Grading the Big Brother 14 Houseguests Part 1

by Dan Gheesling

There have been many articles written analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the Houseguests on Big Brother 14 from the outside perspective.  I thought you might enjoy how I would grade out (much like I would do to my football players after a game) the Houseguests from a first hand, direct, and unedited perspective from someone who has played the game with all of them.

This article is part 1 of a 2 part series grading out the Houseguests.  In this article you will find out what Houseguests I ranked from 15th to 8th most effective in the house.

Disclaimer: These are my game related thoughts from inside the house only.  These rankings should be taken strictly from a game perspective and not a personal one.

I have yet to watch any episodes of Big Brother 14 or any YouTube videos containing clips from the episodes.  Why have I purposely not watched any episodes??

First, I wanted to give you my unbiased perspective (with no editing or DRs) from my time within the house.  Having played the game twice, I know how watching the episodes can alter an image of a houseguest in both an accurate and inaccurate way.

You will find out the second reason why I haven’t watched any of the episodes at the end of this blog post. ;)

Before we get into the grades, just know that I waited about a week or so to let the dust settle before I sat down to grade everyone out.

I wanted to give time for things to calm down, so if my fellow Houseguests read this post themselves they would know this is my honest and non-personal opinion on their games as individuals (as if they actually care).

Let’s get right into the grading criteria that I used.

Grading Criteria

To me the game of Big Brother has always been about several things, not just winning competitions, or making alliances, but a using wide range of skills and attributes that are a necessity to do well in the game.

Oh and for the record, I have a great disdain for the term “social game.”  The ENTIRE game is social.  As a player I focused on the attributes that makes someone succeed in a social environment as opposed to just lumping it all together in such a vague and weak description.

There are 9 criteria each Houseguest was graded on:

  • Like-ability: Do people actually enjoy your company in the house?
  • Awareness: Are you aware of how you are perceived in the house? Do you have any clue what is going on in the house?
  • Knowledge of the Game: Do you understand the basics of the game? Can you anticipate what challenges are on the horizon?
  • Physical Ability: How well can you compete in physical challenges? How well can you compete in endurance challenges?
  • Mental Ability: How well can you compete in mental challenges? How well can you compete in memorization and logic challenges?
  • Relationships: Are you able to build relationships with the majority of the Houseguests? Is your alliance game tight?
  • Influence: Can you get someone to do something for you, when you need them to do it?
  • Self control: Are you able to control your emotions to further yourself in the game? Can you avoid fighting? Can you fake a fight?
  • Playmaking: Do you have the ability to get it done when it counts? Do you bring some intangibles to the game?

Each Houseguest was ranked 1-15 in each of the 9 criteria.  The LOWER the number the BETTER.

Example: Scoring a 1 in Awareness means that Houseguest was the MOST aware in the house, a 15 means they were the LEAST aware in the house.

After each Houseguest was graded out, their total rankings from each of the 9 grading criteria were then added up to determine their overall ranking.

In Part 1 we will take a look at the Houseguests who ranked 15th through 8th place according to the grading criteria, not the order of eviction.

Rankings 15th – 8th


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Jodi_RollinsLike-ability: 14
  • Awareness: 14
  • Knowledge of the Game: 8
  • Physical Ability: 15
  • Mental Ability: 12
  • Relationships: 15
  • Influence: 15
  • Self control: 14
  • Playmaking: 15
  • Total: 122
  • Overall: 15th

Jodi was the first to leave the house but her comedic impact resonated in the house for 75 straight days.  As a player I thought Jodi could have caused a lot of drama and she seemed to be very knowledgeable about the game (big fan = respect). Her strong personality rubbed a lot of people the wrong way early on, but I thought she could have settled in if she had more time.

Ultimately I voted Jodi out not because of her Physical Ability (Danielle also did not get a bear for our team) but because of her lack of effort in hustling back to the main base mattress.  This combined with the fact neither Kara nor Danielle wanted to work with her made my decision to vote her out a clear one.  Jodi was one of the toughest to grade out because of the little time we spent together.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Jodi, you can out socialize this entire group of Houseguests in your sleep!  Focus on doing it over 6 weeks, not 6 hours, and we have a shot!”  


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Jojo_SpataforaLike-ability: 15
  • Awareness: 15
  • Knowledge of the Game: 13
  • Physical Ability: 9
  • Mental Ability: 11
  • Relationships: 14
  • Influence: 13
  • Self control: 11
  • Playmaking: 11
  • Total: 112
  • Overall: 14th

Jojo was a tough physical competitor in the house and she had a spunk similar to Michelle Costa in Season 10.  What hurt Jojo in the game was the fact she made people feel uncomfortable (Ian) or annoyed (Boogie) with her over the top personality and innuendos. Ultimately when it came down to Danielle vs. Jojo early on, it was her like-ability that sealed her fate. I personally never had a problem with Jojo, but others in the house did.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Jojo, with your fire you will whoop some tail in this house. You’ll do great in competitions but don’t compete with the girls for attention, you don’t need to.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Willie_HantzLike-ability: 12
  • Awareness: 13
  • Knowledge of the Game: 10
  • Physical Ability: 7
  • Mental Ability: 13
  • Relationships: 13
  • Influence: 10
  • Self control: 15
  • Playmaking: 10
  • Total: 103
  • Overall: 13th

Willie had an endearing side to him that may not have been shown through in editing.  He got dealt a tough hand of cards in his life and has managed to survive in his own way.  Unfortunately the worst thing that could have happened to his game was to have the longest reign of HoH possible (13 days).

I give him credit for trying to rally the new players against the coaches but the time and place might not have been right. For as much as I liked Willie it is hard for me to truly understand why he did what he did.  Whether he was trying to help Shane and Jojo, or just lost control, the chance to play Big Brother is something I hold in the highest regards.  When he threw it away I was conflicted, I felt with a hard nosed coach, Willie could have done well in the game.  Sadly, we will never know.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Willie you’re going to run the plays I tell you when I tell you and nothing more. When its all set and done, there is going to be trail of defeated Houseguests behind you.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Joe_ArvinLike-ability: 13
  • Awareness: 8
  • Knowledge of the Game: 12
  • Physical Ability: 13
  • Mental Ability: 14
  • Relationships: 5
  • Influence: 8
  • Self control: 12
  • Playmaking: 14
  • Total: 99
  • Overall: 12th

One of the things I remember Joe telling me early on (Day 3ish) is “Dan, this game is addicting, I just want to play it all day.”  This sums up Joe’s game.  He had a strong desire to play the game, and put in a great effort, but he got too ahead of himself.

Joe could have been a loyal, quiet, and dependable vote for any alliance.  The problem is, we all know Joe can never be quiet! ;) Although I would have coached him to play the game very differently, I respect his hustle in the game.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Joe, we’re going to play this game together, much like a slow roasted stew.  Let me throw the ingredients in, you mix them together QUIETLY, and I’ll control the heat. Be seen and not heard while cooking. Check please.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Ashley_IoccoLike-ability: 2
  • Awareness: 12
  • Knowledge of the Game: 11
  • Physical Ability: 14
  • Mental Ability: 15
  • Relationships: 10
  • Influence: 9
  • Self control: 3
  • Playmaking: 13
  • Total: 89
  • Overall: 11th

Ashley was EXTREMELY like-able in the Big Brother house.  Pretty much everyone enjoyed her company because she was so easy going.  She never lost her cool as a player which I highly respect.  Ashley’s strength was her ability to get everyone to like her, in a very natural way.

Ashley’s downfall was her inability to align with anyone until it was too late.  Another thing that hurt Ashley was her aloofness, I never knew where she stood (until the end), nor did most of the other Houseguests.  Since she was a big fan of the show, I was surprised by Ashley’s unwillingness to commit to anything early on.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Ashley everyone is going to love you and won’t expect you to align with anyone, which is why we are going to do the opposite. Get your dream board ready for 500k.”


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Wil_HeuserLike-ability: 10
  • Awareness: 7
  • Knowledge of the Game: 7
  • Physical Ability: 11
  • Mental Ability: 8
  • Relationships: 7
  • Influence: 11
  • Self control: 10
  • Playmaking: 9
  • Total: 80
  • Overall: 10th

Wil was a unique player in the house, partly because he was so jovial, and partly because he had shown signs of being cut throat. Wil’s strength was his ability to socialize within the game and understand the pulse of the house. He was a lot of fun to be around, and he was ON all the time. He seemed to be anti-coach and one unnecessary lie sealed his fate.  He fought the stigma of being a cut throat player after the lie got exposed and that caused him to be evicted.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Wil, your personality will endear people to you, and your workouts will scare people. You’re going to need to pull off your best acting job yet by playing dead most of this game.” 


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Kara_MonacoLike-ability: 3
  • Awareness: 10
  • Knowledge of the Game: 9
  • Physical Ability: 8
  • Mental Ability: 9
  • Relationships: 12
  • Influence: 12
  • Self control: 4
  • Playmaking: 12
  • Total: 79
  • Overall: 9th

I drafted Kara first for a reason: because I knew she had what it took to do well in this game. From the first night, Kara was constantly surveying things, staying quiet, and letting other people run their mouths.  The fact that Kara sat back and not only listened but actually PAID ATTENTION to what people were saying really cemented her as a great first pick. In a house where everyone loves to talk about themselves, it is extremely rare to find someone who is smart enough to listen to the other Houseguests expose their own weaknesses.

Unfortunately what hurt Kara had nothing to do with her. It was the fact she was on my team that made her a target combined with the fact she was 1 of only 2 girls who got a bear in the first challenge.  Personally I hurt her game when I told her to not to rush and go talk to Willie. My only concern with Kara was how anxious she would get on lock-downs, but that is a small hurdle to how good of a player she could have been. Seeing her leave was the toughest eviction for me, because as a coach I felt like I let her down, she had a lot more game left to play.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “If I tell you not to flirt with guys, don’t listen to me! You’re smart enough to make some moves on your own in this game, don’t let me screw it up for you!” 


  • Dan_Gheesling_Rating_Shane_MeaneyLike-ability: 6
  • Awareness: 11
  • Knowledge of the Game: 15
  • Physical Ability: 2
  • Mental Ability: 10
  • Relationships: 8
  • Influence: 14
  • Self control: 1
  • Playmaking: 3
  • Total: 70
  • Overall: 8th

Shane was a tough physical competitor who was behind the 8-ball from the start.  His lack of Big Brother knowledge really hurt him in the long run (although as the game went on he picked a lot of knowledge up, but at that point it was too late). Shane was an extremely nice guy, who got along with nearly everyone, and he made 2 huge saves (playmaking) for himself in the beginning.  In addition, when he was personally attacked in the game he stood his ground and didn’t lose his cool (impressive for a new player).

The things that hurt Shane’s game was that he was too kind and too naive, which in real life is a great thing, but in the game it is a death sentence.  He was also easily influenced by many Houseguests (Danielle, Boogie, Britney) and lacked strong decision making ability.

Quick Pregame Coaching Speech: “Big Brother 101 Crash Course: follow my lead and we’ll take you from Mr. Vermont to Mr. 500k once you learn how to use this knife.” 

End of Part 1

Each of these Houseguests brought certain strengths and weaknesses into the house. I believe everyone has what it takes to win Big Brother it is just a matter of if they are self-aware enough to get it done, which is why the coaches twist had epic potential.

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So What About The Second Reason I Haven’t Watched Any Episodes Yet?

If you really enjoyed my in-depth insight on each of these Houseguests, there is even more coming!

I’ve created a way for you to hear my initial first reactions and insight to every episode of Big Brother 14…

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Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_14_CommentaryI am recording my commentary for you to listen along as I watch each episode of Big Brother 14 for the first time.

Much like Director’s Commentary included with DVD movies, you will be able to hear my first reactions to every DR, edit, and unknown event right along with me.

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Thank You

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Finally thank you so much for reading the blog.  It’s your feedback, insight, and support that allow me to write articles like these.

I appreciate you guys more than you know! If you haven’t got a response back to your tweet or e-mail yet, thanks for being patient, I’m working on them! :) Until next time…

  • Bushra

    Love you Coach Dan’s <3
    cann't wait for part 2
    IMO you, Brit and Mike played the best game in that order
    everyone else was very much clueless

    • Bushra

      * Dan :/

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks! They both played really solid games, Part 2 is coming soon!

      • Dickinsonian

        Love, love, love you Dan….as a teacher I’m sure you would want to know that the phrase is “when all is said and done”.

  • Tami

    This is so cool how you are taking a 2nd chance of a lifetime & running with it! Love how positive you are & how you can separate real life from this game! Keep up the awesome work! :) Thank you for sharing with us!!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoy!

      • Jared

        I’m such a big fan Dan. Me and my sisters love watching you play.”dans funeral” smartest thing ever. Can’t wait for part 2!

