Coach Dan’s Commentary: Big Brother 14

Dan is recording his commentary for you to listen along as he watches each episode of Big Brother 14 for the first time!

Much like Director’s Commentary included with DVD movies, you will be able to hear Dan’s first reactions to every Diary Room, Competition, and the things Dan has never seen right along with him.


What Is It?

Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_14_CommentaryDan will be watching the iTunes episodes of Big Brother 14 (episodes free of commercials – affiliate link).

While watching Dan is going to provide commentary on everything he sees for the first time.

Coach Dan’s Commentary is a series of MP3 tracks that you play in-sync with each of the 30 episodes of Big Brother 14.

Think of it like Mystery Science Theater’s version of Big Brother (only with Dan’s take, not a robots!).

It is a more simplified version of RiffTrax.


What Do You Need?

Dan_Gheesling_Big_Brother_14_Commentary_iTunes1. You will need to have purchased Big Brother 14 via iTunes (currently $19.99).  This is the only way to ensure that the MP3 commentary files will stay in-sync with the episodes.

2. Coach Dan’s Commentary: Big Brother 14 MP3 files.

3. An additional free MP3 player program to run on your computer while watching the episodes on iTunes. (WinAMP  for PC or VLC Player for Mac)

How Does It Work?

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How Do You Order?

You can pre-order Coach Dan’s Commentary: Big Brother 14 right now for $24.99 by clicking here.