DG Flashback Photo: Graduation Day

by Chelsea Gheesling

Graduation Day with my buddy and QB Mike Moore!

  • XYguy

    Hi Dan! I’m from Poland and I love American version of BB. I think you are the greatest BB player of all time. After all not anyone can survive his own funeral which was an awesome move! I wish you all the best and I hope that when you get out of there it will be with a big, fat check. Btw, I wonder if you actually read these comments ;)

  • Linda Hyland

    Good luck and God bless! You’re always #1 in my BB heart! PS Love the pic!

  • http://divagrl6543.blog.com Alicia

    Looks the exact same!

  • Eva

    Good Luck Dan! If anyone deserves to win its you.. I hope you walk out of there with the half a million. Go Dan!!

  • sheana

    hi dan your a good player in big brother kepp being great have a good game

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