My Letter Of Gratitude To You

by Dan Gheesling

Wow! What an incredible ride…again.  Finally getting back to our home in Michigan I have been able to sit back for a second and truly appreciate what the heck just happened!  The past three months have been an absolute dream come true for me.  There was no way that dream could have come remotely true without a lot of help.

I have a lot of thanks to give out.  Uprooting from my everyday (and very happy) life was not an easy thing to do, because frankly, there is nothing normal about leaving everything you love behind for 3 months to go play a game.

My Beautiful Wife

EVERYTHING that happened this summer would not have been possible without my wife Chelsea.  When the opportunity arose to go back and play the game that I love one more time, Chelsea did not hesitate for even one second to support me.


Lets face it, it takes a very special woman to allow her husband to flat out leave her to an empty house, a lot of responsibility, and the scrutiny of the internet 24 hours a day.  Chelsea backed me 110% with all of her love and support even with the uncertainty of the Big Brother abyss we were both about to head into together.

On the outside, the average person might think Chelsea wanted me to go back on Big Brother to try and win the money, but Chelsea wanted me to go, because she knows how much I love the game.

As a husband, knowing that my wife put aside any of her personal concerns, to allow me to pursue a dream, is indescribable.  So much so that I will be spending the rest of my life attempting to show her the same amount of love.

As much as Chelsea has told me how proud she is of me, I am equally as proud of her.  She is the exact same person she has always been, even an insane summer has not changed her.  I’m lucky to have her as my wife, as I have said many times before, I am totally outchicked. :)

The cool part is, everyone got a chance to see how great Chelsea is for themselves.  I know she really enjoyed getting to interact with everyone this season and the few (of many interviews) that I have seen her do just make me smile.  Because what you see with Chelsea is what you get.  Selfless, beautiful, kind, and compassionate, Chelsea continues to amaze me after I find out more and more of the things that went on this season.

Chelsea is my everything and without her love and support, I would have never gone back.

Deep down I know there is nothing I can ever do to equal the amount of love and support she has shown me with my Big Brother passion, but I am going to spend the rest of my life trying.  I love you Chelsea.

Both of My Families

Playing Big Brother for the second time, I entered with not one, but two families with the addition of my massive family of in-laws.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little concerned for BOTH families.

I was worried about putting the Gheesling side of the family through ANOTHER season of stress.  My Mom, Dad, Sister, Uncle Glen and the rest of the family already had to live through one season of live feed tormenting and now they were being thrown back into the fire.  My family just doesn’t watch Big Brother, they EXPERIENCE it along with me.  Both the good and the bad.

When I saw my Dad at the Finale, he looked like he had been through a 3 month endurance challenge and said he relaxed ONLY after I had made it to the Final 2.

(Later that night he went on to Big Brother fandom and took photos with Jordan, Britney, Janelle, Rachel, and Danielle Donato).


I read my sister Kelly’s blog post and teared up at her heartfelt words down to the concern of my bandaged fingers.


Of course, I knew my Italian Mom (who is now on Twitter, what the heck?) would be worried about two things, if I ate in the house, and if I was mentally OK coming out.

The Gheesling family was thrown back into the fire and I wasn’t surprised at the results: a family united once again to defend me and enjoy the summer.


Heck, my Mom and Sister (and Pat Baker!) even made over 100 Karate Kid bandannas(affiliate link) for the Finale party in Dearborn.  Talk about crazy love.


I was also concerned about how my massive in-law side of the family would even look at Big Brother.


Would they understand that I had to lie to their faces about where I was going for the summer?

Would they understand the game? Would they think less of me for lying to everyone in the house? Would they be embarrassed?

Would they be shocked at what I was capable of doing?

All of these questions were running through my head before I stepped into the house, because as a new member of their family, I didn’t want to change how they felt about me.

Lucky for me that they did understand, and were overwhelmingly supportive.  They helped to hold the fort down and support my wife while I was gone.  Everything from my brother in-laws checking up on Chelsea daily, to her family throwing insane parties for every episode, I am grateful for their support in an extremely abnormal situation.


I even had to laugh when I heard about Chelsea’s Dad, Scott, a very serious automotive engineer, creating a logic map of all of the decision I would need to make in the later parts of the game.


To find out how much love and support they showed both Chelsea and I during the summer, made me realize how lucky we both are to have them.

Which brings me to one of the greatest things to come from this Big Brother experience: to see that my two families (with the help of Big Brother) finally starting to come together as ONE big family.

Seeing photos of both the Gheeslings and Niemiecs celebrating TOGETHER was the greatest prize I could ask for.

Our Friends

This time around on Big Brother, I wasn’t able to tell ANY of my friends ahead of time.  It bothered me because they deserved to know and I thought that they might be a little mad.  Boy was I wrong! My best friends were there all summer to not only support me, but also Chelsea.

Whether it was a girlfriend of Chelsea’s staying the night to keep her company, a phone call from out of state, or Memphis and Ashley taking care of my family in LA, our friends were there all summer.

Not to mention the small army of family friends I grew up with, standing by my Mom’s side calming her down anytime I was in harms way! (Pat Baker lead the charge)


Anyone who knows me, knows I have a lot going on, especially business wise.  My friends stepped up to the plate to prevent any stress on Chelsea and really picked up the slack.  If any problems came up, they were taken care of immediately by my friends (especially Dave), and for that help and support to Chelsea, I will be forever grateful.


Members of Team Dan/Team Mist

Dan_Gheesling_MistYou will rarely hear me use the term “fans” to describe people who CHOOSE to support me.  If you have supported me in the past or even now, I look at you as a member of the team.  I may be the coach, but you guys are the ones who do the heavy lifting and score all the points!

I appreciate you guys more than you will ever imagine. If I needed one of my love messages to get tweeted to Chelsea, you guys were there for me, every time.  (Vern from Wisconsin and Memphis also thanks you).

I hope I never let you down throughout the season, because I know you saw different side of Dan the PLAYER/MISTER.  Just know that although you saw a new side of game play from me, I am still the same guy outside of the house.

Dan_Gheesling_Mist_SprayThe same guy who loves, cherishes, and adores your support (and LOLs at your crafty PhotoShop work).

The same guy who will (eventually) respond to every e-mail.

The same guy who will attempt to respond to every tweet.

The same guy who knows he would be nothing without his teammates.

This season, especially on the live feeds, I tried to share even more of my personal self to you than ever before.  Things I used to hide (love of video and computer games (Space Quest!), childhood obsession with MTG cards, things from the past, my Pat Flynn SPI fanboyism, and of course my Karate Kid obsession) I wanted to share with you during this season.  These things I shared not for the houseguests I lived with, but for you to get to know me on a different level.

The first time around on Big Brother I hid a lot of the “weird things” because I wasn’t as confident.  But those “weird things” help to make up precisely who I really am.

The Team has definitely gotten a lot bigger over the summer and usually when things get bigger, they become less personal.

But not in this case. It is because of teammates like you that allow me to live out my dream and I remind myself of that everyday.  In the same regard, I am here, for you. If I can inspire, coach, or help you in anyway I can, I will be here.

I will continue to share my life with you and do my best to provide VALUE to your life through this blog (as well as Twitter, YouTube {check Me and Frank reunited Video!} and Facebook).

I’ve seen via Twitter, e-mail, and the message boards you going to battle for me.  I’m never been so positively overwhelmed in my life as I was when I first turned on my iPhone and saw all of the tweets of support. Thank you.

A special thank you goes out to those who were on Team Mist before it even existed (Colleen Kelly, Andi, AllFourOne, and Kristy).

Having a team and supporters is not a right, it is a privilege.  One that I do not take lightly.

Am I going to write another book? Yes.

Am I going to be available for hire to coach individuals? Yes.

Am I going to constantly blast you with advertisements, promotional messages, and sales messages? Never. People do that who have no respect for their supporters.

You make a conscious decision to support me and I take that very seriously.

Just as you provide support to me, I promise to provide value to you.

Oh, and by the way, the collective power of you guys as a team made the BEST THING EVER HAPPEN.  Seriously, the coolest thing that happened to me from this experience is this:


Your support put me on Ralph Macchio’s map, even if just for one tweet, I can die a happy Karate Kid fanboy now. ;)

Reality TV/Internet Family

As soon as I got off the show Chelsea and my family could not stop talking about how previous Reality TV friends have really gone to bat for me.

Dan_Gheesling_Rob_CesterninoI’m especially grateful for the support from Rob Cesternino, Murtz Jaffer, and Matt Hoffman.  I realize it is not their duty to support me, it’s their choice.

Dan_Gheesling_Matt_HoffmanThe coverage I have read or seen from them is amazing, flattering, and very much appreciated.  The way my family was treated during interviews was even more so appreciated.  This I will never forget.


A special thank you goes out to my epic web designer Nina Cross who worked hand in hand with me on the website (while having no clue I was going on Big Brother LOL) as well as helped my wife Chelsea with any web problems she ran into.  If you need a website done, SHE is the best.

To my favorite Big Brother sites, ONTDBB (Ruthless!), Jokers Updates, Hamsterwatch (BBQ got me this season), and BBDish: thank you.  The passion you guys have for Big Brother is amazing!

Finally, as a self proclaimed fanboy of Smart Passive Income, I am in debt to Pat Flynn, for inspiring and teaching the me best way to write and deliver eBooks.

Fellow Houseguests and CBS

Big Brother was a dream for me the first time.  To experience it twice is incredible and it would not have been possible without a lot of people.

All of my fellow houseguests (some special ones in particular) made the 75 days a great journey and something I will never forget.


A big thank you to those who rolled the dice on me to come back into the house for a second time: Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, Julie Chen, Shawn Laws, Jerry D’Alessandro, and Don Wollman.

Of course a special thanks goes out to my fellow Dark Knight, Chris Roach.

A smaller thank you to the new DR producers (you know who you are and why it is smaller, SJP, Sosa, Biggie, Wiz J, E, Wiz C, LOL).  Many of you took a chance bringing me back and I can only hope I didn’t disappoint!

The End…

This isn’t the end, it is just the beginning.

The response I have gotten from everyone has inspired me to work just as hard outside of the house to keep you updated as I did while inside.   

I will continue to share my thoughts, opinions, photos, and anything else going on in my life with you, right here on the blog on a regular basis.

For those who want to stick around, I would recommend joining the mailing list to stay on top of everything.  And for those who are leaving, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

It has been one incredible journey and while you may never see me again on television, I will always be here for you.

Thank you for everything I will never forget it.

From the luckiest guy in the world, your Dark Knight,

Dan Gheesling



  • Nick Lobuzzetta

    Now this is the guy I want to be my coach! Dan thanks for a great season! Your mist will never disappoint.

    • tesha

      Iv said it before and i will again, You are the best player EVER! I adore you.

      • Ann

        I totally agree with tesha, you are the best player to have played bb!! I’m just sorry the jury voted personal and not on game play.

  • Shannon

    I adore you. You made this season of Big Brother something special. Not only are you a great guy, but you are the best player to ever step into the Big Brother house. It was an honour to watch your incredible game play this season! I wish you all the very best.

  • Dave

    You rock, Dan Gheesling! And so does your family!

  • Chandra

    Just wanted to say that I so enjoyed watching someone with a true love for the game put everything on the line to do just that…play a game and play it masterfully.

  • Andrew

    Awesome blog!

  • Mike

    I guess you really liked that movie huh?
    Thanks for such an enjoyable summer Dan, it was unforgettable to say the least. I just hope can recover from this mist.

  • Lauren

    I feel like I should just stand up and applaud for this entire post and that would suffice it to say how amazing it was. So glad you’re back, Dan!

  • Natalie B

    Very nice. Your love for your family really shines. It is especially evident from your appreciation of anyone who treats them kindly.

    Congratulations on your success – don’t set yourself up for failure now though: respond to every tweet and e-mail?! How can that be possible? :) All the best.

  • Laurie

    Thank you Dan. Again you did not disappoint with your blog.

    Yes Chelsea was amazing and thank her for sharing you and herself with us for 3 months. Will miss watching you sitting on the edge waiting to find out what you were gonna do next.

    Bigger and Better things still to come.

  • Alvin Cheung

    Thanks Dan for sharing yourself and your whole family with us. I am proud to be on TEAM DAN/TEAM MIST. You are a living legend in BB history. You’ve got lots of fans here in Vancouver!!! :)

  • Mandy Robinson

    Great post Dan! Thank you for sharing your amazing wife with me for the summer. I loved interviewing her and you are blessed!

  • Scott C

    Love watching you for 2 seasons of big brother you ar by far my favorite ever play the game. This season absolutely remarkable how you may it to the finals. You single handily eliminated every jury member absolutely awesome. Thanx for an awesome summer. Maybe just maybe we will see you a third time on an All stars season???

  • brian

    I enjoyed BB this season and much of what you accomplished or should I say manipulated and “misted” over the other houseguests was truly awesome to watch. BB14 will go down in history as the season of the blindslides, janelle voted out, boggie (although his wasnt really a blindside) brit, the ultimate blindslide (i hated you for that LOL) and the final blindslide on shane/dani.

    I was hoping for the ultra blindside would happen on finale night, Ian choosing Dani over you, but that didn’t happen and I really did not care because it was still a great season.

    How you were able to convince houseguests to do your bidding was a remarkable feat that will go down in BB history, dan gheesling, greatest player since Dr. Will. While Frank continues to say he was not “played” by Dan, I am sure it digs at him daily that he didn’t get you out finally when he had the chance…3 times wasnt it? LOL

    I hope that Shane and Dani will be able to get past it all and understand and forgive your game play. Actually I am not sure why Shane is that miffed at you, considering he had no problem in getting rid of Brit and would have voted out Ian…that was his game play, but somehow your game play was “dirty”? LOL.

