Top 5 Favorite Things This Week: Dairy Queen, Steam, and Golf?!?

by Dan Gheesling

Dan-Gheesling-Favorites-Dairy-QueenMy Top 5 Favorite things of the week in the past have included everything from video games, to food, and everything in between.

Everything posted in the series of Top 5 Favorite posts, is something that has been discovered (or revisited) that I feel is worth sharing with you!

#1 Dairy Queen Slushies

Dan-Gheesling-Dairy-Queen-SlushWhenever I go to Dairy Queen, I always get criticized for my order, and I’m OK with that.

Why do I get critizied? Because I always add on a slush to whatever I normally get.

Most people don’t correlate Dairy Queen with great slushies, but they should.

Maybe I like them because as a little kid I was drawn to their original name, who knew?

#2 Nike Fuel Band

Dan-Gheesling-Nike-FuelWorking out consistently is not easy. Falling off the working out wagon is one of the easiest things to do in life.

My Nike Fuel band has an odd way of reminding when it’s time to get going again.

If you’re not familiar with Nike’s Fuel Band, it keeps track of your physical activity for the day and you wear it on your wrist.

You hit a button and it basically tells you if you’ve been lazy or active quantified into a number.

Thanks Nike Fuel, for the subtle reminder.

#3 – Steam Summer Sale

Dan-Gheesling-Steam-SaleJuly is the perfect month to stay active and go outside, unless you are a gamer.

Thanks to Steam going outside in the summer just got a lot more difficult.

For the next 10 days Steam has all kinds of epic games on ridiculous sales. My log of games to play just got backed up by about 5 years.

If you’re looking for a few new games to play this summer, now’s the best time to buy on Steam.

#4 – Elder Scrolls Online

Dan-Gheesling-Elder-Scrolls-OnlineSo back at E3 I had a chance to play the new MMO Elder Scrolls Online.

It was easily one of my favorite experiences of E3, so when I found out today that I get a chance to Beta test it this weekend I might have fanboyed out.

The only bad news is, because of the NDA, I can’t say anything about it. Including that I am going to be playing in it this weekend…oops.

#5 – Once A Year Golf

Dan-Gheesling-Golf-DivotOnce a summer I will go golfing. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes with family.

The idea of doing it is fun, you get to be outside and compete.

After I golf, it’s a great reminder why I hate playing, it’s really requires way too much patience for me.

BUT, the experience of going out once a year and hacking up a putting green “on accident” always is worth it for me.

I’m sure I’ll post a ridiculously bad score for you to see on Instagram this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

S.O.S – We still haven’t come up with a good name for the favorites. ;)

  • Colleen Kelly

    I LOVE. LOVE, LOVE my Nike Fuel band ! I Especially love when I crush my set goal! Not being able to workout right now, (hurt ankle) it pushes me to do more to reach that activity goal everyday. It is ALWAYS a sure smile to see that!

    Dairy Queen.
    Dan… I gave up everything …when I got in shape, I think we’re ALWAYS working on getting better. It’s a never ending journey. lol

    But Dan, I remember, and it is NOT what you got that makes Dairy Queen, rock. No. It’s the Peanut Buster Parfait.
    Get it straight Dan lol
    Hot fudge, peanuts chocolate ice cream. (sigh) I remember… hahaha

    I have never played golf myself. I would rather watch Austin Powers movies back to back then actually WATCH golf on tv.

    Maybe playing is fun ?

    I like to kid with you. (But I DO hate Austin Powers)
    NOT kidding. Really.. lol
    As always thanks for
    all your work :)
    CK :)

  • Athena Santana

    Love it!! Love that you share so much with your SUPPORTERS :) Golf??really?? thats so boring hahaha especially on tv :P love you Dan :)

  • Stephenie Ambrose

    Slushies are a good treat in the Florida heat, but I admit I’ve never thought about going to DQ for one though. I have to agree with Colleen, the Peanut Buster Parfait has always been my favorite, hands down.

    Did you say SALE?? That is my second favorite four letter word! And a 10 day at that?! Oh it’s on, on like Donkey Kong sir!

    You can keep that golf stuff though, lol. Have a fun weekend!

  • Andrew Smith

    Let’s go golfing.

  • MNLizzy

    I love those slushies too… because I can include my 2 year old in our Dairy Queen trip, he is allergic to the world, but not sugar or water… lol!

  • Carol

    It’s funny you mention Dairy Queen. Here in NYC we have not had Dairy Queen for over 30 years. One just opened a couple of weeks ago in Staten Island. I went and had a caramel sundae maybe the next time I go I’ll get a slushie.

  • Jose

    Grrr! Awesome getting in the ESO MMO beta. I didn’t get an invite :(

  • Debbie

    Ohhh I love to Golf.. Love the challenge… try it more often, you will get hooked on it! :)

  • Stephenie Ambrose

    Slushies are a good treat in the Florida heat, but I admit I’ve never thought about going to DQ for one though. I have to agree with Colleen, the Peanut Buster Parfait has always been my favorite, hands down.

    Did you say SALE?? That is my second favorite four letter word! And a 10 day one at that?! Oh it’s on, on like Donkey Kong!

    Have a fun weekend!

  • TeeTee

    Sounds like you had a great week! Thanks for sharing it with us! Oh and by the way, just thought I would mention – have you noticed that alot of the female BB HG’s are wearing jean shorts!!!!! ROFLOL Every time I see one of the HG wearing them I think of you saying “there is never a good reason to wear jean shorts…..” – just saying…… sorry I had to couldnt help myself ;)

  • TeeTee

    OMG I forgot they used to be called “Mr Misty” – wow how ironic is that!!!! Oh now that brings back memories of being a little girl and mom and dad taking me to DQ on warm summer’s evenings – course we would actually go any time of the year didn’t matter the season! Ok now I want DQ!!! lololol Thanks for reminding me of that memory :D

  • Robin Smith

    I am glad you had a wonderful week.

    For a name idea for the post, maybe something along the lines of why you love life or ways to live life to the fullest.

    Another idea is something to appreciate the small things. Like today, Your DQ thing is small, but it is important to you and it brings a smile to your face.

  • Kristin

    Orange is the New Black on Netflix!

  • http://N/a Jen

    Dairy Queen! Oh! I love DQ :) Sorry Dan, golf, it’s not one of my favorite sports!

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