My Final Thoughts on This Season of Big Brother

by Dan Gheesling

Final-Thoughts-On-Big-Brother-15-Dan-GheeslingThis season was filled with controversy, drama, and a lot of floating.

Regardless of how we all felt about this season, there is no denying it was one heck of a marathon.

Unfortunately, this season will be remembered for all of the controversial comments made and not necessarily the gameplay (the little of it that we did see).

Make or Break Season

What makes or breaks a season to me is if at the end, the person who wins actually played the game hard.

Did they make it to the end on their own accord, or were they dragged there and fell into their victory?

Because when it is all said and done, Big Brother is a game, and personally I just like seeing someone go out and win the game, as opposed to having it handed to them.

And by that measuring stick, I think we can put this season of Big Brother in the books with a winner who went out and took it.

I have been vocal about not being a fan of Andy’s gameplay (rat-floating) but, to his credit, he did play hard; which I actually do respect. During the finale, Andy did a phenomenal job closing out the game, and he flat out just took the win from GinaMarie.

Regardless of how you feel about Andy as a person, or his floating throughout the season, he went out and won the game in the end, which was actually FUN to watch.

No one has any delusions that this season will be remembered as a “great season” but, at least in the end, the person who played hard actually won.

Impact of the Cast On Future Seasons

This is strictly my opinion; none of what you’re about to read is “fact” or comes from Production.

Dan-Gheesling-BB15-CastWith all of the racial and derogatory comments made this season, I think this cast will impact all future Big Brother seasons from here on out.

Apparently, I need to amend the Letter that I wrote to all of the Big Brother 15 Houseguests before the season, with a section of what NOT to say…but I digress…

My hypothetical scenario with this cast is: if there HAD been a returning Houseguest in this group, you wouldn’t have seen those comments made over and over again.

I’ve always felt that when you bring back returning Houseguests, it is like having another Producer in the house because of their previous experience.

They understand how veto/nomination meetings are run, the flow of a DR, and most importantly, how they will be perceived from the outside in.

There is no one in casting who can predict what someone will say while they are in the house, but an in-tune Houseguest with experience would have been able to derail those comments immediately.

Because of this, I’ll be surprised if we ever see another Big Brother cast comprised completely of only new Houseguests.

And to be honest, as a fan of Big Brother, I think it would be good for the show to see a Frank, a Danielle Donato, or a Rachel come back and compete again.

While you may not like seeing returning Houseguests come back, it would be hard to disagree with the fact that if Big Brother continues to bring back former players to the show; it will cause Big Brother to be centered around fun gameplay, opposed to controversy.

Thank You

And with this post brings the end of my writing, tweeting, and live -webshowing of Big Brother 15. This season has been a lot of FUN to watch because of the interaction with you.

Whether we got into a Twitter debate over a lack of gameplay, or celebrated together in the constant appearance of Nick’s Hat; I’ve truly enjoyed this season thanks to experiencing it with you.

Without those interactions I’m not sure I would have been as into this season as I was…so thank you. :)

New Book

The lack of gameplay and awareness from some of the Houseguests this season actually influenced me to write a new book!

If you missed the announcement on Watch With Dan, or YouTube, here is the new book I am writing:


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The book is available now for pre-order, and you can find out more details about the book here:

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I hope you guys enjoy this book as much as I have creating it!

Stay Connected!

Even though Big Brother 15 is over, I’m not going anywhere. ;)

You’ll still be able to catch me tweeting (A LOT) every single day.

While I won’t be tweeting about Big Brother 15 anymore, I hope you’ll still stick around and interact with me during the off-season.

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Check back Monday for a new blog post!

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  • Kate

    Thanks Dan – I agree that Andy did play the best game and deserved to win even though his mouth was just horrible he has apologized.
    I was surprised that CBS did not have the final 3 on The Talk or any other program for interviews like last year with you, Ian and Danielle.
    Hopefully you will be back next year with Watch with Dan!

  • Tani

    Totally agree with everything said, of course people complained before BB14 about returning hgs i think that was they didnt like rachel winning BB13 so they started complaining but Dan played the best game ever on BB14 and should have won, then they said no more past hgs. So BB15 all newbies and look what happend worst season ever. Now their like please have allstars? So if they bring back past HGs those same fickle fans will complain all new people well you cant win.I do think no more mixing newbies and past hgs?Either old or new.I think they should do speciality shows Like survivor like heros vs villians big brother, or all family duos like recent survivor so elissa and rachel could play, or jeff and his brother.Or 2nd chances where hgs out first3 can come back and play. They need to do shows like this survivor and TAR have done this and their ratings have been great.

    • Joe R

      Tani, I think Dan made many good points; I don’t agree with all of them but after reading his points I’ve swung over from believing that each season should be of HG’s new to the game to agreeing that at least one returning HG would benefit everybody’s game. They don’t necessarily have to start on Day One–they could join the game as of the third week, for example, but it would “stabilize” the game just as Dan suggests (they would need some kind of BB protection for, say, 2 weeks since they would be an instant target). I believe the problem with BB15 was unforeseeable. Production thought they had a Rockin’ group of HGs–they were mistaken. Turns out that with a few exceptions, (IMO Helen & Elissa) they were a bunch of borderline, neurotic racists and Production needs to probe differently when vetting future HGs. I hope NEVER to see another season like this again (to say nothing of the fact that living in NYC we were blacked out for all of August and had to catch up on the weekend in one go every Friday night–which made AfterDark and the feeds very odd since *I* was out of synch with the show all the time. I loath TimeWarner; and CBS used their viewers as leverage so there were no angels in this situation. Feh.