    From one teacher (retired) to another teacher, well done sir!

  • Ashley Sires

    Wow. I love this! I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this because I really enjoyed reading it(: TEAM DAN!! “This isn’t the end… It’s just the beginning” (; Keep up the fantastic work Dan.

  • Donna

    It was great to have the opportunity to watch you on the show
    again ! I think you made it the best season ever, and that’s no lie !! :)
    The psychological warfare you wreaked on the house was amazing, and being that I am probably the same age as your Mom, I can certainly tell the difference between gameplay Dan, and the ‘real’ Dan. Thanks again for a great Season !!
    Much Love to You and Chelsea :)

  • Caryn DePasquale


    What an incredible blog…your gratitude is so obviously heartfelt and genuine. I have wanted to write to you for so long as a huge fan and have tweeted to your entire family, who have been kind and generous in tweeting me back (as have you!). I have always enjoyed Big Brother as a “guilty pleasure” every summer, but this year, dealing with a personal struggle, having a sick husband whose disease came out of remission about 10 months ago, it became kind of a lifeline for me. It’s been a rough year, to say the least. Sleep has been far and few between. Having the feeds to watch at night was often what kept me “company” while dealing with worry and insomnia (I’m on the East coast, so the timing was “ideal”). YOU were the reason that I tuned in to BB, this year, why the feeds were exciting, why I couldn’t wait to turn on the feeds, Dan…what would you do next? LOL Yes, this was a great group of people, one of the best seasons ever, but it was definitely YOU that I was tuning in to watch…me and millions of others! I work as a professional counselor, assessing and counseling the homeless, and I love my job. However, at the end of the day, when it is time to come home and decompress, and life problems are facing you, I found it hard. BB was my “medicine” this summer, and YOU were such a huge part of that Dan. I hope you realize what an inspiration you are. I can see why you love the game of BB. I can see why you are a coach in your REAL life. And this is one fan that appreciates everything you did, and continue to do, by reaching out to your fans. I also appreciate that your beautiful shared themselves as well. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making my summer, in what has been one of the hardest years of my life, a little brighter. As I tweeted to you when you responded…you are truly an inspiration…

  • Brenda


    You have been my fave BB player since season 10. Yes, I was one of the first misted. I knew then that you were the best to ever play the game and often told people that…and after watching this year, they have all agreed with me (finally). After reading this blog, I know, now, that you are not only the best player to ever play the game, but the most kind, genuine, appreciative and humble. Not may people, have those beautiful and remarkable qualities, so please thank your parents for raising such a wonderful child. I wish nothing but the best to you, Chelsea and the rest of your family! I follow you on Twitter and on FB and hope that one day I will receive a reply from you! (it would mean so much to me!) You have played BB the way it was meant to be played! As a huge lover of the game, I thank you! God Bless!!!

  • all4awa(Diane)

    You was as much a joy to watch second as the first. I have 3 sons around your age that continue every day to make me so proud. What a joy you much be to your mom. You are so blessed with an amazing beautiful wife. A wonderful family and friends. But they are all also blessed to have you in their lives. My husband really did have stage 4cancer and is a walking miracle he is of catholic faith andknows he got a second chance at life. So many things you have said has helped me more than I can say so thank YOU from my heart. I am on twitter go by all4awa and follow you but can’t get the hang of it to tweet yet (working on it) but love your tweets. Sorry so long but guess most important is thankyou for sharing and blessings to you and all you love.

  • Mikki Jo

    Wow, your words brought tears to my eyes…very touching. Your game was amazing, beautifully brilliant. I can’t say that enough. I was finding myself shaking my head at some of your game moves while at the same time saying “Brutal but brilliant”. Absolutely LOVED the season, you made the show this year for sure! And of course we love Britney too, the little squirt is soooo entertaining lol. Your wife is indeed a beautiful soul. She reminds of the woman in Proverbs 31:10-31 Please let her know. I pray God’s continual blessings upon you and your family. We love you Dan Gheesling…we love your Mist…Your wife…and your little dog Franky. Blessings always, Mikki Jo @Mikkijo (twitter)

  • Cheryl

    This post is exactly why I’ve always been a fan of yours! You are a class act. I was lucky enough to win your “Punch it in” ebook while you were on Big Brother. I must say I am putting it to good use. The Mist comes through, even in ebook form! Thank you for that (and thanks to Chelsea for sending it). I’m so glad I had the chance to watch you in Big Brother again. Made my summer! I have to agree that you found yourself a great partner in life. Chelsea is a wonderful lady and it was a pleasure to “get to know” her over the summer.

  • Shannon

    This is going to inspire people to do everything in life to the fullest!! Don’t ever take things for granted bc you never know what tomorrow could bring!!! BIG FAN!!! You were truly truly awesome watching this summer and I look forwards to your blogs and your tweets!!!! You have a beautiful wonderful supporting family

  • Taylor

    MISTER ;),
    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. im beyond happy that you have such an amazing life living out your dream 2x with THE most beautiful girl by your side, your truly blessed. Im so proud to be your fan, your made my summer amazing in so many ways. your humor and personality was the best always had me laughing with your child like humor! ahah:) you made this season worth watching, you were literally THE ONLY reason i didn’t stop watching. this isnt the first time you made that happen to me. i swore on everything that if you ever left s10 and this season with out final 2 i would be done! lol. I really dont know how im going to watch next season with out you in it. Well through everything you put me threw this season you had me misted always scared by your next move..but everything seemed to work out perfectly. i wish you were the winner this season. well to me no matter what you were the winner:) but everything happens for a reason :), anyway i will never ever ever forget you and i really hope to meet you one day “to quote justin bieber NEVER SAY NEVER”

  • Amber

    First of all, it was very surreal to me that you were on Big Brother for a 2nd time! When Big Brother fans pick their favorite players, they hope and pray that a twist will somehow bring them back into the house, and for once, this happened to me! I truly enjoy watching you play the game, whether it be like you did the first time or the second time. I will always find a loophole to defend you, whether it makes sense or not. And I would love to see you on again (which I know is highly unlikely, but hey, your my favorite)! I wish you and Chelsea all the best, and I hope your transition back into normal life is successful!
    God Bless!

  • Dave Young

    Dan, you were fantastic to watch play BB all summer, and I am thrilled to find out that you have an excellent attitude towards life away from the game. I will remain a proud member of Team Dan because of that. I’ve always enjoyed watching reality tv shows….not sure I’ve ever been inspired on a whole-life scale by anyone on a reality tv show the way you have inspired me. Thanks! All the best to you.

  • Raph Korine


    Thank you so much for this post. As a boy just starting up college, but also throughout high school, you have been a role model to me. I look up to your sincerity, your competitiveness, your obsession over Karate Kid and LOST, your love of Big Brother, your role as a teacher/mentor and much more. I think this blog post that you made really highlights why you are my role model, as cheesy as that may sound. Coach Dan, I think you’re a legend and thank you for being so dedicated to your team.



  • Andi

    Wow Dan. What an awesome post. The heart behind your words is obvious. And I am humbled to see my own name! As you know, I’ve been a long time supporter since BB10 and was thrilled to see you play again. FYI- Chelsea did a great job pretending to be you for those first few weeks. I was fooled. Seriously :) Having seen you play the first time, I want to say that I was not once disappointed in any of your actions in the house this summer (though I questioned a couple of those comps you threw. lol). It’s a game, and I think anyone who has followed you since BB10 is fully aware that is not the kind of person you are outside the house. In Big Brother, it’s all about getting to the Final 2, because you can’t win if you aren’t there. I was mostly impressed with some of the things you were able to do (that funeral is the best move in BB history. hands down). Thank you for the laughs this summer.

    Thanks for this blog post; for the tweets; and for all the ways you encourage, inspire and motivate me. I look forward to seeing what you do next. I will be here for all of it…every post, every book, every play :) Big Brother aside, seeing you chase dreams and achieve goals always inspires me.

    Thanks Coach Dan. Proud to be part of TeamMist :) Punch It In!!! (which I haven’t been able to afford to buy yet, but I will, I promise!).

  • Ronda Frank

    WTG!! Huge supporters in Ohio! Including 7 yr old Sky and 4 yr old Summer!! Yes they think your HOT!!! LOL Silly girls!

  • Jenny Moody

    Dear Dan,

    You were my favorite on Season 10 and of course for Season 14 – What a guy!!!I so get your humor ~ I loved the dynamic between you, Memphis, Renny and Keesha (that was a special bond, we all saw) I still watch on you tube all of the times you all just talked and laughed – love it!! I loved how you personally cared about each player this season too – not when you are scheming but when you are connecting on a personal level, that was real and that is clearly how you are as a man. You are a class act and silly at the same time, a real gentleman! Please stay in touch with us, we enjoy you so much! You are blessed beyond measure and your family and friends are blessed to have you in their lives and we the fans our blessed to watch you!! Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself~ enjoy the love!!!! Take care.

  • Trish

    Hi Dan, I’m from Taylor Michigan and I was so excited when I heard someone from Dearborn would be on season 10 BB! I have been a fan of BB since season 1, I loved the concept of being able to go on the internet and watch the game being played behind the scenes. You did not disappoint! I rooted for you season 10 and was so happy and proud that you won.
    When I heard you were coming back for season 14, I was so excited to watch you play again. You out played everyone in the house and did what you had to do to try and win.
    I’m so happy that you got to play the game you love one more time, and that I had the pleasure of watching you evolve into the best BB house guest to ever play the game.
    I watched the funeral and the aftermath on the feeds and it was epic! I loved the little winks at the camera and I knew what was coming…full on Dan mode saving his butt from being kicked out of the house!
    I watched Chelsea, your mom and sister do a live internet show and you can tell how much your family loves you!
    Good luck to you and Chelsea and thanks for making my summer so entertaining!

  • Kathy

    Dan, I know this household’s opinion hasn’t changed about you since your first season. Well, not entirely true…I think we are even bigger fans now. Ever since S10 you have been my favorite player EVER & this season you exceeded my expectations & made somewhat of a fanboy out of my husband! Watching you play this game brought back all the reasons we are such fans of BB. Yes, you played differently. And we loved every second of it. I am glad a lot are now catching up with what I have said for years…Dan Gheesling is the best BB player ever. The funeral. Wow. As a fan who was just so heartbroken that you were on the block and lost the pov… I didn’t think I could watch the rest of the season…and then to see you rise from the ashes like you did was amazing. THAT is what Big Brother is supposed to be.

    Your wife was so sweet to us fans all summer long. She really made us feel part of it. Your sister & mother as well. My favorite tweet of the summer had to be one of your mom’s. “29 years ago I got misted” BEST TWEET EVER lol

    The way you played this summer never disappointed us one bit! It’s a game. I don’t get the people who cannot take the personal out of it. I defended you all summer & was so glad to see the press start to pick up on how great a player you are. And as for the things about yourself you think are weird??? Well they just make you more endearing.

    Thanks Dan for the greatest season of Big Brother yet. Nothing will ever top it. Unless you go back of course:) Have a wonderful time spoiling Chelsea & let Frank in the bed every once in awhile lol Team Dan/Team Mist always!!

    • Stacey

      well said I totally agree

  • Jacki

    Been a BB fan since season 1… Became a fan of yours season 10! You’re my fave houseguest of all time. Really thought you had it in the bag again this year with those epic moves!
    Thank you for being an inspiration to many, including myself :)
    Best of luck to you and Chelsea in your future…
    (San Diego)

  • Lori

    Dan –
    Thanks for taking the time to put together such a wonderful post. It was funny, heartfelt and a beautiful end to a wonderful season.
    I got the live feeds for the first time this year and it was a pleasure watching you play the game that I also love so much.
    Please come back to TV sometime to do BIG BROTHER or maybe the Amazing Race.
    All the best to you and your family.

  • Ms Aaron Noel

    Hi Dan, I just wanna congradulate you on a well done game this season. I have been a huge BB fan for several years and I about fell over when I saw you walk thru the door. To be honest, I hadn’t been keeping “up to the minute” with you after the first time around but this time around, I found out so much about you and just watching you play the game, you seem like a sincere, caring, very down to earth person and someone that doesn’t let people get to them. How do you do it? I have that problem a lot and just watching you this summer I’ve been nit picking at you, trying to figure out how you laid onthe couch and took the heat for Ian. How you just didn’t lash out at everyone at times. I’m at work and I can’t stand some of the stuff that goes on, and i do get emotional alot and If in one of your books you talk anything like i’ve described i’d love to know so i can read it. To found more reinsurance in my life, and give myself more confidence to do things and not wear my emotions on my shoulders. Your wife is so beautiful and god bless her for having someone so special in her life. Shes very lucky!!!!! I plan to stay around and just read about you here and there and hope everything goes well. I’d love to stay on your team. :}

  • Jordan

    Dan, you are an inspiration to Big Brother fans and people everywhere. It’s touching to see how grateful you are to your family, friends and fans after just putting on the greatest performance in a reality competition in history. The fact that you’ve lived out your dream twice and haven’t changed a bit shows how much character you truly have. If I could be even half the man you are some day I would consider my life a tremendous success. Thank you for such an entertaining summer, and take care

    – Jordan, Cloverdale, British Columbia

  • Maxine Benjamin

    Dan, I feel we owe you for the most exciting and entertaining summer of Big Brother ever. I know you don’t think of yourself as the best player ever, but believe me and the stats you are. I watched BB since the first season, with BB2 and BB10 being my favorites, until now, BB14
    outdid them both. I was disappointed you didn’t win, I think you should have, you did all you could do as a player and coach, but on the same token (if it makes any sense) I was happy for Ian. All summer we heard you talk about Chelsea, seeing her at the finale and after party, She all you said and more. I wish you both happiness and the best everything.