  • Jennifer

    Epic review Dan! But Shane had no game….no personality except when he was at risk or up Danielle’s or Brit’s Hoo Hoo (see live feeds for that gross monstrosity!) His responses to most conversations were…ummm, yup….I agree….ya sure…of course…for sure…Ya, I mean….ya…! Shane had NO game and his personality sucked completely at the end when he blamed you for taking away his win so that he could take his family out of bankruptcy! How low does one need to go??? And they call you “Dan” as evil?….lololol…I don’t think so. I have no respect for Shane in his game or Danielle for being simply stupid!

    • Linda

      could not have said it better !! But you forgot the other word he would always say.. Absolutely !!

      • Darleen

        Don’t forget the “Gotcha”…..he was like a deer in headlights at times especially on brain games.

    • Deanna13

      Jennifer, I totally agree with you. I think of all the houseguests this season, that Shane was one of the weakest. He was more of a lapdog than a player.

    • Sherry

      I agree, but remember, Dan didn’t get to hear all of Shane’s conversations to know exactly how lame he was!

    • Peggy

      I totally agree. He always had to respond to someone elses comments. It bugged me to no end and I was constantly immitating him to my kids :) I almost think it’s a bad habbit on his part.

    • Joan

      So true! Shane is so bitter, he really acts like he feels its was HIS $500,000.00 all along and YOU took it from him! He said since you evicted him and not Ian – and then Ian won, it was HIS money to be won! Someone needs to sit down with this lug and teach him all the variables that go into winning this game. THEN they need to make him watch the feeds to see who Danielle really is before he gets involved any deeper. He has no clue she had a boyfriends going into this game. Shane is challenged.

    • Dan Gheesling

      He played a solid physical game at the beginning. I try not to think of myself as “Evil” outside of the house! ;)

      • Linda

        You are far from evil. You only did what you had to do to survive in the game. I thought it was brilliant. Best BB move I have ever seen and I watched all of the seasons. What upsets me so much about Shane is that they would have done to you what you did to Shane if it were the other way around. He acts like it was his money from the get go. Love hearing from you Dan. Missing BB.

    • Misted

      “Yeah…right, right, right..”

    • Alex

      Ian,Shane&Danielle totted Dan along and won competitions to keep Dan safe.Without there wins Dan would have never made it and for that alone they should all be top four ranking. The four of them I’m including Dan where a complete team machine, each there own part of the machine that made them a big brother winning team.

      • Big Brother Fan

        Thanks for the anaylsis of the houseguest…you are spot on…Dan…

        I have to disagree with you Alex…I believe Dan was the mastermind behind the the entire operation…

        If Dan wasn’t in the house, Shane would’ve been taken out early…as well as Danielle…the biggest flaw that these two had were they could not think for themselves…

        When Danielle first won HOH, she literally asked, “What should I do?”…When she won the second time, she did what Dan told her to do… Another one of her flaws was that Danielle didn’t keep her in the game…she was more focused on chasing Shane…than the 500,000…

        Shane just did what Danielle told him to do…or Brit…

        Left to their own devices…Shane or Danielle would not be able to get as far as they did… (well maybe, Shane…because of his excellent physical game…)..

        • Alex

          How can you say that because of shane,danielle and Ian winning competitions and keeping him safe Dan would have left,there weakness was their loyalty to dan but a strength to Dan.

  • Jenny Moody

    This is GREAT!!! Thanks Dan. I love reading everything you write. This is allowing me to not have to put BB14 behind me, which is always sad when a season is over – Look forward to all of your posts – thank you so much for staying connected to all of us, so enjoyable! Have a great day!

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Jenny! It’s a good way to begin the closure process. I still have to watch the episodes though! :)

      • cassi

        Dan…you are the best player of Big Brother and the fact you’ve won one season and came in 2nd your second go time totally proves it!!!! Your game play and ability to “mistify” the other players was epically amazing!!! I can tell from watching Big Brother and the live feeds as well as Showtime after hours and reading your website and newsletters that you are extremely intelligent and you seem like someone that would be awesome to have as a friend….you rock Dan…:)

        • Dan Gheesling

          Thanks Cassi!

  • Kathy

    Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us BB fans in the season now that its over and we are all going through withdrawls! You are a great player and coach and your insight is remarkable..Love you and NOW, Chelsea also..Such a remarkable woman, beautiful and so much in love with you which showed throughout the season…You are so lucky as is she! Your ranking is right on, can’t wait for part 2! P.S: your mom was hilarious, she made us all smile :)

  • EricMoonless

    Now I know why it took you so long to write this new blog post, grading out the HGs, I certainly didn’t expect this. This is awesome! However, I’m worried that some HGs don’t understand your perception about the game. Some people still don’t get the game. Well, I enjoyed reading it anyway. And I will definitely pre-order your Big Brother14 audio commentary as soon as possible. I thought you were planning to record your own BB14 recap show, but I guess it’s probably even better than that. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on everything.

  • Alia

    Very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to still give your fans and BB fans a bone!

  • Anna

    I loved reading your ratings of the house guests and cant wait to read more!
    Shane is a big sissy. Muscles and no brain and what he said about you was totally uncalled for. You should have won BB14 as your game play was brilliant!
    Best of love in your marriage to Chelsea. You make a beautiful and perfect couple.

  • Sheila Stredde

    Spot on review Dan! I think you hit it out of the park with your ranking. As someone who watched it all (and I mean all) , which I blame on you and your game LOL. Comment on Willie-I agree totally when I was watching Willie melt down, all I could think is he needed Dan , but as you say we will never know. Finally I have to agree with Jenny on your writing, I have ready almost everything you have written and KEEP IT UP! I have a stack of Ebooks to catch up on now since BB14 is done and the last Gheesling book to read is in that stack, in good company by the way right next to JK Rowling ;).
    Again thank you for being the “classy” player this year.

  • toweka

    i thought shane should have been higher..comps are not everything but the guy was a beast..he made numerous big moves on the QP behalf. part of a social is getting alone with everyone not just stabbing people… he and danielle were 2 of the nicest people in the house.. he didnt need to be a master strategist.. that was your game.. he was everything you weren’t.. he would have been gone way sooner if he possess that quality.. i take that back because he could have won and saved himself.. everyone seems to think he is not smart.. totally wrong..he is actually really smart. just too trusting..with no knowledge of the game.. you almost seemed intimidated by him sometimes.. frank had knowledge for the game but it didnt help him any.. sometimes less is more.. the others I kind of agree on.. except janelle gameplay was terrible this season and i have always liked clearly you are giving respect to the vets.. the only vet that deserve props is britney.. boogie slept all summer .. made one good move and that was saving frank against janelle.. js,, my opinion only as a live feeder that watched every second of the feeds..

    • Big Brother Fan

      Toweka…you must just watch the edited version of the live feeds…Danielle was not a nice girl…very mean spirited…

  • SamaraHarper

    This season was hard to watch at first… Started off very slow from what was shown on the episodes and live feeds. But that all changed THANKFULLY and all I have to say is Dan you are the best player I’ve ever seen on BB! Can’t wait for the 2nd half of the list!

  • Frodes

    I think Shane’s in a good spot, could be one or two higher. He always had a game face on while telling people they were staying and was so convincing, and then when he actually booted him, he was likeable enough that nobody would really care. Look at how Frank just kept coming back to Shane every time Shane stabbed him in the back.

    Frank is already way too high in this ranking. Also, Jenn.

  • connie trotter

    Yep …Ashley had o awareness of the game. She was there to get laid and be on tv. She is ditsy. She tried hard to get attention all the time. THANK YOU for dethroneing that vain ass Dr Will. Great idea on rating them. You may need to rerate them after watching the episodes. Read NY times newspaper and one other I can’t remember. Your great plays in the game you made headlines. Great playing. Dumb jackass bitter jury!!

  • Laura Stevens

    I love this!! I watched live feeds & the CBS show and knew everything that was going on so this is interesting to see your first hand account of what you saw in the house…so much fun!

    A couple things – Wil was extremely perceptive and knew everything that was going on in the house. He just didn’t know what to do with that information to benefit him & yes, his dumb lie hurt him. Also, Wil was very liked in the house, much more than Joe. People complained about Joe non-stop!

    Another thing you should give Shane credit for, is that after being a HUGE target the first few weeks, he was able to lay low & keep the target on Frank or others. I think his trustworthiness got him far until he came face to face with you. I agree about his lack of knowledge in the game, and the other things you mentioned.

    Also, I really like Kara, but you give her way too much credit as a game player. She was so quiet that she didn’t connect with enough people. She also didn’t have the gift of talking her way out of situations and said some really dumb game things during her eviction week. She had no power to influence & while she was the victim of WIllie’s craziness I just think she would have been #13 for me.

    I see that you will have Janelle in the top half. The honest truth is that I LOVE Janelle, but her game was in jeopardy this season because of what a terrible team she chose on day 1. She did lie and really over did the kissing up. People didn’t respond to her this season & she made herself a huge target by winning coaches comps to save players that didn’t need to be saved. She also made herself a huge target by being at the center of a lot of drama.

    I love these & can’t wait until Part 2.

    • Big Brother Fan

      I agree with you regarding Janelle…it was clear this season that Janelle was not a strategist, more of a physical player…

      Kara had very strong physical beauty…I think should’ve used that to her advantage…at least started a flirtmance with some of the men in the house…she was too shy, which could hurt in the world of Big Brother…

      I agree with your comment about Wil…I thought he was well-liked in the house…maybe Dan saw something we didn’t see…

  • belinda

    I love the grading criteria you’ve set up here. I think it’s a great way to look at each HG’s gameplay as a whole with a fair as with insight into how each HG was perceived by another HG in the house instead of just how they come across in the show/LFs.

    But I’ve noticed each category is only out of 15 points. Where do YOU fall into this grading system if you had to judge yourself? :)

  • Dixie

    Great assessment considering you haven’t watched the season yet. How about a before and after watching assessment? I’d be interested to know if you change your mind on any of the players after you watch.

    I would rank Wil higher on the list under categories “Likeability” and “Self-Control”. I think he would have been a much better player with you as his coach. Janie tried to control his game in a way that he didn’t like… he was more of a social gamer with a big knife… just your style Dan.

    He did vote out Kara because he had to for his own game purposes, and not because he wanted to..he didn’t want to. He was also a very cool head when Joe and Frank kept pushing the “anti-gay” thing at him regarding Willie. He showed great insight when he said that he felt like they were making more of it than it really was. He was right about that.

    As for the rest of the rankings, it’s amazing how clearly you were able to analyze their strenghts and abilities without the DR’s and Edits of BB production. I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

    Congratulations on a great season.


    • Laura

      I agree. It would be cool to see if there are any changes to the scoring after Dan hears the players describe their game/motivations in the diary room.

    • Pam

      i agree with you Dixie….one of my first thoughts was that we need a before and after. While i agree with much of Dan’s assessments I think his feelings might change after he sees the DR’s and certain things on the live feeds that he was not privvy too. Also Ithink his perception of Kara may have been bit skewed due to the fact that he picked her and then felt somewhat responsible for her early eciviction. Maybe taking a lil to much credit for his control over her andeveryone else for that matter. the whole idea of the mistwas a bit overplayed IMHO.Inthe end Iantotally outplayed him and I do. Not subscribe to the “its just a game and anything goes theory” That being said the night i watched the funeral etal on the live feeds oI was duly impressed but you crossed the line Dan!

      • Pam

        Sorry for the myriad of typos…I am posting from my ipad and I am nor very adept yet. I apologise. If I knew how to edit I would….or I at least should have proofed it before I hit send.

  • Trusty

    WOW – I loved this!!! I agree with everything- but I do agree with Jennifer regarding Shane!! You out played him & he is angry with you?? I must say not surprised- after watching him play games in the back yard– he does not accept defeat very well! I can’t wait to hear your view of the others!! I loved your game – & hope to see you on BB again if it is ok with Chelsea!!

  • Muuna

    I think Shane should be 10th place and Wil should be 8th. Shane had no game what so ever and your right he was so naive and listen to too many people in the house. I knew from day one that Shane wasn’t going to win, it’s a shame that Wil got evicted so early in the game, i have a feeling that if he stayed he would cause some big time DRAMA. Best “Dan moment” aside from your epic funeral was backstabbing Shane and evicted him (Danielle’s face was priceless). I still don’t understand why you didn’t win, IMO, that was one of the biggest BB upsets ever. Question though, I know your happy for Ian but do you feel like you were robbed from winning BB, lets be honest the jury hated you. If i was in the house, even if u back stabbed or front stabbed me i would have still voted for you cause you played one hell of a game=)

  • Emily

    Awesome review, hurry up with the second one ! lol
    They actually don`t seem much different on tv from how you described everyone .. Cant wait to see how you describe Ian, Danielle and Frank lol. You did great in the game I hope you add your self to part 2 .