      Anyway, I believe the game should be structurally changed so the losers don’t win. It can be done by HGs accruing points as the game proceeds, and evictions being based on a formula not an autocratic process. This kind of re-tooling would need to be carefully discussed and then tested off-season (preferably with former HGs) but.. why not? Why not win based on positive play rather than on being a rat bastard. Imagine if Matt and Brittany were the final two instead of that troika of useless clowns that were clearly the least deserving in the House. Another season that I was so disgusted I almost stopped watching. Enzo was entertaining–until there was a chance he could actually win. Outrageous! There has to be a better way. I think the best, most active BB site needs to get together, have a civil moderated discussion (is such a thing possible these days?) and come up with a proposal for Grodner. Attach as many signatures to it as we can supporting at least a trial of a “smarter” BB and a request that CBS consider giving it a try. What do you think? Dan? I’m only an armchair veteran (I wouldn’t be on BB under any circumstances–not in my personality. Hell, dozens of reasons why I couldn’t be, but that’s not at issue). I’ve watched the show every summer (sigh) like a drug for 8 years now, After Dark, and for the last three I finally gave in and subscribed to the feeds, giving me more reasons to complain. Arrrgh. Somebody turn the damn volume down when CBS cuts all he feeds off when they really only need to cut one (Duh). Wouldn’t you just love to go there and tell them how to do it right? But by the same token, Damn, they really do a great job. Quite a paradox.
      — Joe R.

      • Libby Q

        get the LIVE FEEDS next year.. will change your ENTIRE outlook…

    • Pru

      I think you will be kind of upset that Andy compared his game to you Dan . Which I laughed at but then I thought how delusional is the this person . I don’t ever remember you saying a mean word about any of the HG and your moves were awesome in the game . Some that will never be done by anyone else and makes you the all time best BB player . I am trying to remember what moves Andy made . Now I remember NONE. I would like to add this had nothing to do with having a fresh cast ! Dan’s cast was a new cast . We have had many new cast in BB history . This was a ugly cast with a few that got caught in the cross fire of just pure ….I don’t even want to go there . Dan the only thing that made it fun this year was you and watching funny remarks that Elissa made . Watching her laugh at Amanda when she didn’t let the Mcranda’s group run her HOH . You got robbed of winning last season for a bitter jury and now they send in Dr Will ! lol . Where was he last year ? They needed to have a key that says NO ONE GETS THE MONEY for this year . Most of all the fan had the attitude who cares who won with the F3 that was left in the house . Most exciting thing that happened on the last show was who won the America’s Favorite player .

      • Mary Ann

        Pru, I agree with you totally. I know Andy explained how he thinks he played his game but really he was annoying to watch and spoke horrible about women and about Elissa.I have no love for Andy. He has the money but he didn’t deserve it. he is a teacher who teaches how to give speeches so of course he would blow GM out of the water. Not to be mean but she isn’t the brightest bulb in the shed.When all is said and done I was happiest to see Elissa get fav player. When her name was announced I saw Spencer lean behind Andy and say something about her and most likely her win. I hope he didn’t think he would win that.All in all this was the most frustrating BB year. I have watched all and never felt like I did this year and stopped watching the feeds and BBAD. Hopefully it will be better in the future..Thanks to you Dan, I did enjoy listening to your comments on eviction nights…

  • Selena

    You’re so inspiring, if I ever get the chance to audition for BB Canada I will absolutely come to you for advice. Thank you so much, your blogs are so entertaining and honest. Question for you tho, where can I buy your book at? Haha

  • Prissy

    I can agree with you, if previous HGs were in the game they would have stopped it. I would not like it if producers bring back old HGs. I like seeing new faces and watch how the adjust to the game. I just hope that the next set of HGs has more courtesy for everyone.

    • Pru

      I have seen new HG come in the game without past season veterans . Never have I seen a pick of morons as this . Past house could do nothing but vote their butts out of the game . Where did they find these people at a bar ?

  • Randy

    I know you don’t agree, but I’m not at all in favor of retuning house guests unless its for only one episode like Ian did this season. BB producers should simply orchestrate some rules about certain types of behavior. That would help keep things a little cleaner.
    There are tons of people, like myself, who’ve consistently tried to be cast and bringing back former HG’s only keeps the slots from being open. Former HG’s have had their day, and its only fair to allow new faces to have their chance.

  • AntonyG

    Dan’s support of Andy’s gameplay means Dan loses credibility.

    Andy floated between alliances – none of which he created.

    Very quickly he became a cowardly minion of the McCranda tyranny – ratting on everyone and belonging to an alliance where he was 100% safe for almost the entire season involved no major strategic gameplay. Anyone can do that – but hardly anyone ever has because you seriously have to suck as a person. He got to the end for many of the same reasons Spencer managed to make final 3. He floated and floated, and ended up beating …. two even bigger floaters.

    And for sure he would still be floating up McCrae’s and Amanda’s backsides had he not been tipped off by Zingbot that he was IN FACT a floater. He was incredibly lucky that at the moment he started playing – due to that help from production – he only had to beat the dumbest bunch of floater losers to make the end stages of any Big Brother.

    So get real Dan. You praising Andy in any way shape or form makes no sense for someone who has a true strategic brain. Maybe you are losing it!

    • Dan Gheesling


      I appreciate your opinion. I respect the fact he closed out the game hard, not HOW he played the game. I dislike floating as a strategy in the game, and that will never change.


      • Pru

        Sorry I don’t think Andy really had a strategy as he claimed . He floated and was a rat . Hid behind two strong players that ran the house . He never got rid of anyone that was coming after him and he was riding Amanda’s and Helen’s coattails all the way to the end . It was by luck and bad luck on Amanda that she lost her mind at the end and made such a fuss that she was loosing Aaryn . Andy would have never left the McCranda group but jumped ship because they lost power and Amanda lost her mind . Elissa started the bowl rolling with putting up the McCranda group . She just didn’t think it through enough . Unfortunately Amanda won the veto . She got one out Aaryn . First HOH that McCranda didn’t run . Props for that move . GM got the idea from Elissa that she was writing McCranda a 500k check . GM didn’t have guts nor brain cells to think of it.