    Thanks Again for A great Summer

    Hope to get a tweet and or e-mail when all calms down!!!

  • Lance @ Money Life and More


    It was a blast watching you this season and I really believe you should have won. Unfortunately the jury seems to vote with emotions more than for the best player. It was interesting to see the different opinions from the house guests that watched from home versus the jury.

    Good luck in the future!


  • Kevin

    Loved you in Season 10 and was SO excited to see you back this season. I was rooting for you until I saw Ian wasn’t in your plans. Hey, if I were in the house I would have been fighting him too. As fans, we just don’t often understand that. But that kid was always special to me.

    You are GREAT TV, made me laugh numerous times and I just love the “kid” you have kept inside of you. Britney summed up the object of the game perfectly in the Jury House, so those that had a problem with what you did have a bigger problem to deal with in themselves.

    YOU…CRACK…ME…UP. Thanks to Chelsea for allowing us to enjoy you one last time in the House. That truly was remarkable of her and I don’t know any women that would go along with not being with her husband on the first anniversary—second one, maybe. But WOW, you’ve got a keeper!

  • emilia

    Awesome blog. I’m hoping your next book is a personal motivational book. For selfish reasons…I love those reads. Enjoyed seeing you again on big brother. I’m thinking we are going to see you do bigger and better things. much happiness and success to you and your new wife.

  • Jeanie

    Dan Dan Dan….What a season.I am such a huge fan and spent my entire summer locked into this game and you. While the other players of big brother came to play the game you came to own it and we all thank you for that. Everyone now knows where the bar has been set in the Big Brother game as you now are the best player of all time. From this fan I say thank you and much happiness to you and Chelsea and any future Karate Kids.

  • Nancy Hartzell

    I only wish some of your fellow houseguests could realize it is a game! They have only to blame themselves for the outcome. You played a fantastic game and should have won. Too many bitter people in the jury. At least your head is on straight.Maybe some day an all- stars might happen. God bless

  • Trish

    One word describes you, phenomenal. As many others have said, you ARE the best player in big brother history, without a doubt. Was with you from day 1 this summer and was extremely disheartened to see the 6-1 vote. Every season my husband and I pick “teams” and of course I picked you to be on mine. Such a strong person who was never willing to give up even when you were down, always had so much drive. I learned a lot watching you and can only hope I can put to use some of your strategic game play if I am cast as a player on Big Brother Canada’s first season. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

  • Linda Parish

    All I can say is how AWESOME.. For u to take the time to do this for your fans.. I’m still in like a state of shock u didn’t win, but u a winner to all your fans.. you made BB 14… God Bless you and Chelsea she a wonderful person, enjoyed watching her your mom and sister while u were in the house..

  • Kelly

    That was so nicely written. I really enjoyed reading your letter. It’s so amazing to see someone really appreciate all the support you get from everyone like you do. You really are the best big brother player of all time and there will never be another player like you. Not only are you a great player in the game, but you can truly see how humble and sincere you are for everything. Also, more people need to understand that in order to get far in the game, you will most likely have to leave your morals and heart outside the door. I definitely see why you had to play the way you did and I have nothing but the upmost respect for you. Team Dan for life!!!!

  • andrea

    love ya!!! #dansmistforever :)
    ps:video of you and frank and ralph macchio twitter = priceless :)

    welcome home!

  • beckstar78

    whoa you like Space Quest! awesome. those ole point n’click adventure games were and are some of my fav games.

    congrats on final 2 and an amistzing season. i thought Ian deserved
    the win too, even though he may not have known some of what was going on.

  • Megan Heubner

    Congratulations Dan, what a wonderful way to thank your fans. This was such an awesome ending to a season having two amazing players like yourself and Ian at the end. I was team Ian, because he was as you described the David against your Goliath..ha ha. You have to root for the underdog. If you both could have won the big prize, that would have been my choice. Superb game play and I can clearly see why you love the game so much. I’m a superfan and have watched Big Brother since season 1. (I’m Canadian, soo woohoo that we’re getting our own Big Brother this year!) I admire those who can actually live in that house for that long. No small feat by any means. Thank you for sharing your true self, I think you will find you will have more acceptance now being true about your quirks (don’t we all have them?) Embrace them! You know you’re a wonderful person, you have your loving family, your gorgeous wife and a bright future ahead. Best of luck to you.

  • Danyiel

    Great post, Dan and what an awesome season! I’m not gonna lie, I kind of miss firing up the feeds and seeing you in the Arcade Room (or as I affectionately called it, “Dan’s Green Lair of Mist”) coming up with the craziest schemes and getting everyone to do whatever you wanted them to. The way you ran that house this season was unbelievable, and so much fun to watch. You truly are the master of all masters at the game of Big Brother and it was such a treat getting to watch you play again this summer. You’ve set the bar pretty high there, my friend. I don’t see how future seasons will be able to measure up to how great this one was, that’s for sure.

    Welcome back to real life and go kiss that awesome wife of yours! She’s been great to all of us all season long, you’re lucky to have her :) .

  • Chris

    “A hero. Not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed. Nothing less than a knight. Shining.”

  • Marnie

    Dan. Just wanted to let you know I’ll be spending a lot of time on your website. At least until I get through these BB14/Dan withdrawals!


  • Ali Marie

    Dan, you are truly the King of Big Brother. When I saw that you were coming back for a second time, I was ecstatic! You are my favourite player by far! Thank you for making this summer TV viewing enjoyable for my family and me. All the best wishes to you and Chelsea! :)

  • Chani

    Great post! The reason why you are so fun to watch is that you are a “real person” if you know what I mean. I’m a teacher at a Christian HS just across the border and I grew up going to Dearborn all the time (my Dad works there and my parents have been long time volunteers at Greenfield Village) and it’s so much more fun watching someone I feel I can relate to. What’s most endearing is your obvious overwhelming love for Chelsea and your family. Here’s hoping you get to play BB one more time!

  • Kristina

    Dan, You are by far my favorite BB player ever. This post shows why people love you inside the house and out. You are an amazing player of the game. Without you season 14 would have been a big let down. Thank you for being you! You are such an appreciative, charming, honorable, and kind-hearted person. Chelsea is so lucky to have you for a husband (I know you are just as lucky to have her as your wife!) I enjoyed watching you this season. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am in my last year of school for my degree in teaching, and you remind me of why I want to be a teacher. I will continue to keep updated on your blog, twitter, and facebook.

  • Tenesa


    Your letter just proves what I have known since season 10, that you are an incredible person. You have always been and will always be my favorite BB player! You have a knack for keeping the game play separate from the personal life which is not easy to do for many of the players. You do not hold a grudge and you play with all you have. Loved the season you gave us this year! You are truly special and have an amazing wife and family. Good luck in the future and if you ever decide to make a third appearance I will be there cheering you on!

  • Candace

    Dan – I tweeted my thanks but OMG you used one of my photochops in your letter! The one of after solitary spraying the room. I saw the screen cap and just knew it was a perfect representation of “The Mist”.

    I am a long, LONG time regular at Survivor Sucks and despite our rather well deserved mean reputation, you have a slew of fans who love your gameplay and your presence on “Big Brother”.

    I have watched the feeds since Season One and you have put yourself firmly in my number one ranking of best player in “Big Brother” history.

    Your family was a joy to follow on Twitter this summer and if you haven’t see Mama Sue on “The Murtz Show” – go do it right now! What an awesome fun lady.

    Okay, enough fangirling! I hope to one day FINALLY get on “Big Brother” – I just don’t know that they can “get” a character like me – 40 year old mother of two who can still hang physically with the young ones and who has a bit of my own “Mist”. I’m no Kail, Shelia, or Shelly (no thank you)! Best wishes to you and your whole family! TEAM DAN FOREVER!

  • Sue


    Over the summer, you became my favorite reality personality of all time. During BB10, I was a huge fan of yours and the Renegades (even won the Renegades contest and a Renegade tie dye shirt which still hangs proudly on the rod in my laundry room. I see it every time I have to do the dreaded task of laundry and ironing. Youtube of my entry:

    Anyway, just wanted to share my respect and admiration to you as the BB GOAT. Dr. Will who? I don’t even really have the words, other than…you amazed me. #Mist.

    BB14, AKA The Dan Show, is now my favorite season of all time. I watched the feeds like a mutha and was awestruck at your ability to get in all of their heads and control them like the ultimate puppet master that you are.

    Good luck with the books, the coaching, and all your other endeavors. And all the best to you and your family,


    PS. And if I get my wish…that will not be the last time I see you on my TV. Renegades For TAR!! :)

  • jean


    I have watched every season of BB and this was the best one yet! I loved you on BB10 and I loved you more on BB14. You should have won and I think that the audience should be the ones who vote. This isn’t the first time that I have seen a jury make the wrong decision because of their bitterness. If the players are truly BB fans they would vote for the best player and not the lesser of two evils. I am not saying you are evil at all, but the players seemed to think that, and based their decision on their feelings, and not facts. Thanks for making my family’s summer viewing of Big Brother so amazing!! God Bless you and Chelsea and good luck in the future.

  • Carolyn

    Hi Dan,

    It was such a treat having you back in the house this summer. Thank you for making in fun! I wish you and Chelsea a beautiful life.

    ~Carolyn (bbdish)

  • Shelby Marszalek

    I LOVED this. You make me smile! That first night you walked in that door I smiled and that laast night you walked out i smiled. Why…because you made my summer. You will always be a winner to us. Thank you for letting me into your life. Team Dan for life!!

  • Shawn Patrick

    Amazing, phenomenal player. No matter what kind of day I was having I could always count on logging on to the feeds and watching the one true living Jedi. And I mean almost every night LOL Great job. Greatest single season game ever played and greatest player of all time. Can’t wait to support your next move whatever it is!

  • Valerie


    I too have been a fan since BB 10. I was rooting for you all season in hopes that you would be the first player to win twice. But I think after reading your blog, and seeing what your life is like outside of BB, I think you’ve already won for life. It was a pleasure being able to enjoy your game play again…although very different this time!!
    Stay True to Yourself…And always keep that smile going…

    A True “Dan” Fan

  • Leah

    This is amazing and makes me proud to be a member of Team Dan, since the first time you were on BB10. You’re a great guy and I can’t help but appreciate and admire everything about you – from Big Brother gameplay to the fact that you constantly keep us updated and make us feel as much part as your life as you can, to the books you write for us…everything! There aren’t enough words to express the thanks for an amazing summer and for being a great person to look up to, and for being as motivational as you are without sounding like a rabid fangirl (lol!), but I think this is the best I can do – so thank you, thank you, thank you…for being you, for the wonderful summer, for your constant communication with us fans, and finally, for this blog post! God bless you and your beautiful wife, and good luck on your future endeavors!

  • Karen P

    I think of you as a shinning knight, Michigan is proud how you played the game and shocked the jury was spiteful not awarding you first prize, in Michigan’s eyes you and Chelsea are our winners. I hope we see you and memphis in the future. Michigan loves you and your families.

  • Kara @ Great Imaginations

    Before you went on this season, I saw you tweet a link to The Dark Knight Rises. I tweeted you asking if this was a hint that you would be back on my TV this season. You said NO, even you were not that cryptic. But I was right and you LIED!! Now I am wondering if that truly was a hint, and if so, I am the smartest woman on the planet! Well, maybe not, but one of them.

    Anyway, I’d really like to know if you can let me know. But if not, I just want to say how much FUN it was having you on BB again this summer. I hope it isn’t the last time we see you on TV. But after the disaster of the last two seasons, you really made me love this show again. And for that I thank you.

    I wish the best and lots of luck and love to you and Chelsea, your family and friends, and anyone else in your support system. There is no bigger fan of you than I. You play this game the way it was meant to be played and watching you in action (as cheesy as it sounds), makes my heart sing. It’s absolutely brilliant.

    Have a wonderful life and I look forward to your tweets and videos.


  • Steve Brudzewski

    Dan, heck of a run buddy! Thought you had it in the bag. Its funny how all the nurses in the hospitals I work at out here talk about you and the Big Brother show and how you should have won. Pretty cool seeing someone you know do so well. All the best to you and your wife, and good luck in the future!


  • Jenna

    Dan, you’re the best! You remind me of my brother, and I’ve enjoyed watching you on Big Brother. Best wishes to you and your family, and I’m hoping to see a little Dan or Chelsea sometime in the near future. You’ll be a great dad. Take the love you have for Chelsea now and multiply that times ten, that’s what having a child with your true partner is like. God bless!

  • Kate

    Thanks so much for posting this blog! You exceeded all your fan’s expectations (and yes, I am a “fan”) this season of BB and then some. I got “misted” in season 10 and the mist is stronger than ever! I truly feel you were robbed of your title, Ian may have got the prize but you’ll always be the winner of BB14 in my mind! You don’t hear much about Ian winning, moreso about you losing since it truly was such a travesty just as Janelle said!

    All the best to you and your family and I hope we have the privilege of seeing more of Dan in the future!

  • Maria

    Dan you were amazing in season 10 and my family and I all agree that we love Big Brother but it just hasn’t been the same since season 10 until now. We were overly excited to see you back on Big Brother 14 and although we are sad the season ended we are glad that we were able to share our summer with you on the live feeds. You are an amazing young man with an amazing supportive wife. You are very lucky and from the Ramirez family to yours we wish you nothing but the best forever and ALWAYS!!!!! #TEAMDANFOREVER

  • Angie

    Nice letter, however you forgot to thank Danielle. She put her game on the line for you. She was better to you then Memphis ever was, and you know it. Shame on you! I was very disappointed by you this year. I do not like the way you now play the game. NOT A FAN.

