by Chelsea Gheesling

The Contest. 

Last week I launched the WHO IS DAN’S CRAZIEST FAN contest. Because I wanted to do something to pay everyone back for their unwavering support throughout this season of BB. Here’s how the contest works:

1) You had ONE WEEK to tweet me (@cgheesling) & Dan (@dangheesling) a picture of you (or a group of you) showing that you are Team Dan’s Craziest Fan. Obviously the crazier the better…get creative!

2) I picked five finalists + one extra because I couldn’t decide!

3) Now, the finalists will collect votes to see who wins. They have until  12:01 AM EST on Monday, September 17th.

4) I will announce the winner on Monday, September 17th.

5) The people in the winning photo will receive a LIVE SKYPE CALL WITH DAN as soon as he gets back to Michigan!

Drum Roll Please.

The finalists are below. You can click the picture to enlarge it. To vote for your fav, click the link that says vote!

#1: @TeamBB4ever – VOTE







#2: @Galaticgod – VOTE








#3: @johnfiguly – VOTE






#4: @HallieKendrick7 – VOTE








#5: @LindseyPowers7 – VOTE 






#6: @frankieftr – VOTE 

  • Cassie

    I vote for contestant #1

  • Gayla

    Wow. I can see why you had a hard time choosing ! I’m sure Dan will be so Happy and Humbled on the Support and Dedication you have given while he is in the BB house. You both are very lucky to have each other! Soooo wish I will one day have the opportunity to talk and meet you both : )
    I vote for # 1 or 5
    Love and God Bless You Both Chelsea,

  • Stephanie Roby

    I vote for # 1 she is a true Dan fan…I follow her on twitter and retweet a lot of her tweets. Good luck.. They are all great. :)

  • Theresa

    I vote for #5

  • Zach

    Vote for #1 !

  • Heather

    Vote for # 1

  • Joanna

    vote # 1

  • John

    Vote for # 1

  • Derek

    # 1

  • Britney

    Number # 1

  • Jen


  • Michele Thompon

    I vote # 1

  • nicole

    I vote #1

  • EricMoonless

    I vote for #3

  • Matt

    Voted for #1 of course! Good luck Jenny!

  • IE

    can i vote for two different ones? in which case i vote for 3 and for 5 :)

  • Jenny

    Please vote for number 1. Dan is my favorite BB player. I’ve been a huge fan of the show from the beginning, but it’s because of Dan that I want to go on the show. It’s been a dream of mine to meet Dan since S10. I’m so close to the opportunity to actually talk to him; all I need is your help. I’m honored enough to be a finalist, so thank you Chelsea for even giving me the chance to be apart of this contest. With that being said, talking with Dan would be a LIFE CHANGING moment for me. Please consider voting for #1. Thank you for your time. <3 #TeamDan

  • jackie perez

    I vote for #4 because they went out in public and made posters – everyone else is great but #4 best in my opinion ;) I hope Dan watches the flashbacks – please dan so you can see for yourself what we all saw in Danielle…

  • Kim

    #3 hands down!!

  • http://www.kshultz.bodybyvi.com Karen

    I vote for #3 all the way! Check out my website!

  • MommaT


  • MommaT

    Looks like a possible tie, now what?? A CALL TO ALL OF US ~ YAY!!!!

  • @vicki_388

    I like #3 very nuch,,

  • Tressa

    i vote #1 all day long love jenny great kid and she loves dan

  • Tiramisue

    I vote for #2 galaticgod

  • Cassi

    I voted #6 yesterday!!! Although it’s hard to see, the pictures look pretty detailed! Very hard decision though! :)

  • Cassi


  • sheana

    hi dan i love big brother 14 it a cool show your my favorite player

  • Maxine Benjamin

    WOW the best summer of BB ever!!! Dan you are the master of the game. Two full seasons in the house and never being evicted, in my eyes makes you the best player ever, The all time MVP of BIg Brother Dan Gheesling. I’m 73 years old and not many in my circle of friends are into Big Brother, so I usually chat on line with bb fans and what I found is a great majority of people agree with me and when they don’t I convince them with the logic “that it is a game”. Like there is no crying in baseball, there is no dirty playing in Big Brother. The few things that I find distasteful, is when players bring in the families of other players or personal attacks, that have nothing to do with the game or game play. In two seasons I have never seen you play or do that to any houseguest. re(Boogie and Frank) My only dismay is you didn’t win the big prize. I am glad that it was Ian that was seated next to you at the end, because he also was very deserving, my second chose, love that kid!

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