Grading the Big Brother 14 Houseguests Part 2

by Dan Gheesling

If you missed the first post Grading the Houseguests Part 1 you can click here and check that out before reading the final rankings!

There have been many articles written analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Houseguests on Big Brother 14 from the outside perspective.  I thought you might enjoy how I would grade out (much like I would do to my football players after a game) the Houseguests from a first hand, direct, and unedited perspective from someone who has played the game with all of them.

This article is the second of a two part series grading out the Houseguests.  In this article you will find out what Houseguests I ranked from 7th to 1st most effective in the game.

Disclaimer: These are my game related thoughts from inside the house only.  These rankings should be taken strictly from a game perspective and not a personal one.

Before we get into the grades, just know that I waited about a week or so to let the dust settle before I sat down to grade everyone out.

I wanted to give time for things to calm down, so if my fellow Houseguests read this post themselves they would know this is my honest and non-personal opinion on their games as individuals (as if they actually care). :)

Let’s get right into the grading criteria that I used.

Grading Criteria

To me the game of Big Brother has always been about several things, not just winning competitions, or making alliances, but a using wide range of skills and attributes that are a necessity to do well in the game.

Oh and for the record, I have a great disdain for the term “social game.”  The ENTIRE game is social.  As a player I focused on the attributes that makes someone succeed in a social environment as opposed to just lumping it all together in such a vague and weak description.

There are 9 criteria each Houseguest was graded on:

  • Like-ability: Do people actually enjoy your company in the house?
  • Awareness: Are you aware of how you are perceived in the house? Do you have any clue what is going on in the house?
  • Knowledge of the Game: Do you understand the basics of the game? Can you anticipate what challenges are on the horizon?
  • Physical Ability: How well can you compete in physical challenges? How well can you compete in endurance challenges?
  • Mental Ability: How well can you compete in mental challenges? How well can you compete in memorization and logic challenges?
  • Relationships: Are you able to build relationships with the majority of the Houseguests? Is your alliance game tight?
  • Influence: Can you get someone to do something for you, when you need them to do it?
  • Self control: Are you able to control your emotions to further yourself in the game? Can you avoid fighting? Can you fake a fight?
  • Playmaking: Do you have the ability to get it done when it counts? Do you bring some intangibles to the game?

Each Houseguest was ranked 1-15 in each of the 9 criteria.  The LOWER the number the BETTER.

Example: Scoring a 1 in Awareness means that Houseguest was the MOST aware in the house, a 15 means they were the LEAST aware in the house.

After each Houseguest was graded out, their total rankings from each of the 9 grading criteria were then added up to determine their overall ranking.

In Part 2 we will take a look at the Houseguests who ranked 7th through 1st place according to the grading criteria, not the order of eviction.

Rankings 7th – 1st


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Jenn_ArroyoLike-ability: 1
  • Awareness: 6
  • Knowledge of the Game: 14
  • Physical Ability: 12
  • Mental Ability: 7
  • Relationships: 4
  • Influence: 7
  • Self control: 7
  • Playmaking: 8
  • Total: 66
  • Overall: 7th

The thing I respected about Jenn was that she used the tools she was given to make the best of her game.  Jenn was extremely well liked in the house, I’m not sure ANYONE had any sort of dislike for her as a person. She treated everyone with respect and was very cognizant of everything she was doing. The maturity level of Jenn really became one of her greatest assets. She could both fit in and rise above any pettiness in the house.

Jenn City was able to connect with people and see through a lot of the phoniness in the house.  I heard she did not get a lot of CBS air time but contrary to her edit she was very present in the game.

She may have laid low a lot in the game, but it was the type of game that she was best suited to play. In a small handful of situations Jenn lost her cool and I saw Brooklyn come out, but it wasn’t overly detrimental to her game. Jenn competed well in mental competitions and even had a strong showing in one physical veto comp beating both Ian and Danielle.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Jenn, I know you are used to burning the house down with Kittie, but if we can keep Brooklyn in check and get you one hidden alliance you’ve got a shot! ”  


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Janelle_PierzinaLike-ability: 9
  • Awareness: 5
  • Knowledge of the Game: 1
  • Physical Ability: 5
  • Mental Ability: 3
  • Relationships: 9
  • Influence: 4
  • Self control: 9
  • Playmaking: 7
  • Total: 52
  • Overall: 6th

Janelle was just as dangerous this season as she was during her previous seasons.  The odd thing about Janelle was that she got BETTER in physical challenges (Pirate Ship) since having a baby. Her knowledge and passion for the game is something I respected, so much so that I wanted to work with her secretly. I was willing to give up a lot to work with her exclusively because I knew how great of a player she was.

One of Janelle’s troubles this season was mixing it up too much, she jaded a few of her own players which ended up hurting her, thus her likability rating.

On top of that, her players went on further to hurt her exterior relationships in the game, making her seem untrustworthy.

I really enjoyed being around Janelle but others were intimidated by her. In the end, Janelle knew she was in trouble even though she had never been in that situation before (showing her awareness in the game). Had Janelle not got backdoored when she did, she would have made another run at the Final 3.

Quick Pregame Secret Talk: “Janelle you need to draft one player you can fully control and the other two draft weak, that way we can team up and run together if we get put in the game as players.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Frank_EudyLike-ability: 11
  • Awareness: 4
  • Knowledge of the Game: 5
  • Physical Ability: 1
  • Mental Ability: 4
  • Relationships: 11
  • Influence: 6
  • Self control: 8
  • Playmaking: 1
  • Total: 51
  • Overall: 5th

Frank was a competition beast, ranking with the best of the best competition players from all seasons (Janelle & Rachel).  Frank was great at both physical and mental competitions making him extremely difficult to beat head to head.  He was the best at coming up with huge wins right when he needed them the (hence the #1 playmaking rating). His passion for the game was second to none.

The thing is, his competition skills and passion for the game made up his entire Big Brother arsenal, which was effective enough to get him to the jury, but not enough make a run at actually winning no matter what the scenario.

Diplomacy, influencing, reading people, and campaigning were not Frank’s strong suits.  He brought his mental abilities to the challenges but not to the rest of the game, which is odd, because he is an intelligent guy.

Early on in the game Frank was a very likable (although physically threatening) player.  When things started to turn sour for Mike Boogie, Frank clung to Boogie’s emotionally played game, in particular 24 hours of sourness.

One thing that always stood out to me was when Frank was doing upside down pushups inverted against the backyard wall on Day 2, which concerned a lot of people.

Frank’s loyalty to Boogie although admirable, was his downfall. Within the house his likability plummeted and his relationships suffered because of the isolated time he spent with Boogie trying to rally futile votes.  He rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and was unable to regroup after he lost his main ally.

In the end, his inability to control both his emotion and passion sealed his fate.  When he comes back to play for a 2nd time (he will get the invite), it will be interesting to see if he can improve upon that.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Frank, people are going to target you based on your physical stature alone, you need disarm people by acting non-threatening in EVERYTHING you do.  If you put the ego aside you’ll make room for 500k in your bank account.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Mike_BoogieLike-ability: 8
  • Awareness: 3
  • Knowledge of the Game: 3
  • Physical Ability: 4
  • Mental Ability: 5
  • Relationships: 6
  • Influence: 2
  • Self control: 13
  • Playmaking: 6
  • Total: 50
  • Overall: 4th

Although I try to not play this game personally, or even rank the players personally, I was disappointed in how Mike’s game played out.  From the start Mike and I felt we could have worked together, if for nothing else, because we knew each other outside of the house (a tremendous advantage that ended up never mattering). Taking my personal feelings out of it, Mike was an extremely smart player who had a solid beat on the house.

He was able to see things that most of the houseguest couldn’t see based on how shrewd he was. His ability to read situations combined with his impressive physical ability (for a 3rd time playing!) suited him to make a long run in the game, until his emotions took control.

As a coach, Mike saved Ian (and arguably his entire game) by winning a physical competition, and he built a strong (but obvious) alliance with Frank.  Other than winning the Coaches’ key, Mike did not do much for his players in terms of coaching, in fact he did the opposite, he alienated them and made them feel second rate (sleeping during the all night burglar competition video messages, disregarding Jenn’s ability, and showing a lack of game respect to Ian).

On the flip side, Mike drafted an incredible and diverse team that would have won him 100k had he remained a coach.  In the same regard one could argue he didn’t need to do much coaching. When the game was reset, how he treated his players came back to haunt him.

Mike played with his emotions, which was very shocking for me. I expected him to be a ninja assassin in this game, but he played like a vengeful and blinded soldier.  His lack of self control over his emotions cost him his game, nothing more, nothing less.

He had the opportunity to move ahead in a strong alliance (with the coaches), but he couldn’t put aside personal feelings and the revenge factor for Janelle. On top of that, he couldn’t look past the fact I wanted Frank out of the house, and didn’t understand the value in me putting my neck on the line to save him. It would have been interesting to play the game with him as opposed to against him, but the style in which he played the game with his emotions so strongly, would not have worked well in the end (opposite of Memphis Garrett who lacked any feelings at all during his game).

Even while playing the game emotionally, Mike was able to rally and make a few moves, showing glimpses of his winning performance from seasons past. During this season he still proved himself as a physical threat with the ability to get people to do things for him.

Quick Pregame Secret Talk: “Mike, you want to Memphis’ it up? The key is for us to have a secret alliance, not an obvious one. If you are willing to cut your own players like I am, we can run this to make one of us a two-time winner.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Danielle_MurphreeLike-ability: 5
  • Awareness: 2
  • Knowledge of the Game: 6
  • Physical Ability: 10
  • Mental Ability: 6
  • Relationships: 2
  • Influence: 3
  • Self control: 6
  • Playmaking: 4
  • Total: 44
  • Overall: 3rd

Danielle was an interesting player inside the house. She had the perception of having great relationships with a lot of people in the house (most importantly with the jury members). As a result of her relationships a lot of people trusted her with a lot of information, which made her aware of what was going on in the game, except for a few blindsides. She had a good working knowledge of the game and was very sharp when it came to memorization type challenges.

In terms of play-making she won some huge competitions when it mattered most (Final 4 HoH, Final 4 Veto). Her biggest win was the improbably victory in a game that Ian was built for in the Final 4 Veto (chemistry). From a game standpoint she had all the tools to win the entire game except for her decision making and lack of emotional control.

Often times Danielle would get emotional over small things and rub people the wrong way.  Over time it started to wear on some people, but from a strategy standpoint it made her seem weak, which is not all bad.

As a coach, I knew it would take a lot of upkeep and energy to keep Danielle occupied and happy within the house, but the payoff for the effort would be undying loyalty, well worth the patience.

Her level of trust in me was unlike anything I had ever seen in the game before. Anytime she had any power, she would defer to whatever decision I wanted to make. It was smart on her part to use me to get blood on my hands but not so smart to think that I would take her to the end no matter what.

Bottom line she would not make any moves without my approval, which ultimately led to her demise. She won a handful of competitions but didn’t know what to do with the power when she got it.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “You might not want me as your coach if you want to win 500k, but if you do want me to coach you, know you need to be a Renegade and shoot first.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Ian_TerryLike-ability: 7
  • Awareness: 9
  • Knowledge of the Game: 2
  • Physical Ability: 6
  • Mental Ability: 1
  • Relationships: 3
  • Influence: 5
  • Self control: 5
  • Playmaking: 2
  • Total: 40
  • Overall: 2nd

Ian proved that a sharp mind can overcome other shortcomings to win Big Brother. His greatest asset in the game was his remarkable photographic memory. Everyone in the game has advantages and Ian’s mental capability was his. It’s the equivalent of going against Mike Tyson (1990s version) in a boxing match, when houseguests would square off against Ian in a mental competition.

On top of that he was athletic enough to pull out skill challenges when he needed them most in both the arcade machine and shark fin challenges (thus the #2 playmaking ranking).

For the first half of the game Ian was given a pass to overcome his social stigma to position himself into the realm of the non-threatening.  Once some bodies cleared from the house and he decided to actually start playing in competitions (smart strategy) his mental abilities shined through. Individually Ian was a good solid gamer, but outside of himself he struggled.

One of the areas that Ian struggled in this game was his ability to truly understand what was going on in the house. He had a tough time seeing through or even questioning why deceptive moves were going on in the house. Having a true awareness of what is really going on in the house is not something many people can do, but to Ian’s credit, it didn’t matter. He didn’t need to know, as long as someone who he was working with knew what was going on (Britney) because they could convey it to him in a way he would understand.

The ability for Ian to build relationships within the game was very tough for him because he seemed to miss out on almost every social cue people would throw his way, and he wasn’t very interested in the other houseguests besides Britney.

The best analogy for Ian is someone who lacks streets smarts but has a higher IQ and mental capacity than everyone on the streets combined.

The bottom line is Ian had a passion for the game, an off the charts mental capacity for brain challenges, and had play making ability to win when he had to.

This season was the ultimate irony, someone who lacked social skills ended up winning the ultimate social game!

Although his win may not rank any style points or put him among the top winners of all time, the kid won with a solid game, and now has his name at the bottom of the Big Brother Wikipedia page.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Ian every night we are going to work on building your social skills, by simply asking people questions about themselves.  This will make you more likable and will help to fill the gaps in your game very quickly. Keep your glasses on and your mouth shut and this thing is yours to lose.” 


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Britney_HaynesLike-ability: 4
  • Awareness: 1
  • Knowledge of the Game: 4
  • Physical Ability: 3
  • Mental Ability: 2
  • Relationships: 1
  • Influence: 1
  • Self control: 2
  • Playmaking: 5
  • Total: 23
  • Overall: 1st

Britney was flat out scary in this game. As a player I completely underestimated her when she walked through the door. Britney was very scary to my game because she was extremely aware of everything that was going on in the house at all times and had a very unique way of pressing people for information without seeming like she was.

For as good as Britney was understanding the inner workings of the house, she was equally as good at the challenges. She had the ability and skill to win ANY type of challenge. There was no type of challenge that you could rule Britney out of, she could have won an endurance, skill, or mental competition at any time.

As if the combination of being able to win challenges and having a pulse on the entire house wasn’t enough, she was able to wrap people around her (tiny) fingers. Britney had Shane locked down until his showmance got in the way. She also had Ian on a very tight leash (pun intended) and what was more impressive, is that Ian seemed to enjoy doing her bidding at any time.

It is one thing to get someone to do something for you, it is another to get them to sit down, roll over, and fetch things in the game for you with a big smile on their face while also willing to run in front of a car for you. Britney did this to people in the game without them realizing it.

My only knock against Britney was her ability as a coach, not as a player. Her and Willie were not a good combination to start with, but she did have it in her to put the clamps down on people (as seen with Ian).  She just never did that with Willie when he needed it most.

I fully believe this was Britney’s game to win because she was the lowest on the coach’s totem pole (by being underestimated) and had the best relationships, understanding of the game, and overall skill in the house. Because of all these reasons is why she scared me most in this game and earned the #1 ranking amongst all the houseguests this season.

Quick Pregame Secret Talk: “Britney when you enter the house no one will respect your game, let them underestimate you.  Throw all of the early challenges and then act like the blonde Arkansas ninja that you are and start slicing people while your epic stink-eye is exposed, just don’t slice me, please.” 

Wrap City!