    • myfairkadie

      I don’t think he forgot to thank Danielle. I think everyone who deserved to be thanked, was thanked.

    • Catherine

      I understand everyone has the right to their own opinions but there are other places to post them, not that Dan would lose even a second of sleep over this post but why are you on his FAN page? Danielle used him and her no-mance Shane to get to the end with final 2 deals, she was quite ready to say Toodles to him when everyone decided to vote him out while he was in solitary planning a way to save himself.. even after all that, he has thanked her numerous times on other blogs/posts/ kindly check your facts on your way out the door. ; )

    • team dan…!

      why the heck u posting on here for if u aint a fan? u must be a bitter danielle fan…..pathetic

    • Barbara Brown

      Thankfully Angie, you are far outnumbered!!

  • colette

    Dan, what a summer!! Loved reading this, it really is the cherry on top. Chelsea you did a phenomenal job this summer too.
    Congrats to you both on a job well done!!

  • Deena

    I was totally enthralled watching you play BB this summer. Watching your mind work and then you work the house was the best entertainment I had all summer. I never took offense at anything you did or said, only cheered you on even harder. Thank you for a wonderful summer of shaking my head and wondering what in the world you would come up with next!!!
    Chelsea’s a heck of a wife and you do need to spend the rest of your life letting her know that!!! lol
    Good luck in all the two of you want out of life.
    Blessings to you and your entire family.

  • Emma

    DAN!!! I am a huuuuuge fan of yours!! I jsut started watching BB last season (and got super hooked…super super super hooked), so this was the first time I saw you on the show. But I was immediately misted :) GREAT job this summer! I can tell you are not only an amazing player, youre an amazing person, anyone can tell that from your heartfelt massage and the way you really show your love for Chelsea ♥ It’s just adorable :))) I can’t wait for more posts!! Team Dan all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saliene

    I want to marry you so bad..ughhhh!!!!!!

    • Emma


  • Shawna

    Love and adore you Dan.

  • Deborah Shelton

    I really enjoyed seeing you and your game play on both BB seasons you were on. You appear to me to be a very nice and level headed and smart young man who comes from a good family. I only have one small thing I would say. I think you should consider if you have not already sending Danielle a heartfelt letter. I live in Huntsville, Al. Just a coincidence; I do not know her or her family and have never heard of her till the show. I don’t think that your were wrong for the way you played and I do think that her and Shane would have been hard to beat in the final HOH and would have taken each other leaving you with 3rd place. The only reason I would write to her is that it appeared that she really did care about a friendship with you. You seem like a young man who would not burn bridges lightly. You would however know better than me if it was just editing of the show that made it appear that she was so heartbroken. You are the vet and she the novice. I think you probably help her with her bad feelings she has towards you and a grudge is not so good a thing to carry. I am not the kind of person to write someone from a tv show like this and have never done so before; but I just kind of would like to see if I can paraphrase a line from Forrest Gump a (Lt. Dan and Danielle make their peace with each other and God kind of thing happen). LOL.

    Best wishes to you and your sweet wife! Hope to see you back again on a BB all stars show. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  • Lisa

    Thanks so much for the blog and sharing. I am amazed at your dedication to your fans. I have been Team Dan for a long time. You are by far the best player to ever play BB, but more than that you are an amazingly talented, compassionate, smart, and encouraging person. This summer was fun getting to watch you play BB and watching your family do interviews. They were a blast! You are a blessed man.

  • Jackie

    Amazing blog post, was very much worth the wait! Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts. This just cements why you are the greatest gameplayer because you give your heart and head in everything you do. A huge thank you to Chelsea too for sharing you and herself with the fans. It was a really fun summer and I’m glad to hear the fun isn’t going to stop :)

  • Carrie

    Thank you Dan for this blog! It meant so much to read it. I have been a fan since Season 10. The only thing that disappointed me was the bitter jury as the win should have been yours! That I will NEVER get over! hehe!!! You do have an amazing wife. I emailed her via facebook and not thinking she would respond, SHE DID! Not just once, not just twice but a few times. That meant so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to tweet me back. You will never understand how much that meant to me (cdn_carrie)!!! I took this season more personal than I should have, lol..I know just a game. Thanks for making this one of the best summers (even though I could not sleep much this summer and Thursdays I could not eat until after I knew you were safe)!!! You made my BB experience awesome!!! Thank you :) All the best to you and Chelsea. Looking forward to watching your life journey in anything you share with us. Take Care. (Carrie from Canada)

  • Michael Kourmoulis

    Needless to say I was very disappointed at the final results! It is good to see you put disappointment aside to move on with your life very quickly! I think this was one of my favorite Big Broer seasons because of you! You really are a Master of the Game! You were like a cat with nine lives! But a cat with masterful reflexes! Not many people could have used that time in solitary to contour up one of the all time best plans in Big Brother history. And you just keep those moments coming! I was very surprised that Ian got all the votes but Danielle’s! You really did deserve more than! Thank you again for a very enjoyable Summer!

    • Michael Kourmoulis

      Dang auto correct on he iPad! Broers=Brother. Contour=conjure! Hopefully the moderator will correct these two!

  • Ruth Zive

    Congratulations! To you and Chelsea, for your BB achievements, and clearly…for SO MUCH more! You should both feel incredibly proud. I can attest to the kick ass value in you eBooks and would encourage all of your readers to purchase! Sending much love xoxo.

  • Anastasia

    I was forever on your team ever since your first season on BB. You did an amazing job the second time around! You MADE this season worth watching with all of your shenanigans and mind tricks. Goes to show you that us teachers have a few tricks under our sleeves :)

  • lj

    You played a very clean game (except backstabbing frank which was awesome). You never made personal attacks or broke any rules, yet everyone attacks you personally for your strategic/non-emotional decisions. You had some bad luck with some comps (ians pov/hoh, shanes pov, final hoh) and the bitter jury.

    maybe one day people can apologize to u for that (shane, dani, boogie, frank, jenn, joe, etc)

    dan and russell hantz. greatest bb player. greatest survivor player. #itsjustagame #nobitterjuries #dansmist

  • Barbara

    That was just beautiful! Embrace your life because you have a GREAT one! God Bless!

  • DiDi

    Wow, everyone has said much of what I have to say already! X2
    Have been an uber fan of yours since season 10 and am even more so now! Wishing and yours happiness and fulfillment in your lives.

    • DiDi

      That should read “Wishing you and yours”! Stinking tiny keyboard. lol

  • Adam

    Dan Gheesling:

    1) The greatest Big Brother player in the history of the game (sorry Will).
    2) An inspiration to all of us.
    3) A genuinely good dude, and a great family man.
    4) A brilliant coach, motivator, and author.
    5) A true model for what many people strive to become, but never quite reach.

    I wish I were in the same stratosphere as Dan when it came to expressing myself verbally, so this probably won’t come across as well as I’d like it to. It’s truly an honor to be a part of Team Mist. Just reading this blog makes me feel like a smarter, nicer, more intelligent person, even though I’m probably not. See, I’ve been misted. Again.

    Dan, all I can say is thank you. For everything.

    Best of luck to you, Chelsea, and the rest of the Gheeslings/Niemeics.

  • Gwen Huntington

    The Man! The Mist! The Legend! You were ROBBED this year on BB! I was a huge fan in Season 10 and an even bigger fan this year! You ARE the BEST Big Brother Player of ALL Time!! I’m MISTified!!

  • Susie

    I have to say you are one amazing fella! While you didn’t and should have won first place, you still played an amazing game. Being that you had a very bitter jury to deal with, I knew you wouldn’t of had much of a chance at actually winning again. I watched this season only because you and Janelle were going to be in the house. Sadly she left to early in the game, you actually should have stuck with her…but with your antics your made up for it. I wish you nothing but success and the best life has to offer.

  • Sherri Stidham


  • EmmaLee

    BB10 was the first season my favorite player from the start won. It was an awesome TV experienced to root for someone all the way to the end and watch their dreams come true. You truly deserved it and you have been my favorite player ever since. After reading rumours you were going on the show this summer I was more than ecstatic. Friends of mine who knew the show well told me not to expect you to be around very long, and when the other house guests started targeting your players at the beginning of the season I worried for about ten minutes then realized you weren’t going to let that happen! haha. You were an amazing player all summer, and you made this season great to watch and experience. Your family being involved over twitter and through your site made it a whole new Big Brother experience. Thank you for that!
    I truly believe you deserved to win, and I can’t explain how disappointed I was that you did not. Ian played well, and it was great to have a superfan represented in the show but there is no denying that you played a winning game!
    Thanks again for all your commitment to those who support you, and thanks for posting this. Have a good one!

  • saphina

    Dan, I was misted by you in 2010. I was an instant fan of yours. I bought the “Team Dan” T-shirt back then and wore it proudly the night you won Big Brother 2010! Being able to watch you enter the Big Brother House again this summer and play was AMAZING!! DAN YOU ARE THE BEST BIG BROTHER PLAYER OF ALL TIME. Although you played a different game, I thought it was an awesome game that you played. Your funeral will become Legendary in Big Brother History. you were Phoenix rising from the ashes! My admiration for you has only grown. Throughout the summer I became very sleep deprived and could only focus on Big Brother because you were in the house. Watching you in your private moments in the house was incredible. Your LOVE for Chelsea was so touching to witness. Your private messages to us, your loyal fans, was also very touching. I can’t thank you enough for the gift of “YOU”. I look forward to watching your future unfold. You are an awesome guy with a wonderful family and a beautiful wife. God Bless you Dan, you and your family will always be in my prayers. PS. You deserved to win Big Brother 14, I was shocked by how bitter the jury was, but you took it all in stride like the gentleman that you are! Luv ya, Saphina

  • Peggy


    This is the first season that I purchased the Super Pass and boy am I glad I did!!!!! I may not have gotten much sleep here in Massachusetts, (going to bed at 6:00 am while you hamsters were sometimes just getting started) but I was on the edge of my seat many times thanks to your ingenious BB playing. You definitely can read people and you knew what you had to do to get yourself to the end. Of course the highlight was your funeral. I’m so happy that that is the night (morning) I decided to stay up and watch the feeds. As the drama unfolded, it was better than any show I have ever watched. I was shouting at my computer screen :) This year, I watched the show with my 16 and 17-year-old daughters. BB and you, Dan Gheesling were something that we could share together. My older daughter would go onto the blogs and keep up with every single thing that was happening. I would say, Ryan, do you know who has to go into 24-hour seclusion? And she would say, yup, it’s Dan. It must be strange having so many people know every aspect of your life and talk about you like they know you. My favorite time was the morning after Jenn took you off the block and you talked to the feeders for over 90 minutes. Or, when you’d wink , smile, jump in the air, give a thumbs up, shrug your shoulders and smile to the camera to let us know what was going on with you. We had the inside connection. That’s why we all know that if we ever ran into you, we would be able to walk right up and say hi, how’s it going? I enjoyed watching all of Chelsea’s interviews and she took it all in stride. She is a person who has her act together and you will both have a long, happy life together. Thank you for continuing to share with your team. It was a great summer! Peggy

  • Dawn

    I don’t have a Twitter (well, not that I use lol) and you’re so bogged down with Facebook posts, so I’m glad to see you post a blog! It was great watching you again, different game play and all! Thanks to your family for letting you be apart of BB again. In my opinion you should have won, but hey I didn’t get a jury vote =) The moment where you were looking for candy that you “hid” and were looking through your drawer while telling the camera “Oh no Big Brother I would never hide anything from you,” was the best of the season. Somewhere on BBDish they screen capped it if you haven’t seen it. I imagine that was the mist you used on your mom when you were a child! It was adorable. Just wanted to thank you for another great season, and hope to see you return again sometime!!!

  • Angela Wilson

    I have watched every season of Big Brother. My favorite player was the famous Dr. Will, the puppet master, since Season 2. But after seeing you on season 10, I had a new favorite player to add, thanks to you. I have been misted since then. I was so thrilled when I found out you were one of the coaches coming back this season. Now after watching this season, you have become the ultimate player, the godfather of BB. I loved every twist and turn you did to the house this year. Outside of BB, you are a class act. You prove that all the time through the words you say to your “team” and about your family. I look forward to continue to see all the good you do. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • Missy

    You are truly a genuine guy Dan! You played the game like a champ and heck, it is a game after all, you clearly played it the best without a doubt and should have won hands down. This post was awesome and so uplifting! I know all those who truly matter are so, so proud of you! I felt awful that the houseguests were so bitter towards you in the end! Especially since they lied to everyone the whole time they were there! You were just so much better at it! You rock Dan!!!!! Look forward to your updates! God bless you and your family!!

  • Kent

    Dan-What I found most entertaining was the brilliant analysis skills you demonstrated in your inter-personal relationships in the BB house and the life coaching you gave to Danielle and Ian which will make them confident and successful professionals. One unanswered question though if you don’t mind. My wife thinks that you may have thrown the 3rd and final challenge to Ian because you were confident that he would select you to go to the jury with and so that you could avoid ousting Danielle-any truth to that concept? Many thanks for the most thought-provoking BB of all time. What do think about trying out for The Amazing Race?

  • Frankie


    Your are a wonderful person, your mom and dad done a great job raising you, they should be very proud of you, I can only hope that I raised by kids as well. You have a lovely wife and I hope you rember to tell her each and every day how much you love her. And let’s don’t forget about frank, he is your best friend. My husband tells every man when there getting married, don’t every tell your wife “it’s me or the dog, because she will pick the dog every time”.

