I Spy

by Chelsea Gheesling

Let’s Play a Game.

We’re going to play a game; a very high stakes game called Replacement Nominee Roulette….. I kid, I kid.

The game we are actually going to play is called Live-Feed I SPY.

Here’s How It Works.

  • Before Dan left he made a list of the top 10 random things he would try to do while in the BB house.
  • Take a look at the list and while you are watching the live feeds try to “SPY” Dan doing one of the things on his list.
  • Once you see him do it, be the first to tweet @dangheesling to let me know.
  • If you are the first to tweet I will send you one of the black & red “win together, die alone” team bracelets Dan is wearing in the house.

The list.

Top 10 random things Dan is going to try to do in the BB house:

1. Wake up one morning, sprint to the backyard, and cannonball or jack knife before doing ANYTHING.

2. Cook/fry a ball of slop the size of my head.

3. “Accidently” break one piece of kitchenware.

4. Push someone in the pool.

5. Get someone to agree to let me rock them in the hammock and then flip them.

6. Spend an entire day in the pool, from breakfast to dinner and never get out. Bonus for getting someone else to do it with me.

7. Wash “the” bathing suit shorts.

8. Get my team to mimic another team word-for-word.

9. Get my team to stage an entire blow-out fight.

10. Have some fun with Julie Chen.

Ready, set, watch the live feeds!

  • http://Twitter.com/bmcooney19 Bmcooney19

    Sounds like a good time. I’m in

  • http://floatersgrabalifevest.com @RochesterGuy

    Thanks for taking the time in advance Dan & Chelsea to make feed watching more fun for the fans! Operation SAVE KARA looking better – fingers crossed!

  • Renee

    This is awesome.

  • Sue

    Love it. Dan is so awesome glad he is back.



  • Billy w

    I love Dan and his games

  • Amanda

    Sadly I don’t have the feeds, has he done any of this yet?

  • http://www.kimmattina.blogspot.com Kim Mattina

    Well, it looks like Dan’s going to be able to cross #6 off of his list! He’s got Ian ready to jump in the pool for 12 hours tomorrow and Joe’s onboard to bring food out to him!

  • Denise

    The fact that Dan even put all of these ways for fans to interact while he was in the BB house this summer, only proves that he rides with his proven winning strategy. He is always thinking ahead, and ALWAYS has a plan. He is hands down the most adaptable player in the history of BB and whether he needs to apply this for himself or his players, I am certain he’s not even thinking about this week or even next, he has already mapped his way into the final 5 for himself and/or his player…………..YEP that’s how good he is!!!!

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  • MommaT

    I found ONE!!

  • Chris

    I don’t think 9 is ever happening, unless 1 person counts as a team :) But this is awesome!

  • Mary Beth

    Has anyone won a bracelet yet?

  • Carrie

    Love this idea :)

  • Joan

    #10 – When Dan went in to vote on Thursday night he called Julie by Mrs. Chen, and she said that would be her “Mom”.

  • Daniel

    Dan “had some fun with Julie Chen” last night just before his vote. “Hey Julie, for as many times as we’ve done this, have I ever told you, your the most beautiful and best host on on television today?”


  • http://Twitter Tim Rosinski

    Dan flipped Ian out of the hammock…#5.. Did i get it??

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