One Important Thing I Learned From Battling A Lady in Jean Shorts

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Running-CompetitionAbout three to four days a week I enjoy going for a run to stay in shape.

Ok, I’m lying about the “enjoying” it part, but it is necessary to stay somewhat fit.

Every time I go for a run I end up in some form of auto-pilot.

My mind will turn off while listening to music or a podcast and I’ll run at an average steady pace.

Not thinking about how fast I’m going, nor do I really care, I just run.

I’m not motivated to run as fast as I can, but motivated enough to jog faster than a speed walk (for those running gurus out there my pace is between 8.30-9.00 minute miles), I end up running about 3 miles every time.

It ends up being a solid and adequate workout in the sense that I feel like something has been accomplished and I can reward myself accordingly.

Every run is almost identical, with no major changes, surges in pace, always lacking anything exciting…until last week.

Going For A Normal Everyday Run…

Last Thursday I went for a run just like normal…and something weird happened.

At the 8.30 mark I was right where I was supposed to be crossing a manhole cover that I call 1 Mile Marge. No big deal.

(You can get really creative when running the same 3-mile loop over and over again)

For the 2nd mile, I usually get into the swing of running for the day and my pace naturally will pick up. It’s probably because its also the most public of miles on a main street, and I don’t want to look like a slug speed walking down a main road.

Regardless of what my motivation is for the 2nd mile, I always run it the fastest out of the entire 3 miles.

Which brings me to the dismal 3rd mile. The 3rd mile is always my worst mile, struggling to finish. It’s like once the 2nd Mile Marker is crossed, mentally I start to lose the battle and slow my pace down without thinking.

This ALWAYS happens on the 3rd mile…except for last Thursday. Something really strange happened.


As I broke past the 2nd mile marker and began the last mile of my run, a lady on a bike started pedaling past me as I slow jogged.

The lady looked like she was having the time of her life in her jean shorts as she passed me with ease…I was struggling just to keep my legs going.

She wasn’t even pedaling hard!

She was on a leisurely stroll, but a slow pedal on a bike is faster than most people ‘s running pace.

As she passed me by, she looked over and grinned.

At the time, I couldn’t tell if it was a friendly grin, or a “why are you running so slow” grin.

What ensued there after was comical.

Not knowing where a sudden burst of energy would come from, I started sprinting as fast as I possibly could.

I ran past the lady as she was pedaling because I didn’t want her to pass me by again.

When I finally passed her, I looked back at HER and grinned…and then SHE started pedaling even faster.

Typically at this point in my 3-mile loop, I am struggling for air, and just want the run to end…but these normal physical deterrents were a non-factor in my race against jean shorts.

She tried catching me, and for about 20 strides, she did catch me.

It looked ridiculous. We were dead even, racing down a side street, a lady in jean shorts vs. me.

She was pedaling to the point where she was really giving her legs a workout and I was running as fast as I possibly could.

Right when I started to think she was put there just to challenge me something funny happened.

She just nodded to me, and drifted back to her normal pace, and I passed her by with ease.

Inside my mind, when she backed down, I celebrated my victory like a craze man over the jean short lady.

And then something significant hit me.

What I Learned From Battling Her

I couldn’t have cared less about losing the “race” to the old lady…OK I’m lying again. I did really want to beat her, but that’s not the point.

Racing the jean shorts lady down the side of the road made me realize that I have the capability to run like that every single time I run, so why don’t I?

And taking it a step even deeper (scary, I know), if being challenged like that in an insignificant run made me increase my effort to the max, how could I recreate that scenario in my daily life, more specifically in my businesses?

Having competition (whether real or not) really can push you to the next level.

I guess I never realized how powerful and important that has been in my life.

Setting goals, and figuring out how to achieve them are things that I’ve always been able to do somewhat naturally…but I wonder what can happen if competition can be tied to every goal/task/everyday thing that you do?

Challenging You To Challenge Me

As I start to figure out how to implement more competition into my business, blogging, coaching, etc., I will share what I come up with you…and I want to extend a challenge to you.

I really enjoy blogging, much like running, but I want to do more….

Somehow I want to add competition to better the blog…I don’t want to compete with another blogger, but I want to take a challenge from you.

Whether it is a content challenge, a posting more often challenge, or anything to do with adding posts to this blog, I’m challenging you to challenge me.