    You made this season great, I was always on the edge of my seat waiting to see how you would get out of each trouble you get into. You did it every time and you did it great. You didn’t need bb to bail you out. Like, we’ll we won’t name names. Lol

    I had a lot of people tell me if it wasn’t for you they wouldn’t have watched this season and they are looking forward to watching next year. But have to say they are going to have a hard time topping your two seasons. I went back and watched bb 10 and it was still good, you are so good at this and yes it is just a game, that you played the best at. Thank you so much, I loved the way you talked to everyone and truly cared about them, that says a lot about you as a person.

    A little about me, I am a 58 year old grandma, I have 14 grand kid that I am very proud of, 4 children that I am very proud of, I have been married for 41. Years to a wonderful man, who feels like a bb widower each summer, but supports me in every thing I do. I have watched bb from season one through season 14. I watch the live feeds and feel like I get to know you guys. I thank you for staying in touch with us, as I always wonder how every one is doing, I feel like a lose a lot of new friends each summer. There are ones I love like you, Jeff, dr will and boogie to name a few and the ones I don’t care for like evil dick etc. so it is great to hear from you. I would love to be on bb, it is something that just hasn’t worked for me.

    Stay the person you are. Take care of your wife and I know God will bless you in the future, look forward to hearing more from you

    Team Dan, the man

  • Lynn Duncan (Seamonkey)

    Totally MISTED :)

  • Stacey

    Dan I am a very new Big Brother fan only started watching Season 13 but i must say you had me so addicted that i ordered showtime just to watch the show every night i found out about the live feeds a little too later and it would have cost me the same LOL but anyways your gameplay and your strategy was by far amazing you keot me.tuning in evey night to see what you were even my.three year old would sit there and watch and not cry about wanting to watch cartoons lol i was afraid i was going to have dan withdrawals but i guess not love that you will.keep your fans updated but we will.still miss you in action and i know you have heard it a million times but in your fans hearts you were the winner this season Will said it best when he said you can be mad for being lied too but don’t be mad at the person but be mad at yourself because you.fell for it it’s a game i wishhe would have said that before the jury casted their votes becausei think that may have but what is done is done and i you were able to walk away with something actually a few things money, final two, and the well deserved title big brother player every Best wishes to your transition to the real world and much love and happiness to you.Chelsea she is.beautiful and seems so.sweet Good Luck Mr. and Ms Gheesling you are a picture perfect couple

  • Pru

    Mr. Puppet Master Dan,
    I am going to be honest. I liked you on season 10 but wasn’t a huge fan of yours. Season 14 changed my opinion for life. You have received the title by many as being the best player ever in BB history. It is well deserved. I have watched this game since I was 14 and season 1. I was in shocked and in awww of your game as soon as you made the very first big move. Fans that REALLY love this game. Know what you did on this season, is almost impossible to do. Was it a dirty game? NO it wasn’t ! It was clean and clever. Not once did you bash anyone or belittle another player in this game. I saw you master this game and mold it into your own. I am glad that your family and friends loved your game play. I know I did and the rest of your fans did too. You never lost fans you gained a lot more. Grats on your title. Wish there was less bitter players in the game this year. You can say I have been misttttttt into being a huge fan. hahahaha

    Donna Marie

  • Kristin Koehler

    Dan I want to personally thank you for being you. It is very refreshing to see such a nice guy who holds his family and religion so dear. It was a rough season for me I can’t lie I almost gave up on the whole thing but you were the only one who kept this die hard fan tuning in. I’ve watched Big Brother only missing seasons 2-4 and as a devoted fan I want to say that YOU are the best player of all time. I know you will never admit that so just let all of us do it for you. You are blessed to have Chelsea she was so amazing supporting you while you were in the house. I loved you Season 10 but I gotta admit I love the Mist Dan I saw this season as well. All Stars Anyone? Thanks again for a great season!!!

  • Bob Flynne

    Hey Dan

    Through your actions this season, you have proven to me that you are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best Big Brother player of all time. Statistically speaking, you’re the only person who has gone through two seasons without getting evicted – but not only that, you’ve never had a single eviction vote cast against you!! That is amazing :O furthermore, you have inspired many fans to be positive and to achieve all their goals. As a regular blog reader and fan on iwouldcoach and howtogetonrealitytv could I have a shoutout please? It would make my day. Thanks,

    Bobby Flynne

  • Cassie

    Thank you for giving us, the Big Brother fans, a summer we’ll never forget. You played the game the way it should be played, with strategy, manipulation, socialization and, yes, even lying. Kudos to you. You are the Master and a class act.
    Thank you Chelsea. I enjoyed reading your Tweets and watching your interviews, especially the Murtz Show. Loved the night that you, Kelly and Sue were on! That was so much fun.
    I’m looking forward to future blogs, podcasts, videos, etc, whatever you wish to share with us.
    Thanks again for a great summer!

  • Jen

    Hey Dan! I loved watching you on BB this season. :) You really made this season great to watch
    All the best.

  • lori

    Dan you have made this season of BB for me.I was always a fan of BB , have watched all seasons. I cheered you in your first seasonand this season, but there was something about this year that made it the best season yet and I know you were a big part!, This year was the first year that I got to see the live feeds on Showtime, I watched everynight, loved it!You are a great guy, a very loving husband. It is so great to see that there is great guys out ther. I wish the best for you and your wife, I will be watching and reading your messages here. Thanks again for making this season great again!

  • Laurie

    WOW!!!!!! Dan what an AWESOME blog.

    If it were not for you this season, I would not have continued watching BB. I was so happy went you walked into the house as I loved you on BB10.

    I know you said that you are not the best and that you will not rate yourself, but we TeamDan and TeamMist can:


    Jokers became my new besties when I was at work and I tuned in every episode to see what you had planned . Your BB Funeral was the best in the history of BB. Jenn taking you off the block, Dani using the veto, to both Ian and Dani throwing part 1 of HOH. Sometimes you had me sitting on pins and needles with some of your antics, but they worked (oh forgot it was the MIST working).

    A big THANK YOU to Chelsea for sharing you with us this summer and to Chelsea thank you for letting us get to know you. You are as beautiful as Dan said. I cried with him when he watched the video message from you. I believe the other did to. You two are a match made in heaven and are true solemates. I wish nothing but the best for you guys. Your mom is so funny I laughed so hard when I watched her interview on Murtz. She was ready to tell us all your secrets and we would have sat there all night to hear them. Your sister is a jewel as well Dan. You could tell they where your BIGGEST Cheerleaders.

    When I heard you tell Dani not to play personal or emotional, I understood your game. Yes your game was different then on BB10, but you were a target the moment you walked in that door. You had to change it. This was a much funner Dan to watch. I have never doubted your faith or integraty.

    You walked away from this game with such class, which is a testament in itself of you are. I have said this many times in my posts on your FB. If i had children it would have been an HONOR to have you as thier teacher, coach and mentor.

    I will miss hearing. Dan Stop That Dan Stop That Dan Stop Than. Dan Wake Up Dan Wake Up. Dan Please Go To The DR.

    I will keep on following you as I have been MISTED big time. Would love to see a Fregrance out called “The Mist” by Dan Gheesling (can be men and womens).

    Once again THANK YOU DAN for making this season of BB so funny and interesting.


  • Benny

    Hey Dan! Great to see you back blogging! Was so weird cause hadn’t heard from you in awhile then got an email hearing that you were on BB! What a surprise! Got totally excited to hear you got to be back on the show that you are so passionate about. Just seemed like yesterday that you just finished your ebook and I was reading it. I watched a couple episodes at the beginning and vowed to watch the whole season, but got too busy to even watch any TV. But I did follow along your wife’s tweets and did tune in to the final! Hadn’t been so nervous in a long time. Though I missed most of the season, I got a pretty good idea of how you played the game! LOL. Was rooting for you hard and really thought you had it. Just wanted to say congrats on the summer! Let’s catch up when things settle down for you and let me know what’s next for you online and in your business.

  • Kerry

    Great blog and game play Dan. Enjoy everything about the game. I’m still watching some After Dark episodes on YouTube. I look forward to any and everything you have to post on your blog in the future. Best wishes!

  • Marina Yonkers

    ONTDBB loves you too, Gheesling. <3

  • Nick

    No shout out to Danielle? Classy… The jury may have been sexist against her but you shouldn’t be. She played the shit outta this game until her/your mistake at F4.

  • Jennifer

    WOW Dan! WOW, WOW, WOW…….What an epic game you played this season. You definately did not disappoint! You are the “MIST MASTER” one and only. Congrats on your marriage to Chelsea. She seems as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She did a phenominal job keeping us fans posted on “all things Dan” As everyone before me has said that u were a fav player since S10 is bang on! You are an original in so many ways when it comes to our favorite summer past time of BB. I luv your humility but please accept the fact that you are the BEST player to ever win this game…1st and 2nd.
    Now start packing for The Amazing Race!!! We want to see the Dan and Memphis RENEGADES reunite.
    Best wishes in everything you di. I will con’t to be in touch.
    ((( Team Hug))) <3 U
    God Bless

  • Norma Valentini

    Dan, I have been a fan of yours since BB10. I was so happy to watch you play again this summer. You are the best BB player of all time. Thanks for taking the time to always respond to your fans. I have been following you on Twitter and you always
    responded to me. In fact you were the very first person to do so. I have a star on all of them.

    I also wanted to thank your wonderful wife Chelsea. It was so nice getting to know her this summer. You are a very lucky man. You sister and mom also made us feel special. Thank you to all of them for sharing you with us this summer.

    I am looking forward to what the future brings. Thanks again for a great summer. May God bless you and your family.

    #TeamDan #TeamMist



  • Jennifer

    P.S. I am going to name my sock monkey MISTer Dan.

    Jennifer from Toronto

  • Frankie

    I just bought punch it in and can’t wait to read it.

  • Candy

    Dan, you have been my favorite player since season 10 and continue to be. By far and away you are the best player Big Brother has seen as of today. It seems that Brittany was the only one aware of your reputation and the “Mist” and nobody listened to her. She yelled it from the first of the season and nobody listen to her then or at the fireside. I wish that Big Brother had a line like Survivor “Outwit, Outlast” I have seen every season and every show and I do not recall any rule give on how to play the game. Play it how you need as long as you get to the end. One would think that by season 14 nobody plays the same. Congradulations and I am glad you are back home safe and sound with your beautiful wife and of course Frank.

  • Tammy

    I will keep it short. Greatest player ever. Much love and respect for you as a person. Always entertaining. A big thank you to Chelsea for letting us borrow you for the summer. Just saddened by bitter jury.

  • Beth Carrell-Moore

    I have couldm’t BELIEVE MY LUCK 2 See u back in BB14!!! II thought u were the best…EVER…in BB10 only 2 learn u have enough evil that HG’s didn’t expect btw, lol and i totally fell in love with the man of mist and how u controlled everyone 2 do whatever u wanted:) made me want 2 be ur wife cuz that devil in u is SUPER HOT!!!! My opinion is u played best possible game of all-time & deserved 2 win the $500.000. forever Dan’s 6an:D best of luck for ur entire family….U ROCKED THE BB14 HOUSE

  • Jeff Beesler

    Dan, when I tuned into Episode one of Big Brother 14 and saw you walk through the front door for a second season, I was so excited. I enjoyed watching you in Season 10 and knew without a doubt that I would have a blast seeing you in action again.

    I think my favorite part of your presence on the show came during the coaching part of the season. That’s not to say that you didn’t make things fun in the second half, but I definitely saw you shine your brightest during the coaching twist. Well, okay, I have to give mad props for your Big Brother Funeral. That was some twisted genius you had going there.

    But seeing you coaching and motivating people to do their absolute best is perhaps the quality in you I most admire. I think that’s what gravitated me towards commenting on your blog in the first place, because of the genuine kind of person you are. I wasn’t one who normally tweeted or commented to reality TV stars because I’m not usually big on reality TV to begin with. In fact, I didn’t actually start watching Big Brother until Season 13, and watched the previous seasons on YouTube, which eventually led me to ask a question on your blog and get a genuine response from you. That’s the day I became”misted” and started to think you were someone I could converse with through Twitter and blog comments.

    I’m proud to be a part of your team, Dan. I do admit I became somewhat concerned of what being that house was doing to you toward the end of your second stay in there (the pranks with the snorkeling in the pool spring immediately to mind there), but overall I’m glad to have had a chance to watch you in action a second time. What’s more, I’m absolutely thrilled that you were able to chase after your passion of the Big Brother game with so much support in your corner. Your experience is living proof that it’s very important for all of us to follow our dreams with all the gusto we have inside.

    From this point forward, anytime I ever think of quitting my journey as a writer, I’ll stop to think of the adversity one coach from Michigan went through AND overcame without ever quitting. Even when it seems like I might be on the chopping block with one or more aspect of my life, I’ll campaign to keep myself in this game. That’s what you did, and I applaud you for a job well done. You’re definitely a winner in my book, Dan!

  • http://@bees13397 Ian Hurtubise

    When is te next book coming out!? And you made bb one of the best to watch. Gameplay was unmatched! Loved every minute and happy to be a part of team mist!

  • Kelly

    I was so impressed by the support you had as well. I read many blogs, saw your wife, sister and many others be there for you. I am glad you got to play again as anyone that loves the game would want to get in there again. Thanks for a great summer.

  • bully1gator

    Dan, You made this season worth watching. As other people have said, this goes down as a travesty in reality TV just as the Survivor season with Russell Hantz. The best player did not win, but I’m so glad you got 2nd. I think you’re a wonderful, special man and I wish you and your wife and family the best of luck in the future. I’ll miss listening to your strategy in seasons to come. Thanks for making BB14 memorable.

  • Jody L.

    “…while you may never see me again on television…”
    Stop making me cry.