This wraps up the ranking of all of the Big Brother Houseguests! I hope it shed a different light on the houseguests as true players from within the walls of the house and outside the realm of the editing abilities of the producers.

While you may not agree with how the final rankings shook out, it is my honest inside perspective on each of them.

Now What?

I will have one more blog post at some point regarding Season 14(relating it to The Dark Knight Rises) but other than that my future blog posts will be shifting away from what happened in the Big Brother 14 house and more to how I can help you, and what is going on in my daily life.

Is This Really The End of Big Brother on this Blog?

No, of course not. :)

Like I mentioned in the the first set of rankings, I will now begin to watch each episode for the first time while recording my commentary…

The reason I will continue to post articles, video blogs, and podcasts on this website is for you.

If there is something you want me to write about or cover in particular, take a second and send me a tweet with what you want me to write about! I am here for you!

Coach Dan’s Commentary:  Big Brother 14

Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_14_CommentaryI am recording my commentary for you to listen along as I watch each episode of Big Brother 14 for the first time.

Much like Director’s Commentary included with DVD movies, you will be able to hear my first reactions to every Diary Room, edit, and unknown event right along with me.

For more information on Coach Dan’s Commentary: Big Brother 14 you can click here to learn more and pre-order it.

Thank You

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I appreciate you guys more than you know! If you haven’t got a response back to your tweet or e-mail yet, thanks for being patient, I’m working on them! :)

Until next time…

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        There’s something I don’t think has been mentioned enough when it comes to Britney. If Shane had thought with his head and not his heart and had evicted Danielle (Joe would have followed him) Shane most likely would have made it to the F3 with Ian & Britney.

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      Brit was beast mode in her own way!

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      Thanks Chandra, the goal was to give you an INSIDE look at what was really going on in the game. :)

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      Ah, a coach normally doesn’t grade themselves. :)

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      I completely disagree Britney has been over-rated. She did have a keen eye for seeing the writing on the wall, but that comes from the paranoia of what happened to her on BB12. Yea, she had some control over Ian and Shane, but ultimately she hid behind strong players and wouldn’t have been able to do a whole lot on her own. Very similar to her last season, a strong 4th not worthy of anything higher IMO.

      • Goten21

        That’s what makes her such an amazing BB player, though. She had the skills (unfortunately, not always the luck) to win competitions. More importantly, she had the SOCIAL game, which will bring you the victory in this game. If Dan had not been in this game or even had that 24 hours to think about this amazing strategy, Britney would’ve won hands down.

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    Dan, I think it needs to be pointed out that the one player you didn’t include in the rankings played the best season of big brother ever. You always did what you needed to do to get yourself to the finals and did it in a way nobody else could. These moves were genius and shocking and you easily surpassed Dr. Will as the best season ever played. You would have won the game if the jury could have voted for the better player and not strictly based on their emoticons.

    • Jessica Bacon

      I agree with this 100% Dan your the reason I kept watching BB 14 and I got so hooked cause I could not wait to see what move you would make next. In my opinion your one of the best players I have seen play the game.

    • @Elainebbfan

      Absolutely agree. Dan got Frank to take him off of the block after Frank took punishments of a carrot suit / chum bath (no big deal) but the bigger punishment – unable to play in 2 HOH comps? All for nothing, since Frank threw that all away! Dan read Danielle from the start. He was one of the only ones who saw her “emotional issues” I’ll say it that way. He was smart enough to keep her and her issues in his back pocket,and align himself w/her, make her believe they were in it together. Janelle was the only other player to understand Danielle’s emotional issues (there’s a youtube clip of her and Joe discussing it early on). Unfortunately she couldn’t align w/Dan and Danielle because of Danielle’s jealousy. Well played, Dan!!! I think you are the best player to play this game.

      • Linda Robbins

        Yes, Dan is the best, ever to play the game. He is too smart to rate himself, but we sure can.

  • Brian J. Wagner

    “Thanks for everything.”
    – S. K.

    • Dan Gheesling

      On a small slip of paper…LOL

  • Christie

    I’ve been a fan since Season 10 and I have to say this was an awesome read and I agree with practically all of your ratings. Thanks for taking the time to do this, it really brought the season back for me.

  • Nick

    Love the rankings! I agree with most of them (Frank could have been higher),but I especially agree with #1! Brit was on to you from the start, so you definitely had a right to fear her! Can’t wait to hear more things from you! Good luck in the future, Dan!

  • Jared box

    Nice breakdown! Very thorough and succinct. Interesting seeing how people measure up in different categories.

  • Josh

    Dan, I think it needs to be pointed out that the one player you didn’t include in the rankings played the best season of big brother ever. You always did what you needed to do to get yourself to the finals and did it in a way nobody else could. These moves were genius and shocking and you easily surpassed Dr. Will as the best season ever played. You would have won the game if the jury could have voted for the better player and not strictly based on their emotions! Thanks Dan, from a huge fan who loved watching you play this season!

  • Sebastian C.

    Personally, I think you were a little generous with Frank. As far as I’m concerned, Frank was a lap dog for Boogie. Yes, his physical capabilities were unmatched by any competitor, but in my opinion his “knowledge of the game,” “relationships,” and “influence” should all be over 10 AT LEAST. Either way, I’m sure you know more about his game than I do, seeing that you were the one in the BB house w/ him ;)

  • Carly

    Great rankings! I agree completely with placing Britney over Ian – it’s just a shame that the jury (and Ian himself!) couldn’t see it. Regardless, Ian clearly learned a lot from both you and Britney and I hope you had a great time this summer!

  • Gayle

    Interesting reading! I have one question though. Knowledge of the game you gave to Janelle rather than Ian? I found that odd since Ian knew everything from day 1 and everyone kept asking him about it. down to the color of the walls by the HOH room. Could you please explain your reasoning for Janelle being #1 versus Ian? Thanks! Oh, would LOVE to see you and Janelle team up for amazing race, what a combo!

  • Thomas

    Dan, you definitely hit it on the head with this one! On my own blog, I had picked Britney to be one of the top threats to win the game for the exact reasons you outlined here and the reasons you gave Frank to nominate her in the house. Great minds think alike, eh? I only hope that if. I someday get on big Brother that I play half as good a game as you did!

  • Abbey

    Thanks so much for taking time to do these things Dan!! For Big Brother nerds like me, its analysis like this that’s pure gold! These are the kinds of things I think about when I watch the game/live feeds from the outside looking in. So, it’s very interesting to hear about the perspective from inside the game/house, especially from a smart/talented player such as yourself.

  • Hallie

    I know that Ian wasn’t tremendously likable by out-of-the-house standards, but it’s silly to rank him 7th when the first four jurors (Ash, Brit, Frank, Joe) viewed him as a little brother/son figure and were rooting for him to win against anyone (not just you). Ash, Frank, and Jenn held no ill will toward him for his nominations, and were barely angered by his betrayal of Team Boogie.

    You may not have genuinely liked Ian, but everyone else did and that’s why you lost.

    • Donna Nuccio

      This is Dan’s ranking in the HG game play. A lot of Ian’s moves were playing Britt’s game . So Britt does stand number 1# on Dan’s list :) Though I think Dan should be number one . Since he made moves in the game that have never been done . :) Made it to F2 twice which had never been done by someone that won the game once . To get two people to throw the first comps on the last HOH lmao Loved it . To mist Ian and Dani the same time . To keep both of them not talking about the F2 deals was a miracle in itself lol

  • Keith

    Great list Dan, but the only problem I have is how you ranked Janelle and Boogie. Did you think mostly about their past seasons play or just this season? I don’t think they deserve to be this high if you just take this season alone. Janelle had the whole house against her because she got caught up in her lies. Boogie was tight with Frank, but alienated Ian in such a way that him leaving Boogie was Boogie and Frank’s eventual downfall.

    As for #1, I think Ian deserved it for one reason and that is how he performed under pressure against you in Part 3 of HOH and the jury questions. He was perfect in the HOH (5/5) and if I may say, he destroyed you in the final speech. Even your mom agreed she didn’t like your final speech.

    Thanks Dan for the great read and great season and maybe more in the future.

    P.S. Have you finally got all the blood washed off you yet???

    • Carolyn

      OMG…for the 1,000th time…JANELLE DID NOT LIE! She was accused of lying and CBS’ edited show made it look like she was. If you watched the live feeds, you know Janelle was not lying and that she was being lied ON. It’s so frustrating to see TV-only watchers post this b.s. over and over when the facts don’t match up to what they are accusing her of.

      • Keith

        I watched the live feeds so don’t make assumptions because it makes you like very silly…… best. Janelle did lie multiple times and even DAN said he can’t believe Janelle was playing so sloppy. DAN SAID THIS ON THE LIVE FEEDS or did you just miss that day?

      • Donna Nuccio

        I agree :) Jani’s game just got messed up from going to coach to player. What messed up Jani she had a lame team and had to do all the work for them. Jani had to do things she would have never done before because her team couldn’t win a HOH if it was thrown to them. Jani got blamed for jumping on Boogie team and it was her team that wanted to leave Britt’s alliance. Joe got himself in trouble and she tried to save him. Jani is and will always be to loyal. Dumb move on DanI and for Britt and WILL to not see Jani would have been loyal to them to the end .

  • Maryann M. Meador

    Dan, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of yours. Many of your moves in this latest BB game were nothing short of brilliant, even genius. It was a pleasure to watch you in action, and I was, of course, rooting for you to win. If you have a chance to do BB again (or Survivor?), please do. All the best to you.

  • http://@divajessara(Twitter) Jess

    Hey Dan,
    I think Janelle deserves a better ranking, and to be honest I didn’t care for her on the feeds. In order to rank people, I believe you have to look past your set feelings for them and rank from there. ( I do, however, think you did that for the most part). I definitely think she was overall better ranked than Danielle. Danielle simply wouldn’t have made it out of the first couple of weeks if she didn’t have you in her ear! Why did you rank Janelle’s self-control worse than Danielle’s? I think you, as a player would have been ranked #1 on this list and forever to this day, you simply are the best player to have played this game. Give yourself some credit, where it is due! Great read, Dan. Forever, a fan of yours!

  • Crystal

    Hey Dan!

    Love reading your blogs and tweets! Loved the rankings too!

    Congrats on making it so far! My whole family was dying over “Dans funeral” – amazing!!! :)

    Are you going to do any type of meet and greets in the Detroit/Dearborn area in the coming weeks?? Please say YES! :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Go Warriors! :) To be honest, no plans to. :)

  • lj

    good rankings dan, u should be number 1. if only ian, shane, and frank didnt pull out some miracle comp wins or the jury wasnt bitter.

    danielles loyalty to 3 ppl hurt her. she needed to make game moves.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for another amazing blog Dan! Agree, Britney deserves #1 ranking! She was great fun to watch as well. From a viewers pov, I don’t agree w/Danielle’s rank. I think you lucked out with an extremely emotionally needy person who would do anything you asked. I also saw her play from a jealous girl pov, meaning she was set on getting out all other females as she had no confidence in herself. As a male, you might not have seen that-or-you may need to watch the shows and see her DR sessions to really see that part of her ‘gameplay’. Thanks for your blog!

  • David

    Dan, hey I agree prety much with your rankings, I caught the part about Frank getting another invite maybe I can pair up with him the Florida Boyz lol David from Orlando!!!!

    • Donna Luce

      Hi Dan!! Thanks for your thoughts and taking the time to do this. You made me finally relize “it’s a game”. God Bless You!!

  • Laurie

    Dan, you are truly the “best” Big Brother play of all time in my eyes. I have watched every season. I loved this blog, wish you could of rated yourself because you would of been in that # 1 spot for sure. Wish nothing but happiness and success in your life and family.

  • April

    Hi Dan! Great read! You were great at the game! Totally agree, Britney was very good. She made sure she was in every room and conversation in that house! Must of been exhausting for her! Your both amazing! Good luck to you and your wonderful family.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks April!

  • Nikki

    Great insight Dan! Thank you for sharing :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for reading Nikki!

  • Rhonda

    Hey Dan really enjoyed your rankings of the house guests , great read. You should of won though.

  • Cindy

    Hi Dan! Enjoyed your rankings, and have to agree about Britney…very underestimated this season and in fact my husband and I were surprised to see her there at first. She proved us all wrong!
    Question – will your commentaries be translated to text or have captions on them? Would help for those of us who are hard of hearing!
    Thanks for making BB14 a totally enjoyable season (and our house still thinks you ruled that house and were the true winner this year!)!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Cindy! Unfortunately right now there are no plans to have it translated to text (maybe in the future), is there any software that can help with it?

      • Cindy

        Not sure about software…will have the geek hubby look into that!

        • Mz. J-Bones

          Might be late to the convo, good people, but check out Dragon Dictation for talk to type/text. Also, Dan I’m gonna tweet you a question and am curious to see your response…!

  • Jacki

    Awesome, thank you for sharing your thoughts… I’ve never been a fan of Britts gameplay but as you said, we as viewers see the edited version… So maybe I missed something along the way, LOL.
    I’m still in awe of how you pulled off some epic moves when we all thought you were doomed. You rank #1 to me in seasons 10 AND 14!!!

  • Heidi

    I absolutely love your blogs & reading your thoughts on everything….. Excellent read on your ratings which appear to be very thought out & unbiased……

    Thanks for all, you’re the best……….. Now, not being tech’ savy, going to have to figure out ‘how’ to get the episodes & your commentary along with directions on how to make it work for me :)
    Look forward to all of your blogs, tweets & just basically anything you do to keep in touch with your fans…… Once again, thank you!

  • Adam

    Great blog, Dan.

    I agree with just about everything you wrote here. The only thing I would add is that it’s not completely shocking to me that Mike Boogie played a bit too emotional. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the best players to ever play Big Brother, but this is the same guy that literally walked off of Part One of the Final HOH in BB All-Stars, all because he was mad about Will being eliminated.

    Just something to think about.

  • Vicki

    Every week I was more and more shocked by what you were able to pull off this season. Sending Shane home the way you did was absolutely the craziest move you pulled off! You were my all time favorite BB player even before this season. Sad that it’s over!

  • Moe Doueik

    You made Dearborn proud Dan! We were watching every step of the way. This was an awesome read… BB will never see another player as genious as Dan.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Moe! #TeamDearbornForLife

  • Miles

    Nice work Dan. As a fellow Spartan, I was cheering for you in the BB House! Go Green.

  • belinda

    I knew Britney would be first lol…other than yourself, at least. How would Dan Gheesling rank in this list if you have to judge yourself? :D

    I am surprised by Frank’s high score on “awareness” – he’s aware of certain things with others in the house, but seldom had self awareness. But I agree with how you scored Ian in the same category – he really didn’t know half the time what was really happening in the house.

  • Brian

    I’d be interested on your take as to why exactly you think you lost at the end. Perhaps a breakdown of each jury member. Your thoughts prior to the final vote. Did you think you would win? From the outside perspective (and a fan of the type of player you are), it appears you got stung by the “bitter” jury vote when it came to Frank, Shane, & Joe. I was surprised you didn’t get votes from Jenn and Britney however. And I won’t even guess on Ashley. And not sure if you watch Survivor. But in my opinion, this “bitter” jury is real & becoming more prevelant (where juries are voting against a particular player; as opposed to for a player). Perhaps an article on your take on this as a whole when analyzing reality TV competition shows. Or not. Either way, I love the website. Based off your 2 performances, I think you earned the unofficial title of best BB player of all-time (give you the slight edge over Dr. Will).