Leave a blogging challenge for me below in the comments and type in whatever challenge you come up with that strikes me like the jean shorts lady.  I’ll accept a small handful of  challenges and use it as my blog-competition.

There really is no criteria…get as creative as you want.


If I end up using your challenge, I’ll send you a free digital copy of my book Punch It In: 24 Days To Crossing Your Goal Line as a small thanks for pedaling faster than me…

Just leave your challenge in the comments below if you want to get involved in this post!

But for now, I want to thank bike riding jean shorts lady for helping me to understand how important competition can be, and also for being a gracious 2nd place winner in the insignificant run/bike race of 2013.

I also want to thank you for reading this post and invite you to join my mailing list!

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  • Carol

    Make some mini goals and print them out in large print and post on your wall.

  • debra broughton

    So good Dan. Not a challenge but a thanks. I needed this today as I was considering falling off my healthy eating wagon. Read your blog and climbed rigbt back on. Have a good day!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Ah great news to hear Debra! :) Thanks for sharing.

  • William Johnston

    I challenge you to do another brother and help the other person win this time

    • Dan Gheesling

      Hahahaha…been done already. ;)

  • Tabitha

    Maybe you could make a blog post opening up about about something (appropriate of course) that maybe you wouldn’t usually post about? Show vulnerability. I think it makes you stronger as a person to share and reach out about things more close to home. You might find that you can connect on An even stronger level with your readers who can relate. It’s a challenge, but it can be surprisingly rewarding. :)

    • Julius

      I second this!

    • sholland

      I third this! Great idea Tabitha!

  • Jackie

    Ok here is my idea. Challenge to get X (50? 100?) number blog comments a week. If you are short of your goal then you know to create another post or perhaps start some sort of discussion to get you to the finish line :)

  • Ivy

    My challenge is for you to try to something completely rediculous each and every day (or every other day, or however you can make it work) and then blog about it. Something completely rediculous that you would never have tried, without any regard for what you may look like doing it, or what people will say about you. Get groceries in a unitard, mow your lawn in scuba gear, or anything that you can think of Jenny Lawson style!

  • Alina

    You should get a runkeeper app or Endomondo app. You can create challenges with you friends and set goals.

  • OmegaKin

    Here’s a challenge, try to build a team to make your OWN indie game & have it be like big brother, a simulation/strategy game.

    Sims + Chess = Mist House aka Big Brother game. I CHALLENGE YOU SIR. #letsgo

    • Jeannie

      Oh I like this. Count me in!

  • Kayla

    My challenge for you is to surprise Chelsea once a week…whether it be a date, a small gift, a cooked dinner. Male her smile!

  • Amy

    “Race” to write and post a blog entry by setting a time limit, such as 30 minutes, and announce when you will be doing it on your live office stream.

  • http://None Raymond Wagner


    I challange you to uses your inspiration for running ,walking to help America to get into shape. For example do a weekly blog on your training workout or even like a helmet cam of jogging. The possibility are endless. Hope u pick mine thanks for all you do for your fans.

    Raymond Wagner

    • Jeannie

      This also sounds good. What if you made a fitness podcast. Mix your music syncing the beats with the pace and insert motivation comments or some type of voice over periodically. Make sure you do separate ones for the runners & the walkers ;)

  • Amy

    Content challenge: write a post on lessons learned from Frank… everyone loves a dog blog!

  • Jennifer

    I challenge you to wear jean shorts in public for a week. I can assure you it will give you some good material for your blog!

  • Michelle MacCracken

    Great story… Love your writing style. Just recently added you to twitter.

    Showing vulnerability is a great challenge. Being authentic…. I am not like you (i.e. Setting goals and challenges are hard, not something i think about)- hearing your thoughts helps me to realize what I’m missing.

  • Pandysbuddy

    Each day do something nice for a complete stranger. No matter how small the gesture. A nice comment or paying for someone’s coffee and always at least a dollar for a homeless person. Gather smiles and share your experience with us so we will be inspired to do the same. Much of this could be done anonymously. Find someone each day to help no matter how small.