    • becky


  • Jan Crawford

    Love the review Dan. Can’t wait for part 2. I find myself really missing Big Brother because of you and your “misting” abilities!!! Have you considered acting?????? Just saying.

  • Larry Kidd, Sr.

    Thank you Dan for a fantastic evaluation of your fellow house guests. I have one conmment as it pertains to one house guest, namely Willie. I believe that Britney totally sabotagued his game by constantly running her mouth about her fears and insecurities as to how the game was playing out. If she would have kept her suspicions about the coaches entering the game to herself, I believe Willie would not have exploded as soon as he did which resulted in his removal from the game. If Britney would have exercised more self control and better leadership skills I think Willie might have made it much further in the game. We will never know but he may even have made the final 4 if he had you or Boogie for a coach. I tip my hat to you for a brilliantly played game Dan. I send much love and respect for you and yours.

    • gavi

      I love watching you play big brother! Your funeral was so genius and you CLEARLY should of won but everyone hated you cause of your lies. But its a game and you played great and i would definetly want you to be my football coach!!! You rocked it this summer! p.s. your biggest fan- gavi!

  • Larry Kidd, Sr.

    Sorry for the spelling errors, I really am not that bad I just can’t type.


    • Pamela Russell

      I totally agree with you. Britney and Willie are both very paranoid BB contestants and it is not a healthy situation when the one in charge is spewing paranoid sentiments. A coach has to be much like a parent and say “everything will be okay, this is what we need to do” instead of echoing the negative comments that were going on in the house.

  • Pat

    Thank you so much for writing about your thought on the houseguests, and I can’t wait to read the others. I can’t wait until you actually watch the show. Well, as you probably already know, watching the EDITED show AND the live feeds are usually TOTALY different. Before watching feeds I liked Frank LOL. I can’t wait until you have watched everything and hear your reaction.
    I also like the way you have reached out to other HGs to try to help them after getting out of the house. You are such a class act and I admire you.
    Big Brother will never be the same without you. I absolutely love your game play. So sorry that some people still don’t understand that it is a game! A game that YOU play the best of everyone, in my opinion.
    Can’t wait to hear from you again! Love the way you write.

  • Pamela Russell

    I agree with most everything that you say but come on, Danielle needs to be in the bottom eight for stupidity alone. She may have had knowledge of the game but in the end, no one really liked her. She was also too trusting of you. I don’t know what it is with people; they never believe that you will be the one to do the same things to them as you obviously had no problem doing to Frank, Britney, Shane etc.

    I am sure out of respect to Danielle and how you totally screwed her in the game is why you are going to put her in the top eight, but she definitely does not deserve it. She and Shane have to be the most naive players in the game. At least Frank always had an inkling that he was going to get screwed whether he shared it with other players or not. He would always talk to us in the morning on Superpass when no one was around and talk about how he was not trusting of you, Danielle or Britney.

    • Dana

      Dan did not screw over Danielle. Girl would have never made F3 if not for Dan. Secondly, Dan does not owe Danielle anything, not even a cupcake. In her last DR before the 1st part of final HOH, immediately following Shane’s eviction, she said “I know I can no longer trust Dan & he will pay…” What does she do? Walks right out of the DR & throws the win to Dan. Of course, Dan benefitted from her loyalty AND he was loyal to her til the end. He never made a move against her, never put her game in jeopardy. Danielle deserves to be in Top 8 for her loyalty, something rare in that house this summer, and she took direction & executed well. Twice she won HOH & POV in the same week benefitting their duo. Even though Dan made it look like a walk in the park, he says it was not, but Danielle was a huge asset to Dan’s game. She was a believable liar. IMO, Danielle is upset with Dan post-game b/c she caught personal feelings. She’s not a gamer, she’s a personal player & will never understand how not to be co-dependent on every man who ever gives her attention. Shane really is her parachute. Reality bites. lol

  • Linda

    I am really looking forward to this. I am sure we will be on the same page with all of this. I guess you can say I having BB withdrawls. Thanks Dan for the blog. I find this very intresting.

  • SHtintin

    Hi, dan! I am a big fan of you in China.

    Just FYI, uptil now, a post quoting your grading BB14 players in China Baidu BigBrother Forum has got more than 50 replies already! die for your update!

    We all love you for your fascinating show in this amazing season and BB10!

    look forward to seeing you on TV in the future, say survivor or TAR? Never say never!

  • Castle

    Great Blog Jedi Master Gheesling! You really took the time to make an unbiased and accurate analysis of each houseguest. Really looking forward to part 2. May the mist be with you.

  • Mary Ann Remillard

    I think you did an awesome job rating your peers in this game. Especially since you have not watched all that went on when you were not with them.In my opinion Joe was the biggest floater and Shane appeared physically strong but mentally controlled by others. Dani for one, and agreed to follow what Joe thought was a good game play.When I watched the show this year I always wanted to know where you were and what you were up to. It made the show more exciting and interesting. I couldn’t help but wonder what you had going on in your head. Loved it and like your blogs. Thanks Dan…

  • Diane

    Love all of this but am also waiting to hear your personal feelings about it all. Some of the players were pretty mean to your face.
    Keep posting I love it.

  • Alice

    That was a great analysis! It’s the best grading system I’ve ever seen for the game, and I’ve seen a few! I’m curious, though. What lie did Wil tell and get caught on? I don’t remember that part. Love you Dan! I hope you and Chelsea get a reality show of your own! We’ve become slightly obsessed! Ha!

  • KatieFelice

    Dan this was great to hear your insights on all the players! Especially because you are the MASTER of BB! I also wish Kara had gone further, and think you guys would have been a better team than you and Danielle moving forward. As pathetic as this sounds, I’ve missed watching the feeds. I really enjoyed watching you and admire your game!

  • Kiddoctorlr

    Dan….your insights are fascinating and very thorough. You give much credit to those players who exhibit likeability and self-control. As in “real life”, these qualities make the game less of an uphill climb. The ability to pull out the knife when threatened with extinction is a must. I give you a well-deserved #1 ranking in that category. Best player in BB history in every sense: Coach Dan

  • Sarah

    Thanks for satisfying my current Big Brother withdrawals, Dan! But actually, I should be blaming you for why I am experiencing these withdrawals in the first place. Seasons 11, 12 and 13 didn’t really hold my attention and by the time season 14 came around, I was convinced that I was ready to part ways with the show…and then you walked through the door and I was immediately hooked once again. If anyone had asked me–even prior to season 14– who was my favourite player in the history of the game, your name would have immediately escaped my lips. I loved you in season 10–I was so excited when you won and I think that the only thing that topped that excitement was seeing you come back and play the game of Big Brother for a second time. The moves you made in season 14 will go down in Big Brother history and though I’ve always considered you to be amoung the best players of the game, I believe that you’re gameplay this past season has cemented your lengendary status. Big Brother 14 was an incredible season because of you, your and passion and love for the game. So, basically I just want to say thank you for reigniting my love for the show as well as for constructing an amazing season. I have nothing but respect for you and I wish you, your wife and your family all the best.

    ps. Congrats on being the first houseguest to be approached by CAA. That’s an amazing honour!

    • Laurie

      Well said Sarah. At the 3rd episode I was ready to hang up my BB addiction and not watch. I continued to watch because of Dan, I was hooked (misted). Joker’s became my new best friend while I was at work and also his FB page. Chelsea did an AWESOME job keeping us up to date on her thoughts.

      Couldn’t wait to see Dan’s antics as Dani would say. Never knew what he was thanking or going to do. In my book DAN SAVED BB14

      I too am going through major BB and Dan withdrawls, beginning to thank I am Dan Stalker.

    • Sarah

      Gosh, I just realized I made some horrible spelling and grammar errors in my post. Oh well, I meant everything all the same. :)

  • emilia

    So far your pretty spot on in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear your opinions after you watch. I listened to an interview with.Shane and Danielle yesterday. if you heard it your ranking would have put them at 14 and 15 . no kidding

    • Tina

      LOL I totally agree with your response! I’m listening to it right now! WOW!! – i think what these two are not understanding is… it’s a game! move on!! But because they’re not BB savvy they don’t get it! It’s frustrating listening to this interview! LOL!

      Dan – I think you played an AWESOME game! and I can’t wait to see Part II of your list! :)

    • Charles

      Yeah, i listened to that interview to. Lets just say they are still sipping on that haterade

    • Carol Dean

      I agree with this comment. After watching the live feeds I would also have rated Shane and Danielle a 14 and 15. Shane was totally clueless and Danielle was extraordinarily self absorbed.

    • Libby Q

      More than an interview… it was a pathetic whine sessions, with the 2 hosts leading the way. Callers calling in to “call out” Danielle on her miriad of lies & they protected her (hey, she was willing to be on the radio & take these calls she KNEW would be coming at her). It was sickening to listen to Shane repeatedly say, “Dan took the 500K win from me”…. even at the end it was clear SHANE HAD NO GAME & he’s a terrible poor sport! What’s more disturbing is that Danielle got on a plane & “surprised him”…. seems he’s naive in life too.. he’s buying into EVERYTHING she tells him. I’m wondering when the Zingbot’s zing will come to life… I’m also curious to know if Dan was ever aware of how Danielle “really” was? I think most females could see right through her (another reason she wanted to be only female in the house) & her fake sweetness to fool all the males… she had that down pat! Looking forward to next round.

      • Big Brother Fan

        Libby…you hit it right on the nose…

        Danielle chased Shane in house…now she is chasing him in real life…now that Shane hasn’t completly rejected her…she will think they are a couple…

        I agree with your comment about them being complete crybabies…If Shane or her had won, Dan would’ve been a great human being..but since they lost, he is the scum of the Earth…grow up Shane and Dani..its just a game, not real life…

      • Brian

        Do you honestly believe that Dani just jumped on a plane and showed up at Shane’s door? If Shane wanted nothing to do with her he could have made it very clear on finale night.

      • barry

        Lets use ourheads for one moment..if Dan takes Danielle to the final his speech is for the first time ever, one person took another from day one, made every choice for both players,..he actually made every choice for both players and got the two people to the finals. It’hard enough f person to make it, but he got two. Dan made every move, or positioned every move for both finalists to the end. Amazing feet,.and worth 500k..taking ian or Shane, chance. Dan thought everyone would pick dani, not the thought of a champ. Sorry all, outsmarted himself, and just looked bad. We all figured he would figure it out,..but nope..Ian was deserving..go bb14 lots of fun Ty Dan

    • Linda

      Where, and how, did you hear an interview with Shane and Danielle?? Love to hear

    • dick murphee

      yeah it was obvious u figured danielle out after a while. its time to get real though. its obvious to feed watchers that Danielle deserves to be the worst. even solely on gameplay. lying about every single thing that had zero to do with gameplay makes her the worst player ti advance since Natalie martinez. you would have had 75% leas blood on your hands if u cut her instead of jodi. as big of a puppet she was for you…she ultimately cost you 450k. bitter Shane etc would not have been an issue for you. you also wouldn’t have had to waste your time trying to coach her. its time to be honest about her dan.

    • barry

      Let’s put it all in perspective,.dans physical game was very weak and had he not had such a total air head to work with and pawn, he’d have never made it further than Shane, and that says alot to me. Dans lack of a physical game kept him alive..imo

  • Vicky

    Dan, great insight. You were simply a pleasure to watch! Enjoyed your gameplay throughout.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for taking the time to break it down. Great analysis!

  • lisa

    pretty dead on Dan…if you havent watched the show. cant wait till u do. i think you will feel very different.

  • Kenny

    I won’t be too harsh since you haven’t watched the episodes…but if Danielle ranks anywhere but dead last after you watch them then you are biased!!

  • Jackie

    Great insight, thanks for posting these. Makes it fun to see the game from your perspective!

    Two things that surprised me is Joe’s ranking for influence and relationships because the perception I had was that Joe wasn’t close with many in the house and people tended to not take him seriously. Also how high Ashley was on likability. I thought she was liked but not to that extent.

    Looking forward to part 2!

  • Aaron

    I love the speech you would’ve given Shane, he would’ve benefitted from a coach like you, and not one who treated him like they did. He needed someone to teach him the game, not play it for him.

  • Athena Santana

    I have to say you are truly an amazing and inspirational person to all personally and your football players and especially your beautiful wife inside and out is so blessed to have you in there lives. I am so honored to have learned so much from you even without meeting you or really knowning you personally. I wish you and your family all the best. :) as far as the ranks and all, very job and I agree! :)


    What about Danielle??

  • Jeff Beesler

    Thank you for sharing this, Dan! Yeah, based on the factors you’ve listed on what it takes to play this game, I probably would wind up sabotaging myself at this point if I ever went into the BB household. I can’t wait to see how the other house guests stack up in part two!

  • Lind

    I agree with everything except Wil. I thought he was very likeable and funny all of the time. He was my pick to go far even if he did make that one lie.

