Punch It In On Your Kindle!

by Chelsea Gheesling

PUNCH IT IN: 24 Days to Crossing Your Goal-Line.

There is a goal-line in our everyday lives and most of the time we don’t even recognize it when it’s right in front of our faces. We don’t even know it is there, but it is. Punch It In will guide you in changing your life and accomplishing what you truly want, but only if you commit to the team.

What team you ask? If you decide to get this book, you will join a team of many people (including myself) who are dedicated to punching it in whenever they get near their goal-line. If you are ready to buy in, and I mean ALL IN, we can’t wait to have you. Commit the next 25 days of your life to following this book and you will be pleased with the results.

PUNCH IT IN – The eBook Version 

Punch It In - Dan Gheesling

       PUNCH IT IN – The Kindle Version


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