What I Brought Into the BB House: The Dress Shirts

by Chelsea Gheesling

This is a post Dan wrote before he left for the Big Brother House. Enjoy!!

Chelsea Gheesling

I’ve always been a huge fan of Big Brother.  Back in the day I even used to watch the live feeds!  It seems like every season the house-guests would bring some epic stuff into the house.  Some of the stuff I would want to buy, because I liked it that much!  The problem was trying to find the exact match of what people brought with them into the house.  With that in mind I made a series of videos of explaining EVERYTHING I am bringing into the Big Brother house.

Most of the things I’m bringing in with me have stories behind them, which I am going to share with you in the videos.  Other items I’m bringing in are what I call “vintage” meaning they are 4 years old and have already been in the Big Brother House.  And of course, my wife and I did make a run up to Great Lakes Crossing Mall, to get some new clothes to bring in.

For every item that is still available, I will include an affiliate link to where you can buy them.  Just so you are aware, if you purchase any items through the affiliate links, I will get a small commission from it.  It doesn’t cost you anymore money to purchase them through my links, but thank you in advance if you do!

I hope you enjoy the video below…..

What I Brought Into the BB House: Video # 4 The Dress Shirts.

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Here are is the shirt avaialble to buy. Just click on the image to order:

  • Dee

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing! I think Dan is doing a great job this season and has been playing a fantastic game. Here’s to hoping that he can make it all the way to final two with Danielle! Hopefully she can get her priorities straight and realize that Dan is doing the best he can for the both of them in the game and she doesn’t make a mistake by choosing Shane over Dan.

    With that being said, I’d just like to share my feelings about the edit the show has been giving Dan in the past couple of episodes. It seems to me that the show is going out of their way to portray Dan as some kind of evil person when that is not the case at all! It started with the episode where they edited his talk with Frank to show that he had sworn on the Bible, his wedding ring and his cross to a final two deal with him. Anyone who watches the feeds knows that he only swore on those things that the information he was giving to Frank about Ian double-crossing he and Mike was the truth. Yet CBS felt the need to “go there” in order to portray Dan in a negative light. I have to say that I’m severely disappointed in the show for going in this direction with his edit.

    I sincerely hope that you and your families aren’t receiving too much backlash over the edit he is getting considering how rabid some of the BB fanbase can be at times. I know that I and many others are still #TeamDan and always will be no matter what. Go, Dan!

  • mw

    Nice, but this makes no sense since you wore the same red t-shirt almost every single day. Don’t remember seeing you wearing most of these dress shirts.

  • Pamela N.

    It’s crazy seeing someone from Dearborn doing so well in the game! Makes me proud to be from Michigan, although I’ m from Port Huron, but it’s nice to see an educated person being represented from Michigan because a lot of the time they make is look like the tough, mean people from Detroit when it’s just stereotyping. I wish you the best, Dan! I do believe you’ll make it far in the game, definitely final 2!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Proud to be from the mitten!

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