage. Looks like a great weekend was had!! I bet Chelsea loved getting to see how your mind works in BB mode live in the game with you. As always, love your blogs!!!

  • Linda

    Hey Dan, WOW is all I can say. I am so glad that you and Chelsea got to relive BB this past weekend. I am sure It was really exciting for Chelsea to be a part of it this time. Love the fact that all of you are keeping BB fresh in everyone’s minds. Really trying to think of someting epic for the pic that you posted. May take me a while but I will come up with something. Thanks for the pics !!

  • Laura

    Hello fellow Michigander (waving from Lake Orion), keep up the good work! Been rooting for you since you blew up BB years ago. God Bless you and your family.

  • Frankie

    Thanks Dan for another fun weekend, I am so glad you and your wife had such a good time, so neither of you won, you will both always be num. 1in my bb world.

    Can’t wait for your comintary, I have already per-ordered, thank you for this pour ruining to see you watch the shows for the 1st time and see your reaction to the things that went on in the house.

    Thanks for all you do for your fans, we really appercatate it.

    Thank, team mist

  • Joe Maydan


    It seems like you had a total blast doing this! They did a great job making it very similar to Big Brother, as you stated.

    I’ve become a big fan of yours. The way you play the game is something you’d see in great athletes. You put your heart and soul into it. Obviously you aren’t a cold-hearted person, and that’s a wrongful description of you, just based on your game tactics. You did whatever you had to do to make the finals during BB14 and that’s understandable. Seeing your gameplay is actually influencing me to try out for Big Brother when I turn 21.

    Keep the cool blogs coming and hopefully I’ll eventually get a reply from you on Twitter too! #teammist

  • Kerry

    Awesone reading about your time in the house. I seriously thought about trying for Big Brother sometime after getting hooked watching this season, but wondered how it would be at age 43, probably the oldest in the house. But your Reality Rush experience makes me want to go that route and see what it’s like!

  • Janet Mead

    Amazing post Dan (as always)! It was so great to hear about your weekend. I am glad you and Chelsea had a fantastic time! Something the two of you will always remember. You made memories and friends to last a lifetime. That in itself is amazing! I am so excited for your contest! Thank you! As for your commentary, i can’t wait!

  • Diane

    Dan and Chelsea,
    I think it would be wonderful if you guys came up with your own bb type challenge. Ya’ll could make some money especially if you could bring in a reality star to play on each side. Too Cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course you are the “best player”. I would love to have seen Chelsea’s game moves too. Take Care.

  • Tina

    Thanks for the post Dan! It was so cool to watch the video too! Glad you and Chelsea had a good time and found some long time friendships! :o) GO MSU!

  • Jess

    This looks pretty fun. I think it is nice that Chelsea got to experience a little piece of what you have endured 2 seasons. I, like others who have commented, am also jealous you got to hang out with Lance!!

    Thanks for your fun contest, which you included in this post. I have already submitted my entry.

  • Pamela

    Hey Dan!
    What a cool idea.
    You got a chance to see your wife in action. Bet she has a competitive side to her also. Tell her 3rd place is awesome! And what a great looking group you all are.
    Keep having fun in your life. It makes working hard all worth it.
    Cheers! <3

  • Sherry

    Big Brother is my guilty pleasure, along with the 3 hours of Sho time After Dark, Why don’t they have a winter Big Brother? They had 1 year and I believe that was BB 10? It just seems like it starts and it’s over for an entire year.

    • Jay

      BB9 was during the winter and I believe it was because of the writers (SAG?) strike.

  • tom

    I wanna see Chelsea’s eviction speech for Dan!

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