  • Parilee

    Thanks Dan!!!! This shows great reviews on what they said in there interviews you were right on. Shane I love him. But, with that grading of him. I thought you gave him a score of 2 high. I thought his game play was great for not even knowing the game and it got him to the final 4. Dan we love you are awesome.

  • Elizabeth

    I think you are right on with everyone!! You played an amazing game and hopefully Shane and Danielle will soon realize “it was just a game”!! It’s sad that they have had to say such bad things about you just to make themselves feel better. Once you see the “entire” show you will see they were not so innocent in their game either. BUT it’s really nice to see that you are being the “bigger” man and you took it for what it was….a game!! Like you always said the person you are in the house is NOT who you are out of the house. Lots of respect for that!!! Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife! God Bless

    • Alex

      Give Shane&Danielle a break they and just left the house plus they fought the hardest and gained least boogie won 10,000,Willie 5,000, frank 25,000 and even jenn won trip.they would of won at the end if they where against Dan in the competitions at the final three.Now I can’t really know who danielle would have taken in the end.

  • Scott

    Such nice words about Kara. She was my pick right from the start. For you to take partial responsibility for her early eviction is huge. Thank-You!

  • Miche

    I watched you in “stealth mode” and thought ” what is with the HG’s not understanding what you were doing? “I was uncomfortable with that actually. Early on I was pissed at Grodner for sending the lambs to the slaughter lol. I saw some very interesting things from Britney you will see when you watch if you two became 1 you’d be unbeatable.

    Janelle gave a parallel on her spirit being a horse, disliked her ’till that insight. She is bang on. When hanging out with race horses and their various personalities. Nice as can be when their in the pasture–at the gate they only see the win. Admire that in her. In business she must be stellar.

    Here’s my ranking for gameplay
    Everyone else including Frank could of stayed home

  • Caroline

    I completely disagree with the Shane comments above from Jennifer and Linda. While you are correct, Dan, in your ranking for his knowledge of the game, no one seems to take in to account that he made it to fourth place which is better than 12 other houseguests in BB14, all of whom knew more about the game than he did. In the beginning, he may have road the coattails of his coach, but it was up to him to make a difficult decision on who to keep when she was on the block against his closest friend. He chose correctly because for those of us who watched the feeds, there were many instances where Britney said she would be willing to cut Shane soon because she considered him a “liability” and her loyalty was no longer with Shane after the coaches entered the game. She had no intentions of taking him to the end with her. She was on the Ian train 100%. If Danielle had not trusted Dan and taken him off the block at the final POV meeting, Shane, Dan and Danielle would have been final 3. Danielle was not lying when she said she wanted herself, Dan, and Shane in the final 3, though we will still never know who she REALLY would have taken to final 2 if given the choice of those 2. Hindsights 20/20 but my point is, Shane was a gamer in his on way and it got him far. I believe 8th ranking is a little too high. I would have given him a 6, definitely above Jen and possibly even Boogie. Boogie was NOT on his A game this season. But that is a completely different story…

    • Donna

      Well said! I agree with all your points. I think for someone who had never watched the show except during sequester, Shane did a great job. As a fan, I understand the need to lie and manipulate but have to admit that Shane was refreshing in the sense that he really didnt have to do the normal game play to get to the end, even if he didnt make it past the final 4. He stayed as true to himself as I have ever seen a HG be.

  • Stuart


    Thanks for this blog and it is a joy to read. I thought your ranking if the players was spot on. You are good at what you do and using the Internet to stay connected to your fans is very cool. I really loved watching you play the game this year because of your ability to fool everyone. I think acting would be something you would excell at

  • fanta

    very nicely done….and very accurate as welll. u r very smart

  • Stuart


    Thanks for this blog and it is a joy to read. I thought your ranking if the players was spot on. You are good at what you do and using the Internet to stay connected to your fans is very cool. I really loved watching you play the game this year because of your ability to fool everyone. I think acting would be something you would excell at

  • Jacki

    Awesome! Thank You for sharing your thoughts…

  • Steve

    Dan, thanks for showing BB watchers what a sharp blade looks like. It’s been a while!

    I have just a couple of points to make about your player reviews:

    You ranked Ashley highly for self control, “she never lost her cool”. But Ashley did breakdown (in tears) publicly twice (to my knowledge) once when Britney was refusing to let Shane backdoor Frank, in week 3 and again when Jenn verbally attacked her. A point or two marked down?

    You have marked Shane low for awareness. But he definitely knew he was perceived as a serious physical threat and he also knew the house thought him unintelligent because (thanks to Britney) he played up “the stupid card”. A point or two higher? But more points here would be mitigated by downgrading him to minimum points for influence, because he never tried to use his threat status to “influence” others.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see how you grade yourself :)

  • http://yahoo Rita

    Dan, although Ian deserved to win, you are still the greatest #bb player in history. I understood how you got caught up in the game, but in the end you remembered who you was, DAN GHEESLING.

  • Coco

    I am interested in how you rank yourself. Will it be all #1’s lol

  • Danyiel

    Dan, now I see why it took you so long to write all of this! Very informative, and it’s cool to get your analysis on your former housemates from an objective point of view. I think that you’ll be surprised at how much the editing for certain HG’s tends to skew the audience’s perception of them as opposed to how they actually were inside the house. Really looking forward to reading your thoughts on the rest of the HG’s. I love the commentary idea, as well. Getting a glimpse inside that warped mind of yours definitely sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Haha.

    Anyway, have a safe trip to Seattle. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing your interview with Frank and Ian tomorrow. And it was fun getting to hang out in the TeamMist room with you and everyone else last night, even if you guys did keep me up until almost 4:00 AM :).

    Take care,

    Danyiel (AKA DWC)

    • Dee

      Where is the TeamMist room?

    • Linda


      How, where do I find the interview with Frank and Ian mentioned above?

      • Cindi

        It’s on superpass today. I think it’s at 4pm bb time.

  • Kathy L

    The only discription that was alittle off was Shane. There will be actions of Shane’s that you will see later which proved that Shane really didn’t have good relationships with the other houseguests and that Shane was lucky. In the game of big brother, you also have to have a backbone. Shane had no backbone in the game. He ran from Dani most of the show (and Zingbot had it right) and then when he said that Britney forced him to nominate Boogie and Frank. If you make a decision in this game, you better stand behind it. You may be wrong and admit it but never never ever say some little 95 lb girl FORCED you to do it. Even most of the first time, never seen big brother played the game better than Shane. Shane would have never been in the final 4 if you wouldn’t have totted him along.

    • Alex

      Ian,Shane&Danielle totted Dan along and won competitions to keep Dan safe.Without there wins Dan would have never made it and for that alone they should all be top four ranking. The four of them I’m including Dan where a complete team machine, each there own part of the machine that made them a big brother winning team.

      • Alex

        Plus if shane got to the final 4 without watching big brother imagine what he could of done by watching it.

    • Big Brother Fanatic

      I agree with you Kathy. Shane was lucky: he fell in with the Quack Pack, who made all the decisions for him. I will give him this: his physical status is what kept in the game. Latching onto Danielle also helped in the game.

  • Michelle Starr

    Great job on part 1 ! Looking forward to Part 2 and the audio commentary.

    I have watched BB since season 2 and BB14 was one of the best BB seasons overall.
    Dan, you made BB14 fun and addicting.
    I have been ” misted” !!!!

  • Tina

    This was a TOUCHDOWN! I love reading all your stuff especially when you explain everything with a sports analogy (coming from a sports fan and MSU fan) I can’t wait to read part II please don’t keep us hanging for long! I hated having to wait for three days b4 BB14 would come on again! That is why I cheated and read Joker’s Updates! Original TEAM DAN FAN :o)

  • Carol Saunders

    Thanks Dan!!! You did an Awesome job with part 1. Can’t wait for part 2. I also, can’t wait for you to start watching the show & hear your feedback on what you learn. You did a Spectacular job this season as you did on season 8 even though you had to play a little more Devious. I just wish you would have Won!!! Because you Derserved to Win. I feel the jury was too Bitter & Voted to Personally. You’re my All-Time Favorite Player of Big Brother & the Best who has Ever Played this game. Thanks for making this season of Big Brother by far one of my Favorite seasons. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. God Bless you & your Family

  • Sonya

    Thanks for the scores and evaluations before reviewing the DR sessions….I would love to see how the other houseguests would rate you before and after, (although we already know) you played an awesome game but because you have already won on BB, I was not on your team….sorry!!!……team Shanielle here!!!!

    • Donna

      HIGH FIVE SONYA!!!!:0) #TeamShanielle

  • Keith

    So the top 7 are the other 3 coaches, Ian, Frank?, Jenn??? and Danielle. I can understand Ian and Britney, but I think you are scoring Boogie and Janelle on past seasons and not this season.

    I still don’t understand how Frank is not 8th or worse cause he was terribly socially (on the block every possible week), had no alliance besides with Boogie and was saved only by production……I mean the reset in week 3.

    I don’t agree completely, but it’s a great read and about the first blog that is not filled with hate or a warped point of view. Thanks Dan

  • Jose

    Awesome post! Looking forward to the second part. Also, when BB14 finished, I thought to myself “I wish there was a way to hear commentary from some houseguests as they watch the episodes themselves.” And boom, you deliver!

  • Michelle

    Great blog Dan!! I can’t wait to see how you rate out the rest of the players. I will be interested to see how your opinions might change after you see the episodes– although the CBS edit this year was ridiculous when compared to what some people were actually like on the live feeds. CBS seemed to want to portray Shane and Danielle as far better gamers than they actually were. Well, maybe Shane more so. I have to give Danielle a little respect for being able to lie and manipulate in the house, I just wish she would own it now that she is out.

  • Johnny

    Thank you for sharing this, Dan! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts after you watch. #Teammist

  • Janelle

    Loved this! From day one I was cheering you on! I watched your original season and loved you! When you were still a coach and there came an obvious twist coming that could include you- I was sooo glad. Can’t wait to hear more! Awesome season!!

  • Butterbean

    The commentary DVD is a great idea. Love it.
    You should mist Ian into doing a special post-game analysis segment with you on it (or even a second viewing), joint run-through, so that all the SS and /sp/ people have to buy it as well.

  • Sherilyn Dominique

    Dan, My Fav, Dan!!! I really enjoyed your commentary here. I posted in chat on many occasions that I wished CBS would do a follow-up show to feature each house guest and their reaction to each episode. Now you’ve given me that. You are even more awesome than I knew.

  • JohnInDC

    Dan: I am agreeing with your 8-15 (for the most part). I know that Big Brother is for everyone, but I am surprised year after year with houseguests who have never watched the game, or only look at previous season DVDs when in sequester before each season starts. Shane is a perfect example. Seriously. If he had only watched Seasons 2 and 10 he would have realized that he would not be in the final 3. Mentioned in my last comment – I believe this season’s final two has been the most deserving final two in years. Ian’s knowledge of the game gave him a huge edge.

  • Beth Carrell-Moore

    Your assesment of the players so far have been totally spot on! And considering you haven’t seen the actually episodes yet…WOW :D You rock and i truly hope you are ranked the highest because you controlled that house!!! Been having BB14 withdrawls so bad, your blog is the only thing keeping me out of rehab;-) lol please keep them coming….

  • Nancy


    I am really enjoying getting to know you, out of the house, and hearing your words and thoughts on the game, plus family, life skills, coaching, etc. Reading this was amazing; I am enjoying seeing how you viewed things compared to how I viewed things via shows, showtime, and live feeds. Can’t wait for part 2 and your commentary.
    Can’t get enough of the insight and maturity you show at such a young age. Can’t say I had that much at your age, still not sure I have that much at 46. :)

    Take care and keep blogging,

    PS still waiting for my tweet response (@nsalernobbfan). you act as if you have been busy or something. lol

  • Vicciloulou

    can’t wait to see where the rest sit :)

  • Jana Brockett

    Enjoyed reading! Looking forward to your commentary, however I wish you would go back and watch flashback on the live feeds to see what really happened. Watching the live feeds and watching the edited tv show is like watching two TOTALLY different shows! Dan, your game play was amazing and how you did it with Danielle is the amazing part. She lied to you so many times, I know you like to think you had her but not for HER your game wouldn’t have been so hard. If you hadn’t had Danielle steady lying about EVERY female in that house (except Britney) Frank would have gone home instead of Janelle after Boogie got over his grief the coaches could have torn that house up!!! Danielle didn’t go into the house to win money she went to get a man and she wanted to be the only female left in the house with all the men… she won her game! Danielle fooled you as much as you think you fooled her. PLEASE watch flashback and see all the lies you let Danielle get away with… definately cost Janelle her game. I heard you tell Danielle she was playing personal and you hit that nail on the head…..problem is you didn’t do anything about it. If you don’t watch anything else watch the part after Janelle was put on the block and went up to talk to Danielle. See for yourself what a nice talk they had and how nice Janelle was and how much fun they seemed to have together. Immediately following Danielle told her entire alliance that Janelle YELLED at her and was a bully and sooooo mean!
    I am so glad you screwed her in the end, to borrow a line from ALL STARS, “You reap what you sew”

    • Brian

      I’m sure Dan will also find plenty of clips where Janelle wanted to start trouble just to entertain herself, asked Ash to flirt with Shane to tickoff Dani, tried to start a huge fight between Dani and JoJo, asked Brit to lie just for the hell of it (Brit was smart enough to refuse), etc. And a lot of people seem to be forgetting that Dan asked Dani to lie a lot in the game, especially after his funeral but their hatred toward her has them rewriting the history of the game. Dan had the perfect partner in Dani and if he had won the final HOH and taken her to the end it would have been the ending most of us were expecting the entire season. Dan probably would have won 7-0 again and Dani would have been happy as well.