  • Beni Fesh

    Great read. I thought I was the only one who thought that Britney being underestimated in her abilities would be what would get her to the end. You played a great game Dan, and after reading your perception of each player, I understand why you are a great player. You have the ability to get insight into others, just by being yourself. Others wonder why you spent so much time asking HG questions and listening, and just hanging out with them. Every time I saw you do this, I said to myself “This guy plays the game 24/7 in the house! Thanks for making this an exciting season to watch. I will never forget the funeral! Did they not realize that giving you 24 hrs of solitary confinement was dangerous! LOL. Looking forward to more of your blogs.



  • Marii

    Awesome breakdown on the rankings. I also believe that Brit could have one. Maybe an allstar BB and she’ll get it done. (just wishing selfishly). Miss you on BB. Nothing but Blessings and Joy to you and Chelsie

  • Jodi T.

    I appreciate your love for the game and the insight you have as to what we (team members, as you named us) might want to know. I admit, there were days (while you were in the house) that my 14 year old son, with his ability to put his emotions aside, reminded me that it was just a game. I think you’re a great guy, very personable, so down to earth and outside of the house, you enjoy helping others in whatever way you can. If you’ve had a chance to read a prior comment/message, you’ll know, you’d be invited to the barbecue (my sons words). Thanks, Dan! I wish you and Chelsea all the best! See ya’ on Facebook, email (I’m subscribed), and twitter. :) Best wishes, Jodi T.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Hahah thanks Jodi for reading and the BBQ invite! :)

  • Mary

    Hi Dan..interesting take on the hg’s. I would like to see EACH of them grade your performance as well…wouldn’t you? Will that be happening in the near future? Thanks much

    • Dan Gheesling

      That could be…interesting LOL. :)

  • Lady

    I predicted you would rate Brit #1. What you are not aware of, in my opinion, since you have not watched the feeds, is that Brit’s moves are not determined by strategical thinking. Her actions are controlled by her fear and paranoia. Yes, it is wise of her to be aware of who talks to whom, but her anxiety was “over-the-top” and caused her to see boogeymen in every corner. For instance, she believed Janelle to be in an alliance with practically everyone in the house. Thus, she encouraged Danielle’s delusions and helped orchestrate Janelle’s eviction. (She so actively promoted the bashing of Janelle with Ashley, Dani, Wil, and Shane that once she began to regret the movement to get Janelle out instead of Frank, she was unable to turn it around.) Granted, getting rid of a competitor like Janelle could be viewed as a great move, but, for Britney, not so much. You and Brit both overlooked Janelle’s best game quality, other than her competition success, her loyalty to her alliance. Her own team had not watched her seasons so they were not aware. Britney arguably evicted the person who probably would have been her best ally in the game.
    You, Dan, certainly are the expert, BUT it is difficult for me to get on board with Brit’s ranking knowing that you have not watched the tv episodes, let alone the live feeds.

    • LisaMM

      I agree Lady; good post!

    • SusieQ

      I completely agree with You, Lady! Wait until Dan watches the feeds! Britney and Danielle both played a very personal, slimy game. No self control! Pure paranoia and jealousy. Britney also completely gave up and didn’t even fight to stay in the house…no effort until the final day she was voted out! Looks like you’ve been “misted” Dan! I think you will change your mind on several of these, after you watch the feeds and truly see what was going on.

    • Carolyn

      I completely agree with your post. How on earth can Dan do a “rankings” of the other Big Brother 14 houseguests when he doesn’t even know what went on in the house?! He hasn’t watched episodes nor live feeds and it just incenses me that he “ranked” Janie based on the lies, paranoia and rantings of a proven liar, Brit, and her delusional co-hort, Dani! And Britney at Number 1? WTF???

    • Patti Maloney

      I 100% agree Lady. After Dan sees feeds I’m sure his feelings about Daniell’s play in the game was luck. She also got Willie all riled up about coaches coming into the game. She was good at getting people out but it wasnt stratedgy it was jealousy, paranoia and she was very delusional. Thanks it was nice to see someone else see the same thing i saw.

      • Patti Maloney

        Sorry about writing Daniell I meant Britt. But speaking of Danielle, i think his opinion of her will change too. Apparently Dan cannot see how much Danni was hated.

    • Connie

      Finally!! I kept reading how everyone agreed with Brit being #1. I felt like you Lady…She caused unnecessary paranoia and made up crap. Also…Dan hasn’t seen the live feeds and doesn’t know that it was Brit who fed Willie’s paranoia and also told him the coaches were probably coming into the game. Then told Willie to tell everyone that “He” figured it out on his own. She lost the game when she back stabbed Janelle.

  • Matt and Susan

    I took an economics course in college where all the students had to give themselves their final grade for the course, or course the prof had to agree but was fun. Grade yourself Dan, is fun! Matt and Susan

  • Lisa

    Congrats from New York City! I’m sorry if you’re sick of this question, but I haven’t seen it asked yet. Would you consider going on Survivor or Amazing Race? Would love to see you on either of those shows – I’m sure you’d do great.

    • Dan Gheesling

      NYC! Never put too much thought into it, I think I am #Retired though. :)

      • Johnny

        At least with the Amazing Race you wouldn’t have a bitter jury to deal with at the end. If you truly are the best, nothing stops anyone from winning the Amazing Race.

  • Jolie Raimer

    I just don’t think frank deserved as high as he got. He was just horrible at keeping his mouth shut and being so arrogant. He had no social game. Also boogie, he was terrible this year. Very disappointed in him. I felt he didn’t want to be there from the beginning. The way he talked alone with frank about all of the houseguests was just uncalled for. I yelled at the tv for him to team up with you. I didn’t understand his loyalty to frank. Danielle I think you may have judged her wrong on the jury liking her. She got on everyone’s nerves. I have never seen anyone so insecure. You will be surprised how much she lied for no reason or for attention. I think if you would have taken her you would have won the big check. She just wasn’t liked or respected in the game in my opinion. Thanks ..great blog and very interesting to hear your insight. Brittney was 2nd and you are number 1 Dan!!! All the way. Take care

  • Amy

    Wow…I think once you watch the episodes & DR’s you will be pleasently surprised how spot on your rankings really are. Guess that means you would be ranked pretty high in awareness if you were among them, but I agree you shouldn’t try to rank yourself. Can’t wait to see your post-watched episodes rankings and compare.

  • Clint long

    First of all i would like to congratulate you on making it to the final 2!!!(even though you should have won).I also would like to thank you for giving me and my mother some one to cheer on.This years big brother has brought my mother and I alot closer.I about lost my mother earlier this year,(she has lots of health problems)and knowing how family is so important to you it really put a lot of things in perspective for me.So I hope that you realize that even though you say it is a game to you, it is way more then that to other people.You have gave a part of your life to share with the world and for that I thank you!!! And by the way your BB funeral was the greatest move in BB history!!!Thanks again and God Bless you and your family. Clint Long

  • Pam

    Dan: thanks for the rankings! So glad Brit was #1. Agreed with most of the rankings, except Frank’s. Sorry, but Boogie ruined his game. Couldn’t stand the player Frank, but he was shown to be a nice guy, but WAY too trusting. Loved how you worked him over at the funeral. That was excellent!!!

  • April

    Dan, thanks for the reply now I can get off the couch and start focusing on my family instead of Dan the Man! Oops!!

  • Joe Tusa

    Thanks for these articles Dan, really enjoyed them. I am curious as to where you feel YOU should be ranked. You seem like a humble guy but would love an honest assessment of your game this season compared to the others. I believe you had the best game and am still amazed at how well you played. Keep the blogs coming, love ‘em all!!

  • Sherry

    Hi Dan! I just started following your blog. I’m a BIG fan of yours from your BB win & now with BB14. My only comment here is the one thing “you missed” in your social game in BB14 & that is: Danielle “fell in Love with you”, she fell hard. Just my own personal observation & opinion. I think that’s why she followed you so well the whole season :o) I plan on purchasing your “Coach Dan’s Commentary”, I know it’s going to be good! I wish you had won!!

    P.S. I think you’ll see when you watch the episodes of BB14 how hard Danielle fell for you.

    • April

      Hi Sherry! I know this is not Dan:(. But just wanted you to know I feel the same way about Dani! She fell hard for Dan! I think her feelings for Dan were deeper then they were for Shane!
      #obsessed with BB also!!

  • Jessica

    I agree with most of your rankings but I don’t think Britney deserves to be number one. She played a good social game and was generally pretty likable (although her constant bashing of people she disliked did get a little old) but from a game perspective she wasn’t very competitive. She couldn’t win competitions and she couldn’t play strategically. At the beginning she was the one that told Willie about the coaches coming into the game. She couldn’t control him and he ended up having the house meeting that changed everything and ended up sending Kara home. She didn’t even really try to campaign for Jojo instead choosing to spend the week with Danielle because they had “more in common”. She was never in a position where she could win the game because regardless of who she was up against in the final two she would’ve lost.

  • Sean

    After watching the feeds and having a pretty good idea of BB14, I tend to disagree with your rankings overall. It’s hard to rank players, especially when 4 were coaches.

    Here’s mine:
    Overall Coach Rankings:
    4.) Britney – No control
    3.) Dan – 1 player left at end of first week
    2.) Janelle – Good coaching for weak team
    1.) Mike – Drum tight team

    01.) Ian – Had a great finish
    02.) Dan – Too messy of a finish to win
    03.) Frank – could have been gone week 1/2, fought harder than anyone!
    04.) Mike – was very in tune to the game
    05.) Britney – I don’t think she was quite as in tune to everything as you’d think
    06.) Janelle – too many lies, but at least she tried
    07.) Wil – very strong and smart player, non emotional (ex. kara evition)
    08.) Danielle – Didn’t play the game herself, not as smart as she though.
    09.) Jenn – Good social, weak everything else
    10.) Joe – Had a good angle in the house
    11.) Shane – He didn’t know the game and therefore had 0% (worst) chance of winning
    12.) Willie – If stayed through week 2, would have mixed up game
    13.) Kara – didn’t fight to stay
    14.) Ashley – clueless
    15.) Jojo – useless
    16.) Jodi – too hard, too fast

    • Donna Nuccio

      I don’t think you gave any consideration of Dan only doing what he had to stay in the game . Not messy just did what he had to. Britt kept her hands clean but out she went . If you watched the feed carefully you might have missed Frank planning to get Dan out the next week with Shane and Joe .After the deal he made with Dan F2 . Asking them to talk Ian to put both Dan and Frank up together .It is posted up for you on superpass. I have never in the 14 years seen such a bitter and vengeful jury that claim they loved the game . That didn’t even consider the game moves at all .I been a fan of this game since I was 14 and watched every season . I was disappointed in the jury totally . They didn’t even give credit that Britt had Ian and Shane play her game for her . Everyone of the players on the jury said that Dan was a dangerous player . They got mist and didn’t take him out .

      • Sean

        I ranked Dan 2nd, that’s extremely high. Dan played a fantastic game, but you cannot discount Ian’s game. Trust me, I was disappointed that Dan didn’t win, but after reviewing more of the game, Ian played better than I thought.

        A lot of people on the jury were bitter but only Shane seemed to hold a grudge to Dan. After getting to know Shane all summer it was pretty obvious he didn’t know the game and needed to be coached to make a good jury decision. I wasn’t aware of anybody doing that. Brit was a big Dan fan but voted for the better BB14 player. I was sad to see that Frank was bitter at Dan, despite that, Frank vote was well beyond just bitterness.

        Dan was very impressive and I was hoping he won, but as I said in the original comment, he just finished too messy. Too much blood.

    • ian_fandi

      LOL at Janelle’s to many lies

      watch the feeds and you will know who the one that lies so much

  • TheFatGuy

    Good job on your rankings. Wish I could have been part of that mix. Britney was definitely a stronger player than most gave her credit for on BB14.
    Hoping to make it past the semis this time! Good luck with your journey. TheFatGuyTheFitGuyTheBEAST

  • Cherrie

    I think you over rehearsed your speech to the jury. If you’d spoke from your heart as you did in Season 10, you may have swayed the disgruntled and sore losers to vote for you instead of Ian.

  • David

    Dan, here is my rating of your game during BB14:

    ■Like-ability: 7 (Primarily because those on the jury were miffed at how you played them! But pretty good likability for those who remained in the house.)
    ■Awareness: 3 (This is hard for someone who wasn’t actually in the house to rate, so I might be off on this one.)
    ■Knowledge of the Game: 3 (I think Janelle and Ian might have been the only ones higher than you on this.)
    ■Physical Ability: 9 (‘Nuff said.)
    ■Mental Ability: 5 (You needed to show you could win a couple more of these, in my mind.)
    ■Relationships: 2 (Quack Pack, Secret Six and final two with about 4 people…)
    ■Influence: 1 (You convinced Shane to give you the Veto. Are you kidding me?? And Danielle believed every speech you gave.)
    ■Self control: 2 (Reading your Bible on the couch while Frank and Mike yell at you. How do you do that?)
    ■Playmaking: 1 (The funeral. What more can we say?)

    What do you think?
    Am I off on any of these?
    Although (I think) much of the TV audience despised your cut-throat play, it landed you with an unprecedented finish of #1 and #2. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to duplicate that.


    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks David! Interesting insight. :)

    • Tara P

      I would have to say that Dan should be 1 on awareness and knowledge of the game…his ability to rate everyone’s games spot on in a blog is proof of that alone! Also, self-control is definitely a 1…who has more self-control than Dearborn’s Finest? Other than those 3 though, I agree with you for the most part, nice rating David! :)


    • Anne

      Hi David, I’m not Dan but I just have to ask..when did Dan convince Shane to give him the veto? If you’re talking about the F4 Dani had the veto & was HOH, she put Dan & Ian up (Dan told her to) she then won the veto and took Dan off the block (Dan told her to) Shane had no say. If there was another instance please tell me. Thank you in advance for any response. Got me worried I missed something :)

    • Johnny

      Frank and Mike yelling at you Dan, while you show no emotion or reaction, definitely one of my favorite moments. One I think isn’t mentioned enough of your time in the house for sure.

  • Jamie

    I love how Britney is ranked #1.. thanks for doing this dan!

  • Laura

    I agree with the majority of your opinions & rankings. Britney was lethal & Danielle was a CLEAR final 2 from very early on. Danielle’s main mistake was not making her own decision in Final 4 & Britney’s main mistake was chaining herself to danielle instead of you after the veto so she could ensure you werent doing any crazy things so u left instead of her! :)

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about BB with the fans! It is why we love you & the game!