    You’re absolutely my favorite BB player of all time and your genius strategies are mind-blowing. I always find myself with my jaw dropped and screaming at the TV with disbelief over what you just did. I truly admire your game play and just… gahhhh, you’re too amazing. :’)

  • Tracey


  • Tracey

    Just a FYI… I like to refer to you as The Phoenix, rather than The Dark Knight. The way you had risen from the ashes, so to speak. (in reference to your BB funeral.)

  • Gary

    Dan great season, you had everyone watching all outlets to see what was next. I agree with Janie you should of won, but the jury was burning up, best wishes to you and your beautiful wife and family. I really enjoyed you show.

  • Anne

    Dan, I’ve been just as anxious to see your blog as I was everyday going to the feeds to see you in action. Beautiful and from the heart! Just as everything else you do, again you have amazed me, I knew you would :)

    We (
    TeamDan) followers (not using the word fans) :P..we too would like to thank your wife Chelsea and both families for the 3 months of sharing your brilliance with us all, they too are loved!!

    I have to say I was a bit disappointed in CBS at the finale, a couple of reasons..1. It seemed to me that it was like pre-arranged or something, they knew the result before Julie pulled any keys, I hope I’m wrong about that. I don’t know though, Ian’s family was near the BB door and your dad and Chelsea were on the far side..I may be crazy but that’s my 2cents worth on that :) 2. Anyone who watched the season had to have known how much you looked forward to seeing your Chelsea after 75 days…why?????? did the cameras not show it when you and Chelsea were reunited?? We all wanted to see that, my heart went out to both of you particularly in the last 4 or 5 days it must have seemed like weeks, and of course again we would have cried and been so happy for you both as we were when you got your video :)))
    IMO.. CBS owes you the 500K without you in this season their ratings would have hit rock bottom instead the Dan presence made them skyrocket!! Looking forward to reading your blogs! As others have said, Thank you, for being YOU and Thank you for sharing your family too :))
    I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing some little ‘misters’ running around |ROFL Truly a genius at this game, they will never ever meet or excede your brilliance. *mwha* hugzzzz
    TeamDanAndChelsea :))))
    Luvz1 from live feeds chats.

    • Laurie

      Anne: I thought the same thing watching the finale.

  • Lina

    I have been a fan and you are my favorite HG. Deep inside I know you are just playing your game and outside the house you are a nice person with a good heart. This coming from a 65 yr old teacher who raised three sons (ages 30-39now). Enjoyed your blog and photos which affirmed my impression about you. Win or lose you are the top winner, the best player ever. You are genuinely smart to think of those blindsides. Best wishes to you and Chelsea.

  • Julia Green

    It was awesome watching you a second time around! You did great :)

  • Gloria De Necochea

    Thanks for the long, detailed “gratitude letter.” It’s hard to just let go of the BB season, and your letter was much appreciated. I wonder if it will ever be possible to share the details of “what really happens” during the Showtime midnight feeds (it seemed to be at 10 pm and NOT live), when people are evicted (did the jury get to watch the shows & Showtime feeds?), and whether players get paid a stipend that increases according to the number of days in the house? Just curious! Glad you’re in good spirits. It was a TRUE game!

  • TJ S.

    You have been my favorite player since Day 1 of season 10 and will always be. This was such an amazing and heartfelt piece and I’d just like to thank you for making bb14 one of the greatest seasons of all time.

  • Sue Ann

    I wasn’t a fan in season 10 but this season I jumped on your “team” as I watched you played the most amazing game EVER!! I have been a BB fan since Season 1 and have never missed an episode. You have now become the new Master of the game passing Dr Will~Others may say he is still the Master but I say you just stole that title right out of his hand and ran with it! If he wants it back, then he had better come back and fight for it, because he LOST it when Janelle voted him out of the game when she figured out his game and she beat him at it!! He lost his second try at the game in 4th place playing women with Mike Boogie and treating them garbage! Sure you played a ruthless game this time around, but you kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me entertained. You also came so close to winning the game for the 2nd time and in my opinion you should have won if the jury had voted with their heads instead of their hearts! If America would have voted you would have won! I am sure of that. I never would have thought I would be writing as a Dan fan but this season you won me over!! Congrats on the BEST GAME EVER!! And may I say that your wife did a fantastic job supporting you all season and as a woman who has been married to the same man for 41 years this Nov. I wish the same for the both of you and I can see this in your future by the way she stands by you and supports you in everything you do and the way you talk about her and give her credit and support for what she does the same way!! Good luck and Best wishes to you both!! Thanks again for making this go from a boring season to an exciting one!!

  • Sheri

    Thank you for giving so much of yourself this summer. You made this season complete with laughs, tears, joy and just every emotion a humane being has.. Funny, becasuse most of the time we had no idea what was going on in your head..
    Your very lucky to have a wonderful wife and a huge loving family..
    Looking forward to see what your life has instore for you.
    Thank you to Chelesa and all Dan’s family for sharing him with us this summer.

  • Jo

    Dan as a Big Brother fan since Season 1 I have to tell you what an amazing season this was and for the most part, because of you! The moves you made were incredible and entertaining. Thanks!

  • Kathleen

    Short and sweet…….the way you played was the best I have ever seen. I’ve watched every year. Nothing compared! Your beautiful wife, family and friends should be so very proud!

    Cicero, IN :-)

  • Gloria Field

    I was behind you all the way, Dan and thank you for making this season so enjoyable! It’s hard to come to grips with the fact that you didn’t win, but in a way you did! Your fans are totally proud of you!

  • Cyndi LaVarier

    Hi Dan, I have been watching big brother from the beginning. When you first came on the show, I loved your honesty and the way you kept your cool and played the game. I never saw a person take your place after you, you were the best!
    This season was amazing, how you lied through out the entire game. I totally LOVED it. You switched up your game play, and I thought it was awesome. So many of the players never saw things coming because they did not exspect the lies from you. You are truly a game player and a awesome coach! If you lost friends in the BB house, this would be their loss not yours. You played a fantastic game and they know it.
    I am from IL. and as of June 29th. my family and I moved to Holland MI. One of the first things I said to my family was “One of the great things about moving to MI. is Dan Gheesling lives here” My family looked at me like they were lost, as you can see they don’t watch BB the way I do.
    I wish you nothing but the best!! I will continue to watch BB in hopes that you will be on the show again.
    You have a wonderful wife that Loves to completely, best wishes to her and the rest of you wonderful family.
    Take care, and best wishes for all of your adventures.

  • Dusty fernandes

    Dan, your the best thing about my summer, got to forget all the trails I have with living with MS for the summer. With watching bb14 on cbs,showtime , chesi on twitter gave me a break.Dan what I like about you is that it’s just a game, no game in life, God Bless you & Chelsi

  • Karen

    Thought this would be a good business venture for you and your family. Ever thought of making a cologne or perfume called the ‘The Mist” think it would sell very well in the big brother community and in general public as well. Just thought i would pass the idea along to you. Also loved watching you on live feeds and on weekly show. Should of won first place though. Never understand why some people take it so personal and vote with bitterness in there hearts. Hands down you played the best game. Good luck in the future.

  • Robin Collins

    The second I saw you walk into the bbhouse I was rooting for you. I rooted for you on your first journey and was excited to see you win. I was quite animated this season. I would jump up and down when you pulled another rabbit out of your hat! My schedule at home changed and momma was not to be bothered when bb14 was on! My ten year old, Aaron, even started to get in it…..”why are they after that dude? He is the only one playing!” Lol gotta love him! I followed your wifes tweets, blogs, and posts. Though we couldnt afford the live feeds due to remodling our newly bought home during the season, I frequented the spoiler pages. I thought i would be sick during the finale with all the anticipation. When you came in second i was so disappointed. Not in you or your game play, but in the jury for voting out of spite and not for who played the game from day one. Not only am i in awe of your game play but i learned a lot about you and what an inspiration you are. Thank you for a wonderful summer and I hope to see great things come your way. God Bless you and your family!
    Team Dan always!

    Ps…Janelle auctioned her bb bag on ebay that has her name tag on it….though i could never afford $1500, and im sure yours would be so much more….it would be an awesome little piece of history for a fan (team dan member) to be able to have. I, of course, would bid early to say i did lol

  • Amanda

    You have been my favorite player since the early days of season 10, I was misted even back then, lol. I remember telling everyone that you were one of the best BB players, not everyone agreed. NOW, they all do, and now I know you are THE best player to ever play this game! :) I almost jumped out of my seat with happiness when they announced you were coming back. You made this season, hands down. I do hate that the jury was so bitter though. This blog was perfect, thank you for sharing it with us, You have such a way with your worlds. & Thank you to Chelsea for sharing you with us this summer. :) I wish you only the best.

    #TeamDan #TeamMist

  • Robin

    Great game Dan! I know you’re too classy to answer this but I’d love to know if you saw the psycho side of Dani that the rest of us saw on the feeds (stalking, lying, constantly looking in the mirror, lying, lying, lying). I know why you dragged her along to the final 3 but ohhh the rest of us had to listen to her that much longer because of it :( Everyone else seems to know it was a game but she seems to still be stuck in her own head (no real surprise). If you play this game again please don’t torture us by picking a puppet that is so freaking annoying please!!!

  • Catherine

    Dan, Janelle said it best “we are in awe of your gameplay” As many others have said, you made this season of Big Brother the best ever! I wanted to purchase the feeds but work two jobs and wouldn’t have had the time to get my money’s worth but I read post after post, about it, there is a site, fans of reality tv (feel free to mark that out if you can’t leave it in the post), that you have a whole lot of supporters on and I was able to keep up with live feed posts on there. Anyone who can watch you play this game and not give you the props you deserve should not be watching it, it takes big moves to make it the end, and you are not afraid to make any of them! I like football enough but never had a desire to buy your books before but after seeing what you are able to accomplish with mere words I am eager to read all of them now! ; ) I think the next one you write should definitely have “Mist” in the title somewhere.. I too, would love to see you on anything else – Survivor – would love to see what the mist would be on an island somewhere, TAR – you and Ian would be priceless on that show, as long as you could carry a hammock with you everywhere that is! or as someone else suggested a reality show about you and Chelsea and your life, we’d welcome any way to see you on our tvs again! Thank you for posting all the videos for your fans though; thank you ever so much for an awesome Summer! I wish you & your family the best! – Catherine in Ohio

  • Jane

    I loved your gameplay! I thought it was so crafty! I don’t care what you swear on. It’s Reality T.V.!!! You rocked it! I always said the only way I thought Ian should win is if he could outwit you in the speech. I think you got a little flustered and spoke over Ian instead of sticking to what you know how to do

  • http://twitter/lizard0203 Lisa Trevino

    What an incredible speaker. He’s so much more than Big Brother and that’s why I wasn’t upset he didn’t win. A genuine good guy that works hard every day for his students and family. From one college student in the education degree thanks for the inspiration.

  • linda

    you were great i was team dan from the start i was on bb dish sayoing you were the best player ever i enjoyed spending the summer watching you and ian are who i was hopeing to go tothe end of coursr i wanted you to win but ian ia a good kid best of luck to you you have a great wife and family please post when your book comes out if you ever go back to bb ill be team dan again lol thanks for a fun summer there was never a dull time when you were polting your next big move lol from one of your biggest fans this season linda

  • Andrea

    love watching you all summer. thank god you were on the show. it would have been so boring. This is why they bring you guys back. the newbs try and get a long and be a family. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Cynthia Hutton

    Not sure any future episodes will be able to fulfill my BB Addiction. I’ve had my fair share of “discussions” on whether “Dan the Man” was evil or brilliant. My response: “He was entertaining, and isn’t that what BB is about?” Kudos to you and your support team!

  • JohnInDC

    Dan: You made this season of BB watchable. Ian and Danielle may have “taken their fate” into their own hands at some point but without you they would have been off the show much earlier. You are pure entertainment and it was great to see two superfans of the show end up in the final two. The ending was correct. It would have been horrible to have had Shane in the final two (or final three). Sorry you did not end up with the extra cash, but for the second year in a row someone very deserving won (and came in second). Don’t stay out of the limelight.

  • Trevor

    Dan, I started watching BB season one when Eddie won with his 3 legged dog and after season 2 and Dr. Will I was hooked! Never in my life would I have thought I would get to see another season like season 2 until this year. Most years players play it safe and end up getting evicted because of it. You played the most masterful game of BB I have seen and if not for an unfortunately bitter jury would have won. I have to believe after a few months go by and seeing EXACTLY how you orchestrated the game (through the season videos) the jury members will realize that Janelle was right and the voting of Ian as BB 14 champ was a travesty!
    Congrats to you and your wonderful family. They should all be proud.
    I may have to read your book also if BB is looking for a mid 40’s player who knows how to play the game!!

  • Mrs. O

    Congratulations and much happiness (to you and Chelsea) and more continued personal and professional successes. Thanks for making this season of Big Brother so eventful that it kept the audience coming back for more — you owned that house with your extremely keen sense about people and their behavior — bravo Dan — your strategies were so well thought out and executed perfectly. Kudos to the best player on Big Brother!!!!!!

  • Amy

    unMISTakenly the greatest BB player of all time!!!!

  • Joanie

    I enjoyed every minute of your stay in the house this season — your mind works in mysterious (and amazing) ways! You RULED the house!

  • Theresa Chutter

    Thank you so much for making this summer fun to watch Big Brother. I rooted for you in season 10, and this year was just fantastic. You played an awesome game. In my book, you are the BEST player to have ever played the game.

