Drum Roll Please….

by Chelsea Gheesling

The Contest. 

As you may know, yesterday we started a contest to win a FREE copy of Dan’s book PUNCH IT IN! Click HERE to see how how it worked.

The Results. 

We received LOTS of tweets and I read every single one! It was SUPER hard to pick but I finally chose not three but FIVE winners…I really couldn’t decide :)

The Winners. 

1)  @MrsDeejKS because I just signed up for my first half marathon and need a coach’s inspiration!! #reallygoodreason
**Dan ran a marathon while attending Michigan State and said it was TOUGH! So I know he would love to encourage @MrsDeejKS!

2)  @CauseImDave I would use my free copy of PUNCH IT IN in my In-School Suspension room to help the students better themselves!
**Dan has spent the last five years teaching at St. Mary’s, an all boys’ school in Orchard Lake, Michigan. He knows a thing or two about trying to help students :)

3) @nancykoop89 whatever Dan selling I want to read it. I need some positive encouragement my mom past away last year
**Dan is very close to his own mom so I know he would want to do whatever he could to help someone who just lost their mother.

4) @AdmiralLindsay Id like a free copy cus I live near Dearborn & am rooting for Dan! I also watched his team win at state finals!(:
**Dan has major pride for the football team he coaches and even more pride for his hometown Dearborn, Michigan!

5) @TylerDuvall My really good reason, is I could use some Coach Dan motivation while struggling with changes as a 19 year old dad
**Dan has taught/coached many young men and always tries to do whatever he can to help them through challenging times in life.


  • Mikki

    Congratulations to the winners!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      WOOHOO! :)

  • http://twitter.com/trevwoh @trevwoh

    Aww you definitely picked some good winners I smiled when reading these!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      They were GREAT winners!

  • http://getbusylivingblog.com Benny

    Awesome stuff Dan! You’re in the BB and you’re still putting out great stuff in the outside world. :)

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling


  • Jennifer

    So neat to see Chelsea supporting Dan so much. They truly seem like a loving couple and I wish them all success and love in their life together.

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Awww thanks! :)

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