Dan’s Mom is on the Murtz Show!

by Chelsea Gheesling

Want the inside scoop on what Dan was like as a kid? Dan’s mom tells us about that and more when the three Gheesling Girls talk on the Murtz Show!

Click HERE to watch the show. 

  • https://www.facebook.com/cindy.moorejohnson Lucinda Johnson

    Don’t listen to all the negative stuff :) Dan seems like a wonderful young man devoted to his family and students. Bottom line…Big Brother is a game and your Dan is in my opinion the best player that has ever played the BB game. It has been fun watching him, the faces he gets crack me up :)

  • Angie

    Ive watched big brother for a few years Dan has always been my fav. I do hope he does the right thing and bring dani to the f2 just because she has stuck by his side and done everything he ask of her i would be really disapointed if he screws her over,also everything everyone has said about a coach would be down the drain and all for nothing. So i hope he does the right thing for him and dani!!!

  • susan

    I have always been a fan of Dan but if he screws Dani and takes Ian to the end I hope he loses. I thought Dan was a nice guy and good person. I am questioning that now. If he takes Dani he could possibly be not only the best coach but the best player ever. If he takes Ian he will be a horrible coach, friend and person.

  • Cherrie

    All throughout BB14, I felt certain that Dan would take Dani with him to the final two if he possibly could do so because he prides himself on being a great coach. I admit I was disappointed that he didn’t find a way to make sure to take her to the final two. However, I also understand that his number one goal was to be in the final two. That being said, I’m sorry that instead of rehearsing his jury speech instead of winging it when the time came is what sealed his doom. But…what really kept him from being the only one to win BB twice was the bitterness of the jury members. Shame on them for being such poor sports!

  • Yvonne Collins

    Dan you are an Exceptional young man! … After BB10, you became the Greatest Player BB has Known- Ever!… After this Remarkable BB14 game play … You are in a league all by yourself! – I enjoyed you n BB14 SO Much – Thank You!

    Dan PLease do NOT buy into this :dirty, ruthless play Lies! … Considering, you played a Clean game. The others told More lies and they made more final 2 and final3s. The difference is that yours were Brilliantly successful and their’s fizzled! : When you wore to Frank, you kept that promise . The promise was that you were telling him the Truth about past events, and you were! .. You did not promise a final 2 w/ Frank. he said that – Not you. You kept your promise to work w/ him. He and you agreed to take Jenn off the block. While Frank was asking for your vote, e was telling others that he wanted to get you out, and he was making final 2s w/ Shane, Joe and jenn.- You were loyal to 1 person and helped get her far into the game. After she could not make up her mind about whom to support, you or Shane … That is when you entered final 2 w/ Ian. You were loyal to Danielle and ian! – Shane used to tell Danielle all the time, that he wanted to get you out.

    So, Dan you have NOTHING to apologize for.. You played for TWO – and you were Excellent and so entertaining, You were the real HOH, each week. – The jury was Bitter and they rellly could not comprehend all you had done. Ian was in right place at right time. But, when you get to final 2 or final 3 – You have Won! – and you did it Twice! .. If you were allowed to get rid of Shane #6 instead of #4 .. It would have been You, Dani ( nd Joe or Jenn) in final 3 – Outstanding!
    btw, Danielle wanted to keep her hands clean… But she was Very aware that you would evict Shane! – she pretended to be surprised. Dani also played a good game.

    Thats Dan! – and you can barage us with ads, info, promotions, sales, etc. as Much as you like – PLease Do! … GOD Bless you :)

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