  • Rachel Gutzmer

    Thanks for the fun this summer and for bringing BB back to the way it is suppose to be. Hopefully, in the future there are a few more with the brains and balls to play the way you do. I was on your team in S10 and will forever be Team Dan. It is seems strange to say but I feel like I know you personally because I spent so much time watching you play. I have an inside joke with only myself. I don’t know a lot of people who watch BB. My husband doesn’t even watch it. Well, whenever I am about to do something BIG I say “Let’s do this like Judas.” I have received many strange looks for this and I just smile. I will never explain it to anyone because no one outside the BB world will ever truly get it.
    Well, I must stop stalking for the day,lol.
    Thank you again, Rachel :)

  • Theresa

    I LOVE you Dan! I really hope this isn`t the last time we see you on TV. I`m hoping for an All Star BB…would you do it? You are amazing!! This whole season was YOU YOU and YOU!!
    You need a reality show or something..we need more of you. Your wife is one lucky lady!
    The thing I loved the most about watching you run the whole season was waiting for your next move. Watching you play this game was awesome! Dan never feel like you let anyone down playing the way you did. You played with your mind,BB isn`t a game of who can be the most honest its a game about working your other house guests to do what you want them to and in turn being the last person in the house….and thats what you did!! The only thing that was sad about this season was the bitter jury. We LOVE you and keep doing what you do. Hope we see you soon again <3

  • Cris

    Thanks Dan for taking the time to keep us all updated. You were great again this season. It was amazing watching you make it to the final 2. I’ll always be #TeamDan. Now where’s my mist? I’m running on low supply. =o)

  • Parilee

    Wow, Dan you are awesome player. Your love for Big Brother is so evident of how well you play the game and know the game. I was very glad to see you make it to the end. My daughter and I have watch big brother since season 1 and we still to this day watch Big Brother. It is part of our summer. The tv goes dvr and I watch the feeds this time. We so enjoy you. You have a great family and you treasure them for a liffe time. The only thing I did not like about your game play was how you treated Danielle. It bother me considering the fact that you are a coach. Yet I also loved Danielle we wanted her and Ian to win. JUst because we wanted you to win in season 10 and you did. We love you and are praying for your family as they grow. Good Luck

  • Jennifer Nitcher

    Hi Dan – I’ve loved you from day #1 on your 1st season of Big Brother. One of the many reasons I think you are the best is that you ALWAYS respond to your fans whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, your blog etc. You made my day on numerous occasions by answering or commenting on my silly tweets/facebook messages. I was ESTATIC when I heard you would be entering the Big Brother house again. I only wished that Memphis was there with you. Which speaking of Memphis he was amazing and responded to all of my Twitter (@JenNitch5053) questions while you were gone this summer. I would LOVE to see you guys on The Amazing Race!! I’m getting off track…lol!
    I really just wanted to say that I LOVED watching you again this season! I hated reading tweets from the “haters” who just didn’t understand your tactics. THIS IS A GAME AND YOU PLAYED IT LIKE IT WAS – which I love. I wish you would have pulled out another win – but unfortunately (at the time) the jury was too bitter to see your GENIUS moves. Thanks for the note and can’t wait to hear from you again!!! xox

  • Cherrie

    Thanks for making BB14 so enjoyable. Too bad the jury was filled with sore losers or else you would have won a second time.

  • JoAnn

    Hi Dan,
    I just want to write and thank you for all the entertainment you gave me all summer. Whether I was at the beach in NJ (not the “Jersey Shore” – the real shore in Wildwood Crest near Cape May) or in work I was checking what was going on inside the house via the live feeds; rooting you on all the way. I also watched Chelsea’s interviews, etc. She is so sweet & supportive, but you know that ; )
    I was hoping there was a golden POV in that solitary cake – I was like “eat the cake – eat the cake!!!” but I guess not – you got off the block on your own, which I respect more than being “saved” by TPTB on the production side.
    From what I have seen over the years of being a fan of yours you are a good person – always willing to help, motivate and encourage others – including myself.
    I have nothing but good wishes for you and Chelsea in the future!

  • Jeannine

    Hi Dan,

    I watched your 1st season on BB and my opinion of you then, and now is the same. You are the VERY BEST player to play the game. You are brilliant and so clever! I believe it is the reason some of the houseguests would get very upset with you……they wished they were as clever :)

    Many thanks for making the season another one I will remember!


  • Danielle Reggie

    You made Michigan proud!! You were my favorite player after season 10, and have proven to be the KING of Big Brother after season 14!! I saw you on CBS Detroit too! Great job!

  • Shelley South

    You were amazing this year. As a fan of BB I was so excited to see you come back into the house, and you did not disappoint, not once. I am a breast cancer survivor who also happens to have Lupus, I understand having to make adjustments to plans on an hourly basis, LOL. I was wondering how you would join the game when everyone knew your game, you made adjustments as necessary, I applaud you. As a true fan of the game and the strategy involved in winning the game, you have nothing to be ashamed of, anyone who says different is not a true BigBrother fan. The last few seasons have been a little lacking, yes I still watched obsessively, but you brought the game back to life. Thank you for a most enjoyable summer. Good luck to you and your family for the future.

  • Sandy

    Very good game. Loved watching you play this season. It was awesome to see you get yourself off the block, very creative. I think given another day Brit would have also been successful at that feat. I loved watching the lovely Danielle work with you and was disappointed in the outcome. I really wish you would have rewarded her for her loyalty to you. The outcome would have been so different. Hindsight is 20/20. I had the live feeds, and don’t believe you were playing her the whole time. Or at least I don’t think you were. I don’t think you could be that vicious to her. I wish you and your lovely wife a wonder life. (with many little dan’s and chelsie’s) You truly made the season exciting and I DO NOT agree with the jury. But we all know that is also part of the game. (jury votes) LOL Thank you.

  • Stefanie

    great blog!! you did awesome on the show!! thanks for all the entertainment lol your funeral was fabulous! only the best could come up with ideas like that!

  • Kimberly

    Hello Mr Dan. I’m ‘Jammie’ on Joker’s Updates (pjammiez on Twitter) and, as I mentioned on Twitter, I rooted for you all season (both seasons). And posted about my rootings!

    Thank you for a GREAT show! I can’t imagine BB14 without your antics and, more importantly, your presence. Thank you Chelsea for being a woman of substance. A woman other young (and old) woman can look to as a wonderful example. Thank you to Kelly, such a supportive and loving sister. I have a great sister, too. Every family should be so lucky.

    As an aside, I learned some things from watching you this season. Things about good and evil and how it is a double-edged sword, both born of the same tree. Thank you for that~

    Much love and blessings to you and your family. May the road ALWAYS rise up to meet you!

  • Mari

    Thanks for making BB14 awesome to watch. Miss watching you on TV. Wishing you and your wife the best in everything you do. I wish more kids had coaches that are as inspirational as you.
    #TeamMist & #TeamDan

  • wooooozee

    you made this season for me. you played what i believe is a viewer’s dream…a pure gaming experience using deception, cunning and your knowledge of people. well played indeed.

  • Ms Wagner

    Proud of you, Dan and the man you’ve grown to be. CBS should give you the $500k for making BB worth watching this season. It is a game of strategy and you played it well.

  • Lindsey

    Dan, you don’t understand how much you mean to me. I seriously love you so much. Like I can’t even explain it. You are all I talk about in school, and all my friends get really aggravated because they’re sick of hearing about you. Hahah i can’t help myself though. You are just, absolutely amazing. I’m 14 right now, and in 7 years, I am going on big brother. That’s my dream, to be on big brother, because I am suchhh a big fan. I’ve seen every season, because I went back and watched them on YouTube. Anyways, I plan to play just like you. You’re incredible, and I wanna play like you do. When frank put you on the block, I couldn’t stop crying. I seriously cried for like 2 hours and then when I watched your funeral on the feeds, I got soooo happy! I couldn’t even contain myself! I was so happy you got yourself off the block! I don’t know what I woulda done if you had gone home. I felt like I was going into depression when you were on the block, which is really weird. Hahah. In biology, I always say how I wish you were my teacher. Thatd be AMAZING. Even though I know I wouldn’t pay attention, cause I’d be sooooo starstruck and excited! I cried during the finale because Ian won.. You should’ve won. No doubt about it. I wish you would have:( One of the best seasons ever (because you were in) and one of the worst finales, because you lost. Season 10 is still my favorite. Always will be. And you will always be my FAVORITE player of all time. Honestly, I think id freak out if you noticed me. I used to freak out whenever Chelsea tweeted me back. Hahah. Well Dan, you are the best player of all time, and you don’t even understand how much you mean to me! I love you so much!(:

  • Dana Goodyear

    Awww your letter made me cry. I love how you love your wife, your family and Big Brother! You were a pleasure to watch. Thanks for entertaining me this summer :) Is Danielle still mad at you? I hope not because A it’s just a game and B she isn’t innocent either.

  • Emily

    Dan so glad you came back again, I don`t usually like when people come back at first I diden`t but after you got out from being a coach you did great, and I was so freaking excited you and Ian made it to the final two I honestly wanted you two to make it to the end for about a month before you two did great job !!

    Your blog is great nice to hear about you and your family being supportive my boyfriend would probably freak if I was there lol, so your lucky to have such a supportive family.. Hope your like continues to be well :) Like it seems like .

  • Mary Sumner

    I have been on Team Dan since BB #10 and have always thought you are the best BB player ever. This season would have been so boring without you on there, you kept us guessing until the very end. You definitely misted me and I have to say your wife has plenty of mist of her own! I watched her, your sister Kelly and your mom on the Murtz show and loved them all. Your mom is a real hoot ( loved her Dan storys) and loved her tweet about getting misted by you 29 years ago! Thanks for making BB#14 the best season ever. I wish you and your lovely wife nothing but the best. Team Mist 4-ever :-)

  • Deby

    What a great BB season. You are the best BB player. By far better than Dr. Wil. The ‘mist’ & ‘return from the grave” will go down in BB history. I was so torn on who I wanted to win. I was back & forth between you & Ian. You for the great moves. Ian because I just liked the kid. He was such a big fan & knew the game facts. He so wanted the QP in the end. I did not like Danielle as she was whiny, clingy & thought way to highly of herself & would consistantly turn any conversation back to herself & how it affected her. That type of person is just not pretty in my opinion. Finale night I was still torn on who would win it. BUT, your speech, I can’t even remember what exactly you said, but I knew halfway through your speech, you would lose. It made me very sad that you did so many things right (game play) to lose it on your speech. But you came across as mean to Ian. And that is when I wanted Ian to win. I’m not in anyway educated in how the human mind works, but, maybe since I have an severely handicapped adult son, it made me want the one who was getting bullied at that moment to win. So sorry Dan. I really am. I truly hope you will play this game again. I understand game (something Danielle didn’t). It would be a true joy & entertaining season to see you back. The best thing…TWO VERY DESERVING PEOPLE WERE IN THE FINAL TWO!!!! Love it! Best on luck in your future & you need to bottle that mist. :)

  • Esme

    I wrote you a more detailed e-mail about this, but I can’t thank you enough for being on BB this season. You were not only entertaining, you were inspirational to me, which means more than you’ll ever know. I hope I’m not just misted, but I don’t think so!!:)

    I’ve been rewatching seasons of BB that I missed, and I can honestly say that ruthless or not, you are the best player to ever play the game. I know it’s a long shot and a hard decision to make for you and Chelsea both, but I hope to see you play one last time one day, preferably on an all-stars season so that the jury might be a little less bitter!

    Thanks again, for everything you do!

  • Colleen Kelly

    Gee Dan
    I might have to start leaving my entire name, you might have more than one Colleen now! You have everyone telling you this but I guess I thought I would just add my two cents. :)
    You did an epic job writing this post!!. I have tweeted you but I am telling you here as well, so many fast and furious tweets I’m not sure you saw it. “Thank you”.

    I had people tweeting me asking if I heard it!! I was like “What?” … “Dan said “hi” to you!”… Even Kelly tweeted me asking!! lol I actually heard one of them while you were playing pool with Ian one night. The other two I saw on Flashback. I was working and missed them.
    Made me smile :))))) It was so kind to remember me. I realized , oh, Dan actually knows who I am. lol Stupid huh. I tweet you more than anyone. lol

    Second “Thank you”
    Thank you for mentioning me here. That was very kind of you to remember me here as well. You said from the bottom of your heart….
    So from the bottom of mine…… (((((“Thank you Dan”)))))

    BTW, you should have won. You DO know that right?.
    Yes. Period!.
    Know that you at no time from the moment you stepped into that house until the moment you walked out did you ever disrespect yourself, family …OR Chelsea.

    You will always have my complete respect and support no matter what you do or where you go. That I promise :)

    I tweeted her a couple times telling her not to listen to certain things said. I didn’t want to see anyone hurt. And to ask if you had a Rosary. :) She was kind enough to let me know you did. :) AND a Mary medal. Very important! :) I always wear mine. Never take that off by the way. :)

    You said this is the beginining. Okay…I’m with you. Lets Go! ;)

    Hugs, Colleen
    #TeamDanWAYBEFOREThemist :)

  • Craig Batteau

    Your the best BB strategist ever to play the game. Congrats on all your success and your family support network is truly amazing. God Bless from your fans in Southen Illinois!

  • Lisa


    You… my man, are an inspiring individual with talent beyond belief! I adore your tactics and beguiling charm in the Big Brother house. I am just so sorry you did not win. I was certain everyone would see what an amazing player you are, and not hold grudges!

    I hope you may consider joining the Big Brother house once again so people like me who adore you will have the pleasure of you entertaining us once again! I just would hate to see your wife and family have to live without you for another summer!

