Lesson Remembered On Father’s Day

by Dan Gheesling

When I was younger I always wanted to play Double Dragon with my Dad.

It was a pretty violent game for the 80s but it wasn’t too bad…

My Dad wouldn’t let me because in the game you had to fight girls in it.

He thought playing it would encourage me to hit my sister.

Well for as much as my sister and I fought, playing Double Dragon wouldn’t have affected our young fighting either way. I just never looked at it that way.

However, many years later I’ve come to really appreciate the fact that my Dad spent enough time learning about each video game (before game reviews were found everywhere) so we could always play them together.

Every father and son bond in different ways, and for us, it was video games.

And while we don’t play as much together anymore (he doesn’t like online games) we still will talk about games as they come out, especially since he just got The Last of Us…as a Fathers Day gift. :)


  • Leah

    Aww…short and sweet. :) Your dad is amazing for putting in the effort for something that a lot of parents would consider a waste of time. You’re very lucky! :3

  • Heidi

    Yet another interesting blog……. I enjoy them so very much. Thank you! :)

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