How The Dark Knight Rises Parallels Big Brother 14…Or Not

by Dan Gheesling


It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fanboy of the Dark Knight trilogy. I’ve always enjoyed the “hero” type characters in movies that aren’t “100% good.”

After seeing the Dark Knight Rises for the first time, I got a little…emotional. Partly because it was the end of the trilogy and partly because of what I had just experienced in the Big Brother 14 house.

So many thoughts swirled in my head paralleling the Dark Knight Rises to my final experience in competing on the Reality TV show.

After I went to go see the movie for a second time, I immediately recorded the parallels that were running through my head. Here is the podcast/audio-rant that was recording while I was driving home from the movie! Enjoy:


Download the MP3 by right clicking and choosing ‘Save As’ here.

Big thanks to Joe Tusa for another epic image.

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  • Kristine Walker

    LOL #Epic Sawyer video. Great post. ^__^

  • lj

    you are not a villain. u did not backstab someone that had ur back. brit/shane/ian sold u out, frank was coming after u, and shane wasnt gonna take u to the f2. ian backstabbed ppl that had his back (frank, boogie, ashley, jenn).

  • Tim

    Listened to your Dark Knight Rises commentary. Eh, you may have yourself fooled, but not me. You’ll be back for All-Stars 2. And I’m sure the rest of TeamMist will agree… if you go to All-Stars 2, and if the other HGs aren’t terribly afraid of you and don’t evict you week 1, I’ll consider that a win ;)

    • Dan Gheesling

      Hahaha, more of a reason to stay retired. ;)

      • Tim

        Well, that had the opposite effect than what I intended… crap.

  • Karrun

    You are so like Batman since you did some unethical things, but only to bring justice to society. Sometimes you have to do things considered offensive to make positive impacts in every situation. Plus, Batman isn’t the hero everyone wants, but everyone needs. That’s what makes you special. That’s what makes this world very unique and worth living :)

  • rhea

    I enjoyed your rant please keep doing these .i truly belive that if Brittney won the veto she would of pulled you down i disagree with lj i sorta did veiw you as a villian but you misted me also and i rooted for the villian i just did’nt care much for your Robin . Keep us posted Thank you

  • Sarah

    Awesome podcast, Dan :)
    I love the Dark Knight Rises and you are my favourite Big Brother player of all time so that’s a pretty epic combination. I don’t think you’re delusional for comparing yourself to Batman–now that you mention it, the parallels between your experience on Big Brother 14 and Batman’s experience in the movie are definitely striking (especially in relation to solitary confinement). Although, I’m not going to lie…there definitely was some joker in you ;)
    Regardless, you played an amazing, hard-fought game and though you didn’t win (BB14 jury= most bitter jury in the history of the game), you definitely reached legendary status. Anyways, looking forward to your future blog postings :)

  • Maxine Benjamin

    OMG I seen the movies well before BB14 ended and your parallels to The Dark knight Rises are right on. Not that you saved a city, but you fought so hard to find a way to get to the final 2, you saved your fans who never gave up hope. The reason I say this is because when you were in solitaire, I would check in on that feed every so often and felt so bad for you. Here you were didn’t win the veto, your alliance really not fighting for you and in solitaire. Then about 15 hours in, 1/3 of the cake eaten, you were lying on your back with your dark eyes looking straight up, and I felt like you had a plan. I went on one of the chats, and posted Dan fans don’t worry Dan has a plan, he will still be in the house on Friday. In the chat room were maybe 4 or 5 Frank fans, Couple of Ian fans and maybe 6 or so Dan fans. The Dan fans all said things like they hope so, or how in the world will he get out of this. Ian fans didn’t acknowledge me, But the Frank fans almost laugh me out of the room. with things like, yes he will be in the house “jury house” or what was I smoking and I was whackier then Danielle or dumber about the game then Shane. I’m sure you know the hater types like that. I go on the chats to just give my thoughts and get others thoughts about what they think will happen. So after the funeral, I went back to chat room 8, in hopes of seeing one of the chatters who thought I was crazy. Just to let them know, How great a player you are at game of Big Brother. I sad that You feel the games over for you and your right there is nothing else to prove, but you will be so miss as a BB player.
    It is like the losing of Batman in our lives.

  • @AnneLuvz1

    Awww that was very cool :)
    We get inside your head on occasion and through this we got inside your heart a little. I’m glad that you got to experience the conection between the Batman character and yours in BB, it really sounds like you truly are retired from BB you made us understand how and what you are feeling and why you believe it is over. Honestly it makes me sad but I really do understand.
    BTW hon…’the mist’ is still working ROFL Awesome post Dan :)

  • http://@fjdinardo Frank

    Great Podcast. BB 14 for you was exactly like the Dark Night Rises. Frank defiantly was Bane to you (Though Frank was my favorite on BB14 and thought he was the good guy fighting all evil every week) Danielle I feel was defiantly Talia, and I feel like Ian was defiantly Robin at the end cause even tho you made it to the end and got rid of Frank (Bane) you didn’t win and I feel like Ian winning was defiantly you (Batman) passing the torch to Ian (Robin). Hopefully if I get on BB 15 next summer I don’t have to be like Batman at all and just be like James Bond beat all the bad guys (evict all the other house guests), win BB 15 (complete the mission), get the girl at the end (the hot model who is always evicted the 2nd week), and being asked by M (Alison Grodner) to come back to HQ (studio city) to be assigned another mission (coming back for an All Star season). That being said great podcast Dan you are truly one of the best in BB history. By the way Im reading your book The step by step guy to get on Reality TV and it is one of the best books I have ever read I can stop reading it. Hopefully by reading my book can further my chance to get on BB 15 next summer.