      • AntonyG

        I thought you would be someone who believes in the idea that the value of a win depends largely on the quality of competition that a person is up against.

        You say Andy played hard towards the end of the game. Played hard against who exactly? He didn’t play hard. He was made to look good by being up against an even bigger bunch of losers than himself. I heard people also say that Andy played hard when it came to dealing with the jury questions etc. You have to understand that this jury was so concerned about being considered bitter, that they completely lapped up his fake game play propaganda. That says more about them than it does Andy. Once again he was made to look good – by the quality of people he ended up competing against and by a jury who were so scared of being labeled bitter – and possibly also by the involvement of Dr. Will (you set a bad precedent there Dan).

        Also, don’t you think that Zingbot significantly changed the game for Andy?

        For God’s sake Dan, please don’t rubbish your representation over that scrawny cowardly rat.

      • Linda A

        I watch BB for entertainment…period. And hope to see it go on for years to come. You have to wonder what many of the crazed fans (with the mob-like mentality) are expecting from, or hoping to achieve by watching? Trying to effect the personal lives of the cast or production, just makes no sense.
        I too, was very disappointed with this years houseguests. They’re disgusting manners and foul language seemed to expand, like a bad virus as the season went on. Like they were one upping each other,
        it was almost like spoil
        children at summer camp with no


      • Dave-Rob

        Jun, the season 4 winner, was an awesome floater. The very best.

    • cathy

      I think he was saying Andy was the least of the 3 vile people we had sitting in the final 3.No one was a bigger floater then Spencer and GM and her filthy mouth well we just had nothing.I in no way EVER wanted Andy to win.But I guess someone had to.

    • Lloyd

      I totally agree with AntonyG’s comments about Andy.

      What an absolutely disappointing outcome.

      Even though there were none in the final 3 that I looked forward to seeing win the game, I was truly hoping that Andy would be sent out just before final 2, as a his punishment for being such a back-stabbing sucky player.

  • Bryan

    Except Andy didn’t float. He laid low and flip-flopped back and forth, but he constantly worked the entire house, kept everyone happy, and managed to keep his name out of everyone’s mouths. GM was a floater as she relied on others (Aaryn, Andy) to keep her safe through most of the season, and to drag her along to the end.

    • AntonyG

      ‘constantly worked the entire house’

      You mean he cowardly ratted on everyone.

      ‘kept everyone happy’

      He didn’t get to the end because people liked him. He got to the end because he didn’t do anything. For virtually the entire game he made no decisions at all on who was evicted. He made much about him knowing what was going on in the house, but what was going on was not down to him. It was all McCranda.

      • Matt

        He ratted on people and kept everybody happy and openly admittedly this in his finale speech.

        The difference between Andy and Spencer is that Andy was able to float between both ‘sides’ of the house, keeping his relationship with Amanda solid all the while using his standing with everybody else to block the kinds of moves that would take the power away from what was effectively his meat-shield. Spencer on the other hand simply took a beating week after week..

        I can appreciate Andy’s success in being able to rat on everybody without being noticed and I think he dominated the final half of the game once the bolder players had been removed.

        I think Dan mentioned this during finale night… Andy set himself up against some of the weakest players in the game by finale and he was able to beat them in the competitions when it counted. Not necessarily fun to watch, but it worked out very well for him.

        Did he leech off of Amanda’s control in the game? Yes. But he put in his fair share of the work to keep her in power.

        Personally I have no idea how Amanda was as successful as she was in this game. She was an absolute nightmare in the game and somehow scared the house into making moves for her despite the fact she didn’t really have the success she needed in competitions to back that up.. Better houseguests would have seen her for what she was and got her out of there as soon as possible. I only bring this up because I feel like people think she and McCrae might have been more deserving of a win.. if that’s the case I strongly disagree.

        Just to sum up.. he played his role very effectively, dominated the final half of the game and wrapped things up nicely in his jury speech and the Q&A’s. That’s not an easy thing to do and he deserves credit for it… even if his competition may have been pretty mediocre.

        • Ron

          I think you answered your own question. Yes, Amanda controlled the game. Yes, most of the houseguests were scared of her. Yes, she didn’t win any challenges until she was in danger of going home–but I think that’s why there was no urgency to evict her. She didn’t seem like a threat because she couldn’t win any challenges. I think if she had won challenges earlier in the game, she would’ve been sent home sooner.

  • Cory Treloar

    I don’t think it was just the fact that all of the HG’s were new to the game, I also think it could of had a lot to do with age. It was a very young cast. Cause I mean there’s been season’s with no returning people and it hasn’t gotten #BB15 bad, lol. I’m all for returning HG’s though, I just don’t think that always bringing back old HG’s is the solution, casting just needs to do a better job when bringing in new people. Returning players seems to be the theme now, I mean when was the last time Survivor didn’t have a returning player on the show? haha

  • KraziliaLove

    Eh, maybe it’s just time for Big Brother to just die. It has been 15 seasons, and I don’t see it going up much from here. (Of course, it won’t take much for next season to be better than this one.) At any rate, no solution is going to make everyone happy because there is no perfect remedy. Returning HGs or new HGs, both have pros and cons.

    Personally, I think the problem with this year’s cast wasn’t that they were all new HGs. I think it was that there were too many immature and superficial people who had NO CLUE how to play the game. Hell, most of them didn’t even have basic common sense, intuition or the verbal skills to make persuasive arguments.

