Four Hours & Counting

by Chelsea Gheesling

Nail Biter.

I don’t know about you, but all day I’ve been biting my nails (literally, they’re all gone) thinking about tonight’s  eviction. I’m counting down the minutes until I hear “Good Evening, I’m Julie Chen….”

In about four hours we will know the fate of Kara, one of Dan’s team members on the block. But before we do, let’s take a look at a list Dan left describing what he was looking for in his team. Do you think he stuck to this list when picking Kara & Danielle?

Top Ten Things I’m Looking For When Selecting a BB Team.

1. Team oriented background.  Have they played on a competitive team before?  Basketball team, football team, winning business.

2. Communication.  Do they spout off at the mouth without a filter? Are they thinking about what they’re saying before they say it?

3. Room presence.  How many sets of eyes are locked on when naturally speaking?

4. Competitive nature.  Are they sizing everyone up? Are they just looking at the hot guy or hot girl?

5. Confidence.  In an foreign environment are they confident in their physical posture? Or are they self degrading for humor from the start.

6. Authenticity. Are they putting on a show from the start?

7. Self awareness.  Do they know their role?  Are they over-talking people, or waiting their turn to introduce themselves?

8. Positive. There will be some tough situation early on that hopefully I will be able to see.  How do they respond? Excited to tackle it, or looking worried and negative?

9. Physical traits. Are they built to make it through an endurance challenge? Will they be a liability in a timed challenge? I may select a smaller/shorter girl for the sole purpose of succeeding in weight based endurance challenges.

10. Street-smart. Can they figure out how things are supposed to happen without having to be told, or directly lead?

* – Loyalty is not on this list because it is very difficult to judge this in a short period of time.

Loyalty is shown through actions, not words.  They can say how dedicated they have been in the past, but until they show it, it is tough to gauge.

Get the Video.

Don’t forget. If you want to see Dan explaining the strategy options to pick his team, click HERE.

  • Bmcooney19

    I love Dan, but he screwed up with his team. I’m hoping theres a twist that will give him better people!

  • Adeer1

    Honestly, if I was in that house I would would want Dan as my coach. I don’t have so much issue with his team member choices. I wish he wouldn’t have thrown the coaches Competition so he could keep all 3 of his players. I too hope there is some kind of twist that keeps Dan to help someone make it to the end.

  • yVON

    We have to wait n see if Dan screwed up! .. He seems to thinks differently than most. In his season of BB, his first choice for a partner acted a fool and was out the 1st week. Dan was set to go the next week… But, then.. Dan turned it on! – Brains and Guts is what he won with. Dan is the Best Palyer -Ever, to play BB! … I hope it works for him this time! ( He got last pick and that was not so good)

  • Sean

    I actually think he picked a pretty good team. I like Danielle, but she doesn’t fit the “competitive nature* criterion. She is definitely there to have a showmance with Shane.

  • Stephanie

    Operation Save Kara looks stronger and stronger!

  • Wetri

    Linds Posted on my only thought on the color schmee is Jesus loves His enemies? swell pics, bro very swell. (ps- you should feel special. your blog is pretty much the only one i ever check regularly.)

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