  • Kaily

    I challenge you to have a blog (or even podcast) once a week dedicated to taking the next step. Just like you figured out how to challenge yourself to take the next step while running, you can post about how to take the next step, push yourself and advance in all aspects of life. Love hearing about your experiences and using them to improve what I’m doing in my own life! Thanks :)

  • nikita patel

    Start a project on your blog that allows all of your blog’s readers to help create some sort of work of art (story, blog post, etc) with you.

  • http://N/A Shayne

    I love this blog.

    I’m starting to think of ways to get my life on track and you just gave a toll to get motivated…

  • Michelle P

    Ok Gheesling, you want a challenge? I challenge you to incorporate the word “supercalafragalisticexpealidocious” into one sentence, one time each day for the next 5 days while talking to someone. And it has to be natural. To laughing. Completely as though that word is part of your vocabulary. And it has to be a different person each day. Good luck my friend! Looking forward to reading that book too!

  • Christy

    I would like to hear how your faith has played a part in where you are today. What challenges it brought you, how it affected your decisions, how it made you who you are. It’s always a risk to talk about that publicly. BTW, I’m a friend of your Aunt Ann’s. :)

  • Sarah

    Make a 26 different posts , each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet, and write about that subject. For example, f could be for frank, so you create a post all about frank, g could be for go-karting, so you go go-karting and make a blog post about that!

    • Skye

      I like this one the Best !!

    • Bob flynne

      Wow this one is awesome

  • Angela

    How about create separate blogs to people who inspire or motivate or make you laugh…. Whatever it may be…
    Or a funny thing happened to me today type blog….
    Or…random act of kindness blog….do or witness one and how did it change you day.
    Or…an ultimate BB Allstars season….who (from BBCA and BB US why they are chosen…and play out the season week by week… HOH, noms, pov…you can add twists, meltdowns, illness, showmances…. Could be a funny series of blogs…

    All the best Dan ! Canada loves you. Come back to Toronto !

  • Eric s

    I challenge you to do/try something new every week or 2 and write about. It could be a new food a new path on your run? It can be anything that will change the path your on and maybe open your eyes and experience new things in life. This life is to short to stick to routines of the same old stuff. Everything is at our fingertips but its your choice to grab it

  • McGregor Jones

    Challenge: Have one blog a week about somebody/something that inspired you or taught you something valuable.

  • Dennis Mullings

    I challenge you Dan gheesling to post weird things that you do everyday for a week and fans could vote what’s the weirdest thing?

    • Dan Gheesling

      I do too many weird things…LOL!

  • Dennis

    I challenge you to post weird things that you do in your daily life for a week and we can vote which one is the weirdest.

  • Edona

    I challenge you to learn how to fix Rubik’s cube, and if you know to fix it, try to improve your best time every time you do it. It is good for brain training.

  • Melissa

    I challenge you to either face a fear you have and write about it OR if there is something you have been putting off/dreading then go ahead and do it then write about it.

  • juan rivera

    Dan I challenge you to get the LEGO Millenium Falcon and see how fast you can assemble it.

    • Dan Gheesling

      LOL! Interesting one Juan.

  • AthenaSantana

    Just have to say I personally believe that, that Lady coming around happened for a reason. The reason I believe was to pull you out of your comfort zone, out of the box :) sorta speak. Her goal was to push you hard and away from the same old running/jogging path. To explore new areas and things. I personally believe we learn new things everyday, and that the were meant to happen and that life is to short to stay in the same rat race ;) as my mom calls it. But to accomplish more in life. I have challenges everyday just like everyone. But my biggest challenge is losing weight, and keeping it off. I have been on so many diets worth out my young life. and my other being my diabetes it sucks! :( but I some how manage. Anyway, My Challenge to you, is Explore new things and to take a new path everyday :) You can also maybe write about things you have learned from people just everyday people or some one who motivates you like you motivate me and others that you don’t realize without knowing it. :)

  • Scott

    I challenge you to interview another blogger who is just as inspirational and motivating as you. His blog is called..talkingtostrangers. He recently ended his blog about a year ago but maybe you can bring his inspiration to your avid fanbase.

  • Scott

    Challenge yourself to make a post that uses more pictures than words to get your point across.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Hmm…that would be tough sir!

  • Scott

    I challenge you to make a blog post that uses more pictures than words to get your point across.

  • Jose

    I challenge you to reach a total of 10,000 words by May 31st at midnight (central time). That is, a combined total of 10,000 words amongst all blogs you post between May 21st and May 31st.