  • Julie

    Loved reading your thoughts! I agree with your points, I am hoping and looking forward to a blog regarding your thoughts after you watch the season / feeds. It’s such a fun show to be a fan of; thanks for making making this season so enjoyable!!! :-)

  • Carilee

    since you couldnt rank yourself #1 i totally agree with Britney having the top spot!! i mean hellllo! she was the only one who was on to your mist!! and tryed to warn the others, they just just didnt get it….haha she started the term and here were are now! the CBS shows didnt do the misting enough justice, but thankfully we have twitter to keep it alive! thanks for your insight, i truly enjoyed reading all your thoughts!!
    until next time! *CHEERS* :)

  • Jessica Bacon

    Dan I really enjoyed getting your perspective on how the players of BB 14 ranked at playing the game. I found it very interesting and actually agree with you on many of your points about the players. Thanks for taking the time to blog about this for us to see and sharing your experiences. =)

  • Kayla

    Ever since the 1st ratings, I’ve been waiting for this blog and it did not disappoint! Happy that Britney got 1st ranking in your mind as it was obvious she clearly knew what she was doing in the game! I can’t help but wonder where you would have placed yourself haha. Do you think Britney has a chance of getting asked back? She is so much fun to watch and her diary room sessions are hilarious.

  • emilia

    Great ranking. I too thought Britney should have been numero uno by your part one ranking. I am looking forward to you non bb14 post. I train individuals in sales through motivation and reading reactions. MUCH SUCCESS on your new ventures

  • wow-asia

    hi dan….. i have watched every BB season and i must say watching you play is like reading a fabulous mystery….you never know what’s around the corner….and you’re on the edge of your seat most of the way. I was rooting for you the second you walked through the door ……as it got closer to the end i felt you had developed real feelings for Ian…..and that you wanted him to win…i loved how you protected him and you put up with lot of verbal abuse from MBoogie. at the end you didn’t seem at all surprised Ian won….it was like you secretly or humbly led him to the win. I see you as an amazing game player and to me …once you enter that house what you represent outside of the house stays outside…otherwise how can you win……all the best to you and your family………namaste

  • Ranelle

    Great job, Dan! I especially liked your opinion about Mike’s and Ian’s games. Honest and very accurate. I’m a little surprised Boogie was ranked so high (I didn’t really see his physical ability.. And I’m totally biased lol) but your comments were spot on. I mostly agree with you about Brit (better player than coach, but could she really have won any challenge?) and I am glad you ranked her first over Ian.
    I hope your “dark knight” blog offers some insight into your game. Looking forward to it! I know a coach doesn’t rank himself but we all know you’re deserving of #1. :)
    Thanks for a great blog, Dan!

  • Karen

    I saw Danielle’s game as YOU needing her more than she needing you—but she could not separate herself enough to see that. Plus she is one of those competition females who is always comparing herself to other females to see who is prettier etc. That is a weakness. She could have been dangerous teamed with Britney–but she was happy to vote Britney off. Watching that from the outside was maddening.

    I agree with the person above who said your rehearsed speech lost you the $500,000 along with your exasperated faces whenever Ian spoke. It was as though you had complete control of your emotions until the moment you really needed to keep them in check. He came off as sympathetic and you came off as cocky.

  • Kathy

    I think you may be a little surprised of Ian’s awareness in the house as you watch the show. He was a little better of an actor and kept himself in check far more than you gave him credit for or could have seen inside the house.

  • Eileen

    Great read, thanks Coach Dan :)

  • Amanda

    Awesome blog post Dan! I think you should be #1, but Britney is an awesome second pic, love her. Love your rankings! Do you have a fan mail address??

  • Kathy

    Great read even if it’s not Shakespeare! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts it makes it a lot more interesting. Can’t wait for your directors cut commentary would be awesome if you could get Brit to do some too.

  • Rachel

    I absolutely love all your blog post! It’s so awesome to see a diff look at people! You are a great person! Thanks for posting!
    #teammist #teamdanforever

  • Jon

    This was awesome, Dan! I loved Brit in her season, and thought she came in and corrected a lot of what went wrong season 12.

    Thanks again for a good season!

  • Patricia

    I thought Brit deserved the number one spot, but not by such a large margin. Her scores in physical ability, influence and self control are awfully high. Britney did not have better physical ability than Danielle. She also couldn’t influence Willie and her team too well.

    Danielle is in a good spot at #3, but she did make some decisions of her own. Voting out Janelle is what she wanted to do with her HoH as soon as she won it, that wasn’t necessarily the best move for you, Janelle wasn’t coming after you. Also, you couldn’t vote out Shane at the double eviction because of her. She knew it benefitted her to have Shane in the house. But giving you the veto was a horrible, horrible decision, and she probably learned a few lessons about trust from that.

    The placing is spot on, I just don’t get some of the point distribution. Great assessment though.

  • Rodney

    Dan I was very impressed with your game play but I am not sure but how are your football players going to react to you now after watching the show? Your a great player I just hated to see you play the game that way because I think truly your a better person than you showed. I hope so anyways

  • Karen

    Dan, this was awesome. I can see where being in the game and watching it is a big difference in ranking everyone. You made a lot of sense with what you said. I still think you rank #1 and should have won the whole thing! Good luck this year in Football and hope to see you sometime again on BB.

  • Nikita Patel

    Thanks for the awesome blog dan! It was awesome staying in touch with chelsea while you were gone. We really appreciate all the effort you make to keep in touch with us through twitter and this blog! Oh and especially the dj game i joined because of you.

  • Ashley

    I never miss an episode of Big Brother or Big Brother After Dark!! I love it!! Frank is my all time favorite player. I would love to meet him! I was a little upset that you turned on him. You have always been my favorite player since season 10. So i was rooting for you too!!! I just want to say that you played amazing and good luck with all the things you do in life. Good luck with chelsea. The viewers could tell how much you love and care for her. Best of luck to you and your family! <3
    p.s. i would love a reply!

  • Matt S.

    Thanks so much for keeping me (& millions of people) entertained once again this summer! You are the king of BB in my mind. So knowledgable, smart, and know how to the play the game in multiple ways. My dream is to play in the BB house someday and I hope to do 2% as much as you did … you are the man! I look forward to reading/watching more on your blog.

  • @TheGentlereader

    I’ve thought a great deal about what to say but first and foremost: I haven’t felt so let down about a big brother outcome since Danielle Reyes lost. Amazing game Dan! My personal favorites have always been girls. From the moment Brit walked through the door till the moment she walked out…but she left and through my tears I began to laugh out loud with the assurance that this was going to be the greatest season EVER! Hands down, big brother King Dan. I agree with almost all of your rankings. Exceptions: Frank’s and Danielle’s. You were overly generous with Frank in awareness, likeability and self control. You were overly generous with Danielle in just about everything. Your patience, influence, tight leash and ability to keep a straight face got Danielle to where she ended. CBS editing be damned. Live Feeds ARE the real game. While I wanted her no where near any money…it would have been a sure win for you I feel (but that was my personal conflict). And if you had given the finale speech you gave on The Murtz show, I think you would have even pulled it out over Ian. Thanks again for the best season in a really long time. Possibly ever.

  • http://NA MD Honze

    Dan ,
    Just because the Lakers got D12 and Nash and a few others makes them the team to beat…..on paper. As a long time fan going back to the early 70’s I am a tad skeptical. I have OKC beating the Lakers in 7 in the west finals. Next year Kobinsky wins #6. Your thoughts?

  • Paula Debner

    Thanks so much for doing this. I love your rankings, and couldn’t agree more. I have been a BB fan since season 1 and have gone back and re-watched your season and it was amazing. You truly have a gift for this game and I hope that potential houseguest for BB15 read your posts to help them play the best game possible. My only issue is Danielle, and I guess because the live feeders saw so much more…just didn’t understand all the lies..they were not necessary for her game play. Keep up the good work and would love to see you back for the next All-Stars…

  • Amy Abatie

    I’d be interested to see how you felt you played the game by what you think you did well and what changes you could have made compared to what we saw and felt happened.
    For example, from where I sat in my living room, it was a no-brainer to take Danielle to the final two with you. Hands down, I think you would have won. I was blindsided that you took Ian. I thought as Danielle’s “Coach” your loyalty was with getting her to the end. I think if the jury saw that you did all those “evil” things (like host your own funeral) to get the coach and his player to the end, then I think you would have won.
    Ahh, the speculation. :-) First time really watching BB – and you are the reason I am hooked. I can’t wait to follow you on your other adventures in life.
    Wishing the best for you from Indiana (about 10 mins from where Joe lives actually) —

  • christina

    Thank you for your thoughts and ranking the house guest!! Brit was a fantastic player and I have been a fan of hers for a long time, but in my eyes you were number 1…you pretty much got the whole house to do what you wanted and I was so sad to not see you big brother 14 plays were made by you :)

  • http://N/A Brenda

    This is excellent and interesting to those of us who were immersed in the game. It will be interesting to hear your comments on the exits which sucked. It would be cool if some of the others did this. *hint* I had the live feeds for the first (and LAST) time. The intrigues were amazing. It is so much a book waiting to happen especially if the others would contribute. A zillion people would buy. It is a study of psychology and sociology like no other. It would interesting if you watched some of the best of the live feeds and give us feedback…no wait. That’s fodder for your book. Your reaction to hearing Chelsea’s voice when you were notified that you’d be getting videos from home was incredible as was your sobbing. :) Sent from my phone so no way am I proofing.

  • Mark

    I think the only thing that hurt Britany besides Willie was she was too late when she campaign for votes.

  • Ellen

    I lOVE how you have Brit and Ian #1 and #2!! Totally had them winning it all this season…and you of course, right up there too:) My 10 year old son is a lot like Ian and it made me so happy, and I cried also when he won!! I wish you would have taken Ian under your wing but I am so glad Brit did, she was so sweet to him! Thanks Dan!

  • Brian

    Interesting read and for the most part I agree with your assessment. It would be interesting to see if your views/assessment change after you view the episodes, which I believe you will be doing. Are you also going to view some of the live feed that has been saved? Or at least read some of the blogs, like jokers or my favorite who gave a written account of happenings in the house and word for word accounting of what the houseguests said to each other. That might change your perspective since a lot of discussions and game play were omitted from the episodes.

    I think Brit gets a bad wrap on how she coached Willie and watching the episodes will not show what she tried to do with him. He ultimately ignored or simply let his emotions get the best of him and failed to heed what Brit told him. She tried being very direct and honest with Willie and how he was playing the game, to no avail.

    Janelle was playing the game as a coach and when she came into the game she couldnt change her game play to how she played in her other two seasons.

    Your assessment of Mike and Frank were bang on. I re-watched season 2 and Mike played the same way and suffered the same result….voted out early. I would have thought Mike would have played better considering he had 2 other seasons to learn from his mistakes.

  • http://Dangheesling! Yvonne

    These are great Dan – Really sums up the house for me as well. I’d only hoped that you or Ian could win – and you did! Congratulations…… well played sir’s! I can’t wait to see what is next…. I will definitely be waching!! You Rock <3 #danfan

  • Seth

    Hey Dan!

    I read your blog everynight. I was wondering will we ever see you in the BB house again?

  • Shereen

    This was interesting and for the most part i agree with your rankings :) ..Kinda wish you rated yourself.

  • Michelle

    Dan Ghessling played the best game ever played in the BB House and should of won BB 14!! No other rankings needed!!!!!
    Thanks for read though, it was insightful.

  • Jodi

    I would so like to see what you think of your ranking after you watch the episodes or feeds. Mike and Frank were very vile and neither deserved to rank as high as you ranked them. Danielle does not deserve to be #3. The only thing she did on her own was TRY to seduce Shane (and flashing her va-j-j to the live feeders) and lie about all her illnesses/accidents. Without the coaches in the show she would have been gone very early.

    As far as others saying that the jury was bitter, I really think that Shane is the only one that vote that way. Frank and Jenn were Ian’s teammates, Britney was his best bud, Joe did not really like you in the game, and Ash had her little “thing” for Ian. I think you would have won against Danielle, but people are acting like you should have taken her, instead of Ian, when it was really Ian taking you. By the time the jurors got to the Finale they all knew, except for Shane, who is still clueless, that Danielle had a hand in their leaving, even though she denied it to the end.

  • Dave

    I disagree with a few of your rankings, especially in regards to “awareness.” I didn’t see the feeds but based off the show, Wil seemed WAY more aware of what was going on than Boogie and Frank. Wil seemed to always know when he was being lied to and even knew (or suspected) that you threw the first endurance comp in order to look weak (which shows he’s aware of BB past). Unfortunately for Wil, he just didn’t have the ability to use any of that knowledge to his advantage.

    Boogie and Frank, on the other hand, seemed clueless most of the time about what was going on. Frank always seemed to trust Shane despite the fact Shane betrayed him every chance he got. Neither Boogie nor Frank had any idea Frank was getting voted out Week 3 until you told Boogie and both were convinced that you were the one that convinced Shane to nominate them when it was in fact Ian’s betrayal that lead to that action. Frank also seemed to think he could work with you towards the end, just for you to return to the Quack Pack once Frank was no longer in power.

  • LisaMM

    Dan, I LOVE reading your articles. This was a great summary … although I do agree with a couple others who felt Frank was scored a bit high in some categories. Maybe you’ll change your mind about some of that when you see episodes?
    After Janelle got kicked out, my enthusiasm for this year of BB waned a little bit, but your antics and manipulations turned the season into a stellar one. =) (And you should have won 1st place)

    I was wondering … what are your ideas for next year’s or future BB as far as casting/themes? Do you think it should be a back-to-basics kind of thing with complete unknowns or do you think there should be returning people and/or some crazy twists? Would love to hear your speculations.
    Best wishes to you.

  • Esme

    Thanks for writing this. I agree with pretty much everything, but that’s probably because I’m misted by everything you do. Britney was the best player (besides you), but there was something about the waaay she manipulated people that really bothered me. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe she was just so good it annoyed me.

    Either way, you deserve the #1 player of all time spot in BB history!

    I cannot wait for you to get to my e-mail, or for your commentary! Thanks for all you do, you inspire me!:)

    • Kimberly

      I think Britney had some misting powers of her own.

  • jackie

    Thanks so much for your pulse on the other HG’s, Dan. I loved your game play and i respect your POV (Point of view). I don’t agree with all of them, but for the most part you are very close, I am signed up with the mailing, and i really look forward to your assessment after seeing the CBS edit. Although I really wish you would watch some of the live feeds; As this is the True un-edited version of what actually happened. I’m sure there are things about every single HG, with the exception of Janelle hitting her button, that may surprise you. Lots of Love♥

  • Holly

    You played an awesome game!!! You will go down as being the best player in Big Brother History. I was so hoping that you would win. Best of luck to you and your beautiful wife.

  • Laralyn Baker

    I have been watching BB since the 1st season. I love this game. Personally, I believe you to be the best BB game player in history. Would love to see you, Dr. Will and Boston Rob in some kind of game format that includes social, competitions and strategy. Would be epic. Thank you for making, what I believe was starting out to be a boring season, an interesting and fun BB season. Take care and GOD bless you and yours.

  • Jackie

    Thanks for posting, the rankings have been a great read! I hope you’ll let us know if your perspective on anyone changes after watching the episodes.

    I had a feeling Ian wouldn’t rank first (though would be high) and it makes sense that Brit had a lot of thinks working for her and was a dangerous player. So that leads me to now wonder we’re you glad Brit was taken out when was or were you hoping to use her as an asset later in the game? (I know obviously her eviction was the result of saving yourself in the game and that of course was the right move but were you glad it was her or if you had your way would you have preferred to sacrifice a different QP member?)

    • Maggie

      Congratulations on #2; should have been #1 if my husband and I could have voted.