    • Danyiel

      Jana, since when is Dan responsible for Danielle’s behavior, whether it be in or outside of the house? I understand how you feel about her unnecessary non game related lies, but to say that Dan let her get away with anything is preposterous. She’s a grown woman and needs to own up to those things herself. And it’s completely her choice whether or not she decides to do that, as well. I wasn’t the biggest fan of hers either but now that the game is over, I think it’s time for everyone to just take a step back and let the girl get on with her private life and forget about things that happened inside the house. Just some food for thought.

  • liz

    Huge fan dan, your an amazing player and your insight on houseguests is pretty spot on, though after you watch the episodes and see the dr’s I think you’ll rank wil higher. I found him to be the most underrated player of the season, he was very smart and could read people like a book. But his “say whatever is on my mind” attitude hurt him. Xo!

  • lauren

    hoping you recognize yourself as number one:) this is very entertaining-you are great dan!

  • Chrissy Becerra

    Omg! Great info. Love it and your insight about the players. You are a special guy, Dan. There is something about you… Thanks and looking forward to part 2.

  • Maria De Leon-Fisher

    Your recollection and attention to detail in analyzing the BB house guests is amazing; no wonder you are considered one of the BEST players ever! When I read your comments I could almost hear your voice describing each player. You have a great sense of humor, too; I especially liked your coach’s speech to Joe. I can’t believe you have dedicated so much time and commitment to this grading system, but that just goes to show how much you love the BB game. I look forward to reading Part 2!

  • Heidi

    Outstanding review of the game players…… I enjoy reading ‘all’ of your books, blogs & of course will be watching you on Superpass Thursday, (matter of fact, my feeds expire on the 3rd & am keeping them ‘only because I want to see you on Superpass’…… Loved watching your brilliant gameplay this season as I did in your earlier season & in hopes that you’ll consider returning one day & not retire….. Never say never’….:) As a uber ‘BB’ fan & one of great gameplay, once again you were magnificent leaving your emotions at the door & realizing that you’re ‘playing a game for 500K ….. It’s not a game to make life long friends, playing the bachelor, a charity case, only for the good people, etc….. We’ve seen those seasons & were forgettable, however, when you’re in a season the real gamers respect your gameplay!! Again, best wishes to you & your lovely wife & family….oh, & let’s not forget Frank, your angel with four paws….:) Look forward to part 2 along with all of your posts & blogs in addition to watching you on Superpass 2morrow evening……:) Please keep them coming………. :)

  • Brian

    your analysis of the house guests are interesting. love how you will monetized your analysis into each BB episode, well done sir!

    it would be a fun and interesting exercise to watch a round table discussion between the BB14 house guests and their game play analysis and how they viewed the other house guests. I am sure you could turn that into a money maker for each of you.

  • David

    Dan, I’m taking all this info to the brain, I want to be in BB15 & will all this positive feeback & coaching David from Orlando ,Fla has the knife & wants the 500 cabage !!!!!!

  • Angela P.

    I’m surprised you think so highly of Danielle. I would not expect her to be in to top 8 of your list. She never had an original thought in the game. Whenever she had any power in the house, she gave it all away. Just because she made it to the final 3 doesn’t mean she had a good game. She never caught on to any of your lies so her social awareness was not good at all. The only good thing she did was vote out Janelle, but the was based on her own insecurities, not gameplay.

  • Michelle Manz

    Great post, Dan! Are you going to critique your game? Do you think you played it better this time around even though you won last time?

  • Debbie

    Absolutely love this!!! My BB withdrawls are starting to dissipate now that we have your blog and the commentaries. Can’t wait!! I’ve been a BB fan since season 1 and this season was unbelievably awesome, beginning with the blind side of the Boogie eviction and then what took it over the top of perfection was your BB funeral. DAN ‘epicness’ at it’s finest!!! You made this season devine to watch, no doubt about it. :) Thanks!!

  • Brenda

    What a wonderful idea this was! As a TeamMist member, I can’t get enough of this! Anxiously awaiting your 2nd part and can’t wait for you to start watching the episodes and hear your reviews! Love love love your mind!

  • Nancy Hartzell

    Dan, my grand-daughter and I loved you in the game. Always on, always entertaining. I never thought I could get withdrawals from a game show but here we are. Sob! You’re right on so far. Waiting to hear more. How refreshing it is to not hear sour grapes from a player.

  • April

    Enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Dallas

    Awesome review Dan. Can’t wait for part 2.

  • Cibney

    Excellent, Coach!!!
    I think that Joe and perhaps Wil, would have been very good players under your tutorledge!!!

    Someone should contact CBS/BB and insist that Dan be BB official *Coach* … when players are in trouble, they can yell : ” I Need To See The Coach”!

    Dan, do not allow other players to say you playe dirty because you Did NOT! .. You played cleaner than Most players who were evicted late in the game. You “lied’ less and you had less simultaneous final2s than most! – because their lies and deceptions did Not work, they Now want to act as if they played a “clean” game- They did Not!… While Frank was asking for Your vote, he was talking about getting rid of you! … Shane continually told Danielle that he wanted to get rid of you. – Danielle was very aware that you would Evict Shane. She “said” to evict Ian, so that she could play innocent!

    Sorry for being so long… but Dan, you *Ran That House* and you *Made My Summer* – Thanks!

  • Sue

    Just pre-ordered the episode commentary and am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the season.

    I think your analysis for each of the HGs is pretty spot-on…except I’m curious to see where Jenn ranks. I think Joe and Shane out-rank her. Joe was a floater but he at least tried to initiate some alliances. Jenn was a floater that had to be brought into an alliance.

  • Charles

    Dan, great review of the players, can’t wait for the second part. Only thing is how is jenn in the top 7 makes no sense, but i guess that might change after you watch the show.

  • Linda Embry

    Loved reading “Grading The Big Brother 14 Houseguests Part 1″! I feel you are right on! Can’t wait to read part Two. I too agree with Nancy on “how refreshing it is to not hear sour grapes from a player”. It was disappointing to hear some of the negative feedback from the other players from Big Brother 14. What I would say to them is what I tell my children while they were growing up…..”be accountable for your actions”…..”don’t blame others when things don’t go the way you would have liked them to”. “Take responsibility for the positive and not so positive things that happen in your life”. “It makes you a better person in the long run”.

  • Carilee

    omg how fun was this! i am so looking forward to part 2!! who will be your top HG’s!! :) i agree with a previous comment, that it would be awesome fun to have the post viewing listing, to see if your rankings change!
    thanks for keeping us up to date on your thoughts and post game doins! it really helps ween us off our summer long addiction to BB14…what a fun season it was!
    until the next blog! *CHEERS* #teammist

  • Mimi

    Dan: You are truly amazing! (I am not partial.) Your mind goes deep not only into the game but into each person you lived with for so many days, weeks and months. Great assessment of the first 8–can’t wait for the rest of the house guests analysis.
    I have to admit I never watched BB before this year–but it did hook me and I looked forward to each episode (after the game was explained to me by a very important person! Love you,

  • Dinah

    Dan really like you as person. But am still undecided about how you played the game. I felt you did some unnecessary lieing in the game. I was kind of disappointed !

  • Jackie

    I could not agree with you more on the assesments of the players so far. I’m very curious to read what you have to say about Frank, Boogie, Britney, Janelle and Ian. You played an amazing game and you are by far the best to ever play game!

  • Jackie

    I could not agree with you more on the assesments of the players so far. I’m very curious to read what you have to say about Frank, Boogie, Britney, Janelle and Ian. You played an amazing game and you are by far the best to ever play the game!

  • Ron


    Excellent blog. I enjoyed reading your insight on the BB14 players. I was surprised you didn’t put Willie last, and I thought JoJo would’ve been higher. It was interesting to hear why you thought otherwise.

    Without question, you are the greatest player to ever play BB. That’s the main reason why I enjoy reading your blog–because it’s coming from someone who actually knows the game inside and out. Thank you for writing the blog.

    From one teacher to another–

  • Ivory

    I noticed that you were getting to know the houseguests (even the names of their parents, siblings, etc.)…while others were looking in the mirror or snacking. No one knows them better than you! I trust your judgement! It will be interesting to see where you rank yourself and Ian.

  • Jen

    I loved the rankings! I pretty much agree with all of them & cannot wait for the rest of the rankings. I was so disappointed that the jury was so bitter and could not see that you played the Big Brother game ever! Janelle was able to see the whole season, after dark and feeds like the rest of the fans and was spot on when she said at the finale that it would be a travesty if you did not win. It truly was a travesty. Ian played a good game but gave himself too much credit. You controlled a lot of his moves and also let him believe he started the Quack Pack. I am a Pittsburgher so I was proud of Ian but you deserved the title. Come on, you held your own FUNERAL!! I’m looking forward to hearing your episode reactions.

  • Rebecca B.

    Dan, stuff like this is why you are my favorite player. You troll these people so hard even after the game is over ;). It’s like a tiger among sheep. As far as Shane is concerned he couldn’t comprehend the game where as Joe did. You were right about them both. Had Joe been more of a quiet player he would have had gone far due to his ability to be loyal. Forrest Gump would have a better understanding of the game than Shane. Shane also had the personality of a cardboard box which could be why he had an even temperment. He was also duplicitous in his actions and had no understanding of how to use that to his advantage in the game (like going to Janelle without being solicited and lying that he was voting for her to stay). He didn’t know how the POV even worked when he first won it. He also wanted Dani to have you use the POV at final four for fear or messing it up and wanted you to have Ian’s blood on your hands. Shane only has himself to blame for loosing. He was even given the oppurtunity by production to watch 2 seasons (11 & 13) of the show prior to entering the game. He stopped after both Jeff (11) and Dom’s evictions. His eviction is still the funniest ever!

  • Susan Jane

    I am so sad that you did not win…It was a game..and thus the
    {BEST} player should have won..It was NOT a personality
    contest…Nuff said…..

  • Kate

    Wow, what a great analysis! Spot on.

    Can’t wait for part II and for your commentary.

    Team Mist!

  • Donna

    Dan I thought you were dead on about all the house guest . One thing I would love to add is that Shane did do a lot of cut throat moves in the game. A lot of F2 and F3 deals. Then turned around and stab them in the back. It he just made the wrong deals with the wrong people. Shane let his head get to big that he can win computations and did not read people very well. He seem to think on feeds that you were putty in DanI hands. He underestimated you in thinking far in advance on the end game. Trust is not one word I would use for Shane . Shane I would say in the kindest way arrogant .I would give you a 110 percent dead on that Shane didn’t know the game .Shane didn’t understand the feeds at all last night . Shane continues to say you swore on the bible with him you would not vote him out . We all seen that not to be true . You gave your word to him and swore on your wife . Shane has given his word to you Dan and went behind everyone’s back and made deals to keep HIMSELF safe. To some it up in the kindest way I can Shane is hypocrite .The show in itself hid a lot of backstabbing and shady deals Shane was making . Throwing Britt under the bus and you when it came to his nominating Frank and Boogie . Then throwing Ian under the bus and telling Frank one step behind you about Ian being the snitch and about the QP. Then after the veto was used made a F3 deal with Frank and Joe . When you get to DanI I would like to point out she is crying that you were so evil but she went along with your scheming every step of the way. DanI knew about everyone of them but knew you were taking her far in the game .The moves you made helped you and DanI get to the end of the game. Which I don’t think she would have ever made it that far without you bring her a long for the ride . I am buying the CD right now because I want to see how someone everyone said from day two that they didn’t trust you .Including Shane over and over saying he didn’t trust you. You get them to do whatever you wanted them to do . It was like watching all the best moves you can make in the game in one show. Feeds don’t lie . Jury can go both ways . One jury can love the game and vote for a player that made the best moves for their own game . Or the jury can be bitter because they got cut from the game .

  • Miss Dolly Parton

    Just wondering Dan, How would you rate YOURSELF in this game?