    Maybe if everyone was at least a “semi-superfan,” it would have been more fun to watch and more about the GAME and not all of the personal BS that we witnessed. But, hell, even the so-called superfan, McCrae, coupled up week 1, pretty much ensuring that he wouldn’t win.

    Another problem is that the cast wasn’t diverse enough. There were a bunch of 20-somethings (and a 30-something who THINKS she is a 20-something) coupling up like they were on The Real World. They did not have their heads n the game at all. There were so many things that people should have caught onto (one of those things being ANDY), but they were so caught up in their fauxmances and their ignorant trash-talking, BS and bigotry.

    This cast was cast based on looks and camera appeal. A bunch of TV Presenter wannabes. So, really, it’s not surprising that it all went up in flames, after all…

    Damn, I’m long-winded…

    • Dave-Rob

      What looks. Most of the cast was ugly as fuck. Andy was just gross, if I went to a gay bar on a typical Friday or Saturday night and saw him he would be the ugliest guy in the room hands down. I don’t know how Aaryn is a model, since she is ok looking but nothing special, but she and Jesse were the only sort of cute people there. Well along with some of the guys who went out early. How the hell is Gina Marie modeling. She isn’t pretty at all, and that is without even considering her gross personality.
      So if they picked a cast like this based on looks then a huge LOL to the producers.

  • Ori

    I really hope we will not see old HG returns unless i’t’s a FULL All-Stars.
    This season is not that bad. the beggining was really strong and on the last weeks when the all interesting drama-queens players went off one by one (Helen,Aaryn,Amanda and Elissa) it just got worse.

    IMO BB13 is still the worst because of the rigged PB twist and the worst winnter ever. BB12 was full of floaters and boring players and BB9 was just awful except from Sheila and Natalie.

    I think Andy played the best game of the season but I agree he was annoying. There are two kinds of floaters IMO:
    The first kind is floaters who play the game but just out of people’s rader. just like Jun and Memphis and Andy. the other kind is people who aren’t doing a thing in the game. just like Kathy, Zach and Ragen – and doing what other people wants.

    I would love to see 4 people from this season on the next All-Stars:

    – Helen – she played a strong game and if she learns from her mistakes she can do very well in All-Stars.
    – Aaryn – HOH beast. a character we need to have every season. strong,smart and kind of a bitch. I think she learned her lesson and will do well on her next season.
    – Amanda – no doubt the star of this season – love her or hate her. I liked her all the season even tho she pissed me off with Elissa’s HOH. but she is still a really strong player. if she learns to keep her mouth shut she might do better.
    – Elissa – Until she got HOH I didn’t really like her but I think she is a really nice person and played as hard as she could. she is much better than her sister.

    • AntonyG

      ‘Helen – she played a strong game.’

      So funny. Helping vote out all the housemates she also aligned with. That’s one strong arse game.

    • Lloyd

      The only one from this season I would really like to see back is Helen. She deserved to go further in the game and was my first pick to win the game.

      And even though it may never happen again, I want Britney back. As a brand new mother, it is most unlikely that we will see her unless there is a Big Brother All-Stars of 2022 or something like that, but I would love it.

    • Ron

      I agree with Helen and Elissa but I do NOT agree with Amanda and Aaryn. I believe their horrible true colors came out this season, and I don’t care to see it again. Yes, Amanda and Aaryn may be apologizing and feeling bad right now. But once they’re in the house again….

      Instead of Amanda and Aaryn, I’d rather see Nick. I think he went out too soon. Same with Kaitlin.

    • Dave-Rob

      BB12 was not full of floaters. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane masterfully controlled the game from start to finish and used various side allies- Matt (who thought he was running their alliance, haha), Kristen, Brittany, and Ragan, to dominate. Very impressive stuff from all 3, each whom would have made a worthy winner.

  • Karrun

    This cast was terrible. Although Andy wasn’t the worst winner, people are going to forget about him 2 years from today. The only HG most want to see is Elissa since she didn’t do any mean things and played with her heart. I hope there will be a bigger age difference between HGs next season. Plus, the next twist has to be unknown to the HGs, so that they will least likely to play the game so hard so fast.

    • Pru

      People will forget about Andy after a few months . He beat Maggie in the most unlike winner . Finally someone takes that title away from her . Andy being a professor and teaching at the College of Dupage ? COD is known as the get your grade point average up school .You have the SAT scores to get into a university . Like me ! I went there because my SAT score were there but UIC wouldn’t even look at my application till I brought up my grade point average . Not a good idea to ditch and count on midterms and finals to win you a A :( Amen to Jr colleges .

  • http://http/http Dena

    Agree with you Dan of course,you are the expert. I just want to express my absolute horror and disgust with the hateful language of some of the houseguests, including Andy , this season. He said he taught school because he loved to teach not for the money. He is very “lucky”to have won BB because I cannot imagine any hall of learning hiring him ever again. He will learn that words can hurt and even kill. If it were not for you Dan and people like you from BB past seasons ,including UK Australia and Canada I would not watch again. So disgusted!! In sharp contrast we now know that Brittany and her family are fighting to save their darling baby ‘s life from cancer. |Puts everything back in perspective. Keep up the good work Dan ,I really appreciate your game play and hope BB brings you back for another year. You made this year tolerable.

