by Chelsea Gheesling

The Contest. 

Last week I launched the WHO IS DAN’S CRAZIEST FAN contest. Because I wanted to do something to pay everyone back for their unwavering support throughout this season of BB. Here’s how the contest worked:

1) You had ONE WEEK to tweet me (@cgheesling) & Dan (@dangheesling) a picture of you (or a group of you) showing that you are Team Dan’s Craziest Fan. Obviously the crazier the better!

2) I picked five finalists + one extra because I couldn’t decide!

3) The finalists collected votes.

4) The people in the winning photo will receive a LIVE SKYPE CALL WITH DAN as soon as he gets back to Michigan!

Drum Roll Please.

There were a LOT of people who voted and it was EXTREMELY close…so I have decided to call it a tie! The two winners are:

#1: @johnfiguly







#2: @TeamBB4ever







Congrats!!! As soon as Dan gets home we will be in contact to set up a Skype call!

Thanks again for all of the wonderful support you have given TEAM DAN!!!

  • Jeri Lynn

    I Love Dan:)

  • Lindsey

    I reallyyyy wanted to win. :'((((

  • elaine figuly

    congrats to my son john and his girlfriend michelle on their win! biggest TEAM DAN fans on the planet :)

  • TheMist


  • jackie perez

    Dan you are a true winner through and through. Remember Ian did buy your book, IMO it’s as if one of your students won, and you got the next best prize – that is absolutely a win-win. I’m glad Danielle didn’t make it to the final two chairs, her behavior outside the house is the same as it was inside, i was so sorry that you couldn’t see her true colors while you were in the house – I wanted her to be evicted sooner, but all is good. your fans are still very proud of you. an All-STAR JURY would have voted for you, I wish janelle hadn’t left so early. I was so mad when she left, but i don’t hate you Dan – it’s unlikely, but Next time if she’s there, just keep her ;)

  • Tina

    It WAS a travesty! Great gameplay! Best of luck in your future endeavors! Keep misting!!

  • IE

    dan you were robbed of a win! you will always be my favourite player in bb!

  • Norma

    You played such an amazing game I am so sorry you didn’t win.The jury voted based on emotions and not logic.I was very disappointed I figured some would vote against you because they are bad sports but not everyone of them except Danielle.I enjoyed watching you play the game and I respect you for playing it to the end.Dan’s funeral was sheer genius.I have never seen anything like that it has to be the greatest comeback I have ever seen.I loved the reputation for bringing everyone into the mist that is very appropriate description.I did tweet you a pic I made about you being the master of mist opportunities ( get it mist opportunities) I thought it was funny….I am from Michigan as well and again just want to say you deserved to win and I am glad that you at least got the 50 grand.Thanks for a great season.

  • Tamra Collins Miller

    Dan you are an amazing person. loved you on season 10, and supported you on season 14 as well. You played a game… simply put. That does not change who you are. God knows that, your family and friends know, and that is all that matters. IMHO you got robbed. You should have won the top prize!!!

    Your friend and fan,

  • Gaye Cruz

    Dan I have always been a fan of yours both games. CBS made a comment that you were thought of as the best player in BB history. I must agree! As stated above it was a shame the jury voted not for the gameplay, but more over emotions. You will always be a winner in my book. And also you have a wonderful wife who stood up for you, no matter what. So you are very blessed. I know that you are aware of that though. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Natalie

    Wow, how did I miss this!? I probably could’ve won it too. My cover pic and profile pic for most of Big Brother was Team Dan. Haha. Well, anyway, Dan you are easily my favorite BB player of all time. I know based on the way things went down in BB14 you probably won’t play again, but it’d be nice to watch you on tv again somehow. I will stay up to date with what’s going on in your life as much as I can, because I really respect and admire you. You’ve pushed me to achieve more without ever meeting me or talking directly to me. Wish I was lucky enough to meet you. Congrats on 2nd place this season! You’re the first person to play the second time around differently than the first! Haha. Love you.

  • Debi

    Dan you are my coach! I’m a mom of 2, overcame being paralyzed for 2 years/car accident. Did it for my kids. Prayed for a miracle! I’m older now dealing w/the mental problems that comes w/a body that wont work on command and ppl being rude because I am a pretty girl with a big heart hiding pain from nerve damage and walk with a limp. It hurts when ppl make fun of you while you are psysically in pain trying to walk/look normal. I’ve accepted this but how do I not let these people get to me. Also, how do I motivate myself to go exercise & get my atropy muscles back when it hurts so much? Do you or Chelsea deal with ppl such as this? (Me) Thanks so much Gheeslings! I want to be just like you both. My bible helps…

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