  • Donna

    You need to watch some of the flashback on feeds too. I would be happy to give you time and dates and camera’s . I cant wait to see you watch yourself . How really great you played this game this year . :) Please do TAR I know you can win that one too .

    Donna Marie

  • Amanda

    Thank you I enjoyed reading this post and the ones to come. I am considering pre ordering your takes on the episodes. I was team dan from day 1. Lol I love the mist factor this season. Are you going to rank yourself?

  • Ted

    Shane should be higher than Jenn. She did nothing. I’m going to predict your top 5 is
    5. Frank
    4. Boogie
    3. Danielle
    2. Ian
    1. Britney

  • Sandy

    Hey Dan, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your list.. I am hoping you believe Danielle is as big a jerk as I do.. Sorry, but how can she have believed all of the crap you fed her? If not for her, you probably would have been gone a lot sooner.. I thought your game was great.. You manipulated everyone..I am shocked that Ian won and actually believes he deserved it.. Very disappointing ending..Good luck and God speed..

  • caroline

    Hi Dan! Joined your email list today and read thru your whole site. Congrats on all of your success. As a big brother fan and a fan of life in general, I find you inspiring. However I am disappointed in 1 thing. I left a comment on this page earlier today that I thought was very unbiased, yet insightful imo, but it did not make it through moderation. I hope that was a mistake and not that you didn’t want to include any comments from people who don’t 100% agree with your rankings. I agreed with most of them, with the exception of Shane. He isn’t receiving the credit he deserves for getting to F4 without knowing anything about the game. Did he have flaws? ABSOLUTELY! He was very naive, too trusting, and road coattails at times, but he was also a gamer, had a great social game, very competitive, and very likeable. The haters out there mainly dislike him due to his association with Dani, but he has come to her defense 100% which further proves how classy he is. I’m not going to recap my entire first comment that was either denied or deleted because I’m hoping you will put it up again. Please don’t misunderstand. I loved you in both seasons and am very pleased you got as far as you did, but credit needs to be given where it is deserves not blinded by hate. You are a stand up Catholic man who Im sure is not tolerating the nastiness that some bb super fans are bestowing upon Dani and Shane right now. Keep up with what you are doing and I hope you consider my post to be life coached that I posted today! Sorry this is so long :)

  • Amanda

    adding to the more reasons why you are the ultimate big brother man… keep the blogs coming they are a way to feed our BB addictions, until the next season arrives!

  • Stephanie

    I agree Danielle was horrible..she should be rated same or lower than Shane..Fans did not like her at all…she was truly delusional and so full of herself… This season was almost impossible to watch..If it was not for you, Dan, I would have stopped watching it…You made a lot of us tune in for this hot mess of house guests…Awesome, that is you…

  • Hannah

    Although I was obsessed with your game plan in S10 and S14, my favorite part about you is your knowledge of what people want. For instance, many reality show players that I liked let the “ball drop” when it came to outside of the game. You recognize that your “team” is a huge part in your success outside of the house in other ventures. To keep us interested you have provided us with wonderful insights and palpable nuggets of information. I, as a member of “team dan”, want to thank you for making this season of Big Brother the best one for me. Not only because of you RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING game play but your willingness to interact with your “team”; it truly means a lot.

  • Judy Molinaro

    Hey Dan, this is amazing, can hardly wait for the rest! I wanted to like Danielle but her stupidity got in the way……duh! How great for you that she kept coming back for more. LOL! Looking forward to whatever you provide for us.
    You should have won it all Dan, Janelle was right when she said you are the greatest player of Big Brother!
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • casey

    i only wish u had ranked dani lower than wil n joe sorry my opinion ;)

  • casey


  • Sara

    Oh Dan, I loved the way you played! Had not almost all the newbies been on the panel and had judge you buy hurt feelings instead of how awesomely you played the game, you would of won! But now that you said your a republican, I’m on the fence, lol.

  • Sara

    BTW during the first time you were on BB, my favorite thing was you hugging Jessie for 10 secs or more then looking up at the camera with a big smile and “Winking”. I grinned all thru the story you told him, and roared when you smiled and winked!

  • Candice

    This was great to read! Can’t wait for the second one.

  • Deanna McRae

    Love reading your insight, and knowledge. You are the greatest in my book. Your ability to read people makes you the best of the best. I watched the feeds very close, and Shane did have deals which he always broke. Loved your camera talking! It is unfortunate that the jury members voted so personal you clearly won the game! Best of Luck to you, and your wife in everything you do! I will be watching look forward to see your future endeavors!

  • Tea

    So you rate Ashley’s likeability a 2, and then go on to say that she was EXTREMELY likeable in the house… I’d imagine an EXTREMELY likeable person would be rated higher than 2 on the likeability scale…

    • Lindsey

      the lower the number, the better… dan said that in the beginning of this blog. a 2 is very goood. and dan this was really goood! i loved seeing what you actually thought of everyone’s gameplay! i cant wait for part two! love youu!(:

      • Tea

        LOL woops, how embarrassing ;p Reading comprehension fail!

        Thank you for responding to my comment, though. Appreciate it :)

  • Barbara

    Great job Dan are you going to be a writer now or is this a thing on the side?
    Looking forward to part two. I hope you are enjoying family now that you are home no place like home.

  • Elaine Carmadelle

    Awesome, awesome game play Dan. You were what kept the season going. We knew the coaches were going in and the night you did, my whole family went nuts. We were all team Dan since season 10. Hopefully CBS will start getting some real players for the game. In Season 2, I despised Evil Dr. Will until I understood the game. He too, played an awesome game and few have been able to fill his shoes, you I believe have surpassed him. My dream season would be The Origional Renegades/with Jeff and Dr. Will against the Brigade, Quack Pack and four girls I feel compete well Janelle,Rachael,Danielle Donato and yes even Danielle Murphree. So many targets , so much bad blood. Love to see how Brit would react. The house would be filled with true gamers. The jury would vote on gameplay. Ian has the money and the win, but he,ll always know it was not his gameplay but yours that got him the title. Which I,m sure is killing the little egotist. LOL…Thank You for the best BB ever….

  • Sherry

    I can’t wait to see where Danielle is ranked. She irritated me beyond JoJo. Continually looking in the mirror and “fishing” for compliments. I don’t know how you spent all that time with her. seriously, you must have had control…

  • Susie

    Great analysis, Dan! Looking forward to Part II. Congrats on manipulating Danielle to the nth degree. ;) Have to say I began to really dislike her tho. Day after day she got fatter and fatter (sorry if that sounds like a mean girl) and became such a stalker to Shane!!! Couldn’t you see how he cowered away from her all the time? Don’t see how he could’ve been any more clear on his feelings for her…. which were none UNTIL she got in his ear AFTER the game. Hmmm me thinks she wants the two of them to be the next Jeff and Jordon!

  • Alex

    Does everyone forget that Dan was safe for the begging of the game and had the most loyal people on his side shane, danielle and Ian to get him to the end and the only reason they did not try to evict him is because danielle&Ian saw him play on big brother before and where big fans plus Shane trusted Danielle so he trusted Dan.If shane would have evicted Ian Shane&Danielle would have been the final to winners and first couple to go to the end in big brother history.For newbie I rate Shane,Danielle and Ian a 1.Dan was there biggest flaw not his mist but they where big fans of Dan.the big brother twist was a game changer for Dan and help his game greatly. Dan had his past season which he was loyal to Memphis so Danielle&Ian thought he would be loyal to them 100% and shane was loyal to Danielle so he trust her faith in Dan.

    • Donna

      Alex- Im in agreement with all your posts. It amazed me throughout the season how thousands could watch the same live feed and come away with a different view. Mostly only 2 points- anti Shane/Dani or pro Shane/Dani- I am Team Shanielle. The best explanation is people cant always see what is right in front of them. My job requires me to read ppl’s body language(its a needed trait for safety) and I read Shane like a book, as well as a few others. Just a shame not everyone shares the trait. But after the reset, you cant argue against Dan’s play. As Will pointed out, the HGs believed it ALL.

  • Barbie Lou

    Hey Dan!

    You made this season and without you…it would have been boring. I think your ratings are spot on. You should have been the winner and most people know that. Ian was a nice kid and played very well. I was happy to see him in the final 2. You are the best player (IMO) ever on BB.

    I liked watching interviews with Chelsea, Kelley and your mother Sue. Your mother is such a doll and so much fun to watch. I can see where you get that “playful” side. Your wife and sister are great too! You are a very lucky man and they are also blessed to have you in their life.

    I have to make this complaint. I listened to the Shane and Dani interview yesterday on blog radio. These two are so bitter it is ridiculous. They knocked you the entire time and for things that they did themselves. They both believe they were entitled to win BB. The more they knock you…the worse they look to BB fans. Calling you evil and questioning your morals is ridiculous. Two “Bitter Betty’s” that should just disappear. I would never watch Amazing Race if they were on.

    I wish you much happiness and many great opportunities. Shane and Dani should take a page from your book and maybe they could turn things around.

  • Laurie

    Hello Dan:

    First of all THANK YOU for taking the time and writing about your experiences and how you assessed each HG. Your assessments were right on and no doubt helped you with your game. Can’t wait to watch BB with you as you give your insight on the other HGs and what you were thinking at the time. I won’t comment on some things since you haven’t watched the season. I hope you follow up with a blog after you watch it giving another insight.

    Again, Thank You Dan for keeping us up to date.

    Team Dan member

  • Christine

    I think this season of BB was the best…I worried each episode about dan being evicted..Glad you made it to the end (although you should have won)..I love how you have ranked the players and can’t wait for the next rankings..Your a great coach and player…

  • Ashleylora

    Dan.. This was so interesting!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the rest!! and the commentary is such a GREAT idea.. i personally think if some of the other houseguests did this would be epic.. just because we would love to hear the reactions to what we knew the whole game!! Keep it up! You inspire me to be the best I can be :)

  • Rachel

    I cannot wait for you to watch the season ad I’m very excited to hear about how the editing skewed our view of what really happened!

  • Dan Stultz

    I think your rankings are very spot on.

  • Lisa g

    Great article Dan! I think your pretty much spot on, but the next rankings will be much more difficult! Cant wait to see what you think.

  • CanadaPat

    I totally agree with your assessments so far. Most of these players were there for the party instead of the game. The real gamers, while they may not have been the best at achieving their goal, were constantly thinking about the game they were playing. While Danielle was not liked by many of us, at least she was playing the game. Shane on the other hand seemed like he was in lala land most of the time.
    Dan, Ian, Frank, Janelle, Brit, Boogie were constantly thinking game and there to play.

  • Jeff

    Hey Dan!! Wow, what a blog. I throughly enjoyed reading it and seeing how you felt about the other houseguests. I can’t wait to read Part 2 when you get it done. :)

    I’m also gonna sign up too for your commentary. I think that sounds neat!! Like Brusha said, you, Brit and Mike were my favs in the house. You 3 definitely played the best game!

  • Barbara Brown

    Really looking forward to part 2. I have been a fan of yours since season 10 and I have to thank my sister for that. She scouted you immediately and said, watch that boy, he is going to win this thing. We were both so excited that you came in as a coach and was pretty evident things were going the way of coaches becoming players too. I have already expressed my feelings on Ian’s win…nice kid, good game (could probably have won almost any other season other than Dick’s or Will’s), but you were the clear and significant winner.

    A true prototype for anyone to study the game with….if they could ever figure out what goes on in that head of yours! Look forward to seeing you on Superpass tonight. Great to see you, Chelsea, Kelly, and your mom Sue on Murtz’s show. Too funny!

    Congratulations on your affiliation with CAA….I see BIG things in your future!!

    Fan for life!

  • James

    You are the man, Dan! These rankings are great, I love the awareness category. That is why you are the best BB player of all time! You always were so aware and would listen and take things in. That is how I would want to play the game. Can’t wait to see how you rank the rest!

  • Survivor_BUFF

    I want this commentary, but I’m so poor and cheap.

    Are all of these criteria really equal in your eyes? Clearly, knowledge of the game couldn’t have been just as important in the beginning when there wasn’t really any knowledge to be had. Also, physical ability wasn’t as valuable in the beginning when competitions were far less physical. This is a BB14 ranking, though, and times have changed.

  • Patricia

    Dan, I hope you’re not persuaded by the Danielle hate and end up ranking her lower than she deserves. People may not personally like her, but she did play a great game. I’d rank her above Ian because he was clueless about a lot of things while se was not. Her only mistakes (and they were big ones) were giving you the veto at F4 and throwing the first part HoH and she absolutely should have hang on for dear life. Other than that, she was always aware of what was going on, she was a good physical and mental competitor (4 challenge wins and some second place finishes) and she easily made alliances to get her forward. She also played a great social game when she was on the block against Jojo by getting closer to Janelle’s team so they’d keep her. She was also extremely valuable to you during the funeral. Jenn didn’t want to use the veto and Danielle was able to convince her it was the right move. She played her part during that whole week perfectly, and it really impressed me. I enjoyed you guys as a team because you were always able to put a plan into action together.