    Note: This current blog is about 1,000 words. So all you need is about 10 similarly-sized blogs in the next 11 days. Easy peasy ;)

  • Marc Mordaunt

    I challenge you to blog about something you have no interest in. Be it women’s gymnastics, comic books, etc… I’m not sure what you’re interested in, but take something you aren’t interested in whatsoever yourself, and try to make others interested.

  • Jessica

    I challenge you to cover up all the mirrors in your house for 24hrs or even better a week (this means your own reflection no cheating)

  • Jessica

    sorry I meant not looking at your own reflection

  • savneet

    I challenge you to blog about every year that you have lived. Starting from when you were 1 years old talk about something significant that happened that year (if you don’t remember just post a memory that you have when you were about that age).

  • Kristie

    I challenge you to “give back”. By giving back you could coach one random fan free of charge and then write about the experience or how you helped change someones life.

  • Allison

    I challenge you to talk to 5 different strangers, learn something interesting about them, and then blog about the experience.

  • Chandra

    Take on an activity you’ve never done before due to being intimidated by it, not knowing how or being challenged by it…if you have any, lol.

  • Lloyd

    The whole time I was reading your blog post I was expecting to learn that the woman in the tight blue jean shorts, riding her bicycle just ahead of you, was incentive for you to run faster and to keep pace with her so that you could continue enjoying the spectacular blue jean view.

    But Chelsea probably wouldn’t be too impressed with *that* story.

  • Lloyd

    Okay… here’s a good challenge for you…

    In preparation for creating an eBook called “The Dan Gheesling Glossary of Such-and-Such”, pick a subject which has a bunch of terms which need Dan Gheesling custom definitions or explanations, and then start including one item in each of your upcoming blogs.

    You might also be building “The Dan Gheesling Encyclopedia of Such-and-Such”. Either way you will end up with the material for a new eBook, and you also get a series of mini-challenges to encourage you to make more frequent blog entries. The entries themselves will probably inspire blog topics or insights that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of presenting.

    Aside from the fact that you will be building up material for a book, you will also get the benefit of reader feedback for each entry and can later customize the content used in the eBook if reader feedback gives you a different perspective or insight about a particular topic or term.

    I can already sense your excitement…

  • Holly

    I loved this story, Dan! Thanks for the motivation.

  • claudette

    every day that you go out…take the time to study the faces of the people around you…pick a person (a stranger) that has not smiled…make that person smile, because of something that you do or say. Write about it…pass it on…it will be a gift to you, someone else and certainly for those of us who read it. Whenever i get lonely, i do this…sometimes i do it for an hour at the mall. I leave happier than when i arrived.

  • Tiffanie C.

    Hey Dan,

    I challenge you to create a successful blog by only using excerpts from all of your previous blogs :P

  • EpicJamJenn

    I challenge you to do monthly snapshots. They can include what you’ve been doing, items you can’t live without, frequently played songs, best games, etc. It’d be something simple to share and give us even more insight into the man behind the mist. :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Hmm, a weekly favorites post?

      • EpicJamJenn

        Yes, perhaps similar to this layout style but specific to you and what’s going on in your world like the examples I listed before. Weekly, bi-monthly, or even monthly, whatever works for you.

  • Dominika


    I challenge you to provide a minimum of 3 external links for every blog you post. Not only will this prove to increase exposure to other areas of your website it will also allow your fans to feel that much closer to you.

    I have seen this done on a website that I recently started following and I went from mildly interested to piles upon piles of pages that are saved in my favorites tab.

    For any topic of interest that you raise on your blog that could be further expanded, add a link to it so the readers that are interested can click on it and read further. I have seen you do it on some of your other blogs but not nearly to the level that I think you can bring it to.