      I found your rankings of the other players entertaining, and am wondering if you have had any response from these players regarding your blog? That could be quite interesting – a mini soap opera in the making.

  • Tani

    Obviously You Would have Been Number one on Majority of all Rankings but that aside.I definitly do not agree with Britney as number one.As other poster said her early in the game bashing of hg’s and her really only being close to ian was her only social game she really wasnt close to dani just using her to further herself in the game. She started the lies that got Janey out and yes people could say great gameplay but you were able to get people out with our bashing houseguests.And how she coached Willie was not the best.She pretty much used the same game as BB12 work with the stronger guys and thats why Shane was her Lane! I have to admit i do harbor ill feelings still twords britney for her constant bashing of Rachel in BB12 which was mean,nasty and very personal and lasted the whole game even after she was long gone from the game. But still Frank or Ian deserves to be ranked higher then her especially you.

  • Tiffany Carter

    Thanks for posting these! it was interesting to see it from your perspective coming out of the house before you actually watched the shows! thanks for sharing!!!
    still think you should have won! :)

  • David


    These rankings are impressive. I think you did something here that no one else could do and that’s truly take feelings out of the game and gameplay and rate them. I think your very spot on. The most about Brittany of course. In my mind you should have had a 1a and 1b and of course ranked yourself!! I’d be interested to see what you thought about your jury speech.

    Can’t wait to keep reading!


  • Ivory

    Make a correction here:

    “Her and Willie were not a good combination to start with, but she did have it in her to put the clamps down on people (as seen with Ian). ”

    Change “Her” to “She”!
    I liked your ratings….now…..where would you rate yourself?

  • Kimberly


    These were awesome! I totally agree with you on your #1, and not just because I am a Britney fan but because you captured what I as a live feeder seen out of her. She really did have some inspiring leadership traits, JennCity too.

    Thank you for your blog! I just interviewed for a leadership position that I am really PRAYING that I will land, and I have become the President of my womens organization. And there is lots that I have learned from watching you on the, live feeds as a coach, Now after reading what you wrote about Jenn & Britney I could learn alot about leadership from the both of them as well. I really hope to hire you to do some coaching with me (I am being dead serious about that, sent you an email a few weeks back), I really want to shine in my Presidency and in my job, no matter what one I land. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Thank you!

  • Jessica

    Loved hearing your inside take on the players and definitely agree with Britney and Franks assessment in particular. Thanks for one of the most entertaining seasons of BB yet!

  • Joseph

    Don’t know if this has been asked, or if you’ve answered, if you would’ve won the final comp, who would you have taken into the finale? Danielle or Ian? And do you believe the outcome would’ve been different with you against Danielle.

  • Kathy

    As usual you are SPOT ON, Dan! Keep em coming – loving it and can’t wait to hear your commentary while you watch the episodes. It just so happened that I was able to watch and keep up with all the live feeds this summer so I am very curious what you will think about the edits on the other houseguests. KK

  • Renee

    Can’t wait for the commentary!!! Just to be clear, will you post each one as a blog entry, or will the episode commentary be available for purchase only?

  • Pervis Thompson

    I could not disagree with you MORE about your assessment of Janelle and it just proves that for all of your Twitter butt-kissing, you haven’t even bothered to find out what really happened in the BB14 house. Janelle had no self-control? She was jaded? The girl had built wonderful relationships, the Internet was abuzz with the fact that she was the only coach whom all of the newbies liked! Newbies sought her ought (example, Kara going to her for advice about Boogie’s hitting on her) and they all genuinely enjoyed being around her. It was Britney and her “turn the house against Janelle” campaign that ruined things for Janelle. Britney made up HORRIBLE lies about Janelle, beginning week 1, INCLUDING the ones she told YOU that you so blindly just believed withou even giving Janie the benefit of the doubt or ASKING Janelle about it (one of the reasons I lost respect for you and was so happy you lost this season, especially since you started out this season reminding others that Janelle doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body, but that Britney lied the entirety of her first season!). The only thing Janelle could not control were Britney’s (and then Danielle’s) blatant lies. Yes, she got evicted by a complete and utter blindside and it was karmic heaven to see each of you who were responsible for it either being evicted or, as in your case, getting to the end and not winning.

  • Bill

    Dan, I really enjoyed reading your grades on the houseguests but I was really looked forward to your take on your own personal game (which I thought was by far the best). Now that could have been interesting.

  • David

    Greetings from down the street in Farmington Hills. Interesting comments, but I second (third?) the notion that you should include yourself in this review. You played a phenomenal game, but since you didn’t ultimately bring home the prize, I’m interested in hearing what you believe to be your biggest weakness(s) this time around. Seems to me that you fell victim to Russell Hantz syndrome. Although you played a much better social game than Russell, your downfall was in jury management which, I think is related to, but different than, the “relationships” and “likeability.”

    Down the line, I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the particular difficulties faced by returning winners on reality shows and strategies to overcome those challenges. Both you and Dr. Will seemed to come into your second seasons with definite ideas on how to deal with this stigma, whereas Richard Hatch seemed flail about helplessly on Survivor All-Stars.

    P.S. As a Michigan alum, I’m interested in your reaction to learning that your former player, James Ross, has gotten so much PT as a true freshman. Seems like he is going to be a real good one.


  • Blake Rucker

    I love your rankings! They are spot on. I enjoyed watching you this season and I can’t wait until you come out with another book. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope your enjoying this beautiful fall weather here in Michigan!
    -Blane Rucker :)

  • Marie

    Hey Dan,

    I was so impressed from the beginning watching how you continually asked questions and really listened to the other houseguests. Not only questions about themselves, but about motivations, responses to hypothetical situations, etc which was just brilliant. I don’t understand why more people don’t do this instead of always being focused on themselves and their game. You gained so much more insight into everyone and what made them tick. It was so enjoyable to watch. I’m also impressed with you making absolutely the most out of this opportunity. Way to run with it and I wish you and Chelsea all the best.

  • Stuart Baxter

    Dan love the blog and ranking Brittney #1 is spot on. She had you pegged as you will see when you watch the episodes (ie term mist). To bad she was backed door. Anyway in really loved the show this year and your game play was very entertaining.

  • Kristal

    I am so grateful you took the time to do this, It was an excellent read. I do have to agree if America was allowed to vote on final two you would have won hands down. It really is unfortunate that just the players get to vote the winner. Being on the outside of the house and watching every episode and live feeds it was quite clear to me who the best player in the house was!!! YOU!!!! All the best to you and your beautiful wife, I look forward to your inspirational words!!!

  • Rachel

    Great assessment Dan! You and your antics were the ONLY reason I continued watching this season after they evicted my girl Kara to keep Frank! I knew you would flip that house upside down lol. Thank you for keeping us entertained all summer with your amazing gameplay! So much fun to watch! #teamMist!

  • Peggie

    I have to give you props Dan. You got this one right except for Jenn. I wouold have switched her and Shane.

  • Tina

    Dan ,Thanks for this its nice to see your perspective from inside the house .I was wondering if you checked out Wil s blog with his parody of your funeral ? It’s really super funny . I really thought you should have won but I’m sure you’ve herd that before .

  • Gator15

    Great piece Dan! I know you think very highly of Brittney, but I think you have overestimated her just a little bit. I wasn’t in the house so obviously you have a lot more insight than I do, but she really wasn’t all that impressive. She got played by the Brigade her first season, and played by you this season.

  • Karla

    Thank you so much for all you do! Also a big thank you to Chelsea for all she did for us fans while you were in the house. I just want you to know that I supported all summer long. To me you are the BEST PLAYER to have ever played the game!! People can say Dr. Will was but I have my own theory on that. He played the game when it was new and not many people had watched it, you played it 8 yrs later after people already knew how the game was played and different ways of playing had been seen, so in my opionion you had a harder road to get to the end and especially to win. Also this season you not only got your self to the end you got one of your players to the end too. So in my opionion you are the BEST! Can not wait to see your DVD’s and future post of yours, Thank you!!!

  • Sandy

    Dan….loved you on the show this season. My husband & I thought you should have won hands down!! Thanks for the ratings, great blog!! Hope to see you on Big Brother again :)

  • Sarah

    Thanks for all your insights into the game from someone who has been in it. I have to say though, you were completely robbed and should have won. The jury just had a bunch of sour grapes because you controlled the entire house. You losing is right up there with Danielle not winning season 3, and Russell Hantz not winning Survivor the first time he played. ROBBED!

  • Tammy

    Thrilled that you have a blog. Since the show ended I have felt like I have lost a friend. I am also happy since my daughter watched with me, that she is able to see how you are out of the house and now she understands why I was team Dan from the start!! You have a very special Gift from God,use it to it’s fullest. God Bless

  • Dana

    Hi Dan!
    I’m a Metro -Detroiter too!!!….
    I’ve been watching since season two and I have to say that this year has been one of the best seasons ever. Great game play!!! I also have to say that I was so curious that I had to figure out what your Union Lake blob shirt was…lol

    Fan!!!! Dana

  • Brenda

    Really enjoyed this Dan! I love the way your mind works and must admit I wait with baited breath for your next ‘move’! Can’t wait for you to start watching the season and hear your thoughts!

  • Carolyn

    Why make the comments moderated? You only approve the ones that praise you, you won’t post any that disagree with your rankings. Predictable. Done reading this b.s., even the comments are scripted.

  • Darlene

    Thanks for an amazing blog Dan! I agree Brit deservered #1. She was undersestimated! And she was so funny, loved her!

    Thanks for an amazing season. BB14 will be my all time favorite season ever because of you! I had the live feeds, showtime and could not stop watching! I also watched S10.

    You deserved to win BB14 and should have WON. Was highly disappointed in the jury. Hope to see you on ALL-Stars, NEVER say NEVER!

  • gfaith

    What fun to hear your perspective on the strengths of each player you lived with in the BB house. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I am curious to hear how you respond when you see the show cuts — it may be like watching a different version of the story you lived, at least in some respects. When you get to your own funeral, I hope you’re as excited and proud as we were when we saw you execute that amazing play. I actually jumped off the couch and then fell on the floor laughing! If there was a category called “Bringing Joy to Your Audience,” you’d have to give yourself a 1 for that move.

  • Trisha Cornaire

    Hey Dan. Nice job on the rankings :) I always need something to look at when I need a break from my high school and college classes.

  • Michael

    I will have to say that I was amazed at some of the things that you did this season! I love watching “genius” unfold, and that is exactly what we got to see with your game play! Loved reading your ranking of the house guests. I think I will have to agree with David above on his ranking of you! I think I would have given you at least a 7 on Physical Ability. I think when you have 2 beasts like Shane and Frank who could win any competition that was of the physical nature, your desire to win those diminishes slightly! Overall, You were tops in my book Dan!

    On a different note, I am considering applying for Big Brother 15! I think I have the physical and mental fortitude to be a good game player! I think by scoring myself on your scale, I would rank in the top 5. If you are interested in molding the winner of Big Brother 15, I might be your next protege.

  • Cassey

    Excellent Dan! … I agree with your Rankings! – What some do not realize is that Britney *threw* a couple of challenges! – She threw that first one that Danielle won, and another.

    Who ARE You, Dan!? and Where did you come from?! – You are the Most unusual fellow! :)

  • Greg

    I really enjoyed reading your perspective on the players in the house this season. I will say I was surprised that you ranked Frank so high after you agreed with Ian on the live feeds that Frank’s social game was shit and that is
    an important part of the game. I was also puzzled to why Danielle’s physical ability was ranked at 10 after winning 4 comps and Britney’s physical ability was a 3 after winning no comps. Anyways I’ll take your word that you went on just by their game and not by who you talk to now.
    Nice blog, hope to see more from you.

  • Kate


    If I remember correctly, Mike Boogie asked to “Will it up?” with you early in the season. You seemed unsure (or maybe the producers just edited this way…) My question is why didn’t you take Boogie up on the offer if you wanted to play with him instead of against him?

    Loved the insight you provided on the houseguest. I would love to see how you would rate yourself. I’ve heard you don’t want to evaluate yourself, but being a fellow teacher the only way to improve your lessons is by reflecting on them.

  • Carie

    Enjoyed reading about the BB14 house…looking forward to reading more on your blog about you and how you can help others in their lives!!!

  • Donna

    Dan, you never cease to amaze me with your analytical skills and how your mind truly was working 24/7 in the game. You have completely drawn me into looking at each houseguest in a different light. Far more than a personal opinion. You studied every single person. Best thing I did was sign up for your blogs. Insight, knowledge and learning more with each one. Truly.

  • Peggie

    Dan, this blog is great.Maybe BB would hire you to analyze future HGs. It would add to the viewing pleasure of future BB seasons.

  • joanne hurlburt

    I loved your game play on season 6! You out did yourself this season!! I was surprised what happened with Danielle. She was way to trusting for her own good! Much success with your future endeavors. PS. I saw all Chelsea’s interviews. She has a great sense of humor as well as your sister. They made quite a pair!!

  • Amanda Love

    I love reading your blogs! I agree with your ranking on most of the house guests. Besides of course that you are number one. Lol My favorite part of you on big brother is that you aren’t ashamed of your religious beliefs. That is so awesome!! Good luck with upcoming endeavors!

  • Amanda

    Thanks Dan! Great read as always. I enjoy your perspective on the players a lot.

  • Theresa

    You and Chelsea should go on Amazing Race together! CBS would be wise to keep you on tv!! If not Amazing Race, you should consider doing a podcast and posting it on iTunes…..surely there are enough of us BB fans out here!! Also, why does the show only air once a year? I look forward to it so much and am sad when it ends and I have to wait so long for the next seasaon! CBS should do a winter BB All Star or Celebrity & BB All Star season!! And of course you should be on it!!
    Just a thought…..

  • Brittany

    If I had to rank you, by far #1!!! (With Brit as a close second). Obviously by being a young viewer, only 14, you basically summed up all I need to know as a viewer within one season. A few questions though, if you were asked to return back for a final time with other returning players, would you accept? Would you want any specific players there with you? Would you play a different kind of game strategically?

  • Cassidy

    Dan!! You are amazing in every aspect of the word! Can’t wait to be on Big Brother myself and hopefully get to compete with a coach like you! Ha ha!

  • Jackie

    I could not agree with you more on the rankings of the other house guests,especially Britney. She had you and alot of the other house guests figured out from the beginning as you’ll see as you watch the episodes, she was a big threat!! I look forward in reading more!!!

  • Kathy

    Hey Dan
    I was so excited to see you show up on this summer’s show! When I heard some formal players were coming back I was hoping it would be you because by far you are the BEST player in BB history, even if you don’t think you are, YOU ARE!
    Your game play was awesome!
    I can’t wait to read your books!
    Take care

  • Lindsey

    Dan, I loved reading this! And I totally agree about Britney being #1. Well actually, I think you were number 1, but since you didnt count yourself, britney is. hahah, well i cant wait to read more stuff you put up!

  • Cheryl

    Thanks Dan I enjoy reading your blogs.

  • tom

    I was always surprised you seemed to want Britney out more than Shane, and now this shows why. She really was in a good position before you went on the offensive. I do think you’re overestimating her self control and playmaking ability though.