  • http://@fjdinardo Frank

    your book* I mean to say typo in my last sentence.

  • ObsessedwithBB

    I know this sounds like a creeper thing to say, but I honestly love Dan’s voice. They way he talks is just always epic…And I haven’t heard his voice lately so it was just really nice to hear :)

  • Dking

    Awesome Dan, just Awesome. Maybe Ian would be Robin since he will be a returning player I believer.

  • Janet Mead

    Hey Dan. Fantastic post! Loved hearing your thoughts! You actually made me tear up when you were speaking about closure and how it hit home for you. Thank you so much once again for sharing yourself with all of us (your supporters). I am really going to miss “Big Brother Dan”, but getting to know the “real” you is what really is EPIC! Keep up the great work! Until next time….take care :-)

  • Chris

    LOL At least you admit this is egocentric. Everyone wants to relate to a super hero, but reality star doesn’t equal city savior, Dan. ;)

    Really, you didn’t do anything wrong other than manipulating a girl who was at her breaking point and using how much she looked up to you. It’s Danielle, so people don’t care too much, if it was a Jordan Lloyd type, you’d be having a hard time.

  • Yan

    Thanks for sharing those interesting thoughts with us.
    Considering you’re a huge fan of Batman, you’ll understand – and maybe agree? – how I personally would associate you more with a character like the Penguin?
    You say you relate to the Dark Knight because he’s a hero that isn’t “all good”, while still being there for those he cares about. Considering your own description, the only person you cared about inside the house was… yourself. Wouldn’t that apply to every single bad guy in any movie, ever? Caring a lot about himself?
    You saw a weak spot in people surrounding you, and you were able to gain advantage from it by doing things that “hero” characters would never agree to do. If one analyzes what it actually means to swear one one’s wife’s life, and then go back on it, it’s nothing shy from saying “I was to lie, it would be okay if my wife died right now”. And it ended up being a lie.
    I don’t think the Dark Knight would look at this and say “wow, the guy is just like me!”

    • Dan Gheesling

      Interesting perspective. ;)

  • Sang

    You were great inBB10 and 14 will miss you best pf luckin life

    • Dan Gheesling

      Thanks Sang! Same to you.

  • Linda Robbins

    Dan, Dan, Dan… “All good things must come to an end.” True, however, one door closes, another opens. These were some deep thoughts that you shared with us, and I very much appreciate your sharing. I believe that there are great times ahead for you.

    I have to say you continue to amaze me. Loved listening to you, and considering your thoughts. I have never met a mind like yours. “Fascinating.” You MADE BB for me, I will really miss you. I was and am so proud of you. It was emotional to listen to you. Thanks, keep it up.

  • JoAnn

    Loved this!! I never lost faith that you would get youself out of that “hole” you were in on BB14. Thanks for two amazing seasons on BB. And like Batman – I know it may be over – but I will hold out a some hope for another DG BB sequel – and if that doesn’t happen I am happy with the way it ended. So does this mean a trip to Italy for you & Chelsea??? =)

  • Colleen Kelly

    You have no idea what listeing to you made me feel. You made me cry.
    I think you know, Well, not sure if you remember, I took care of my Mom for 10 years at home. It was for all intensive purposes, living in a bubble for 10 years.
    My life, I, was put on hold for that 10 years and I didn’t even realize it until I took my first step out of that bubble when we lost Mom.
    It was like sleeping and waking up to a life where you are the exact same person you were when you fell asleep, everyone else kept going and living their lives, but you, are starting …from there. Where you left off.
    For instance, I’m the oldest and my two brothers are far and away much older and more expericenced in life, in everything, than I am.
    EVERYONE is..
    It has been okay, but in some ways very odd. I was frozen in time in many ways.
    I cried because Dan, you have no idea. When I saw the movie “Castaway” for the first time. Oh Dan, I sat there and every thing was like my expericence from start to finish in my Journey and life taking care of Mom from when it began to taking that first step back into life. The last scene in that movie where Tom Hanks stands there and looks both ways up and down that road you know he’s asking himself “Okay, which way to I go” and he feels off balance in life a bit becuase he has been away from it….That is SO ME!!!!.
    I LOVE that moive and I cry watching it too and NO ONE, gets it! They look at me and think “What”? it’s just a movie.
    Oh Dan I SO understand .
    Gosh, Chelsea didn’t get it because she has never had that happen to her. maybe some friends don’t either.
    Well, Know this one, does. :)
    I get how you feel like Bane. It’s not silly. Really, it helps to have that. I look back at that movie and I can feel what and how I felt going through all I did with Mom and losing her as well. It’s amazing how we can have certain things touch us so deeply. Never apologize for seeing yourself as Batman. It does cooralate with Big Brother. I understand. I cry at Castaway too. It’s my life .
    This is yours. If it touches you, it’s real. It made you tear up. Some people don’t get Castaway and my experience. It doesn’t make it any less true. Never feel it’s silly. I understand :)
    I, get it.
    PS (wanna hug you right now) :)) It’s also nice to know YOU understand what I feel when I see that movie. No one does. Nice to know you get it. See, you gave me that! :)

  • Colleen Kelly

    I was SO excited writing you that note!. Sorry for the bad grammar. I hate when I do that! LOL …See what you did ?! ;)

    BTW, One more time, It’s okay some don’t get it. Even Chelsea or friends… It doesn’t matter it’s Batman.

    It’s a story about a man fighting…. Period! ;)
    Hugs, Coll ;)

  • Sandy

    You are way to cute for words!!!!! Loved your Dark Knight Commentary! Adorable! There is still a little boy in you!!!
    Big Hugs!

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