Dan’s Big Brother eBay Listings!

by Chelsea Gheesling

Hey everyone!

For those of you who watched Dan unpack his bags from Big Brother and tweeted what you wanted him to list on eBay…. we listened, and the first round of items are ready!


You can follow Dan’s Big Brother auction starting Sunday September 30th at 8:30PM EST.

The first item will be listed at 8:30PM EST and 26 additional items will be posted every 3 minutes after that.

We hope you enjoy the first round of the items Dan brought back with him from the Big Brother house!


  • Shari Wynne

    I’m very excited to see what turns up!

  • jennifer guidry

    hey dan and chels! loved ur game. hope to see u play all stars!!! what will u do with the money u get on ebay?? have a great week!

  • Aaron Ballou

    ooooh robots! CBS is gonna get you for taking those. and yell at you for talking about production. haha nice stuff.

  • Dede

    Why only shipping to US and Canada? You got a lot of fans from outside America too!

  • Eva

    Hey Dan and Chelsea! You 2 are an amazing couple! Didnt want BB14 to end..:(

  • Leah

    I hope the black funeral shirt and long sleeved St. Marys red shirt get up there ;D Glad to see you guys making the best of everything! :D

  • Stacey

    Is that baseball tee going up on eBay?

  • https://twitter.com/disasterpiece73 Danyiel

    Haha. I remember the night Dan was rifling through his bag looking for candy (this was the week that Jessie came and stole all of the junk food out of the house) and he was covering himself up under a blanket because he didn’t want BB to know what he had hidden in there. The cameras were following him around and zooming in on him hardcore, too. It was hilarious. I’m guessing that some of this stuff is what he was trying to hide? Oh Dan, such a trouble maker! lol

    BB Voice: “Dan, STOP THAT!”

    I already miss hearing that fifty times a day…

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