    People criticizing Danielle’s game are being completely personal because they don’t like her. People who didn’t watch the feeds like her and recognize she was a good player. Honestly, I watched the feeds and the hate is completely out of porportion, yes she exagerated some things and she’s egocentric, but come on people, it’s not like she commited a horrible crime, I don’t get the amount of hatred and it reads misogynistic to me.

    So please don’t be persuaded by these people’s opinions and do your own list, because I know you saw that Danielle was a very good player (which she was, other than for her naive loyalty). I think the list is great so far and it makes a lot of sense. The only thing I find weird, is Jenn not being ranked in the last 8, her “game” was not better than either Wil’s or Shane’s, but i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because you’re not omniscent and can’t get everything exactly right.

    Can’t wait for part 2! =)

  • Joeann Mueller

    Dan, I really enjoyed reading your rankings. Looking forward to hearing the rest. You are brilliant! I appreciate however your mind works. I find it amazing, and interesting. You are a pleasure!

  • Paula Smart

    Dan: I will say I am a huge Brit fan. I was not a huge Dan at the start of the season. You have won me over for sure! ( except sending my Brit home!) Amazing Game Play for sure. I am a Big BB Fan. Live Feeds and all.. my family simply hates it! Your wife is amazing by the wife! I enjoyed watching her through the season as well and she did a great job.. you would have been so proud!!

  • Laura

    Love this, can’t wait for part two, been having huge BB14 withdrawals, so it is nice to still be reading stuff. Dan, do you know why they Big Brother does not do a show between January thru May time span….I know they don’t do one in the winter months probably due to the holidays, but the months I listed don’t really have any big holidays in them. Just wonder what ur thoughts are….It was great watching you this season. Do you feel bad about how much you used Danielle?

  • Colleen Kelly

    Hey you,

    So much work in this…. FIRST part?! Wow. I love you Pre Game Coaching speech addition! I like Joe’s “Check please” lol.

    You did a fantastic job. Sorry it took so long for me to get to it. :)
    Have fun in CA Seeing you with Frank was nice!. I liked Frank at times. When he came in opposition with you did I get ticked at him. lol. And not being smarter to know you were protecting Ian. But water under the bridge and easy for me to say. I could see and hear everyone’s game… He couldn’t.
    Glad you guys are on good terms. You did a great job. Always proud of ya :)
    Coll :)

  • Dana

    Awesome, Dan! This is wonderful, a very nice fix from my BB withdrawal. Can’t wait for part 2! Looking forward to watching the season & listening to your commentary.

    Haven’t gotten around to it yet but wanted to say “Thank you so much for an incredible summer…I had a blast defending you”!! You brought back Big Brother and the way it’s supposed to be played. No doubt you are my Greatest Player Ever!! Chelsea is amazing & I really enjoyed her, too! Wishing you both all the best! XoXo <3

  • Lynne Gardner

    Thanks for your rankings! I totally agree so far and can’t wait to read the second half. I think you played an awesome game and enjoyed this season mainly because of you! I agree with everyone who would like to see a before and after rankings. One last thing, I appreciate how low Joe was ranked. He drove me crazy!

  • Pam Clark

    Hey Dan,
    Great job! I’m a 51 year old 3rd grade teacher and a Big Brother loyal viewer from all the way back to 2000. My husband and I both loved the show. I was equally happy with either you or Ian winning and it was obvious that you were genuinely happy for him when he won. That’s sportsmanship!! congrats on making it all the way a 2nd time. Looking forward to another allstars someday, I’m sure you’ll be there.

  • Peggie

    I think after you watch feeds you will realize you rated Joe and Ashley and Kara way too high and Shane too low.And where the hell is Jenn. She is definitely at the bottom.I hardly knew she was there.

  • Peggie

    I can not wait to see where Danielle is on your list.

    • Patricia

      If he ranks her lower than 3rd pace, i’ll know Dan didn’t base this list solely on gameplay, but that he has been misted by the Danielle hate going around te web. She was one of the best players this season.

  • Kara

    This is great! I totally agree that I felt that Shane did not have enough knowledge of how the Big Brother game works. At least the “social” game. He was really good at challenges and competitions, but when it came to making alliances and friends, I felt that Britney and Danielle did that for him.

    I have a question though, what made you stand out to be picked to be on Big Brother? What qualities are they looking for? I feel like half of the Big Brother house is super fans and the other half seemed like they were put on the show because they knew somebody.

  • Linda Robbins

    Amazing. I enjoyed reading this, and am looking forward to the next section. I watched the Live Feeds, and am in BB withdrawal, and you are helping me get through it! I so loved watching you, and seeing that smile up at the camera.

    Dan, just keep doing what you’re doing, keep your feet on the ground, and your family as priority. You have big things ahead of you I predict.

    By the way, your Mom is adorable, and Chelsea is perfect for you. All the best, to the best BB player ever.

    ~ Linda in Texas

  • Donna

    A good read Dan. I loved and rooted for you in S10 but as a BB addict I love to see newbies win. You played well and I would have preferred to see you, Dani and Shane(I dont agree with Shane’s placement in your rankings) in final 3 as agreed and watch the fur fly, I think that would have made a more passion filled interesting fight to the finish. Thanks for sharing your ideals and thoughts-look forward to Part 2.

  • Lloyd

    How I think the remaining houseguests should be ranked (and why I think Brit, Danielle and Ian played the best game besides Dan):

    6th – Janelle
    5th – Boogie
    4th – Frank
    3rd – Ian (saved himself everytime he was going to get evicted by winning comps)
    2nd – Danielle (positioned herself perfectly in the game with everyone, the blunder at final 4 keeps her from being ranked first)
    1st – Britney (her eviction was just bad luck, she would have had a great shot at the grand prize)

    I don’t think i’m too far off from how Dan will rank them. =)

    • Lloyd

      LOL I forget Jenn, but 7th place of course, except I wouldn’t have rated her higher than 9th myself.

  • Chris

    I wonder wo you’ll put at #1 – Ian, Danielle or Frank.

  • Patricia

    Dan, I hope you’re not persuaded by the Danielle hate and end up ranking her lower than she deserves. People may not personally like her, but she did play a great game. I’d rank her above Ian because he was clueless about a lot of things while se was not. Her only mistakes (and they were big ones) were giving you the veto at F4 and throwing the first part HoH and she absolutely should have hang on for dear life. Other than that, she was always aware of what was going on, she was a good physical and mental competitor (4 challenge wins and some second place finishes) and she easily made alliances to get her forward. She also played a great social game when she was on the block against Jojo by getting closer to Janelle’s team so they’d keep her. She was also extremely valuable to you during the funeral. Jenn didn’t want to use the veto and Danielle was able to convince her it was the right move. She played her part during that whole week perfectly, and it really impressed me. I enjoyed you guys as a team because you were always able to put a plan into action together.

    People criticizing Danielle’s game are being completely personal because they don’t like her. People who didn’t watch the feeds like her and recognize she was a good player. Honestly, I watched the feeds and the hate is completely out of porportion, yes she exagerated some things and she’s egocentric, but come on people, it’s not like she commited a horrible crime, I don’t get the amount of hatred and it reads misogynistic to me.

    So please don’t be persuaded by these people’s opinions and do your own list, because I know you saw that Danielle was a very good player (which she was, other than for her naive loyalty). I think the list is great so far and it makes a lot of sense. The only thing I find weird, is Jenn not being ranked in the last 8, her “game” was not better than either Wil’s or Shane’s, but i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because you’re not omniscent and can’t get everything exactly right.

    Can’t wait for part 2! =)

  • Gregg Weldon

    Dan, fantastic insight on your fellow players; I’m looking forward to part 2. The interesting thing about this season is that I liked almost everyone in the House, so it was a very pleasant experience just watching the game progress. What do you think of players like Evil Dick, who take more of a scorched-Earth approach to BB? It seems to sometimes be effective, but its not that fun to watch. How would you have adapted your game to a player like Evil Dick?

  • kelly

    You won me over second week of season ten. I had no idea you had written books though! Can’t wait to read em. My facebook status finale night was “let’s do this like Judas!”. You played the best game and should have won but Ian being the winner softened the blow. Love that kid! Now….on to browse your site more.

  • Pat Russell

    I was so glad someone else won. You were just so boring, and rude ie. pushing Brittany out of the way to use that machine.

  • Alison

    Love the idea of Dan’s Commentary!!! Can’t wait to see it!!

  • Chris Ghini

    Hey Dan,

    First off, you played one hell of a game! I think you’ve single-handedly changed the way Big Brother will be played in the future. A player with that kind of impact – and with the success you’ve had on BB10 & 14 – solidifies your reputation as the best player of all-time. No doubt.

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts on one particular move you made in the game:

    During the eviction night when Frank was sent home, did you ever consider giving Frank a pity vote, forcing Ian to get the ‘blood’ on his hands as the tie-breaking vote?

    The reason I ask this is because I wonder if Frank’s bitterness – and the way he took your actions so personal – led him to influence other houseguests in the jury house (eg: Ashley, Joe).

    I wonder if you approached Ian, Danielle, and Shane before-hand and said that you had to give Frank your vote because you made a one-week deal with him and Jenn for saving you the week before. This might have given them more reassurance that you are a man of your word….and you could’ve used your MIST to convince Ian that more blood on his hands would benefit him down the road. And maybe it would have, who knows?

    I’m not being critical of the move you did make…heck, you played a near flawless game! I just want to know your thoughts as to whether you think that would’ve made any difference in the outcome of the game.

    Obviously, I’m a huge fan of yours. I’ve enjoyed reading part 1 of your BB14 ranking system, and it was awesome watching you, Chelsea and the rest of your family on the Murtz show last weekend. Great stuff.

    Take care,


  • Andrew Bettencourt

    As a sportswriter, I am very impressed with your analytical and writing skills in breaking down the competition. That is top-notch writing. You know how to appeal to your audience, and this made for a great read. Obviously viewers may have a different viewpoint on the grades, but your breakdowns were tremendous. That was fun to read.

  • Jeff

    Only have watched Big Brother for the past few seasons(caught parts of a couple other seasons, through the years- – -some of Dr. Will’s first time), but I hadn’t watched season 10. What I did watch of you was absolutely brilliant. Amazing the things you did that worked.
    I understand the jury can vote however they see fit, but voting personally, instead of game play takes away from the game, IMHO.
    Wishing for the best for you and your wife for whatever God has in store for you going forward.

  • Jimmy

    I think this season serves as Exhibit A as to why BB should have America vote the winner.We were totally disgusted by the jury who clearly voted solely on exacting a revenge on you.Wait until they watch back the episodes and see how foolish you made them look!ha!
    We liked Shane but we lost all respect for him from then on when he said “I hope Chelsea divorces him”. That was an OMG ‘did he really say that?!’moment for us because he stepped wayyyyyyyyy over the line with that comment.
    We all know you’re the best player ever to get ripped off by a petty sour grapes jury.

  • Caryn DePasquale


    Love that you are doing this! I started watching BB because I work as a counselor. I started out in the field of psychology and have always been fascinated in how people’s minds work. Which is why the players like you that focus on strategy were always my favorites & your ability to be three steps ahead of everyone this season blew my mind! I also coached cheerleading for 9 years so appreciate that aspect of how you work/think too. I cannot WAIT to see how these rankings change once you watch the season…particularly Joe. Thank you so much for doing this! Cannot wait to read your books!

  • Wilma Masoner

    From moment I saw you enter the house, I knew this was going to be epic! I sat and shook my head in disbelief as you pulled off feat after feat, manipulating each houseguest, as was necessary. Always hoping you could pull it off, but always fearing, ‘it won’t work this time’. Hands down, turn off the lights in the BB house, the BEST darned player to ever play this game, came in second this season because of a jury who admitted you played the best game, and made no sense for voting for the second best this season. How would you feel about, in future games, if the houseguests had 50% of the voting, and views had the other 50%?

  • Anne

    Hiya Dan :) WOW! Again not surprised at your insight on each of the hg’s it is a remarkable talent you have. I’m having a little trouble agreeing with you however on Shane..”too damn good at sports” is about the only good thing I can think of to say about him…the word “wimp” comes to mind when Shane is mentioned, I think you gave him too much credit and I’m sure your opinion will change after you see feeds etc. although you clearly knew what was going on in the house , that alone is impressive! I have to mention Danielle sighhh the girl had a huge crush on you, it could have been a nightmare season for you if you had still been love love Chelsea :) I also have to say she disappointed me bigtime, I felt her pushing at you and “fishing” (as you said to her) was just showing disrepect to you and your lovely wife, it really irked me (cool word eh ROFL a really nice word for what I really want to say ) that she continued to do that. I’ll save the rest of MHO till after you’ve ranked her game :) I already want you to re-rank the players after the commentary and absolutely hope you rank your own game as well. Your ranking systems is awesome and is also a great tool to help anyone who is trying to get on reality tv ;) Again, thank you for all that you do we really really appreciate your time and hard work, I’ve already ranked you #1 and I seriously doubt there will be anyone who will change that. Looking forward to everything you write. #TeamMistLove&Respect

  • Ori

    Interesting to read :) did people really target Jodi for the few hours she was in the house? why? we didn’t get to see anything about it there.
    In my opinion Britney is the best player of this season besides you and if you wouldn’t be there she would probably win. Janelle and Boogie played an alright game but they made some crucial mistakes.
    oh and I would rank Shane higher.