    For example, in this current blog after the sentence “for those running gurus out there my pace is between 8.30-9.00 minute miles” add a hyperlink sentence that says “To see what animals Dan Gheesling can outrun click here!” Granted the list is short and it’s not the most illustrative example, but the point is that it allows a potentially interested reader to expand their knowledge base if they choose so, without having an encyclopedia for a blog and losing the momentum in your writing. (I should also mention make sure that the hyperlink opens a new page because there is nothing more annoying than have to press the “go back” button and find where you left off in the article you were reading)

    Along with informative links add an external link for pictures to all of these random things you mention in your blog. For example, “manhole cover that I call 1 Mile Marge” can be hyperlinked and brings your reader to a designated page on your website that brings up 1 Mile Marge along with other pictures you have posted. People feel more connected with you because you are showing them something that is personal to you and it brings them to another part of the site where they might see other pictures that interest them. By simply placing the pictures in the body of your text you’re losing an opportunity to have your readers feel vested in you by keeping them on the blog page. When they click on a link to a picture it will bring them to a page full of pictures. (it’s like when your face creeping somebody’s face book page and three hours later you know their life story because you clicked through every single picture till your computer crashed) When people see the other pictures they will click on those pictures which will bring them to other blogs you wrote. I loved the picture at the beginning of this blog of the lady on the bike, but I’m sure your fans along with myself would rather see a picture of a sweaty Dan after a long run styling the red bandanna. 

    Challenge accepted?

  • Jan

    At my age my only goal is to keep breathing Dan. Any helpful suggestions? ;-)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Oxygen tank, lots of em.

  • Charlene

    Ok, here ya go… This is a challenge that I give myself often…

    Choose to brighten, strengthen, lighten, someone else’s day… every day… by stepping out of your comfort zone to help them… thank them… compliment them. You can do this by sharing a few kind words with a stranger. You can ‘anonymously’ pay for a meal for someone sitting alone in a restaurant. You can stop and help someone struggling with a shopping cart etc. I know that you can come up with many more ;) THEN… post about your experiences. Let us know what you did, and how it changed your day. And in doing that… you will ‘gift’ us also :)

    I so appreciate you Dan. I delighted in watching you during both seasons and learned from your ability to keep your eye on the goal. Thank you.

  • ClarkstonGal

    How about using your real estate knowledge to help someone start their real estate career and thereby further develop yours? I volunteer myself as the person you can help!

  • Spiras

    Dan, I challenge you to coach a random person to acheive a personal goal and blog about it. The way you would do it is to have any/all of us email you a friend/family member’s name and phone number and what sort of struggle that person has in life and see if you can somehow make a difference for that person. Ideally, the suggested person should know who you are and be someone who would benefit from your interaction. You would pick one person/ story and try to coach them to overcome what it is they are struggling with… With their permission, you update us frequently on how the person is doing. Maybe we can all send some encouragement.

  • Sam Hunt

    My challenge is to visit somewhere in your home State where you’ve never been. You’ve been all over the world, but maybe theres somewhere right at home you’ve never seen.

  • Alix

    Alright – so there are already a lot of good ideas on here, and some of them I even thought about suggesting (great minds!!). I didn’t see this one as I skimmed down through the suggestions … but what about taking on the theme of a Bucket List? Do you have one? Are there things on that list that you’ve accomplished? Things that have made it on the list based on the inspiration of others? Everyone has goals in their life they work towards – what makes the adventures on your bucket list so unique?

    On a side note, whenever I scroll past the Wizard of Oz bicycle photo, the theme music rolls through my head. Thanks for that ;)

  • sholland

    I LOVE when you post videos of you doing things you love, such as visiting Wizards of the Coast or even the Office Tour. Hearing your excitement, laughs and overall candid reactions to things makes it feel like we really get to know who you are.

    I challenge you to post a minimum of one candid DG video per month of you doing everyday life things.. ie playing a game with Chelsea, or playing with Frank, buying a game you are excited about, going to a party, visiting Mom, Dad or Kelly, trying a new restaurant etc.

    The videos don’t have to be long, and can just be raw footage shot with your phone. You can post the video clip and then write about why you wanted to share.

    Whatever challenge you accept here, and there are some really good ones, I have no doubt it will be EPIC!

  • Patricia Mason

    Challenge idea #1: design obstacle course for Frank & help him learn & preform each task. Photograph each task he preforms for the blog when successfully completed by you both. (some quality furry human/dog time)

    Challenge idea #2: Reply to each & every comment in a blog of your choice. Possibly that blog could have a topic that was about communication & social media’s role in a persons life that has a positive impact.

    Challenge idea #3: Topic: ARK — blog about ‘Acts of Random Kindness’ in some way. Could be ARK given by you or received. Encourage others to be part of the challenge daily for 7 days.

  • Sean

    Write a thesis paper on how to conduct your social game in the big brother house.