    Thank you for a fun filled FANTASTIC summer! You are the BEST!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • meg

    I’m still marveling over how you played this game this year. People have compared it to the Hantz game, but I think you played a much better game than Hantz- had every single person misted, up until the very end – even Ian, who took you to final 2 not because he was sure he’d beat you, but because he was misted. (which is why while I like Ian, I definitely think you deserved the win more based on just how much in control of the game you were at every step of the way. And after that display, no BB winner would ever want to play again because if you couldn’t get that second win with gameplay as brilliant as yours was this season, who could, really? :)) People knew what Hantz was up to (Natalie, for e.g., knew Russell would be toxic in jury and used that to her advantage and won; and Pavarti arguably was the better puppeteer over Russell) – but with you? No one ever did until they’re out the door.

    Still flummoxed as to how layered that funeral move was. As ridiculous as it had seemed, it worked on so many levels (and continued to work weeks after it happened, no one was aware of it even up until the end) – besides just the immediate benefit of getting off the block – and damn right it’s one of the best, if not the best move I’ve ever seen on BB. I was about to quit the season, but within a few hours of “OMG IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?”, I was more hooked than ever. BB14 WAS the season of Dan.

    So, many thanks for that.

  • Gracie

    Dan, you are so amazing.

  • Carrie Hampton

    Oh Daniel — I told you this on twitter right after I read it. I still feel the same today. “My Mist cup runneth over. Well done, ninja warrior!”.
    Carrie (follow michigan mist girl – i grew up in commerce)

  • Emily

    The thing I found most distasteful is he did this while wearing his St. Mary’s shirt. Had he not mentioned his employer/affiliation so much during the game, I could see St. Mary’s letting it slide, but to swear on the Bible and smugly joke about it while wearing the logo of his employer, a Catholic School, makes him a representative of that employer and his actions not only reflect Dan’s integrity (or complete lack thereof), but the integrity of his employer should they decide to overlook this. But hey…Catholics have been “overlooking” indiscretions for centuries, right? I bet St. Mary’s doesn’t fire him.

  • Ashley

    Amazing! Thanks for the blog Dan :-) absolutely loved watching you this summer.. never a dull moment in the bb house with you there. I’m not going to lie though.. I teared up a little bit when I read “while you may never see me again on television” haha don’t be crazy you better be back for all-stars 2! Anywho.. take care and thanks again for a great summer! You always have and always will be my fave ;-)

  • Jane Edlund

    Hi Dan and Chelsea,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying being back together again. My husband and I have been happily married for 23 years. As newly weds, you guys are on the right track in supporting each others dreams, being great friends and having respect for each other. Such an important foundation for a great marriage, I wish you both the very best for a happy future together.
    Now for Big Brother…we have watched the show since the beginning, its a family tradition, our now adult children come home and watch it with us. We live in Vancouver, Canada, Big Brother is as popular here as it is in the US. We loved this season, it goes down as our favourite yet, we were on the edge of our seats for more than one episode, the “funeral of Dan” was epic and Brittanys face when she was put on the block as your replacement was poor and utter shock…we loved every move you pulled. It was said by many” you are the best to have played the game” and I couldn’t agree more. Big Brother next year are going to have to pull out more than”expect the unexpected” to top this season.
    Thankyou for helping bring our adult children with their friends around the tv for some good Big Brother family time this summer!
    I wish you all the best as you readjust to your life outside the house….I know with your beautiful wife by your side the adjustment this time around will be much easier for you.
    Best wishes…Jane edlund, Vancouver canada.

  • Sam

    You should have won Dan. Thank you for being so entertaining and for actually making moves in the game. You played Big Brother the way people SHOULD play the game! People seem to forget it’s not reality, it’s a game with a very different set of rules. I really respect you as do most stable people who don’t take a game show personally. Sheesh! YOU ROCK

  • Jan Crawford


    Loved you the first time around and was amazed at your game play the 2nd time around. You were amazing, I loved the look on your face when Frank and Boogie were grilling you and your responses!!! Awesome. You are a lucky man to have a wife like yours and families so dedicated to you out of love. You are blessed!! I, of course, disagree with the jury vote but it is a game. Ian grew a lot but as a special education teacher, he needs to still work on his social skills……..but it was a game and you had a bitter jury. I don’t think you played Danielle all the time and I hope she understands how and why you did what you did. I wish you continued love, faith, joy and laughter.

  • Dawn

    Loved this season and it was all due to you. I have watched every BB episode and even tho Will was great, you are far and above the better player. I still have your best moments (funeral, etc.) on my dvr and rewatch them!! Thanks so much for a great summer. Please consider doing BB again in the future if there is another all star season.

  • Angela

    Hands down THE BEST Big Brother player EVER! Such fun to watch. Dan, come and host BB Canada will you ? Or at least come visit. Toronto is waiting… :)

  • Eric

    I only know of Dan because of his skilled web designer, Nina Cross. In the hour and a half that I watched BB, he, by far, seemed to be the best player of the game. His manipulation and art of talking made him the best.


    Dear Dan: It was such a pleasure to watch you this season on BB. You and Dr. Will are the best players of the game!!! It cracks me up how people forget that this is just a game and the object is to win; not be a saint. I have been a fan since day 1 of BB but only watch the tv and read a little info online. I don’t care to watch the live feeds and/or BB After Dark because it ruins the anticipation of the game on tv. I just wish they would have a reunion of sorts after naming the winner of BB (like Survivor does). Anyway, THANKS for a great season and best of luck to you and your family!

  • Lisa

    You were the best player by far this season and should have won! Thank you for a great summer!

  • Linda

    Thank You for the awesome heartfelt letter to all of your loyal members of ” Team Dan”. It shows what a truly nice guy you are. So many prayers went to you winning the game on Big Brother 14. And during the finale, I was stunned that the jury gave it to Ian. You are by far the best player in Big Brother. Had Janelle and Boogie been in the jury, I am sure you would have had their vote. Still shocked that Brittney didn’t vote for you as she kept telling the jury that it is a game and the best player should win. But, ultimately, she voted for Ian because she liked him. I have nothing against Ian, but he started to become too cocky. Had Danielle gone to the end with you, you would have won hands down. I hope the jury looks back and regrets their decision after watching the show. Either way, you played an awesome game. Enjoyed watching you on Showtime after dark. You are so blessed to have a beautiful and caring wife in Chelsea, and also your family and extended family. Family is so important. God Bless You & Your Family Dan.
    Hope to see you again on Big Brother All Stars! You Rock!!!!

    P.S. You remind me of my youngest son, who I am very proud of. :-)

    Linda Embry RN
    Proud Military Mom

  • Dorothy Skarseth

    My family & I have been watching BB since the BB1. My son who is now 21 had BB on his bucket list. BB watch out.
    U r truly a great player, husband, coach, but most of all a genuine good person. Was sad 2 c u not win. But u r a winner on so many other ways.. God Bless You & Familia.

  • Chaz

    Thanks for making BB 14 my favorite season of all time. It was awesome to see how dedicated and passionate you are to this game. As a person whose dream it is to get on BB, the most frustrating thing is when people waiste their opportunity and give up or don’t care enough to do whatever it takes to win. You were willing to do or say whatever you had to in order to stay in the GAME. People that truly understand this game can appreciate that. You never let personal feelings or emotions effect your game play, and that is what seperates you from most people that play this game. To be focused 100% of the time, and even when it is certain you are going to be evicted to keep fighting and not only not give up, but not even let it effect your mood or game play solitifies you as the games best player. Watching people that believe they have no chance to get the votes, just pout and throw in the towel literally angers me. To be given the opportunity to play the greatest reality game in the world, and not take full advantage of that opportunity is painful to viewers. That is why you have so many fans/teamates. We can count on you to never do that. You leave it all on the “field” and in the end you know u did your best so there is no room for regrets. The only downside to your gameplay this season is that it is guaranteed that next season wont live up to this one.

  • Jeri Beth Jasen

    My husband and I watched you in Season 10 and now BB14. You are truly one of the sharpest young men we have ever encountered. Your entertainment factor and love and devotion to your family, including little Frank, is a wonderful blessing. Although we are mid-lifers, we have purchased your books and found we’re never too old to learn and benefit from the young. Thank you for coming into our lives and making us smile…wish we could meet in person. You keep that Chelsea-girl close because you are on a beautiful pathway to glory. Fondly, “Tom and Jeri” Jasen

  • EricMoonless

    A beautiful letter for all your teammates Now I know why I always prefer the dark knight over the white knight in the storybook. You’re so damn charming!

  • Ramiro

    I couldn’t have agreed more with janelle on you not winning would be a mistake. You by far were a joy to watch through out the season. Thanks for a great season of big brother.

  • angie

    You are my favorite Big Brother player of all time! Your Big Brother funeral was priceless! You knew you were being targeted and played accordingly. You were so much fun to watch. I also liked how you told Danielle to leave your emotions at the door because it is a game. Sure wished you had won! Wish you and Chelsea the best!

  • Linda


    You played an awesome game. You gave it 110% plus! Your family have to be very proud of you! The Best of Luck in your future plans ahead! Peace be with you and Chelsea!
    Go REDS!

    OLSM Alumni

  • Kelley

    Dan, dude. . . if you weren’t already married, I’d have to look you up. Chelsea is a very lucky lady to have you and you are a very lucky guy to have her. I’ve always loved your Eddie Haskel-ness. It’s what made me love you on your first season. But now after looking at all this, I’ve realized that unlike Eddie Haskel, you really are sincere and a great great guy. The support from your family and friends is a testament to the type of person you are. Good luck in everything you do. And yes, you got robbed.

  • Frank

    Dude, it is pretty amazing that you only have positive post about your play. I know you would never delete all the negative ones..Or would you? I was just wondering, since you being a good Catholic and all……..

    • Dan C Roxas

      1. Does it matter if he’s Catholic?
      2. Well you’re giving a negative comment and it’s still here. So the answer is no.

  • Fankbb14

    Come on Dan, where are all the negative posts. Dude I knew you were vain but come on! preesh!

    • Dan C Roxas

      What would that change exactly?

  • Fankbb14

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying what a great game you played when your speach to the jury was horrible and your decision to keep Ian(only person who could beat you) was even worse. That doesn’t seem like the moves made by the best player ever. Dan I would preesh if you actually posted some of the negative comments, that would change my opinion of you just a little bit, but not much.

    • Dan C Roxas

      Well to be fair Dan had no chance to win either way. Nobody would vote for him regardless.

      And judging by your username it sounds like you’re bitter with Frank’s loss.

  • Delissa

    I just have to say that you Dan made this the best season of BB for me by far! I have been a faithful fan since season 1, but you are the best player by far. I was Team Mist all the way till the very end. Best of luck in all you do!

  • Bob Marcy

    Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame kid…You’re so vain, you think this song is about you, you so vain..LMAO

    • Dan C Roxas

      Which is why he’s still well known not only in Big Brother but in real life as well

  • Tina Marcy

    Let me get this straight, you played a great game because you put your hand on a Bible and swore on it and Frank, knowing you were a Catholic school teacher, never thought you would cross that line so he obviously believed you. How does that make you a great player? The funeral wouldn’t have done anything if Frank would have kept you on the block, so as far as I am concerned the funeral didn’t nothing. You putting your hand on the Bible and lying was the only thing that saved you. Frank never thought you would stoop that low and make a mockery of the “most holy book ever”(your words) so please stop with all this talk about what a great game you played. You represented yourself as a dedicated Catholic and no one ever thought you would cross that line and make a mockery of your religion. If that is considered great game play then congrats…I don’t.

    • Dan C Roxas

      Tina while you have the right to your opinion, you missed key evidence. Dan never swore on the bible for a final 2. It was mainly just to expose the Quack Pack. Blame the editing.

  • April

    It made me so sad for you to see how the jury voted emotionally, vs respecting the game and rewarding the best gamer. It’s an injustice, but I can see you rising above it, which is the best anyone could do. Everyone knows you are the best player to ever play the game, hands down.

    Chelsea and your players are very lucky to have you in their lives. You remind me of what a true man is (there are not many left in today’s society). Not afraid to make big decisions, takes control of himself and his surroundings and has the confidence to lead.

    Good luck in your future endeavours. I have no doubt you will find success.

  • Kevin

    Good luck with responding to everyone!
    It’s been amazing following Chels and everything on here all summer long, from the doldrums of solitary to the peaks of the funeral (weird statement), it’s been great, and I hope that this journey as a member of #TeamMist is as great as this summer was. #TeamDanForLife

  • William

    Dan I want to thank you for your brilliant move of keeping Ian over Shane. Every season of both survior and BB we have a pool at work where we randomly pick players names out of a hat and if your player wins you will whatever we put in. This season I had Ian and obviously nobody had you because you were a coach, so if you would have kept Shane chances are you would have won and then nobody would have won in our pool. Luckily you decided to keep Ian thus insuring me the victory. Thanks again for not keeping Shane because chances are you would have won..You are truly the best player ever…Well that is if you were trying to give Ian the $500k.

  • Judy G.

    I love watching u on BB both times I don’t care what anyone said you are the best player……And yes you have to step on toes to get what you want and to further your game….I was upset when they didn’t name you the big winner you was the only player in the house that played the game…..I want to see you in an all star game hopefully they will have another one of those soon….My son and i was talking about going but i am just to old to go i would never make it but i do know my son would do good….He is very likeable and easy going… love you Dan and your wife i listen to her on the Radio Station she seems to be a beautiful person…Keep up the hard work… I’m Judy All the way from Texas….

  • Ginny D

    Dan, Your game play was so mesmerizing, that I had to try Superpass for the first time this year just to watch you work. Thank you for the most entertaining and inspiring 3 months. I had been a ‘Dan the Man’ fan from day one and shouted it out loud to whoever would listen. Thank you for the journey.

  • Britt’ny

    I was never disappointed! You are the best big brother player ever! I will always support you and I want to thank you for being a real good guy to all of us fans:) I hope everything is going good for you and your wife!

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