  • Tina

    I agree!!! ;)

  • Athena Santana

    I Agree with you Dan, Andy did Float aka Floater Rat. Regardless of the “Luck Win” I call it, My opinion for sure. Personally, I honestly believe they should HAVE returning House Guest like Frank, and Memphis and Rachel and more. :) I enjoy people who work hard to get what they want and never give up. Which is why I have such a GREAT Respect for you personally and as a Big Brother Player. Because you do and did just that. I am not just saying this, I truly mean it with all my heart.
    Especially, with all the that I dealing with personally right now. You as well as others MOTIVATE me everyday to keep going and not give up ever. I consider it a TRUE HONOR to SUPPORT you in all that you do and will continue to do so Sir! ;) with that being said In My Opinion These Season was Horrible, the ONLY reason I watched it was because of you, yeah the Racial Comments were a big part and the lack of game play didn’t help either. To me it was like watching “BB Gone Wild” LOL I mean jeez! lolol anyway, Take care and Thanks for keeping it real :)

    Always, Athena :) aka Renegamer4Life! :)

  • LindaG

    I didn’t care for Andy at all, And I was routing for Gina Marie all the way, I really wish she won I think she played a good game she was a great competitor and got along with almost everyone and……. She took out Amanda :) As for next season Id love to see a all stars my pick would be. Rennie, Britney ( But I know she couldn’t) and Britney from season 1, Howie, Kaysar, Jordan, Adam Jasinski, Memphis, Lane, crazy James, James Rine, and of course you Dan, Natalie (season 8) and Adria (season 3) :)

    • AntonyG

      Many people dislike Season 9 but I’m a fan. Would love to see Sheila, Adam and Natalie come back. Only Howie from pre-BB8. Maybe Howie and Rennie on the same season. Even though BB15 is hated rightly by many, I bet we’ll see a bunch of returnees: Andy, Helen, Amanda and Elissa for sure. Personally would prefer to see Judd and Jeremy again. If Amanda comes back she’ll play the tyranny strategy again which is the main reason BB15 was rubbish.

    • Mary Ann

      Really Linda?? GinaMarie who had the most disgusting mouth in the house and in fact called Elissa’s 8 year old son a Puerto Rican dirt bag. How disgusting is that and for no reason. He is an innocent child. Making fun at her hubby. Not only racist remarks but attacking the family of another house guest is unforgivable and should not be rewarded. Not that Andy should have been either. He was in that conversation as well. I don’t know how many people saw that because it was on BBAD.

  • Keenan Mumma

    Comments are spot on, especially about the need for returning houseguests. Looking forward to seeing you on All-Stars next season, there can’t be All-Stars without the best player ever.

  • Robbie

    I think personally Andy will be one of a few winners that is forgotten after a period of time.

    The thing I think that has bothered a lot of us fans about BB15 is how little we as fans understand of things we don’t see,and things we don’t know about,that former houseguests,such as yourself Dan,do.

    There are 2 things that I want to bring up when it comes to this.

    1. The contreversial remarks,and bullying that seemed to be the constantly ocuring inside the house this year. Shortly after Amanda’s bullying of Elissa,live feed viewers later on caught a glimpse of Amanda going through the rulebook to see what was and was not allowed,and it makes us wonder with all the other insensitive and racial remarks that were made,about where the rulebook draws the line and how far is actually too far,according to the rules.

    2.I’m sure you are aware,seeing as you are on a lot of social media,that there was a rumor that got spread starting on Facebook that Amanda was the predetermined winner of BB15 because of alleged close ties she has with AG. Then shortly after Amanda’s big outburst towards Elissa another rumor was posted that Amanda’s family and lawyers stepped in and Amanda was being pulled from the show,and what happens the very next week? Amanda gets evicted!

    Now wether this is all true or not,it leaves us as fans wondering about the integrity of some of the things that occur during the season. Take as a example if you will,The week Amanda was evicted,she was a sure fire target to go home,up until the point when Elisssa walked out the DR and went straight to Amanda and told her she was voting to KEEP Amanda in the house,and I mean immediatley after she got out of the DR did she do this,and it makes us wonder if something is going on in these DR sessions that really shouldn’t be. Then there was the moment when Amanda admitted that she recognized one of the guys that was throwing the balls in the Jury return/HOH competition,and we have to wonder if this guy she speaks of is throwing the balls fairly,or maybe is doing it in a way where it gives Amanda a small advantage over the others.

    then you have small things happening like anytime a houseguest speaks about production we either hear they get told they are not allowed to talk about production,or we get fish,and at least I myself wonder why this constantly happens,I mean us fans are not stupid. We know thatthere is some sort of production team there,we know they build the sets for competitions,that they just don’t magically appear in the backyard by themselves. So we really wonder,why so much secrecy behind it year after year?

    It’s just more I think things that we fans do not see or understand that has made this season contrversial. It’s not the fact they are all new houseguests,it’s because a lot of questions have been raised this season,ones that always seem to never get answers,and makes for a contrversial season all around.

  • trevor farley

    I would agree that of the final 3, Andy deserved to win the most. He definitely sealed the win with his answers to the jury and his final plea. He didn’t have much to go against though. GM’s only real argument was that she wasn’t afraid to nominate Mcranda and had Amanda evicted. Spencer’s only real argument is that he was on the block 8 times and stayed every time. I give him mad props for that. It is impressive.

    I think its only natural that big brother will have returning houseguests because as much as people like to watch new contestants, they also like to watch there favorites. I don’t think there need to be returning house guests every year, but once in a while, I think they do.

    I figured out Andy’s so called strategy. Align with the most feared person, rat on everyone else, and jump ship when the number start to change against him. Not a fan of it, but it really the only strategy played by the final three.

    Finally, I’d like to say, Dan, I’ve only seen you on season 14, and haven’t watch season 10 yet, but I’m a huge fan. And are you going to be doing watch with Dan for big brother Canada season 2?

  • Aunt Di

    The only thing I can give Andy credit for is a new Big Brother vocabulary word: Flat- a cross between a floater and a rat. That is all.

