Favorites of the Week: E3, WarZ, Last of Us & Zucchini

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Favorites-Last-Of-UsLots of great things this week, so it was hard to narrow it down to my Top 5 favorites.

Still having trouble with naming my Favorites for the week…maybe next Friday I’ll have a better name.

#1 – E3

e3Really fired up to be attending E3 for the first time ever. 25+ years of gaming and I’m finally attending the Mecca of Video Games.

I’ll be live blogging, vlogging every day, and tweeting for Turtle Beach as well as on my YouTube channel.

Prepare to get video game spammed next week. :)


Dan-Gheesling-PS3-The-Last-Of-Us#2 – The Last Of Us

I just pre-ordered The Last of Us for PS3 from Amazon.

In recent history I have not been THIS excited for a PS3 release since Metal Gear Revengeance.

The Last of Us is Zombie-Apocalyptic-Survial-esqe game.

The reviews are epic and I’m fired up to play this game.

I’ll be streaming the entire game starting next Friday on Twitch, when it’s released.


#3 – New FamilyJules7x Song

After a 6 month hiatus from releasing new tracks, FamilyJules7x finally put out his new song.

If you like Final Fantasy, you’ll love and recognize this song immediately.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


Dan-Gheesling-Zuchinni#4 – Zucchini Lasagna

By far the best thing I ate this week was Zucchini Lasagna. My wife Chelsea pulls off some epic meals thanks to her skills combined with Pinterest.

I’ve been trying to stay away from large quantities of pasta lately, and Chelsea is always trying to trick me into eating more vegetables, and this meal answered the call to both.

Here is a link to the recipe, I didn’t cook it, but I ate it, and it’s so good.


#5 – WarZ First Kill

So The War Z game for the PC has gotten a lot of heat because of hackers, and bugs in the game.

Even with both of those things, I had a ton of fun playing it, but I had a great group teaching me how to play thanks to Dakotaz.

It’s not easy to get a kill in the game, but when you do, it’s incredible:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Hope you enjoyed the favorites this week!

Let me know which is YOUR favorite in the comments below!


  • sholland

    Great post Dan! I am beyond excited for you and your upcoming E3 adventures! I can’t wait to see the Vlogs and posts that are to come from it! Please visit IndieCade for me ;) Have the time of your life sir!! :)

    Watching you play WarZ this week has got to be one of the most fun streams to date. You were so into the game and had the entire chat room laughing with your, “Get down, Get down”, “Hey you’re leaving me behind, you have to protect the President” LOL! You know a game is good and you are enjoying it, if you lose concept of time and can play for hours…which you totally did! That turned out to be a 7 hour stream…a very welcomed and unexpected mini marathon!

    I hope to see more War Z on the stream!

  • Athena Santana

    Awesome Epic Post as usual!! :) I am so very happy and excited for you to go to E3, Congrats!!! My Older Brother is so Jelly LOL ;) he is a gamer also big time..:) No Stream. But anyway, I wish you All the best in your Adventure, and again, sorry..But Thank you so much for the subscriber win, It is my honor and pleasure to subscribe :) #RENEGAMER4LIFE YO!! :D love ya Dan and Your book Punch It In! I got Wednesday #LetsGo!! ;)

  • http://www.reachformorenow.wordpress.com Colleen Kelly

    Hey Dan like your Friday favs!

    I’m so happy for you to be going to E3 ! This should be tons of fun for you. :)

    “The last of Us” sounds pretty good! It will be great. No matter what the game I always have fun.. everyone does.

    Jules… well, no words right? :)

    Zucchini lasagna, good for her!.
    I get teased for eating so healthy and not eating any fast food and junk, but vegetables… ALL …THE… TIME lol

    You should eat more of them!!!.

    Yes,….. but you should! :) :P

    WarZ was One of THE best stream’s, I think you ever had! Everyone was laughing so hard!!!!
    “Protect The president”
    “I’ve waited so many years for this!” — I think that was one kid who was totally in awe at playing with Dakota.? LOL

    It was the best.! Thanks I can’t wait to see the live blogging, I hope we can anyway!.
    Just want you to have the best time :)
    Thanks Dan
    ( Your doing great with these posts! :)
    Colleen :)

  • Amanda

    WarZ had me laughing so much. Who’s shooting get DOWN…, protect the president, Those guys had Joe’s eagle eye….lol best stream to date

  • Michelle Lynn

    watching you play WarZ was the best! Loved how Dakota(?) welcomed you into his clan. I wished I could have stayed and watched longer. I don’t know when your playing this on the stream again .. but I hope it’s soon. (on a weekend maybe? :) ) So much fun!

  • Leah

    I’m so jealous of your upcoming E3 adventure :O! My fiance will be too when I tell him ;D Also curious to try that zucchini lasagna, even though I don’t really like zucchini…maybe it’ll actually be good under all that lasagna-like goodness ;D

  • Jose

    You were having so much fun playing WarZ the other night. That was the first time I ended up going to sleep before your stream was over! Haha.

    Btw, luring that poor kid and then killing him was mean. Absolutely fun, but mean. Then, killing him AGAIN a second time using the same method? Brutal! Haha.

  • PeachFizz

    Thanks for the tip on the ps3 game. I might have to try it (the game description looks good), if only to veer away from my obsession with Far Cry 3. =)

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