    • Bobby Flynne

      A man can dream…

  • Ashir Khan

    I challenge you to learn the card game “Pokemon Trading Card Game” in less than a week. Master each technique. I swear, it’s a mental game. Just like Big Brother!

  • Nicole

    I challenge you to pick one person (a fan, random person on the street, a student, Chelsea, etc) or at least two per month and be their ‘slave’. Example: X wants you to dress up in a banana suit to give free hugs on the corner of the street or X wants you to simply motive them through their day (a comedic twist would be that you would be dressed in a cheer outfit).
    Well, hello interesting stories you can get out of that.

  • AmileAway(Loukas)

    I find it fascinating how you’re able to learn things from events and use it to push yourself in your daily life, it motivates me to keep going and when you think you see the light at the end of the tunnel, take a turn and go to the one that’s light is further away (if that made any sense) interesting, unique story, thanks for this, i’ll keep it in mind :)

  • AmileAway(Loukas)

    Oh! & I challenge you do run an extra mile, you’re just “A Mile Away” from succeeding… that was cheesy.

  • Kimberley Waterbury

    I challenge you to participate in a marathon!!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Already done Kim, NEVER again! ;)

  • Mary Beth Haley

    My challenge for you is to write a blog post and post it on twitter. Then donate .05 cents to the tornado relief fund for every favorite you get that day.

  • Colleen Kelly

    Okay. Once a month.

    A video blog about an act of kindness you do for a perfect stranger. You tell us how it went, what you learned, how it changed you and maybe them. Maybe even video of you doing that act.
    Perhaps Painting a fence for someone ? waxing their car..

    Sound familiar? ;)

    This challenges you to pay closer attention to those around you and look for any moment you can help another person. You meet new people and helping others always feels great!

    It could be funny and doesn’t matter if takes 3 minutes or 3 hours. What you get from it can be huge and no doubt a fun post or vid!

    I like this post. :)

    She used to scare the crap out of me when I was little and she would get on that bike and THAT music played do you remember it ? Holy cow that was scary lol

    CK :)

  • Dave

    I challenge you to get to know your followers a bit better. Maybe gain inspiration from them and their own lives, hobbies, passions, etc…You could use your popularity and resources to talk about them on your website/blog. Make it like a showcase. Maybe you could even turn it into a competition amongst everyone. Perhaps some of them are good artists, or have small businesses, or have a unique passion or skill that could be enjoyed by yourself and your other followers. You could have people pitch themselves to you and you can decide who you want to feature. It could be a good stepping stone to get people out of their comfort zone and on to a good path to success or building a stronger character.

  • Heather Lassell

    Hey Dan. Here is. Challenge. It even ties into your running and getting healthy. I challenge you to sign up for the RUN FOR YOUR LIVES Zombie 5K marathon.

    I will be going to the marathon on July 13th in Minneapolis. This is my first 5K ever!

    Check it out :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      This looks amazing.

  • Lauren Y

    Since you were on a CBS reality show, my challenge for you is to incorporate a CBS television show title into each of your blogs. It can be the title of the blog post or it can be part of a sentence your choice. Nothing too challenging just something that I thought might be fun.

  • Heidi

    Just read the ‘jeans story’ & loved it………Brilliant & very inspiring!!!!!
    Thanks Dan……

  • Jacqi

    Write a list of things you are scared to do or dont think you can do and try to do one a week or month etc. (ex. Jumping out of an airplane, bungee jumping, etc). It not only shows your vulnerability but your ability to overcome that fear.

  • John Giblin, MD

    Dan…It is no surprise to me that you can turn event the simplest of events into a competition, not so much with the competitor as with yourself. Your reflections on this particular blog post are indeed very introspective and inspiring. You snicker at the thought of your going “deep” on your audience, as if that is new territory for you. The reason I read your blog is for your ability to see beyond your ego and reflect upon the greater significance of seemingly inconspicuous /insignificant events. Great post….one in which you exposed the side of Dan Gheesling that struggles to the surface from time to time.

  • Diane

    You are so so awesome. This post inspired me! Thank you!

  • Kelly Gheesling

    I lol’d at work:
    “I couldn’t have cared less about losing the “race” to the old lady…OK I’m lying again. I did really want to beat her, but that’s not the point.”

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