Fast Motion Office Cleaning

by Dan Gheesling

Last week I posted a video on YouTube giving you a tour of my Unorganized Office.

This week, the video shows you how the re-organization happened, at 2000x speed! My favorite part of this video is watching Frank’s (my dog) head track every human movement in the room.

Enjoy the video!

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Next week look for the new tour of my final re-organized office!

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  • sholland

    This was so much fun to watch! Not going to lie, all those wires on the ground gave me anxiety…lol, the chaos! It was fun to watch you and Chelsea work together to get this done, with lil Frank supporting you along the way. I can’t wait for the tour! My favorite thing, other than a clean organized space at the end…the music! Sooo good..I might have to have this on a loop while I work!

    • Dan Gheesling

      They need to come up with wireless wires.

      • sholland

        LOL! I totally agree Sir!

        • Kelly Gheesling

          Chelsea did most of the work and did not get enough credit.

  • Colleen Kelly

    Hey good job. I only have one thing to say..

    No more coffee for you bud! ;)
    #Smartypants :)

    It was fun!!. Loved the music! :)
    Coll :)

  • Athena Santana

    Awesome Job!! :) Now! if only I could get my room that clean that fast. ;) LOL Seriously, though great job and good to Chelsea and lil Frank give there help and support :D

  • Leah

    LOL DAN! This was hilarious! I especially enjoyed watching how Frank stuck by you for the entire endeavor – reminds me of my pets when we’re trying to clean up here too haha! Can’t wait for the next tour ;D

  • Kiri

    OMG how much do I love when Frank got tired and just sat there with is head propped on the arm of the chair!!

  • Kiri

    The green screen is a little crooked. Just sayin’. :)

  • Mike

    Great post! Have you considered doing a post of your expert analysis on BB Canada? I’m curious of your thoughts on how the Shield has bumbled their way through this last week.

  • Tiffany C

    haha I enjoyed this video! Frank looked so cute!

  • Maxine Benjamin

    simply WOW!!!!

  • Sheila Stredde

    Nice Job! Although I think Frank did the best job of supervising that I have seen for a long time. ;) And we’ll talk office safety later, standing on a office chair that has wheels, good way to #fallandgoBOOM. :)

  • Marsha Taylor

    I really enjoyed watching this….Thanks for sharing ..Now this is the kind of things I Love that you share with us :) Really enjoyed the stop and love on Frank moments <3 Awesome Keep'em coming :)

  • Holly Burnett

    Fun to watch, but needed a few more scratches, hugs, rubs & kisses on Frank, and Chelsea – as both were very attentively helping you. Little Frank is all eyes on you! You should put a chair or couch at the edge of your desks so Frank or Chelsea can have a comfy corner to be with you too. What’s the umbrellas & green screen for?

  • Holly

    That was fun to watch. How long did it actually take? A Murphy bed would add a lot of room and shelves or drawers or baskets to store the stuff you tend to collect would be both decorative and functional.

    Frank is a cutie. :-)

  • Sonya J

    Ha! That was great! Love Frank!

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