  • ?

    OMG,i am such a fan of yours,in the beginning i was like i love dan and then im like i hate dan becuz u swore on the bible and all but wen i see ur blog im just I LOVE DAN AGAIN!!..i am so inspired by you.

  • Neil

    Very interesting what you said about Kara. You definitely had more insight into her game than the edit we saw of it as viewers.

  • http://www.twitter/britney_s7 Hillary Britney Sanchez

    I love how much you respect us (your fans/team Mist/friends). You take the time to give us the insight we want as huge followers of Big Brother and also inspired by who you are as real life Dan Gheesling. I am also a teacher and a previous soccer player which gave me the opportunity to coach for a few yrs at the high school level. So, I subscribed to this website of yours for several reasons and to learn how you manage to “do it all” in your personal career(s) and on BB. Thank you for making me feel like a “friend” and not taking the approach of gaining a big head as some reality stars do…. your fans appreciate your posts more than you know!
    I also have been in contact via email with Chelsea and am working on setting up the Good Girl movement conference for my school district. I use my middle name and husbands last name on Twitter (Britney Sanchez- (britney_s7) and I teach and am known in my non Twitter life as Hillary Johnsen-Sanchez. Middle name is Britney. I am misting my students so they don’t find me on Twitter! ;) #TeamMist! So many teachers “friend” students on FB and let them follow on Twitter, and I just don’t want that for me. Not that anything I say is inappropriate, I just don’t want that connection with my students. Makes sense, right?
    I will always admire you and Chelsea for your outgoing personalities and likeability in real life. Keep writing as well! Your books are well written and inspirational. BTW, My hubby is #TeamMist as well…he was seriously the point of saying “I am NEVER watching BB again” immediately after Ian won, but then calmed down! He is an Irag war vet and is seriously thinking about trying out for BB. Thanks again Dan. Always #TeamMist and will continue to keep up on a subscriber to this website as well. Take care!

  • Linda

    Dan, I just want to say that I knew your name and that you won BB before, but I honestly had not seen your season until just recently. I became a huge fan around the time of your funeral. You played the best game this season and deserved to win again, but we know that the jury voted “personally” and didn’t vote “for the best player” … don’t get me wrong Ian was good, but he wasn’t great. This is the first time I’ve stated my mind about a show of any kind online. Good luck to you and Chelsea (we all saw how much you love her on the feeds) … may you both continue to be happy together!

    • Linda

      The time stamp on message above isn’t correct. What time zone is this website set on? I’m on EST, but it was earlier than this when I posted (like maybe 6 or 7 pm) …

      • Linda

        FYI: It is now 6:11 pm EST but says 10:11 pm.

  • Sommer

    Dan, I have been a fan of yours since you started your BB journey, and have been watching BB since season one, religiously. My entire summer is consumed with the house guests, and this year wasn’t any different! This year, I saw some of the best plays I’ve ever seen in this entire game thus far. You didn’t let me down, not at all, not even once with your decisions. What I loved, sincerely, was even watching BB after dark, I never knew what the heck you were going to do in the end. You, without a doubt, were in my humble opinion, the best game player I’ve ever seen. Proud of you, Dan!!!!

  • Alvin Cheung

    Dan, I have said this via other avenues, but you have my highest respect as a player in the BB game. Out of all the seasons of BB, I enjoyed the outcome of BB10 the best because the person I was rooting for actually won!! You are my favorite BB player of all time – no one else has really even come close to you!
    Now to comment about this blog: I think it is a work of genius. I agree with the categories that you are ranking the houseguests by, and I think you have a cool points system thing going. I am dying to know the results of Part 2.
    Like many of the other posters here, thank you for keeping us up to date with your life!!! BB has been such a big part of me this summer and the withdrawal has been pretty rough. Watching interviews with you in it and following your twitter updates has been great. #TeamMist!

  • tracy maye

    Dan i thought you played the best game in the bb14 season. The ONLY reason i wanted ian to win first place and you second was because youve already won this game before. Going into the big brother house it seems to me you do have to leave your heart at the door and play the game strictly non personal and all strategic which i respected you for that. Your funeral will go down in history as one of the best game moves in bb history! You won 50k because you played the game right and people need to realize that and not take a GAME so personal. Anyway great job we all love you!

  • Alex

    Well written and well stated. Love the insights you give & can’t wait to see part 2.

  • Monica

    Dan, I can’t wait for part 2!! I am so sad this season is over with, I really wish you would’ve won. You deserved it, and this season would have been so boring without you!! All the best to you and Chelsea!

  • Ginger Rose

    First I would like to say I was Team Dan from day 1, I was an obsessed fan watching your mist from the feeds, BBDish(fav site), and the actual show. I honestly thought that BB jurors are so different than Survivor ones, BB ones don’t vote personally but rather who really played the best. You losing totally wrecked my thinking. As soon as Julie said it’s official I turned the tv off and today is the first time since then that I logged on to any sites because I was so stinking MAD! I voted for Ian as fan fav ONLY because you requested it. You Dan, are my BB14 winner. Thanks for all the entertainment, I was proud of the game you played. Every single move. Much love.

  • Kim

    Love the rating. Can’t wait for part 2. It was great that Ian won but I was hoping you would win. Thanks for a GREAT summer. You kept it entertaining and exciting. Good luck to you and Chelsea. You really could see how love you have for
    her. Thanks again

    Dan :)

  • Tiffany Pritchett

    Hey Dan!
    How is everything going? I hope that all is well with you and your family. Great job on big brother 14. You did a phenomenal job with everything that was put forth in front of you. I look up to you alot and always can come to you for advice.I love the show for everything that it is worth. My mom originally got me into watching the show at a young age. I tried out for the first time for BB14 by going to casting call, but didn’t make it :(. I think, personally, I just winged it, but I also felt that I didn’t have enough time to really show who I am. I want to change that because I know I have in me to make it. I have read all of your books on how to get on the show. I think what I am going to do is make an audition video at the National Weather Center where I go to school at to make it more personable. Through reading your books, I came across a sliver of information where you mentioned that you got a short clip of a cornucopia of audition videos for like 20 seconds from a talk show. Do you know where I can locate that short clip? I think it may help me alot! Hope to hear a response. Thanks! :)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Keep trying!! Don’t give up. I can’t remember where I saw the clip, it was on the Early Show at some point.

      • sarah

        Hi Dan I enjoyed reading what you thought of the players cant wait to read part 2… I did sent you an email I hope that you will be able to respond I really think you played a great game all the coaches besides brit played the game how it used to be played since season 8 its been so predicable and everyone is scared to vote the other way or u know whats going to happen before it happens you really made the season interesting hopefully the cast next season will have learned from you and will be better then all the other seasons the last couple of big brothers seemed to turn more into a dating show then a game show like Jordan and jeff, then Brendon and Rachael dont get me wrong I think they are great but geezz speaking of which is Shane and Danielle now a couple I read somewhere that they are dating? anyway thanks for a great season still think you should have won and thanks for keeping in contact with the fans… and your wife did a great job keeping up with your blog while you were away and the fact that she did a comp rewarding fans was so awesome you have a great wife by the looks of it congrats on that ..

  • mimi

    love the rankings so far! ok i didn’t read all these comments but this is for alex … shane, danielle and ian did not drag dan anywhere. you should know better than that if you were a dan fan season 10. dan would have figured out what to do to keep himself safe no matter who he was playing with.

    • Alex

      But as you no he had to play totally diffrent game that would have not worked without Shane,danielle and Ian winning competitions and there final 4 100% loyalty to Dan.

  • Peggie

    I am a huge fan of Britney and Ian. I was a Dan fan, up until the cruelty to Danielle became hard to watch. I was not a Danielle fan, but felt sorry for her. I think Shane did a great job, considering he had not watched BB. I was not a Frank fan,, but think he did a great job and deserved fan fave. I don, t know how Jenn is not on first list. I liked Mikes gameplay. I hated Janelles game play.I don, t think Danielle ever made any game moves on her own.Joe grew on me over time, but was Loud and never washed his hands, which also made him hard to watch.Ashley just slept and ate, not much else going on there.Wil played ok and was likable. CAN, T WAIT to see how yours compare.

  • http://facebook Bette Paslay

    Hi Dan,well guess there got to be a person that disagree with you,and i guess i am it.I loved watching you the other season of BB. i just really was turn off by your game play this time.I do get the game,i really do. But I felt you were alittle to much of cut throat this time.Don’t get me wrong I by no means agree with Dani’s game play,she kind of confused me,she could be mean,and then as sweet as pie,and I didn’t see it as game play,but i was hopeing for it to be you.Ian and Shane at the end. But in the end the best person did win.Ian you go the world is your oyster. Dan good luck in your marriage,she seem like a great women.God bless! Bette

  • Angela

    Thanks for sharing Dan!

  • Joe

    I love both sets of rankings, I would be interested to see what the other houseguests had you ranked at! Great Season, it was one to remember for sure!


    Dan Dan Dan..i rooted 1st time around and rooted till the end of this one.i love your brain and all that shoots out from it:-)..thanks for keeping us all involved its awesome..i’m sad to think you won’t come back..Britney either! i could watch every season with you two.congratulations because you did win the game.the jury was wrong! going on to part 2!!!! thank you!

  • Penny

    Bottom line is you got robbed, Dan, due to you played the very BEST game without exception. Ian would not even have been in the end had you not saved him. Unfortunately, the jury house held a grudge versus voting for the best game play.
    Thanks for making Big Brother 14 some of the very best viewing ever!! Would you ever come back for a future Big Brother?

  • Patti Maloney

    Dan I loved you in your first season and loved you more in BB14. No matter how much i liked or disliked a player I always wanted the best player to win. Of course most of the time if a really good player comes “back” into the game they get ousted quickly. I know you are nothing like the character you played on the show, but did what you had to to get further in the game. I am so disappointed in the people that dont see that and it aggrivated me to death when you were criticised for playing a dirty game. I respect you and wish you well in all you do. I can associate with your morals as i was brought up in a very strict Italian-Catholic home. I have to smile when i think of the lengths you went to playing this game – it just tells me what a great player you are! Chelsea is a very lucky girl and she has to be very special for you to have fallen in love with her. God Bless!!!


    Two changes. Swap Ashley and Kara. Ashley had a better social game than Kara that kept her in the game longer and if you had snagged Shane or Ian sooner, Ashley would have lasted maybe to F6. Then swap Mike Boggie with Jen because Mike was to laied back plaing Godfather, using Frank as an enforcer, Ian as a spy and playing you and Shane. Jen made F5 and was part of the game changer taking you off the block.


    PS I might also consider backing up Daniel behind Janelle, because even though she won comps and was a obident student, there were times she was, unstable, more trouble than she was worth. She saw an HOH as a burden verses power and privlidge You had to run them and everyone knew it, so you get all the blood on your hands.

  • Dylan

    I always find myself agreeing with you on everything – not sure if its my bias – or you really are the worlds best reality star player.

  • RJ

    I have watched BB from the beginning and felt you deserved to win BB10 and pretty much played a decent game during that particular season but as far as bb14 and (this is just my opinion), you went too far starting with the funeral, it was almost like you were acting instead of just playing the game, and the way you treated (Danielle) the one and only person that had your back the entire game was just wrong..and if it had not been for her helping you would have never made it to final 2 so you should be thanking Danielle for that 50k.
    As you can see I am one of the few bb fans that have no respect for you or your game play and I truly hope for your wifes sake that your a better person outside of big brother.

  • Kathrin Turner

    It’s so great to read your “grading” of the players. Can’t wait to see part 2! I think Frank should of been included in part 1 – but like you said, it’s not a personal review. You’re awesome Dan!

  • Dave

    Hey Dan,
    I just wanted to thank you for the years of entertainment. When I was first introduced to you was during your initial season. That same year I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and spent much of my summer glued to the television screen as chemotherapy had left me unable to venture into crowded environments. Your humour and strategy kept me constantly entertained and was a welcome distraction to my daily worries. I went into remission around the same time that you won the game and felt lucky to be able to see you play the game again this year.
    Take care,

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks for sharing your story Dave, glad I could help distract you a little. Keep fighting!

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