E3 – Day 2 Pics!

by Dan Gheesling

2013-06-11 17.31.51 2013-06-11 17.31.38 2013-06-11 17.31.34 2013-06-11 17.05.42 2013-06-11 16.20.33 2013-06-11 16.18.10 2013-06-11 14.12.21


  • Athena Santana

    I have to say I am truly honored that you are sharing your Once in a lifetime Experience with us. :) I am so glad you are enjoying it and taking it All in. :) Great Pics also :)

    • TeeTee

      I agree Athena, very well said!!! We are truly lucky to be seeing all this! Thank you Dan for letting us share in the fun of your E3 experience! Looking forward to the next post!

  • Diz

    I love Ducktales, woo hoo! Are those Ducktales games being re-released? I loved them as a kid, but wasn’t quite old enough to find a way to defeat them.

  • Marilyn

    Dan, that’s my life long dream to go to an E3. You lucky bast’rd. Hope you enjoy it!! So which console you getting? PS4 or an XBOX ONE or are you a PC guy?

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