  • James

    I personally think that at around the final 8, both Ian and Britney overplayed their hands with Ian trying to be covered on all angles, and Britney trying way to hard to get what she wanted in the game done. Ian recovered but Britney got evicted

  • Gaye Cruz

    Thank you for your final
    part of your rankings. These were great to read, in my opinion because you not only coach, but you were there. Living there seeing things 1st hand. That makes a huge difference. I really felt your opinions were totally unbiased. Thank you for taking the time to share with us all.
    God Bless,

  • Jane

    I thouroughly enjoyed your rankings and look forward to your commentary. You are the 12-step program for my BB withdrawl symptoms. I loved Brittney this season too and I don’t know why Hollywood agents aren’t knocking on her door! I honestly don’t know how you had the patience for Danielle–all I can say is you will see! Like the Phoenix, you made coming back from the ‘dead’ a real treat on the live feeds and honestly when you were under the covers when Danielle was trying to talk to you–I knew you were trying not to snicker! When she left–your remark to the camaras, “It’s a game” was PRICELSS. I think Dani will suffer the most post-game as she was not perceived well at all by most of us.
    Do you go back and ever watch the live feeds on SuperPass? Do you read the archives at Hamster and some of the other fan sites? Just wondering. Can’t wait for your commentarys and if you what your post-watching observations will be?

  • Anne

    Hiya Dan :) Oh boy! ROFL As always I looked forward to your evaluation and comments however since you asked for our opinion :P I’ll try to keep it short.. I think your evaluations will change somewhat IF you watch the live feeds, if your commentary is based on the TV episodes they may not change too much..and to get your commentary on the live feeds well that would take too long but hoping there will be a bit of both…I think you were well aware of Danielle’s feelings for you hats off to how you handled it, you are a gentleman and a professional! I positively love your writing Dan! Comments like “a lot of upkeep and energy” beyond brilliant as is your game!! Thank you once again for your hard work and the time you put into your blogs and articles. #TeamMistAlways ;)

  • Jon justice

    What’s up coach? I would love for you to post any changes to your rankings, that might or might not happen, after you watch the season.. I’m interested in hearing your opinion. Brit also had a great sense of humor that allowed her to break the ice and make everyone feel like they were a part of the convo..

  • Jenn Massie (SassyMassie)

    Dan…. I’ve been looking forward to this read for awhile- Was so good. Felt like I was reading a headline in the paper!

    You nailed it, IMO, and you can tell there was nothing personal b/c it’s all truth and aside from you, I agree with Brittany as #1! As a live feeder, we see a lot of what you’re seeing and sometimes more! Even when you weren’t in the room and we were watching the other’s game play, you’re still SPOT ON!
    I am curious on how you would rank yourself, but I know that you would be too humble to really do that publicly…. :) So, I decided to try to rank you based on your own criteria! ;) and you came in 1st (surprise, surprise) with 13 pts!

    Here is a summary of my thoughts on YOU as the 1st place houseguest:
    You, Dan Gheesling, were the MASTER NINJA OF KNOWLEDGE, you THRIVED when it was your darkest hr, you were the BOSS of most everyone’s mental game (including your own), you were the PUPPET MASTER & a PURE GENIUS!!!
    You were playing the game with your eyes shut and ran circles around their circles, knocked everyone’s pawns off the board and made it to the final 2, AGAIN! Soooo…… THANKS for the most entertaining, the most nail-biting , the most sleepless and the most ingenious, string pulling, circle running, EPIC game of Big Brother ever….. You will always be #1 in my book!

    AND Thanks for all the work you put in to the article… as you listened to w/#TeamMist while writing it!!!
    Look forward to the commentary! Can’t wait!

    SIDENOTE: I had to send the FULL RANKING via email… because it got too long for the comment section, so check your email, please! 

  • Ariel

    Thank you for taking your time and letting everyone know your thoughts and opinions. This was great to read, not only because of a coach’s aspect but because you had the amazing chance to live it out. As i read this I loved how you were able to be unbiased. I agree with you on most of your choices, especially Britt’s.

  • Johnny

    Awesome blog post, i love reading all your inside info. You need to pull a Michael Jordan and come back for a third time, why? Because you only won 1 championship and a conference finals appearance and Dan Gheesling is a winner and won’t be happy with being Lebron James and only winning 1 chip. I bet you want to be a Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan and separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Retirement won’t last long, well, at least that’s what we all hope.

  • Serens

    Hi Dan,

    Love you almost as much as I love BB. Just a little curious if any of the BB14 house guests have read your rankings and if so, did you get any responses? I’ve always wondered how I would do on BB. I think I would either go all the way to the end or I’d be voted out week one. I can be a little mouthy. Lol. Keep on keeping Dan. Hope to see you with some kind of involvement with BB in some way. Thanks for a great season..

  • Katrina T

    I love this!! Thanks so much for posting this, I love reading your stuff. Hopefully it can help me get on BB one day! I wonder where you’d rank yourself? Should definitely be number 1! :)
    – Forever your #1 fan!!

  • Bushra

    Boogie is way overrated
    he’s a nobody without Will holding his hands and guiding him through the game, and he definitely the main reason why Frank struggle so much in it


  • Rob

    Great stuff. I’ve always enjoyed these types of “power rankings” when it’s been done with sports teams. It turns out to be a great fit too for Big Brother and, if you have the time, would be interesting to see you do for future seasons.

    The only area where I would have a real disagreement is the ranking of Mike Boogie. Except for Willie, I don’t know of a player who did more to undermine his or her own game than Mike. People (you and the other coaches) were basically begging to work with him and his world just bizarrely revolved around Frank. It was shocking to see a former winner act like he did. Without Dr. Will in the house Mike appeared lost. He performed like your typical early evicted BB houseguest.

    You played a great game, particularly since you were the biggest target from day one. It’s amazing you made it to the final 2 and I think this season places you ahead of Dr. Will overall.

  • Matt and Susan

    Hi Dan,
    I think it was the finale when you said you needed to go to confession? If not am sure was near the end of the season. Being a practicing Catholic myself I hope you have gone to confession. I truly feel you are a good person and one of my favorite BB players. But your constantly rationalizing your game strategy and lying was because you did not have “the physical” advantage other players had in the game to me was a cop out. I hope that you came to that conclusion with help of confession. We all rationalize our good and bad behaviors in life. I truly respect you and as a role model for your students and team players I hope you ” man up”, drop the lack of physical strength rational. Yes it is only a game and with BB anything really goes to win the game. I just hope that down the road of life you do not look back and say to yourself ” my integrity” is more important than winning any game. You are a good man, Sincerely, Matt

  • Nikki

    Your awesome Dan !!! I loved watching u this season !! Favorite player of all time by far !!! : )

  • Celeste

    Great job Dan! If I were to grade you based on that scale you would get a 1 in every category without question! Of course, everyone already knows that..100%misted. Aaaand, also it’s nice to see that I was right about you being the one that could’ve stopped Janelle’s eviction..grrr, I was literally saying Dan, please tell her not to backdoor Janie..Oh, how I wish you had Dan! I do forgive you though. Yes, I am a member of Janelle’s Anyways, I agree with all of your comments and grading, you were spot on with everyone. Just for the record, I do watch the feeds and feel you can’t really know what’s going on in the house unless you do. Thanks again for sharing your perspective of everyone’s gameplay this season!

  • Jen

    Hi Dan,
    It is really great to hear all the insight from a player after they have finished a reality show and we, as viewers, rarely, if ever, get that. Thank you for sharing all of your news and thoughts so far. I really look forward to hearing the commentary and everything else that is to come on the tweets, FB & blog. Take care!

  • Donna Nuccio

    Perfect insight ! Now I understand the order you took them out . I will rank you 1# Understood the game to well . Best moves in the game . Thought of every move he wanted to make . Thought how he was going to take them down. Being a target from day two and making it to the end. Play his own game and not taking advise or told what their next move should be .Listening to the feeds . Dan’s a dangerous player he has to go out . Making it to the F2 twice ! With one win under his belt .Everyone up above who is trying out . First great move . Get Dan to coach you! We know he has another rabbit to pull out of his hat. Now a huge fan of Dan and still a still didn’t forget about you Jani

  • Sandy

    Brit is good, but you are the BEST! Ian lucked out and got a bitter jury.
    You Chelsea need to do the Amazing Race!!!

  • joyce

    It was great watching you and I love your insights on the players!! I hope you plan on playing again!! I thought you were the best player last time and you just confirmed it this season!! You were the winner in my book!!

  • Michael

    Thank you for not overrating Boogie. I agree with your top three, in that order, but I also think Kara is someone who could win under other scenarios, which is why you, being the target you were going in, had to pick her.

  • steven

    Great job and thanks for the insight. Heck of a season. Maybe you should start a big brother boot camp! Who wouldn’t want to get covered in slime while trying to find some small foam item amongst a million plastic balls!

  • Jacqurlyn

    What fun your blogs are. Loved reading them and mostly agreed with everything you said.

  • Laura

    This was so interesting to read! Can’t wait to hear how your opinions change once you watch the episodes :)

    In future seasons of Big Brother, will you make more posts like these? I would LOVE to read your evaluations of future players, too!

  • Tonee

    Let me first say that I did not watch all the BB episodes on CBS but did keep up by reading a number of spoiler websites on a daily basis. I was very interested in reading the discussions between different houseguest. It was like reading a novel.

    Saying this I think that your rating for Ian on Awareness and Likability is underscored. Likability does not prevent you from nomination and eviction. In fact, being too likable can make you a target if players are keeping the jury votes in mind when playing the game. Ian did make a connection with every juror member. Even the three members of the jury that he nominated for eviction voted for him in the end. So I do not buy into the bitter jury theory. Maybe lack of respect for your type of game play would be a better theory. Good vs Evil.

    Secondly, I think he was very aware of motives and stategies of other players. After Britney left, he basically was on his own with no real allies. He seemed to be very aware of this and by reuniting the Quack Pack, it gave him numbers to hide within. He knew he was the next target. In fact I think by reuniting the Quack Pack, it saved your game in the end, because everyone was gunning for you (even Shane and Dani) after the Britney eviction. The number of F3 and F2 deals between Frank, Jenn, Joe, Shane and Dani was mind boggling. I think he played the best HOH that week the entire season. He gained some loyality by promising safety to Shane and Dani, gained Joe’s respect while working on his jury vote before his eviction. Although he wanted to be that Renegade, I think he knew that he could not trust you the same way he trusted Britney. The conversations he had with himself while stemming were very interesting to read.

    Yes I think Britney played a great game, but her downfall was that she did not hide it well. She was viewed as a bigger threat when she was on the block with Dani. She also gave up and did not try to sway the vote. So I think her rating was too high.

    Lastly, I think this year’s BB was one of the best in a long time. It was great to see two good players at the end rather than two floaters or one good player and a floater. It was great TV at the end. Loved it.

  • Miche

    Nailed it! You and Britney are BB Warlords! Ian as you suspected tugged on watchers heart strings. I hope you get a better perspective on his social game when you watch he reminded me of a character in Winnie the Pooh! Thanks for all your hard work in this report BB General Dan. I look forward to your analysis of the episodes.

  • Gregg Weldon

    Dan, thanks for the excellent detailed analysis of your fellow players. I really enjoyed your thoughts and your ability to look at what must have been an extremely emotional 3 months in such a clinical and logical way. I’m going to defer to your judgement on these ratings, as you’re the expert, but from watching TV, Danielle and Jenn came across much worse than you give them credit for. Very interesting. Also, Janelle wasn’t nearly as capable a player as she was in previous seasons. Anyway, thanks again for the blog. I’m looking forward to your episode commentary!

  • kkarra

    It’s kind of funny how you’re saying Brit was good at every type of comps, when she didn’t win ANY. Also, admit it, you’re mad at Boogie for picking Frank over you. When you said “Two is a company, and three is a crowd,” Boogie basically said: “Yes Dan, three is a crowd, so leave my and Frank’s company alone.”

  • Megan

    Dan, you made Michigan proud on BB14! “Dan’s Funeral” was by far the highlight of the season! How long had you been planning it? I just have to say that I was rooting for you from the very beginning of the game and was bummed when you didn’t win, but was happy for Ian. I hope you will be on a future seasons! I will forever be comparing future competitors to you! Congrats on making the final two and I hope you enjoy watching all the episodes as much as I did this summer. Much love from a fellow Michigander, Megan.

  • Nicholas

    Are you real?

  • Nicholas

    By the way… Boogies #1 since he was born in the Granite State! #newhampshire

  • Shawna

    Love your blog Dan, keep ‘em coming!

  • Diane

    I completely agree with your opinion of Britney. Getting her out was one of your best game moves…which is why YOU are the greatest BB player ever! It was totally awesome to watch you all summer. Thanks for playing again. :)

  • Renee’ Smith

    Thanks Dan!! This was most enjoyable and informative. Just wondering is it possible for people to look at themselves so objectively? And if so where would you rank Dan among these houseguests? Just for fun! Thanks again!

  • Liz

    Very Interesting and i liked the rankings.. But I would have ranked Danielle a little higher (not 3rd) . I don’t think that many houseguest really liked her or were influence by her (except shane) ( like-ability 8, mental ability-8, relationships-5, influence-6, self control-8) I think you went a little easy on her..

  • pamela

    You should have won it all! The way you played everyone was admirable, and entertaining! You made almost everyone else look like they were in summer camp, not BB.
    Rock on!

  • Jackie

    Great read but, you forgot to rank yourself…FYI I’d rank you #1. ;)

  • Colleen

    You were amazing this season! Unbelievable how you got yourself out of so many sticky situations! Wish you had won but glad you at least made it to the finals and won something!

  • Shawn

    Spot.On.!!! Well analyzed, well written. I have to say, given that Boogies game fell apart and knowing the beast that Brittany was/is, I can only imagine the path of BB destruction you and Brittany could have had if you used your collective powers with a secret alliance. After 14 loyal seasons, I had a blast watching every single episode this year. I was before BB14 and will forever be, a Dan fan! Thanks for all the fun! BB forever!

  • Donavan Williams

    Couldn’t agree more epically with Britney, she definitely made a name for herself in big brother this year. I really feel like no one gives her the credit she deserved. Not to mention she is completely hilarious (she was by far my favourite) but of course Dan the man had to get her out… it is what is but there’s a sore spot up here in Ontario, Canada for Dan Gheesling.
    P.s. hope you and Chelsea have taken a bunch of chub days when you got back #YouDeserveItEvenThoughYouGotBritOut #CanadianStinkEye

  • @bestbrownboy

    Couldn’t agree more, epically with Britney. She was by far my favourite and I really don’t think that anyone gives her the credit she deserves. Not to mention she is completely hilarious. But of course Dan the man had to get her out… Got to give you credit, it is what it is but there’s a sore spot up here in Ontario, Canada.
    P.s. hope you and Chelsea have had lots of chub days since you’ve gotten back, well deserved.
    #EvenThoughYouGotBritOut #CanadianStinkEye

  • Eric Moonless

    Way to go, Dan! It’s good way to say that you are the best player of the season without saying it :) It’s OK, everybody knows it. I would like to thank you for your great effort to keep communicating with your fans.

    Will you send us a link to download all 30 episodes of your commentary at once? or Can we get to the episodes in order? I hope I can listen to your commentary sooner!

