November Speaking: Wisconsin, Alberta, Maryland!

by Dan Gheesling

It has been a while since an update post and a lot has been going on!

First off, I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween, Chelsea and I had a blast:



(Probably our best combo costume of all timeHeisenberg and Jesse Pinkman for anyone who didn’t watch Breaking Bad)

Side note: that is not real blue crystal in Chelsea’s pocket.

Outside of that things have been going very well with the businesses and speaking events!

Speaking of which the next two weeks I’ll be on the road a lot, so if you are in the area make sure to come out. I may have an impromptu meetup in your area, if so, I’ll announce it via email first.

In the next two weeks I’ll be visiting four different Universities in 10 days to speak to students about action based leadership. It is always a ton of fun to connect with students and it’s an honor to be able to speak and hopefully inspire them to action!

Wisconsin – Cardinal Stritch University – Nov 11th.

dan-gheesling-cardinal-stritch-speakingThis will be my first visit back to Wisconsin since I was coaching at MSU back in 2006!

All the credit for this event goes to Hannah Bergland who signed up to be a Student Ambassador and made this entire thing happen.

While in town I’m looking forward to taking both Hannah and one of her friends out to dinner as one of the “perks” of being an SA. This is a closed event only open to Cardinal Stritch students.

Canada – Red Deer College – Nov 15th

dan-gheesling-red-deer-collegeRed Deer College in Alberta is having their campus wide Open House on Saturday November 15th! In the morning I will be speaking to the students about action based leadership, and later on the in the day there will be a live Q&A.

I’ll be on the campus the majority of the day, and since this event is open to the public come on out and visit! It will be a fun and interactive day, you can register for the event here.

Canada – MacEwan University – Nov 19th

After a few down days in Alberta, I will be visiting MacEwan University once again!


Last year there was a great turnout and a lot of memorable students.

If you’re interested in attending this open speaking event, you can find out more information here.

After last year I learned my lesson and will be packing the heaviest jacket and toque (winter hat) I own!

Maryland – Towson University – Nov 21st

dan-gheesling-towson-universityThe November speaking tour ends in Maryland! Once again, this entire event was made possible by another Student Ambassador, Aakash!

Really excited to not only meet Aakash but also his fellow students during the speaking event.

This event is open to the public, so if you live in the Maryland area you can find out more information on the event here!

Busy November

I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to college students throughout the school year.

Being a former teacher, I often miss the connection and interaction with students.

Being able to now have that same connection and opportunity to help college students make changes and take action is truly an honor.

It is crazy to look back and see how much everything has grown since we first started this nearly two years ago. Who would have thought?

From time to time I am asked “what do I think makes a successful speaking event?”

It is always hard to answer that question, but I usually gauge not on the night, or day after of a speaking event, but months later when I get a chance to hear back from people who actually took action! That is the best part about doing what I do.

Whether or not you can make it to any of the events, thank you for your continued support, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

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  • Colleen Kelly

    “Who would have thought?” Me. I always did. I always felt you would be great at speaking. Just had a feeling. Honestly, I think you would be good at whatever you chose to do!. Thanks for taking the time and posting. Great job! :)

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