Dan Wont Talk…But I Will

by Chelsea Gheesling


Due to the drama going on in the BB House Dan has been awfully quiet.

Staying silent has always been the way Dan controls himself, but just because Dan has his lips zipped doesn’t mean I do :)

You have the next 24 hours to ask me ANY Dan question you want!

All you have to do is tweet me (@cgheesling) AND Dan (@dangheesling) your question. Tomorrow, I will pick the top 20 and answer them right here on this blog.



  • Merlene

    with Boogie, being such a bad sport and all the bullying going on, how are you able to avoid going off the deep end with him? You are amazing.

  • Kiri

    I’ve always been a huge Dan fan, but even more so this year with his ability to keep his cool with Frank and the disgusting one. You have to be so proud of the way he’s played, but I know you are anxious for him to win an HOH!!! Do you think he will start winning soon?

  • Cheryl

    First let me say that if I were in the BB house, Dan is surely the one I would want to be in an alliance with. He is cool, calm and collective and by far seems to know how to play the game better than anyone else in the house. I like how he just sits back quietly and observes every thing going on around him….I think he will go far in this game…

  • Pat

    I first want to say how much I admire Dan. What a wonderful person you have married!
    I am holding my breath for tonight. OMG I HOPE he gets through this DE!!! He is the ONLY reason I keep watching this season!
    What do you think about Dan taking the heat for Ian? They all are talking so much crap about Dan now, how do you deal with it? (oops that was 2 questions, sorry)
    God bless you and Dan!!!
    Good Luck

  • Heidi

    I’ve been a Dan fan since his season…. Although I know that Dan doesn’t ‘throw names out & under the bus, so to speak’, he IS being accused of it…. Why did Dan choose to keep quiet about Ian & not tell Mike who it was knowing it will effect his game immensely ?
    Additionally, the fact that Mike is a ‘friend’ why didn’t Dan at least go to him last evening & acknowledge him for as bad as people like to make Mike out to be, he does or did really care about Dan on a personal level & expressed so last night on the feeds & that Dan wouldn’t even acknowledge him??? Yes, I’m still a Dan fan but I remember him being a little more out spoken his season.

  • Jennifer

    Do you think Dan will stay loyal to Dani or he’ll try to take Britney (as the only other coach) to the final 2.

  • Jennifer

    Do you like Dani? It’s so hard not to share my opinion …. ACK!

  • Jennifer

    Do you like that Dan is protecting Ian? Again … hard not to share my opinion. lol

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for letting us ask questions and it’s great to see the way Dan talks about you – I wish you 2 the best of luck together in life!

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling


  • http://facebook Bette Paslay

    I watch Dan on his last stay at BB,he had his quiet moments,but more so this time.Do you think Dani is hindering his game?He seem like he has to father her all the time? Oh congrads on your marriage to Dan.He seem to a great guy. I wish many years of happiness to you both.

    Bette Paslay

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Thank you so much!

  • Marie

    I was hoping that Dan won the HOH. Do you think he will win the veto to save himself?

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  • Tina

    What an amazing turn of events in the last 24 hours? I was a little concerned that he was just going to take it lying down. Looking forward to the next 24 to see what happens next. He speaks of his wife often and can tell he truly is a nice guy, in the game he is a ninja warrior for sure. He has been like a big brother to Dani, coaching her not only in this game but in life too. She really carries her emotions on her sleeve and in life that can cause her a lot of heartache.

    • http://www.chelseagheesling.com Chelsea Gheesling

      Amazing! He is the best :)

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