  • Libby Q

    Unfortunately you did not watch the LIVE FEEDS…. as a HUGE fan, I was SO disgusted. No amount of “game play” could make up for ALL the revolting things that were said about or to other HG… Spencer was just foul when referring to women or sexual things.. GinaMarie could NOT complete a sentence without a F**k, f**ker or F**king, belching or “Nick” in it. She’s repulsive, phony person with SERIOUS health issues & delusional about MANY other things! Andy (to me) was SO FAKE & annoying, I just don’t understand why others didn’t see through him…perhaps they were too busy HATING. Aaryn & Amanda’s arrogance & racial ignorance go beyond offending me. Mcrae gave his game away sleeping & having sex & realized it all too late. Judd seemed nice (until he started hating w/ others on Elissa) simply had no game, except focusing on ALL GUYS & missed the mark. Helen kept throwing her closest ally, Elissa, under the bus, talked over EVERYONE, she, as MOST other HG didn’t realize that LISTENING is a more important part of game play… Elissa had it in her, but couldn’t find her voice & let others talk over her & wanted ALL GIRLS (frustrated me SO much). Kaitlin & David were recruited, always make me nuts.. just wish Kaitlin would have been saved instead of Aaryn. Jeremy & Nick thought it would all be SO easy & missed the mark completely! Candice(another recruit) was spot on, but got distracted by Howard & jumped to conclusions, sigh… Howard, like Jeremy & Nick, thought he could sit back & everything would fall into place… bad idea! Jessie had good game play, just didn’t have anyone to play with & played leap frog looking for someone…. Seemed to be a game of “personalities” instead of what it’s supposed to be. I’m disgusted by ALL the FAKE APOLOGIES I don’t believe a single one!! I would LOVE to see an OLDER cast (being 62)… I’d love to try… but, realize I most likely wouldn’t draw in ratings for CBS…lol. I’m not a fan of returning players.. just hoping next year that ALL the HG “filter” themselves & have eating manners!! I’m hard to offend, but this season had my blood pressure up…. all that being said, I do look forward to my addiction next year hoping the new HG will respect the game & sharing it with you on WATCH WITH DAN!!

  • Ryan

    I am a 28 year old man who has been dreaming of being on Big Brother for years. For the first time, I am finally fully applying for next years show. Do you have any advice to a fellow Michigander and a fellow Spartan?

  • http://none TOZ

    Maybe what Big Brother needs is a live in nanny to moderate and keep the House guest in line and at times hand out penalty’s on the live feeds. I do not want to see another season of floaters or players afraid to make moves.

  • Xwiseguyx

    My analysis of this year’s #BB15 casting .. I hope Big Brother will consider this below for #BB16. A lot of people have been mentioning that this has been one of the worst casting seasons to date. I do thinks that has more to do with who ended up staying to the end, than that all were poor casting choices. The problem with Big Brother casting is that they continually want to cast a lot of wannabee actors (How the hell did David make the cut, he didn’t even want to be there) (labeled as bartenders, beauty queens, pageant coordinators etc…) They need to also stop with the token flaming Drama queen. It’s nice to see on Survivor and TAR, they have had many LGBT individuals that were not flaming Andy’s, Ragans, Marcellas’ and from Canada, Gary Glitters… (Caleb this year on Survivor is a great example!)
    These people are usually filler and they add phony drama… But as a casting agent, I would indeed have casted Amanda (who has a lot of Evel Dick personality without the smart game play), Howard, who should have won America’s favorite and was fairly unique,
    Helen, who was interesting, flawed and ultimately ousted too early… Candice was a great casting choice – another one who said it like it was,
    Nick might have turned out to be another Dan Gheesling but again, left too early to tell, On the poor casting choice side, Jeremy was a clone of Season 6′s Cappy, GM was a stereotype of stereotypes, Spencer was dull, Elissa was dull (sorry, don’t see what she added to the storylines/drama except to be hated for being Rachael’s sister), Andy as mentioned we’ve seen before – Ragan, Marcellas’, etc…, Kaitlin was filler, McCrae, who they thought was another Ian, but was Amanda’s puppet instead and quite dull,
    Bottom line is to try and stop finding people like other popular players and try and find some original personalities as they do on the other CBS shows..
    Perhaps it’s easy to play hindsight, but it doesn’t take hindsight to figure out that a better mix of older and younger / more diversity would find a much more interesting new blend of drama..

  • mugwump

    I don’t mind returning houseguests, especially because they are usually the more entertaining ones. I just don’t think that new and old houseguests should be mixed together. I understand you are suggesting that the ugliness happened because the cast were all new and did not know what to expect. I don’t agree. In addition to the intense process they go through before entering the house, they are mostly fans and super-fans and who have seen one or more seasons of the show. This was an immature cast with “entitled” attitudes and a herd mentality. When one houseguest made inappropriate remarks, others followed suit. In addition, for some reason it seems that some BB15 houseguests and in particular, the final three, thought that ugly comments were somehow entertaining.

  • Katherine Diggs

    Dan, made me proud to be an Arkansan. Spencer, made me ashamed to be an Arkansan. I hope the IRS takes $499,000.00 of Andy’s winnings and he loses the last dollar. Gina Marie is a racist pig and I hope she is reminded daily of what an awful person she is. I saw the tape where she called Candie and Howard the ‘n’ word, used terms like Aunt Jemima and made comments like not being able to see her in the dark. The final three all sucked.

  • Geri

    They was no strategy. He rolled from here to there. Ratted on everybody and in the end ‘claimed his actions’ as a strategy. If it was a strategy he would have discussed during his dr interviews.

  • Rob Cass

    Whenever I have a tough decision or face some sort of crossroads I always ask myself..”What would Dan do!?” WWDD.