  • @bestbrownboy

    Couldn’t agree more, epically with number one. Britney was by far my favourite, she is completely hilarious and I think she was totally underestimated and not many people give her the credit she deserves, personally I think she made a name for herself in big brother this season. She was on her way to the money but of course Dan the man had to get her out. Oh well, it is what it is but there is definitely a sore spot up here in Ontario, Canada.
    p.s. hope you and Chelsea have taken a bunch of chub day since you’ve gotten back
    #WellDeserved #EvenThoughYouGotBritOut #CanadianStinkEye.

  • Wendy

    I enjoyed your perspective and would love to see you back in the BB house again. You had the ladies at my work blown away with Dan’s mist. Your gameplay made for interesting conversations. :) Though many at times were upset by your game play I was in awe. How anyone would believe that you should’ve gave up your chance at 500,00 so they could win baffles me. Players are all there for one reason and you may not like their gameplay but you should respect it. I agree that Boogie played too emotional and that shocked me as I so enjoy Boogies energy and antics. Britney is a fave of mine and I just want to see her get that chance. Maybe 3rd time would be the charm. You were a good coach making plays to advance to the next level. You are a wonderful speaker. Maybe life coach would be a good fit? Thank you Dan for a memorable summer. Go big or go home!

  • Ron

    Hi Dan,
    You were right in ranking Britney as #1. She was ruthless in her own season and she continued that in this season. Just watch clips of her on You Tube and you can see what I mean. She was a threat to you, and you did what you had to do to stay alive another week in the house. I know it’s water under the bridge now but I think that Dr. Will should of gone in instead of Boggie. Going against him would be great. How your game would of evolved knowing what Will was capable of would definitely be something to see. Do you think you could of worked with him, considering you have very similar styles in playing (keeping your emotions in check,etc.)? The big question is if the two of you could not work together, would he even consider Frank in his alliance? Anyways, I liked your blogs on BB. I look forward to reading whatever you have planned going forward. Take care, Ron

  • Hunter

    I agree 100% with everything on Britney. We all know that her like ability is around -9324823904302957029385084582309859023458 on this scale. Wish she could be on every season! Your blogs are so good Dan! Keep it up and keep us informed :)

  • Colleen Kelly

    I thought you did a really detailed job. Holy cow.
    I liked it very much :) I really can’t have an opinion because well, Dan, aside from the fact I respect you and like you as a person, YOU, are the expert on Big Brother!.
    Though maybe at this point I MIGHT be a little up on you as far as THIS particular Season. You have to see everyone’s complete game first. I already did that ;) :P
    But you will end up being about as close as perfect as you can come with your ratings……..but ONE thing……

    You, did play the best game. I saw the feeds. I didn’t see every episode. So I got an even better view than you. (weird huh) I wasn’t IN the house..
    Oh wait…I was ;)
    Keep blogging. Dan, you have become a really good writer. I’m so proud of you! I really am :))

    I can’t wait to see more of your blog posts. I miss your blogs :) Your new supporters will love the blogs too!

    The Original TeamDan Member ;) Good job!! :)
    Coll :)

  • Carmen

    “except for a few blindsides”

    OH YOU

  • Leif Tilden


    Again, awesome wisdom and perception. Invaluable! Danielle could have used her “complete trust” in you and made a move on you towards the end. If only in hindsight…

  • tess

    I loved your calmness and the way you played the game, you will always be my favorite.

  • Cassey

    Dan, if you and Danielle were in final 2 … You would probably have gotten most jury votes! … If you explained in your jury-speech that you and Danielle had been working together. Eveyone would have known right away that You were the mastermind and it would have been Very impressive for the coach to bring his student with him.
    If Only Dani haf let go oof Shane earlier (6th) – ahhhh. what CPULD have been! – I remember you telling her early in the game that you would NOT risk thousands of dollars on hwe “school-girl crush”! – Danielle eventually made the right decision ( a week too late)!

  • Cassey

    Dan, if you and Danielle were in final 2 … You would probably have gotten most jury votes! … If you explained in your jury-speech that you and Danielle had been working together. Eveyone would have known right away that You were the mastermind and it would have been Very impressive for the coach to bring his student with him.
    If Only Dani haf let go oof Shane earlier (6th) – ahhhh. what COULD have been! – I remember you telling her early in the game that you would NOT risk thousands of dollars on hwe “school-girl crush”! – Danielle eventually made the right decision)!

  • Cassey

    Dan, if you and Danielle were in final 2 … You would probably have gotten most jury votes! … If you explained in your jury-speech that you and Danielle had been working together. Eveyone would have known right away that You were the mastermind and it would have been Very impressive for the coach to bring his student with him.
    If Only Dani haf let go of Shane earlier – ahhhh. what COULD have been! – I remember you telling her early in the game that you would NOT risk thousands of dollars on her “school-girl crush”! -

  • Cassey

    Dan, if you and Danielle were in final 2 … You would probably have gotten most jury votes! … If you explained in your jury-speech that you and Danielle had been working together. Eveyone would have known right away that You were the mastermind and it would have been Very impressive for the coach to bring his student with him.
    I remember you telling her early in the game that you would NOT risk thousands of dollars on her “school-girl crush”! -

  • Cassey

    Dan, if you and Danielle were in final 2 … You would probably have gotten most jury votes!
    I remember you telling Danielle early in the game that you would NOT risk thousands of dollars on her “school-girl crush”! -

  • Kathy L

    Those of us who have watched big brother since the start respect the game and the players. Each person plays with alittle different list of priorities. I have to agree with most of your rankings except Danielle’s. Danielle was convinced to play your game. If she was in this game on her own, she would have never made it to the final 4. She never ever made a decision on her own and getting Janelle out was you and Boogie, not her. Danielle’s social game was not as good as you rated her. She whined and pouted alot and alot of the HG’s were getting tired of it. Danielle didn’t care if she won the money, she wanted a showmance at any cost. She thought she could get Shane and he wasn’t interested in a showmance til she was final 4. All the sudden he was seeing himself winning and he needed thta showmance to get there. He had no idea that you would take him out. It was PRICELESS. Good job Dan. In our room, 3-3, we always pick our fav on about the 2nd week. 4 of us picked you. You were a dangerous player because you are so unpredictable. I remember Britney saying the first week, you were the absolute most dangerous player in big brother. How ironic you would pick her as the #1 this season. You were right, she was as dangerous as you.

    • @elainebbfan

      Kathy L, I completely agree. Danielle got way too much credit. Without Dan, she’d have been long gone (and should have been early on). Terrible social game, terrible strategy, way too emotional and needy.

      • Kathy L


  • Susan

    I really enjoyed this blog! I can’t wait to read what you have to say about the Houseguests once you watch the show. This was a great season thanks to you! Loved it!

  • Dixie

    Great ranking wrap-up Dan. Isn’t your 30-day post BB House break just about up? ;)

    I know that you’d never say never, but I’m not sure we’ll ever get to see you on BB again… (unless they’ll let Memphis come back with you!)… Brit made it pretty clear that she was done, and that one is sad. She is as delightful to watch as any player has ever been and her DR sessions are to die for! The two of you would make for an awesome team… though you’d definately have to keep it on the down low!

    Thanks for two great seasons in the BB house. It was a pleasure!

    Blessings. Dixie

    ps… I like the take your priest had on your “acting” BB… that’s how I would look at it too… now… 10-Hail Marys and 5-our Fathers and you’ll be good to go…

  • Chris

    I don’t know if Brit deserves the no 1 spot over Ian or even Dani. Brit has a very big flaw – when things go wrong in the game, she pouts, breaks down and is all “poor me, I don’t deserve this” and completely forgets strategy.

    Dani did one thing you probably don’t realize that I think was very good gameplay – the way she downplayed the showmance with Shane when you were around, so you didn’t feel too threatened by them as a duo. There was one very funny night when you went up to the HoH room, and Shane had been giving her a massage, and then you three started chatting about the game like nothing had been going on until you went to the HoH bathroom and they started giggling like “when is he gonna leave”, and Shane was like “you’re leaking lotion, your shirt’s all wet on the back”, and Dani was like “don’t tell him, don’t give him any ammunition”. I was surprised it didn’t make the CBS show it was so funny. At one point you were like “I didn’t interrupt anything did I?” and Shane goes “a little bit” and Dani was like “No! Shane!” It was the first time I thought Dani could be a great player. They were also careful not to cuddle and kiss when you could see it. It’s not a lie that she was extremely loyal to you, but in the end, I think she woud have taken Shane to F2 if she was in the position to decide. I just can’t imagine her cutting him whereas I can imagine her cutting you per her confessional after you put her on the block in the second double eviction episode.

    Ian had the likable/adorable factor. You should have taken that more into account ging into the final weeks – who wouldn’t give him the half a mil? I really believe the jury always votes personally. He was very good too though, and I don’t think he was as socially awkward as you mae it seem. I remember on the date with Ashley (very early on), at one point she was like “You’re like scientific and i’m like spiritual, like I believe like cancer comes from stress” (one of Ashley’s best moments), and surprisingly Ian was able to hide the dumbfoundedness and was like “Oh! That’s interesting” It was so hilarious, and how he patiently explained the difference between organic and inorganic. I was like “Hmm this kid has a chance!”. I do think if you had evicted him at F4, you would have had a better chance to win.

  • Marcia

    Dan YOU are amazing!!! One question for you….why did you give Ian the #2 spot for knowledge of the game? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Janie, but I still think Ian had more knowledge of the game. Just my opinion. Other than that, I felt you were right on!! Good luck toward all that you do in the future, you are very aspiring & even more respected! God Bless

  • Marlene

    Thanks so much for the detailed ranking blog – enjoyed it!

    Mike Boogie is a great BB player but you nailed his emotional side. He said some stuff that you will soon hear (unfortunately) that was just mean and nasty. His arrogance was repulsive IMHO and I felt bad for Frank who became tied to his hip. I have no respect for Mike but wish him well as a new father. Those of us who watched the feeds saw so much more and CBS seemed to want Mike to come off a better person than he actually is. Example is when CBS aired your convo with Mike in storage room about him being really mad and avoiding you – they edited it to look like you were tongue tied and Mike was being assertive.

    You are such an inspiration and your love for Chelsey is heart warming. I wish you both nothing but the best in life.

    Oh, and please think about going on Amazing Race! Possible partners: Memphis, Britney, Chelsey, or Frank.

  • Donna Nuccio

    Dan ,
    I wish you and your wife would do TAR . :( or doing the interviews for next years game ,

  • Amanda

    This was great! I like the little pep talks on each one. I think frank should have been higher. Maybe after you watch the show you could reblog if you think they have changed any. That would be interesting to see. I can’t wait for more most — team Dan forever!

  • ian_fandi

    I guest you’re the #0 huh? LOL :p

    A little bit disagree with Britney 2nd in Physical comp though.
    But overall i love it

  • Dave N

    Thanks for the great blog Dan! I was reading it, fully prepared to see yourself rating yourself at the #1 spot, but you didn’t! Seeing Britney at #1 wasn’t a huge surprise because it was very apparent the she picked her game up tremendously since the last time she played. Do you have any plans to watch BB Canada? Please follow me on Twitter @DaveNormand


  • Diana

    Dan, I loved your insight of the house. Thanks so much for taking your valuable time in doing this for your fans. I love the way you’re always on your toes (not the Ian way) and keep everyone else waiting for your next move. You have a way of drawing people in and I suggest you and your wife do a reality show. They’re big right now and I think you could have a hit with that. Cameras following you and Chelsea at home, work, coaching, all of it. Or how about Dancing With The Stars? That could be your “way in” and then you’d have the beginning of a new fan base which could lead to the reality show. Just a thought! Guess I just can’t get enough of your brilliant mind! Think about it. Thanks again for your time and doing all this for us.

  • Tina

    Thanks for your email directing me this way. Love how you ranked everyone and I totally agree. I have watched bb since the first season, and have to say, you are really THE top player. This season, even when giving the ”mist”, you did it with kindness. I really admire you as a person..the person out of the house. How you have come out of the house and returned to your positive, giving life, using your notoriety positively to promote your business..but also your football team. My husband is a HS coach also, and I can see in you the same passion and love.for your team.
    Heres to you and your lovely bride for much success and happiness!!!


  • Barbara

    LOL You never let me down Dan! LOVE reading your blog and look forward to what you write next! Keep ‘em coming!

  • Wendy McLellan

    I agree with your ratings, especially Britney being # 1. If I had one wish for this past season though, it would have been for you to play with Kara instead of Danielle. She never got a chance but I think she would have been deadly.

  • Abby

    Love reading the rankings! so fun to find out what you think about how everyone else in the house played! ps i totally agree with all you ratings brittney was so good! well you were better but still she was a close second to you:)

  • Tammie

    My husband and I loved watching you and Ian and Britney all summer. I was really hoping that Britney would get to the final 3 with you two. I think you have one final coaching job left for BB #14 and that is helping Ian learn how to capitalize off his BB#14 appearance and win. People were really endeared to him this season and seemed to associate some part of themselves with him. You do a great job in using your success with Big Brother to make money and move forward. I know he will be finishing up college which we all want him to do, but he needs you to help him figure out the rest. Great game and great season!! I wanted Ian to win, but I truly thought you deserved to win again for your game play. Congrats on a great summer.

  • Pamela

    Hey Dan! Congrats on another delicious season of Big Brother. You definately made it worth the watch.

    I watched BB After Dark on Showtime for the first time this summer. Wow, what a different take on the whole show. I especially loved “Dan, knock it off” and “you are not allowed to talk about production… and of course the “fishes”.

    My fellow BB lovers felt that maybe Allison Grodner had a “crush” on Frank. The timing was a bit suspect. He would have been gonesville and BB does have alot of freedom to sway the game. They determine when and how alot of the “twists” are executed.

    I personally found alot of good qualities in everyone. They all had their own way to play the game. It isn’t text book, that’s for sure.

    I think if I went on the show, I would have studied like crazy regarding body language and the art of knowing when someone is lying. There are many articles written on the subject and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be able to read people without their knowledge. I think that is your best quality.

    Missing the show for sure, but 3 months is enough of that obsession per year.

    Wishing you and your beautiful wife the best. Keep us up to date on “Dan”, as you are one fascinating guy.

  • Poco S

    What list of criteria do you use for your football players?

  • Laurie


    Congratz on your game play… Personally I could not decide who to root for. It was the perfect final 2 pick for me. After reading your assessment, what I want to know is how you rank yourself in this season? I may just get your DVD because I am interested to see how much influence production has over what actually goes on in the house.

    Thanks for being the brilliant mastermind you are and keeping us all entertained for the summer. I think you should have gotten an extra 50 grand for having to deal with that whiny puppet you kept… She was awful…lol


  • Mike S.


    I have learned so much about BB this summer through discussions on another website and readi g your blog.

    You’re a great coach and have incredible insights. It was a privilege to see you play this year and it was a very enjoyable season.

    I look forward to reading future posts!!

  • Marley Ring

    Ahh Dan the Man. I think I was one of the only people of my “big brother circle” of friends that was cheering you on from day 1. I didn’t want this summer to end cause I loved watching what evil genius plans you would come up with. You are seriously brilliant! I love reading your blog so keep the posts coming! I really wanted to listen to your commentary on the season but from what I could find I can’t purchase BB14 in Canada :( Boo!