  • Patricia

    Hi Dan!

    I agree with everything you said about BB15 and Andy. Before the show Wednesday I didn’t want Andy to win, but when he answered questions and explained himself I changed my mind. I don’t like the way he played the game. I prefer your style. You weren’t personal, just brilliant in your strategy. I didn’t like the personal comments and stopped watching After Dark because of them. Even on Wednesday GM was making snide comments about the people on the jury, so Andy was the better of the two. I hope there isn’t another season like this one.
    Take Care and Good Luck with the book!!

  • Jen Raths

    I really enjoyed watching “Watch with Dan”, looked forward to it every week. I hope you do something like this again! Every Thursday, my 7 yr. old son would watch with me to see those retro games. It was a fun way to be able to relate to him. I think you have a new fan. :) He asks all the time when you are going to be on again. I saw your streaming schedule above but are you still planning to play retro games during any of these?

  • Trink

    Really, Dan? You think a previous HG, acting like a mentor of sorts, will help newbie HG’s to behave better? I think that’s ridiculous. Other seasons of BB have been purely new HG’s who did not bring controversy like we witnessed this season. Maybe BB should give the houseguests more outlets for their aggression. (They used to do that a lot more than they do now.)

    One last thing. You know how people in chat rooms, Tweets, and in conversations elsewhere kept suggesting that BB step in to stop the controversial behavior? Well, I, for one, was glad BB didn’t do that. What those HG’s did on a reality show was a reflection of the reality going on in the world. We needed to look in the mirror. We’ve got to work to stop the ugliness in our own reality.

  • Tom ward

    Hey Dan, just wondering your thoughts if bb would ever do a season with all second place players? And technically you could be on it. Lol… Just an idea

  • d

    I say an all new cast. They should be warned that what they signed up for can change their lives for good or for bad. Putting a former HG just won’t stop some people. They cannot monitor every conversation. Don’t forget some of theses HG were warned by a fellow HG and DR to check themselves. It is what it is.

  • kelwin

    i compared Andys game to Ronnie(therat) Talbot. \Only difference between the 2 playing both sides, is ronnies season had smart astute players, who caught on to his ploy and exposed him for the floater rat he was.Lucky for andy , his season has such followers, and vote what the house wants gameplay, that andy the rat floated to the end, without being exposed. I cannot in all good conscience give andy kudos for his win, I love BB too much for that.. All i can give him is you are one lucky sonofabitch.

  • Kenneth Addamson

    While I think an all star season would be great. Noobies vs veterans to me is a bad idea and I would especially preesh Frank or Rachel to never be on BB again. To use a sports analogy why I hate mixing noobies and veterans I would use sports an example. The NFL and NCAA Football are both fun to watch but I would never want to watch an NFL Team play a college team it would be the same one sided result every time. An NFL Team would run circles on even the best college the way even someone who was awful her first time like Rachel beasted a bunch of rookies 2 years ago.

  • TeeTee

    Hiya Dan,

    First off I want to thank you for your show Watch With Dan! It made Big Brother even better to hear your comments and analysis of the (non) gameplay! Despite it being a (for lack of a better word) bad and disappointing season, I continued to watch it and it made it so much better to watch with you. You Sir, saved my Big Brother Summer Guilty Pleasure! ;)

    That being said, I dislike when HG’s are cast that don’t even know the game and have never seen it! On BBAD, I heard the HGs discussing which season the were given to watch while in sequester. That in itself, was a red flag for me of what the season was gonna be like. The HGs that come in saying they are super fans of the game I would expect more gameplay from. However, that didn’t even happen this season. Personally, I was TeamJudd, and when he returned to the game, I had a glimmer of hope that the season would make a turn around. However, that didn’t happen either. I was hoping McCrae would step up and play the game when Amanda was evicted. However, again that really didn’t happen either. All in all. a very disappointing cast of HG’s with lack of gameplay made for a poor season. I have watched BB since Season 1 and my favourite seasons are 10 and 14 (hmmm wonder why :) ), and I can say for the very first time I considered not watching the remainder of the season when it got down to final four! You are the reason I continued to watch because WWD was to me more entertaining then the show this season.

    I believe that once the show had been casted, the producers can only go so far as to what they can do about incidents in the house, other then trying to tame the HGs. So I don’t blame them for the outcome of the season, although I do believe they could have taken a more “enough nonsense” attitude with Amanda banging on the HOH door and other things she did to harass Elissa.

    When it came down to the final three, I really didn’t care who won. Gina Marie is terrible at public speaking and Andy a teacher of public speaking – I knew he would outdo her in final jury speech. Either way you look at it, any one of those three would mean a floater would win the game!

    To end on a positive note, I have to give credit to the competition crew for the fantastic competition sets! They were amazing to see! The outdid themselves this season!

    As always Dan, I will check out your blog for my daily smile and laugh as I have been doing all along! Looking forward to your future blog posts, and congratulations on the new book!

    BTW, hope you come back to Toronto soon!

    Sincerely, from a devoted DG fan,


  • Jill McCleese

    I am not sure if you have ever read any of the tweets that I have tweeted this season. I would like to say that I think you should go down in history as Big Brother’s best player ever! Next to Dick Donato you both have been my favorites to watch! You keep it interesting and you play hard, which I respect. I have been a faithful and loyal viewer since BB3 and have recruited several other viewing fans! I think it’s about time to have another BB All Stars with you and especially Dick Donato! I’m ready to watch all veterans to show everyone how it’s done! Or better yet BB Winners! Where they bring back all the Winners from all seasons to have a final show down! That will bring in a plethora of viewers! Pass this on if you can! PS YOU should have walked away with the 500,000 grand prize last year Dan!!