  • Greg

    Dan thanks for writing this article. I found it informal and entertaining. The only part I would disagree with you on is the ranking for Britney’s physical game play…I thought that might be a little too high of a ranking for her. Way to rep the state of Michigan though, and you played an awesome game!

  • Chicken George

    Hats off to you brah, I dont care what anybody says your game was siiiiiiiiick…….You made the show this year and I respect your love for the game. An unbiased jury woulda 7-0’d you like you deserve.

  • Kate

    Loved the second installment of the ranking. I agree with you on Britney being number 1. I was impressed with her game in her initial season, Brigade blindside aside, but this season she blew me away. She was very dangerous in the house and I’m glad you turned on her when you did because she definitely would’ve sailed right to the end. Although you knew it was either you or her – smart choice! I wonder how you would rate yourself if given the chance?

  • Katie

    I love reading your blog Dan! :) I agree with most of the rankings, except for a few, such as Ian’s likability. I think he was tied with Wil for being the life of the party, so I think his score should be lower than a 7. I also think that Boogies’s “Knowledge of the Game” ranking should be lower than a 3. I’m not Boogie’s biggest fan, but he has been in the house 3 times & is a phenomenal player. And he has also won a season, much like yourself. But I believe that you are the best player of all time. You were absolutely running that house since your brilliant “Dan’s Funeral”. I believe you are also the only person to have won and be a runner up. Kudos.

  • Parilee

    Great assesement Dan. I would of put Ian as a tie to Britney. Just because he won it and earn the money. Youve been our favorites forever. Your very goodlooking. Sorry Chelsea. You also have a great family. Can’t wait till you start having kids maybe they will be on Big Brother.
    Thanks for doing this. Going to miss the game and most of all miss your blogs

  • Jessica

    You are awesome and this list is perfect.
    That is all.


  • John

    I find it amazing that you came away from the house with such crisp observations and brilliant analyses of each and every houseguest. Your comment about Jenn’s likeability came out of left field for me.The editing and minimal broadcast coverage of Jenn did her a great disservice. Your choice of Britney as the consummate BB powerhose was dead-on for this fellow Arkansan. If the two of you were the last standing in the end, I am afraid the Arkie would have taken home the check for all of the wrong reasons. Juries tend to favor the more warm and fuzzy player over the true winner. It all comes back to that likeability factor. Your ruthless gameplay, though exemplary, appears to insult those eliminated before you. A game of strategy suddenly becomes an opportunity to assail the better player , deducting points for objectionable tactics. Dan, you clearly played the most impressive game in the history of Big Brother. I admire your ability to read people and predict their actions from the first to the last day. More than that, I admire your incredible sportmanship and display of grace in defeat.

    • Jen

      I couldn’t agree more John, the thing I love most about Dan is his ability to truely leave his emotions at the door and play the game to win.

      Dan, you are a ruthless, cut throat player…….there have been other’s that have played the game that way (Boogie would be an example) but what they lacked was leaving the personal and emotional attacks out of the game. You somehow allow the fans to see that it is possible to want to be the last man standing at any cost, game wise, but also be a gentleman. Other then a few mild, off the cuff remarks to us feeders, or a wink , an eyeroll or a giggle about someone, you never said a mean word to or about anyone. Your strategy of observing and listening to people was pure game BUT we also knew you genuinely like and care about people.

      I was extremely disappointed in the jury. Ian played a great game, you, Dan, played an exceptional game. Ian managed to do something many have tried before and few have succeeded…playing both sides of the house. Well, I do believe in Ian’s heart he was a true QP’er (obviously, since he believed he created the QP ) but Boogie never saw it coming and Frank didn’t either. Ian played that part of his game very well. But the jury was so blinded by the fact that YOU were the main reason most of them were IN the jury house they couldn’t see that was why you deserved the win. They rationalized that you had already won once, you were the devil, you crossed “the line” (what line?) blah blah blah…… out smarted, out played and out lasted them all, but for Ian. They gave Ian the win to punish you IMHO, and for adults, playing an adult game that’s ridiculous.

      Whew, wanted to get that off my chest for awhile now…LOL

      The other thing I wanted to bring up is Danielle. I’m sure by now you are aware of how badly she was viewed by the fans, especially the feedsters. There were chat rooms on Superpass dedicated to bashing her. There were people truely concerned about her mental health. It was brutal and I was worried when she left the house and saw all the negetivity how she would react, considering how important it was to her how she was viewed. Not a day went by that she didn’t ask at least one person how “she looked when she was……” whatever the situation had been. Somedays it went on all day. IMO, Danielle was playing a game but it wasn’t BB. She was ruled by jealousy, paranoia and fear and it was really sad to watch such a smart woman obsess over things that either never happened or she had blown way out of proportion. The lies were endless….and being a fan of yours since season 10 I believe you knew this was going on with her. To your credit you did use Danielle, but I don’t think you took advantage of her weakness’s, for lack of a better word. You helped her stay in the game, and told her straight up to not play emotionally. You could have told her more often,but I believe you saw it and knew how fragile she really was and you could have pushed her farther but saw her limits. I don’t know if you are in any contact with her but I hope she has or can “forgive ” you……you are just the friend she needs and I know you care about her. That’s just the man I think you are Dan.

      Thank you for an entertaining season and although it’s been said hundreds of times already, you are the best player to ever play the game!


      P.S. My favorite moment was when after watching Boogie and Janie go at it in the HOH room, you finally made the decsion to send Janie home. I watched it live on the feeds and I was watching you watch them the whole time and I KNEW when you decided….after Janie left and you sealed the deal with Boogie I was floored. I mean you were voting out (as you said and I agree) “the best player to never win the game”. I mean the funeral and so many other moves were brillaint, but I think that moment was underated when all was said and done. Dani wanted her out but you had told her no…LOL…then let her think it was her idea. You hardly had to say a full sentence and the QP thought it their idea…but it was all you Dan. Loved it!!!! God Bless you and your lovely family!

  • Shelley

    Love all you do Dan :) Would never expect you to “grade” yourself..never know when u may be called to be in BB again..hope so!!! Cant give ur secrects away ;) Nothing has been said about Janelle’s “drinking problem”…think that was part of her downfall…but I am not one to hurt someone when they are down….I think they only reason you didnt win, is cause you one already & wanted to give the newbie “kid” his day of fame :)

  • Charleen Ramus

    Gosh you are seriously entertaining! I agree completely regarding the Britney rating..I trust that all the gamers walked away with like-wise humor. If not ,oh well . Perhaps they got confused about game play. Although ,still can’t believe that Danielle didn’t serve you up earlier.Trust me that sh___ was epic…Happy dayo to the MRS. She has your back..Good lass a kkeepa!! haha

  • Jami

    I enjoyed reading your rank of the players from a houseguest standpoint. I will be curious and would love to see how you would rank them after you watch the season and get more of a viewers perspective. Please consider it, It would be VERY interesting!

  • Ron

    I think one of the most entertaining things was watching the expression on Danielle’s face every time you did something unexpected. You’ll see it when you watch the episodes.

  • Erin

    Hey Dan! Just have to say, I am a big fan of Team Dan. This season turned out to be one of my favorites. I was on the fence the first couple of weeks, but man… you guys knocked it out of the park! Thanks for this site, too. I always hate when BB ends. I will be checking in frequently!

  • Gillian

    its interesting seeing other peoples opinions. for the most part i agree, though.

  • Brian

    Too bad you left yourself out. I think you are one of the few out there that can objectively rank yourself honestly without coming off as arrogant. If I were to rank you as a VIEWER I would give you 1’s and 2’s on everything except physical ability. (not that your physical ability is bad-but not quite as good as Shane or Frank etc.) You deserve 1’s in self-control and Influence for sure! Enjoyed watching you this season. Can’t wait to fire up re-runs of season 10.

  • Tiffany Pritchett

    Hey thank your for answering my previous question. I appreciate it! I actually had another question. I realized that the casting for Big Brother 15 has already started. They are taking online submissions as of currently and will start casting calls sometime in March. Is it wise to go on ahead and send a video as early as possible or wait a little bit? Also I was the girl Tiffany on spreecast that you saw when you were selecting people to answer questions, but I freaked out. I didn’t send a question before you got me on there. I must have turned my camera on and forgot about it. I was doing homework lol

  • Jane Edlund

    Hi Dan
    Totally agree with rating Brittany #1, as you watch the season, she also had the best diary room sessions… funny, she had my whole family in stitches….great social game and was so aware of what was going on in the game…..until she was blind sided in the game by you…loved it, thanks Dan for making season 14 the best ever, you had us on the edge of our seats more than once!!!My rating..Dan plus 1

  • Donna Marie

    I think you ranked Boogie to high. I don’t think he played the game . Boogie was kind of floater. The only thing I think he did is talk you into cutting Jani from the game instead of Frank. Which didn’t even make sense .He could have put up another player then he would have two alliances. Why Boogie didn’t team up with still puzzles me . You are a stronger player . Sure Frank can win comps. That doesn’t really get you to the end of the game. Boogie had a alliance of two that he let everyone know about . When he was on the block. He rather pout then try to get you to mist the house .(even though he thought it was you were the one was snitching on them ) Boggie should rank 6

  • John

    This was an awesome read. Great to hear an inside perspective considering all we get at times is what the game and houseguests are edited to be. And the tips you give are worth storing away for later use if I get picked for the show haha. Also I found a theme song for you so check it out. It’s called “sweep the leg” by No More Kings. Total Karate Kid jam

  • Nina

    Dan, I would switch Jen to #8 , Shane to # 7 and Dani to # 6. Dani’s biggest mistake in the game besides all the lies for no reason. Was her still seeing you, as her coach rather than a competitor after the reset button was pushed.

  • http://none Lisa Wood

    Pretty good @ the the rankings. I 4 SURE agree w/ the Brittney ranking. I loved her the 1st x she played & couldn’t WAIT 4 her 2 come back. I was FURIOUS @ u 4 throwing her out! Loved watching both u & Brit this season. I DO SO HOPE she will come back 1 day & send u packing!!!! Great season! Love ur post’s/website! U r NOT the only 1 that loves & lives 4 BB!!!!! :D

  • Frankie Ann

    Hey Dan! I’m a HUGE fan of BB & an even BIGGER fan of you! I just wanted to thank you and Chelsea for dedicating soo much time to the fans, it is much appreciated! I really enjoyed these rankings because they were very honest, descriptive & in depth. It was really cool to see your perspective of things, and I think this will really benefit me as I wish to one day play in the BB house myself when I become of age. Love you Dan, thanks for inspiring me! <3 #TeamDan #TeamMist #JohnBlaze

  • Connie

    Dan, thanks for taking the time to do the rankings, they were great and I enjoyed reading them. I had the live feeds again this year and if the feeds were on, I was watching. I love your game play ! I admire you and who you are. Let me say, I am a great grandmother . I have never seen a young man love the way you love, your wife is very lucky, and you for having her. She is beautiful and no doubt loves you back. Congrats and I enjoyed the wedding pictures.

  • Suzanne

    Thanks for an amazing season Dan. I love your perspective on everyone. Im a huge fan!

  • Cameron

    Ian should be #1, with Britney #2. You rated Ian’s Physical Ability and Knowledge of the Game (the kid recited every evicted HG in order, starting from Season 1 for crying out loud) too low, and Britney’s Physical Ability, Mental Ability, and Influence too high.

    Ian was safe from eviction 6 of the final 7 weeks. Not even your dominating BB10 performance can match that (you only managed 5 of final 6). While your BB10 win was more impressive overall, Ian’s was also very good.

    Best wins ever: Will BB2, Dan BB10, Jun BB4, Ian BB14

  • Pamela

    Me again…if you have the time, post a few comments after you have watched the season and let us know what and who surprised you the most.

    It is amazing how your DR sessions were so spot on with the happening in the house. =D

  • Jack

    Dan, I the last time I watched BB was when you won. I had the utmost respect for you as a Christian player. I stopped watching BB after that because I don’t find back-stabbing, lying, deceiving, etc., “entertaining” as a Christian. How does that honor/please God? Even our entertainment choices matter.

    When I heard you were coming back to Season 14, I tuned in once again! While I do believe you’re a different person outside the house, I was disappointed by who you were in the house. You damaged Christianity by throwing your faith under the bus and treating it like a tool to win something as insignificant as a game show, as if everything you did and said was pretend and didn’t matter. Your love for that $500K glowed much brighter than your love for God. Our faith isn’t something you “use” or “set aside” for another goal when it suits you. In short, you chose ego and money over God. That’s what you showed everyone about Christianity. That’s not ok. Christianity is a life of putting God first and dying to self, not putting Him aside because it’s “just a game.” Nothing is a game. Every choice we make has eternal consequences. The game and our beliefs are not two different things.

    I’m not trying to blast you. I don’t dislike you. I’m just disappointed and I hate what you did. I would LOVE to experience Big Brother but I would never apply to be on the show because I despise what it’s about. In my mind, the GREATEST player to play Big Brother was Season 3’s Jason Guy. He made it to the final three while honoring God.

    • Dan Gheesling

      Jack, I understand your disappointment. I was playing a game, it means different things to different people.

  • Zoob

    Dan – first of all – HUGE fan of yours. Think you played a great game both seasons and seeing you not win this past season is to me the saddest thing to ever happen in the history of BB! You deserved it 100%, but too many people vote on emotion, unfortunately.

    Since you’re answering questions to fans, I have two things that left me puzzled. Did you throw the Final HOH? If so, do you regret it? Also, you said you were planning to take Ian had you won (meaning there was no chance of you and Dani in the F2), what was your reasoning behind this? If it had been you and Dani, don’t you think you would have won, as you pretty much carried her throughout the game AND you were her coach, so you would’ve shown that not only were you a great player, but a great coach.

  • Donna Nuccio

    I rewatched the feeds again. You were the best player in the game this year but you forgot one thing ! LOAD the jury ….Why you let all the coaches go first I dont have a clue why you did that . Had you had more coaches on the jury . You would took this game home. The newbies were bitter and had Jani and Britt both on the jury the ending would have changed .

  • Nick

    I have seen all of the seasons of Big Brother and have become a HUGE fan of you and the game in general. I love that you took the time to grade the houseguests and I have even done the same myself (I know, I need to get a life).
    The night after I read this post I had a dream that I entered the Big Brother house and formed a secret super alliance with you, Britney, and Jeff. Since I am from Wisconsin we were called the Midwest Bells, Britney being the southern bell and the rest of us being from the Midwest. My dream quickly took a turn for the worst because you backdoored me in week 1. I just couldn’t believe you still managed to be cold blooded in my dream. What the hell man?

  • Raia

    Frank is a good competitor, but a terrible social player. Know one has ever won out ur NOT gonna win ever fuckin thing u have to have some kind of social game gonna on there unless u pull a gheesling. Mike Boogie is a legendary asshole. Danielle sucks raw nipples she made NO decisions for herself at all. She did and said exactly whatever it is u told her to do however wherever and whenever u told her to do exactly so. Janelle went back and fourth to which ever side was in power and kiss there ass first Britney team then Boogies team then Britney’s team again etc. Britney played a great game amazing social player. She had the ability to control other people and get them to do her bidding for her weather they realize they were actually doing it or not.

  • mikey

    hey dan were do u think you rank

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