  • Joyce

    They could take a couple of lessons from BB Aus…when the house guests misbehave in there… eg, talk about things they are not allowed to, or break rules, they are called into the Diary Room, and told what the infraction was, and that they have a “strike” against them. Three strikes and they are out! The fans don’t have to listen constantly to Big Brother saying things like “you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other house guests”, or “stop that!”. They are made to follow the rules exactly, or there are consequences. If they even try to do shout outs…which we all know are annoying…they can be called in and given a strike! Under those rules, a few of this past years house guests would not have lasted long in this years season…and that would have suited me just fine! :)

  • Ron


    I finally got a chance to read your blog about BB15. Thanks for your commentary although I’m afraid I don’t agree with all of your points. The main point I don’t agree with is having a returning player back in the BB house. I don’t like it because the producers or film editors have a tendency to focus more of that person than the newbies. For example, in BB 13, I really felt more attention was given to Dick, Danielle, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. I don’t even remember who Dominic was, and then I heard Danielle met him while they were in the BB 13 house and subsequently married him. I later found out that he was one of the early evictees so that may be why I don’t remember him. But still–I should’ve at least remembered his name. I think the reason I don’t was because I remember the returning players more than the newbies.

    Same goes for both of your seasons. In BB 14, I felt I got to know all of the coaches a lot more than the newbies. I don’t think any of the newbies were fully developed–including winner Ian–because they were all living in the shadows of the returning players.

    One of my favorite seasons is your first season–BB 10. Why? Because all of you were new! There weren’t any returning players. I felt all of the newbies were fully developed characters–including first evictee Brian–which I did not see in BB 13 & 14. So why wasn’t there much controversy in BB 10 as there was in BB 15? I think it’s because of the age bracket. You had young players like yourself, Dan, and then one of the oldest people to ever appear in a reality TV show–Jerry. And then there was Renny who also represented the “mature” age bracket. One of the reasons BB 15 was loaded with controversy was NOT because it lacked returning players, I think it’s because the 16 house guests were too young! All of them were in their 20s except for 3: Helen (37), GinaMarie (32), and Spencer (31). But the oldest person was Helen at 37!!! No wonder there was so much controversy this year. It must’ve been one big frat house.

    Anyway, I don’t mind returning players once in a while, but not all the time. It seems to be the norm with Survivor, which is one of the reasons I don’t care much for Survivor anymore. This season it’s blood vs. water, and it doesn’t look all that interesting so far. Personally, I like just new players in BB and Survivor. But there has to be a wide age bracket–maybe 20 to 50. Just my 2 cents.

    • Pru

      I agree with you. I like having a new cast on BB . I do have one idea..Pay past players to coach the new cast . They each get two or three hamsters ( BB HG) The past players stay out of the game all together . Past HG never enter the house . They sit on the sidelines watching their hamsters play the game . :) It is a twist from BB14 but it kills the returning house guest factor . This way the new hg play on their own. With just a bit of coaching . Ok a lot of coaching .They can do interviews on past HG watching their players . Make sure this time racist remarks are put in their contract NOT tolerated . Julie said this game was real this time . I don’t know where anyone else lives but I never seen this open display of racism . Make it real hard core BB fans that come in that house . Easy way to test that one out. Ask questions to the applicants about the past BB seasons. Don’t ask dumb questions like who was your favorite player . Get new players that watched feeds . Make the new house guest real hamsters

      Age bracket 20-50 . I think the people at 50 wont really have a fair fight in the game.

  • Scott

    Late in posting (still going thru a lot of post BB stuff!) but here goes..
    As far as Andy..Sure, he played a hard floating! As far as I’m concerned GM made the best (if not only) big game move of the season by putting up Mcranda

    As far as returning players, I’d welcome most of you back, but IN YOUR OWN SEASON! I’m totally against new & old players together. The game starts at an unfair advantage. As a football coach, would you want your team of new learning players to play against a team of NFL players? (in a game that counts for 500,000)

    Your statement “I’ve always felt that when you bring back returning Houseguests, it is like having another Producer in the house because of their previous experience.” Seriously?? Do we need a frigging “Producer” in the house or is this a reality show? Did you feel the need for babysitter (or nanny) in the house when you were in for the first time?

    In my opinion Trink (in a previous comment) said it best..”What those HG’s did on a reality show was a reflection of the reality going on in the world. We needed to look in the mirror. We’ve got to work to stop the ugliness in our own reality.”

    On a positive note, I’m a great fan of yours Dan and and follow you on FB, Twitter, etc. I just disagree on some of your thoughts on BB15, but this has been the season of discontent lol

    Looking forward to Watching With Dan next season!

  • ann

    I watched Big Brother tenth season and ten seasons, just want to tell you I love your play and please forgive my English is too bad.

  • Dave-Rob

    I know I am commenting almost 2 years after the fact but being holed up with the flu I chose to watch all of season 15 in depth which I wasn’t following that closely at the time as I didnt like the characters. As a gay man I also think Andy is a rat and also a horrible representation of the gay community. He is amazingly even worse than that Steve guy from season 10 who ended up doing bareback porn with a bunch of HIV men. I think he is a disgusting human being in everyway.
    I do think he played a very aggressive and smart game though and deserved to win. Certainly more than GinaMarie or Spencer who would have been utterly laughable as winners. I don’t know why Spencer chose to keep Andy around over Judd. Judd had been his buddy all game, and if he thought keeping Andy would improve his chances of winning or winning a final vote should he even make final 2 he was delusional. It made sense from no angle for him to favor Andy over Judd, but that is my opinion.
    I am glad I got sick and caught up on that season though. Absolutely horrible but what a train wreck. You could hardly take your eyes away. I hope there is never another season like it, but glad there was one.

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